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    1. Closest I've Come to an LD + My First Two Experiences in SP

      by , 07-07-2011 at 06:52 AM
      1. Closest to an LD

      I was accidentally sleeping on my couch one morning before school. I should have been awake, but meh. I remember being in the Dream world, running from the back of my house to the front and down the street. I thought, "Hey, I was totally not here before...I'm so dreaming!". Then I was SO rudely interrupted by the threat of missing my bus in real life, so I was woken up by the parents again.

      2. First SP! (July 6th 2011)

      My first experience with SP was really fun. I woke up in the morning for the day, but I really didn't want to. It was earlier than I expected. So, after I ate and took a shower and what not, I was sitting in the reclining chair, and I decided to try and WILD. I stayed perfectly still in a (semi) sitting up position forever. I did simple math and thought about things and what not. I eventually started to think it wasn't going to work, but just like that, out of NOWHERE, my heart started POUNDING and POUNDING and I felt this ridiculously awesome vibration just zooming through my body, like I was in hyperdrive or something. I swallowed and got scared that I would ruin it, and in turn, I did. I wish I had ignored the swallow. Oh well.

      3. Second SP! (July 6th 2011)

      That same night, I had accidentally entered SP again. I was lying on the floor for some reason. I didn't want to go to bed quite yet. I worked out a little and just lied down. Everything in my memory is gone from here on, but I do remember seeing HI. I was behind a house at a barbeque, and I was...getting to know myself, for some reason. I heard a rather loud voice in my right ear and it startled me awake. I jumped up and was like "LOLOLOL DATS SP LOLOL". I was proud of myself that I didn't let the voice scare me, but in all honesty I think I shat myself a little.

      I thought it was really funny that I almost had a WILD and I didn't even know I was attempting it.