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    28/May/2014: Lucid Dreaming, OH YEAH.

    by , 05-28-2014 at 03:14 PM (385 Views)

    After I woke up in the morning I went back to sleep and started lucid dreaming. I'm getting experienced in this, At first I tried to do a few things in the lucid states but I woke up a few times. I just went back to sleep in the lucid state then! I believed "I am lucid dreaming" Prior to falling to sleep and then I did it, All while believing "I Am Lucid Dreaming" instead of finding a way to be lucid after falling asleep.

    I thought I should remain doing things I can do in a lucid dream, And at first I wanted to turn myself female but that didn't work at the time as I kept getting too close to my physical body? I then found I just imagine it instead of physically moving. Then, I flew since flying is something I can do in a lucid dream that keeps me aware of dreaming. This is a whole world of itself, You can let your imagination run wild in it - Want to see life as the other gender in a lucid dream? You can!

    I also had a dream that had to do with Pirates of the Carribean on this morning and it involved the scene (Or a re-creation of it) where Elizabeth's hand was cut.

    EDIT: What was I, drunk with ignorance when I wrote this? Who has insight about what's going on (and what isn't going on) here? I'd like some aid, please.

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    1. 101Volts's Avatar
      Am I drunk?