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    2009, Dec. 9 (Thursday); Getting cocky?; Phil X; Prison-Like Place

    by , 05-08-2013 at 04:12 AM (465 Views)
    That which is written below was written at the time. I posted my recollection of my December 8th dream and December 9th dream in the same reply to a thread on a different forum.

    (This is copied from a forum I frequent and the dreams from the night prior were posted in the same reply)

    Dec. 8th - Dec. 9th

    AAAGH I forgot parts and I had it fresh in my mind until I typed about the dreams I had yesterday! Anyway, At one point I realized I was dreaming and I think this may have been my first successful lucid dream! Anyway, Here's the parts I remember...

    In a store of some sort, Some woman told me to go away and I told her something like "I'm the star of the show here, It's my dream!" And she ignored me.

    Then, Later I was in an area with picnic tables with my parents (I think) And I had a Gibson Explorer Reverse guitar. Oddly though I was calling it a Firebird even though I know from the shape that it was an Explorer! (The two guitars are similar to one another) Then Phil X comes out of nowhere and I offer him the opportunity to play my guitar and he did, Then he starts talking about the guitar. That part was awesome.

    Next, I think my parents were going on a trip and I was running alongside the van until it turned into a Team Fortress 2 Gravel Pit "A" style area and someone stopped me.

    From there on it turned into more of a nightmare. I'm not sure of everything that happened, However I was still lucid dreaming to a point and I was in a prison like place. The people in cells were dead, dying or should have been dead. I remember at one part I went in a cell and someone was in a big box with an air hose. I opened the box to find a small skeleton that was similar to a lizard. I told him he should just die and so he did. Later, I thought I woke up because my mom woke me up going through the room but instead it was a false awakening. I went back to dreaming, I remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to lucid dream then but I may have kept on lucid dreaming. I'm not sure of the details from here on.

    Anyway... I watched the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince movie yesterday so that may have had a bit of an effect on the last part...

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