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    1. Cyclops River Battle

      by , 05-06-2022 at 09:00 PM
      Dream from 05/05/2022.

      Post apocalyptic setting with a battle between humanity and cyclops people.

      A family I was with evacuated their house. They shoved everything onto a deck that converted into a boat. I helped them pack and told them to go without me as I wanted to gather more things from inside the house.

      They used a local river to swiftly exit the area as cyclopses came and invaded the house where I was. Many other people were evacuating the same way.

      I turned into my dragon and caught up with the family, who were being attacked by a cyclopse in the water. The water was only waist deep to it. Other people were also being attacked. I breathed embers on it (I really need to incubate some new, actually useful abilitiesómy dragon is still bad at breathing fire).

      The cyclops pulled out a gun and started firing at me, which I dodged in the ait, flying in zigzags. I used the dragonís tailblade to reflect sunlight into its eyes, blinding it temporarily so I could attack.

      It grabbed me though and I essentially lost the fight. It was about to eat me, but I decided I didnít want to get eaten and stopped the dream for a moment. Time wasn't frozen, but everything chilled out for a moment and the cyclops waited for me to make a decision about what to do next.

      It was feeling early morning though so I woke up. It was about 7:40.
      Tags: battle, cyclops, river
      lucid , memorable