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    WILD Attempt 3

    by , 07-08-2011 at 10:48 PM (616 Views)
    WILD Attempt 3

    I didn't get the vibrations this time, but I did feel my heart pounding and whatnot. I was a lot more aware this time, I was trying to notice what was going on in my body, and I was doing my best to remember everything. I started out seeing a lot of blue, like last time (that was reassuring), and then I lost a little bit of awareness. I brought it all back and stuff, and then throughout the rest of my attempt, I started seeing stuff again, a lot more vividly than my first time. There were all of highways and cars and such, and I wanted to see if I could change it, so I tried to see a dojo, and it came out. I thought to myself "I must be close" and then it turned into a mountain with a huge roller coaster on it. I also heard some people in the imagery talking. My stepdad's voice said to me "just like that, you know?" I felt something crawling on my leg, but I was like "lol, that's not real" and it went away.

    It was really weird, I felt like my perspective was changing a lot. You know how you can feel that your mind's in your head and you know where you are? I felt like my "mind" was flying around in figure-eights. Also, my eyes were darting around like CRAZY!

    My air conditioner started up, and it made a loud noise, bringing me out of it. It was 5:30 here when I got up, and I need to go somewhere soon, so I'm not too upset, but I'm a little pissed that I didn't make too much progress.

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