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    WILD Attempt 2

    by , 07-07-2011 at 11:12 PM (943 Views)
    Second WILD Attempt (July 7th 2011)

    Welp, I went to try and WILD again today. I'm really excited, I'm trying to overcome my fears and I think it's working. I can only do it when it's light out though. Otherwise I get too nervous.

    Anyway, I lied down and closed my eyes, breathing in and out and counting down from 100 with each breath, saying to myself "I will have a lucid dream". I swallowed twice, then I felt myself twitching, which was pretty cool. I accepted it and moved on. Then, I started to see some stuff. I saw in front of me, a pan with a chicken breast in it that I was flipping. Then it went away and I noticed I didn't hear anything outside, so I was all internal at that point. I eventually started feeling like I was moving fast, so I pictured myself flying through a field of blue, and then I started to involuntarily see blue. Next, I saw a big blue butterfly flapping its wings at me...it was so beautiful.

    Then the assholes next door decided to start playing drums and I heard it, thinking it was a hallucination. I got startled again and bolted up, only to realize that I actually hadn't had any auditory hallucinations whatsoever. Total waste of awesome progress.

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    1. Sugabombs's Avatar
      Ah, the downside of living next to musicians. Nice to read about your attempt though! Seems like you're making good progress :)
    2. [SomeGuy]'s Avatar
      I'm a musician myself, so I understand their desire to play...but I had quite the desire to do some things in my sleep, if you know what I mean! I appreciate the comment I'm gonna try again tonight, and also tomorrow during the day, because it's light out.

      I think I might still be afraid of the dark!