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    19/April/2014: There goes the homosexual.

    by , 04-19-2014 at 07:33 PM (395 Views)
    Note: Bodily, I'm male and heterosexual. I don't mind the idea of being female, though.

    I was in a building and a guy started hitting on me, I think. Later we were in a restroom and he was sitting on a toilet. He wanted to have sex with me and I didn't, Then he literally went down the toilet and the water was red. I then opened the restroom door and said to his African-American father, "Your son just went down the damn toilet." And then I thought of trying to find him somehow.

    UPDATE, 16/December/2014: I did not find him when I searched.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      >w< It would have been funnier if the dad asked you " Did you forget to flush?" Haha still funny how he went down the toilet though.
    2. 101Volts's Avatar
      I think it's rather literal in symbolism and is like that part in Back To The Future Part II in which older Biff is saying "...who flushed his life completely down the toilet..."

      Come to think of it this isn't the only dream in which a homosexual started hitting on me or wanting to do so in the last few months. In the other one I said "I don't mind" to him but I wasn't very clear; I was thinking that if I were female I'd be fine with him doing so.

      ... And people say "You build your own universe as you go along"; Here I am building relationships before I've even met them. I'm thinking of the only married to one person thing, And ask to go that route and I'm still heterosexual but according to whichever physical body I have. (Though what would I do if I were a hermaphrodite?)

      Oh, And in the dream I was male. I implied that but didn't state it earlier.
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