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    Memorable Dreams

    1. 21 October 2017: Happy Children in Church

      by , 10-21-2017 at 03:56 PM
      Before I fell asleep, I read most of Chapter 8 of "Faith is the Answer" by Norman Vincent Peale & Smiley Blanton and I prayed.

      I dreamed of many little children singing happily in a church building on a mountain top surrounded by snow.

      I laid on my back for most of the time I slept on this night and when I woke I felt very refreshed. I don't think this is only because of my sleeping position although that has something to do with it, I feel as though reading the "Faith is the Answer" book and praying also are reasons why I felt so refreshed.

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    2. 2016/2017 Dream: Black Wolflike Monster

      by , 10-21-2017 at 06:58 AM
      I dreamed that I saw a dark wolflike monster in the distance from me that started charging me; I was frightened and then decided to not part out cars (I had been thinking of doing this) and it passed me by without any harm.
    3. 15 Jan 2016: Lemmy?

      by , 01-16-2016 at 06:22 AM
      Before I fell asleep I was reading a book Frank Fritz wrote; "How To Pick Vintage Motorcycles". I got somewhere past Page 70 before going to sleep

      Sometime while I was sleeping, I was dreaming that I was in bed and Lemmy (Motorhead Bassist - I had never listened to Motorhead much, BTW) had a motorcycle parked next to my bed near where I left the book. I thought I'd like to tell Lemmy I liked his motorcycle, but couldn't because he's dead. Then he may have rode off.

      Yes, if you haven't heard Lemmy did die some time before I posted this.

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    4. 5 Jan 2015 - Not such a pain in the rear. (Warning, grotesque.)

      by , 01-06-2016 at 05:45 AM
      Part 1:

      The earliest relevant part of this dream started with me in a Walmart parking lot; I've seen one particular van - a rusty 1980s conversion van - parked there which I assumed owned to an employee there in waking life. So, I went there and somehow got into this particular van and decided to paint the interior including the headliner. I was doing this with one or more people; then somehow the focus left me and I'm not sure it was me anymore working on the van, the van was moved over the parking lot and not parked in the same place it was left by whoever left it there.

      Part 2:

      The next segment showed two teenagers, one caucasian black haired female and a guy who had no facial hair, I think in the Walmart being talked at by Walter White from Breaking Bad (NOTE I have never watched Breaking Bad and had to look up the Wiki page to learn the character's name to post this, I only ever heard a clip from the show in a MLP: FIM parody video) and a woman who was with Walter; the teenagers were working for Walter and that woman. Next, I have to tell you I have a pendant which I'm wearing even as I type this:


      The teenage girl was wearing it around her neck. Walter then took it off her and said "What the hell is this?" and she said "I don't know!" and wanted to get out of there, though I didn't think it was for what Walter was about to do; somehow he and the three other people were suddenly in a basement or other enclosed area like setting with the teenagers tied up. Walter and the woman then,
      Spoiler for spoiled for squeamish folk,:



      I painted my bedroom several weeks before I had this dream - two to three weeks. It means a fresh start and new things to think about, for me. Painting the van could be much similar to that if not the same thing, and vans go places...

      I have to admit I had previously read about people using vans to make meth in, I also knew about the TV show "Breaking Bad" being about making meth. But I have never watched an episode, and although I heard Walter White's name before in that Pony video I didn't pay substantial conscious attention to it. Still, the subconscious works in many ways I don't really know. I did read a synopsis of Breaking Bad, and then learned Walter uses his R.V. in the show to make meth in... And then there's the painting I was doing on the interior of a van, meaning maybe I much want to avoid that route? Yes.

      So, with all that in mind I think this dream may be meaning that I have been worrying about the future too much, like Walter; I do wear that pendant which I like, and the worry (Walter; remember his predicament in Breaking Bad) would be like "What the hell are you wearing?" because of what meaning I ascribe to the nice pendant, which doesn't mean to worry about financial concerns or the fact I'm gonna die some day. And if that girl was meant to represent me, I didn't feel a pain in the rear from what the two of them did!

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    5. 11 January 2015: Deadly (But illusion) Carnival Rides; Telling elderly woman the LORD's prayer...

      by , 01-12-2015 at 07:09 AM
      1: Earliest that I recall yet though there are more: I saw a roman city-like place and I think I was Rainbow Dash going around the place in circles to get away from something. Then I was skipping past some torture devices and someone by the name of Amy was in one, it was like the video-game Chiller (A nasty torture device based "game") and I don't think I activated the torture device but I got darn close to the lever at least; I did hear the name of the woman who was in it and her first name was Amy. (Note, I heard the last name too and I later came across two women by that name the following day in one way or another though not physically; One is from the Amy's foods and the other asked for prayers at AllDevotion.com.) Then after going past that and skipping over a little running water near the torture device I got close to another "Attraction" in the "carnival" but didn't go into it, it being sorcery or something, and then I got near another one and the whole place suddenly looked like a Home Depot to some extent while I was in front of another "Attraction" that put a cage of some sort around me. I didn't believe it was telling the truth, though; I just turned on the Xbox 360 Guide (Yeah, how does this even work? Do I need to know? Good thing it does though, YEEHAW!) and hit the Exit button and got out of it. The ride did it again, but with tape this time; I got out of it again.

      Note: here's another typed account of it:

      1 (Account 2) I just had a dream (I didn't post it in my DJ before posting this reply) where there were "Attractions" like carnival rides that were all deadly. (Go figure, right? You know how some people call working "The circus" or "This carnival ride" or whatever?) One of the rides "Trapped" me by putting a cage around me (or at least it looked that way) to give the illusion that the only way out was to go through it and be devoured, Which is absolutely bogus. (I don't know how it would devour, It just would.) I only ended up exiting it by "leaving the game" through the Xbox 360 guide button. (Dreams have to make sense to me on some level, so does the Xbox controller signify that I was playing around with the idea of being trapped and leaving it? It seems so at least.) Then, the ride tried to do the same thing again but with some sort of tape around me. I just cut the tape and left the "Trap zone" before finding another "Attraction" (Which I didn't see anyone going into; Come to think of it I didn't see anyone entering the other one either) which was also deadly and I felt was sorcery. It was quite asinine but that one didn't try to trap me.

      - Copied from here: http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-inte...-everyone.html

      2: Then I was in a department store of some sort; I was doing something else earlier, but at another point someone in a white tee shirt wanted to trade MLP: FIM cards with me. I told him I didn't have any, then I went to get some in a rack of clothing.* I was about to get one card that had a number of "21" on it, and then I heard someone coming so I left and went through some hallways and ended up going into some corner in a darkened room that appeared to be a small dining area with a 1950s or 1960s type fold-up table and some chairs. An elderly woman walked in with a walker and sat down. I said "Hello" because I didn't want to scare her as it was dark, though it was light enough for me to see her. We talked for a little bit, Then later she started talking to her son (Who is not me; Also, her son wasn't in the room or at least I don't think he was and I had the impression her son wasn't in the building) saying she wanted to tell him something before she died. Then, this other rather demeaning or slightly demonic-sounding voice (At least by my interpretation) came in (The voice was present but I didn't see anyone else in the room) and said something about the first B-52's music album and MLP: FIM, I think, and also someone who built workbenches and that I was influenced by him or all these things. I also had this sense that the woman was literally going to go up in flames by spontaneous human combustion if I didn't do something so I (Semi-lucid) brought up a Bible and a Bible verse, that one being the Lord's Prayer for her and recited it vocally. I felt pretty lightened (and I also do when I write this. It's nice.) as I woke up while still thinking of it a bit and while reciting it in-dream.

      * That clothing is interesting, What does it mean? People go get it and wear it.

      3: I was in an area near a beach and the water was rising. I saw a woman with blond hair and I ran pretty fast without fatigue up a steep hill to get away from the water. I eventually got to the top but the water kept rising, so I went and jumped over the slope where water was shooting out into a valley below. I then floated while the water drained out of the valley and then I landed in the valley after the water was all out. Then, I went to the left with some people and a dwarven type guy or garden gnome type guy (Point is, he was small compared to me) and found what I think was a dead body of his brother lying down on a sort of table. The dwarf commented on this and later I looked around and there was rusty junk that was once useful stuff nearby, then I think we left. There's more to it, I do believe.

      4: Later on I (or who I saw through the eyes of) put a car (a black one, to my recollection) at a high-rise building for it to be worked on. I then went to the fourth floor and later tried to not be detected as I attempted to leave the building. I thought of using a hook to lower myself down an elevator shaft after I put the elevator up some stories above me, (note that this building is somewhat based on the house I've been living in, in waking life and the elevator shaft would have been where a fireplace is in a kitchen in waking life) and while still on the fourth floor I hid myself from two women by staying on the top of a bookshelf. I eventually got to the ground floor of the building but was found in the pool area (which was the living room of my house too) by my father.


      You know what? I can't call these nightmares, exactly. Sure, there were nasty things (The deadly but fake, "forced" carnival ride for example) hinted at but I didn't go into them so I didn't suffer them! I do believe you can avoid them too, if you seek for the way and reject the illusions!
    6. Really now, Do not do as I witnessed here or it's regret.

      by , 12-18-2014 at 03:52 AM
      As a ten (or thereabouts) year old kid (In 2001) I had dreams.

      I had been thinking of the movie Home Alone prior to bed. So I went to sleep, and then was in a house. I was talking to someone dressed as Santa Claus (The same guy who was the Santa in the movie whose car stalled out) who was on a bed, and a fire (like from the fire swamp in "The Princess Bride") came up from beneath the bed and roasted him. There were more fires in the house but I do believe I escaped them all.


      Another time around the same year give or take one or two, perhaps was another nightmare. I do believe this shows what hell is like! So there were some people there, and torture devices were there too. One man wasn't looking where he was going and was then sawed in half (he yelled once he hit the saw and put his arms out but didn't back off) as he was on a conveyor belt going straight into a band-saw.



      OUCH. These are some vivid revelations, are they not? You really should be careful; that one guy was on a conveyor belt not paying attention and just standing, though he was facing imminent destruction and he yelled only once he hit the saw. It's crazy and insane to not jump off the conveyor belt!

    7. Stay out of the acid pits...

      by , 12-18-2014 at 03:41 AM
      ... They dissolve. And that's deadly.

      Back in 2001-2004 as those years are called by many, I had dreams.

      One was similar to The Sims: One Sim, A Light-Skinned Female with brown hair and blue jeans and a grey short-sleeve shirt knocked two others into an acid pit with a rod before jumping in herself. Then there was a part where I told another person, A girl about three years younger than I am, something about Acid not being good.

      Another was within a large building (made of stone?) and it had very large doors more then three times the height of the people who went through them. There were seats for many people on either side of the door (the path was only in-between the seats, to my recollection though I wonder if I'm missing something) and at one point there was a guy who abhorred (or at least it looked that way) what his lords/masters/bosses were doing so he announced his departure. He walked out and was thence dissolved in a pit of acid that his ex-boss or bosses made appear between the seats. The lord then walked and I think talked, then (while he was not paying attention) walked into the acid pit himself and died. Very dead.

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    8. 8 Nov. 2014 - Plant Growing

      by , 11-08-2014 at 03:35 PM
      I put a seed and water in a glass cologne bottle with a curve that turned downwards near the top, then held the bottle between my hands. The plant grew; I made it grow, then I asked my Father to open the top and he did. The plant grew outside the bottle.

      Gee, It reminds me of the Bible Mustard Seed Verse.
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    9. Sound the alarm/trumpet, We got a war to deal with.

      by , 09-16-2014 at 02:36 PM
      How to express this lands me in a curious peculiarity that I've never come across before and wonder if I ever shall again. Nevertheless, This may cost you everything but save you your life if you know what I'm talking about.

      In illusion everything goes to waste. There's no point to it and it's a disease before it is born and it certainly is a disease long after it dies. If you're wondering what this has to do with anything, I had to give a certain introit.

      SO! The dream. Yes, Here:

      I dreamed someone made a fan-fiction of MLP:FIM and shortly prior to that, I was going through teleportation holes. At one point someone took Opie (from The Andy Griffith Show) through the transportation hole and then the hole vanished, then was put back an instant later. Yet, the guy on the other end of the hole said he was trying to get in contact with me, Whoever I was, for 12 hours! Then I went through this hole through time and space.

      LATER, The fan-fiction started. So I looked around and bombs were about to fall! I saw a building which was a refrigerator that I climbed into, Noting that whoever packed the food didn't have that in an underground shelter. I wondered "Where will I go?" and later saw a list of numbers going into the millions of what it would cost to get out of this hell-hole; Everything. Relationships are included in that!

      I enjoy the uncertain-to-the-blind yet certain-to-the-initiated way of actual life. I'm sorry.
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    10. Saturday; 24th of May 2014. Semi-Lucid Dream of meeting a girl I saw years ago.

      by , 05-24-2014 at 02:20 PM
      Some of these were lucid, Or semi-lucid.

      I was in a graveyard, Observing what crimes some corpses committed. I then knocked on the door of an observatory in the graveyard next to the corpse of a woman that had been buried for at least 214 years (I say that because she died in the 1700s) and a person smaller in height than I am (A midget/dwarf/whatever you want to call a person who is of such a height) opened it and talked to me. There was not enough room for me to fit in the observatory. Soon after that he had me repeating things after him to make me sound stupid or so he thought; People were then coming by and observing what I was doing, Which was saying "Ha Ha." One person was a woman wearing glasses, And at this point I was on top of a tarp that fell down from an elevated position while I was laying on it. I also saw doors and it looked like I was on the inside of a department-store building.

      Some time after that I may have woken up and fallen back asleep and gone back to dreaming in the same general place. I then saw a woman who I think was ten or twelve feet tall and someone said to me a thing like "Do not think of dating her," To which I commented something like "She's too tall" (For me, I mean.) I then (Or was this earlier before I saw the twelve-foot tall girl?) met a red-haired girl who I saw when I was eight years old. I asked her a few things and learned her name which I'm sure is in my memory somewhere. When I saw her while awake, She had long hair and was nine years old (She said so when asked when I saw her, Though I didn't ask her or even talk to her on that day.) And I talked to her in the dream and asked her questions to see if she is the girl I saw on that day, All of the questions worked out too (Meaning I found that Yes, She is who I think she is) but then I woke up.

      I went back to sleep and "Woke Up" In the dream close to the same place I left off at. I then kept searching for this red-haired girl I had met in the dream, With a blond-haired girl who occasionally wore glasses. I once said to this girl something like "Do you realize I am lucid dreaming?" and she said "Yes."

      Later I recall being in some sort of a flea market and I went up to a very beat-up (It looked as if it had been crumpled and un-crumpled or was in an accident) and grey (If it was painted at all) truck next to a man and I looked in the truck's back seat.


      I do think I was semi-lucid as I didn't try to manifest any magical powers, The dream did just go on without me changing much. And, Yes I would like to meet this girl in waking life.

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    11. 19/April/2014: There goes the homosexual.

      by , 04-19-2014 at 07:33 PM
      Note: Bodily, I'm male and heterosexual. I don't mind the idea of being female, though.

      I was in a building and a guy started hitting on me, I think. Later we were in a restroom and he was sitting on a toilet. He wanted to have sex with me and I didn't, Then he literally went down the toilet and the water was red. I then opened the restroom door and said to his African-American father, "Your son just went down the damn toilet." And then I thought of trying to find him somehow.

      UPDATE, 16/December/2014: I did not find him when I searched.

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    12. 15/April/2014: Escape the Universe? and Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume.

      by , 04-15-2014 at 04:02 PM
      There are more dreams which were had this day but here are those that are shared here:

      Prior to dreaming I was thinking of turning into Rainbow Dash.

      I was seeing stuff in a river and was fishing for something, Something I was fishing for went by and then I went down the river where it went and swam back. Meanwhile I saw lava as if it was in Minecraft by the water, Making its hissing noise not turning into Obsidian but into something else.

      I came back to the fishing area and there was green stuff on the river on top of the water and so the fishing area was not as big. Then (If looking at the river) I went to the right and looked up, Saw a room above me and used a grappling hook like in Zelda: OoT to get up there.

      I went into a room (Minus walls and ceiling) and there were two gates on each side, That were doorways with iron bars that would come down to close them. They both closed with me inside and things or creatures came either inside through these closed doors or they came up to the doors and the room reset.

      Bing! I was now Twilight Sparkle.

      In the same room with the gates again (And there were computers in it) Princess Luna and Princess Celestia came up, One at each gate; Princess Luna came from the gate I came from which is now on my left and Princess Celestia from my right. Princess Luna said something like "Follow me and I'll give you fame/money/etc" and I (As if I were playing Team Fortress 2 on PC) hit a few buttons on the keyboard to say "No." I then faced Princess Celestia and she said "Find a way to escape the universe." And I said "Yes." The feeling is enlightening.

      How does one escape the universe?


      Later on I also dreamed of Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume in a building, Then he died and his body fell on its face and someone picked it up and tried to make it seem as if he wasn't dead but it just fell over again.
    13. 2014-Jan-16; Double Rainbow!

      by , 01-16-2014 at 05:51 PM
      This is mostly a copy of a text file I wrote:


      Earlier dream;

      It was as if I was playing a video game in which I could go all around Pennsylvania. So I first went out the road towards the Eagles' bar and it isn't the same in this dream as it is in waking life at this date. I thought of driving the 2000 Honda Insight, Then some people shot at me then I kept going past them and walked around a locked church (Which is not there in waking life that I know of) and then went down to Limestone, PA and met some people at a yard sale at a house near the top of a hill. A father, His son and a woman were all there and they had a black 50s car for sale and I went into their carpeted garage and used their remote-controlled vacuum cleaner (A kid would enjoy this so much) and sat on a couch, My Dad came by through driving And their (Adult) son who wore an orange shirt talked to me and said they'd like to say happy birthday to me. So I turned around in the chair.

      (UPDATE, 16/December/2014: I did not have a 2000 Honda Insight car in the physical world when I wrote this nor do I have one now!)

      Dream of Dad driving another odd car (The same as was described in 2014-Jan-15's dream?) and I went into the kitchen fireplace and wind was coming through as the bricks weren't all there between the wall and outside.


      Third dream


      I looked out my bedroom window (Which I found on the first floor with plants outside the window) and saw a double rainbow for a very long distance and other people looked at it too. Later in other dreams I wanted to tell people about it and was trying to tell them! The rainbow started not horizontally as most do but I saw it starting closer to home, In the alley close to the trailer factory? And it went in the direction I call south (Or close to south), Using the waking-life house as a standpoint for compass direction.

      I went downstairs to tell my parents about it who were in the living room at one point. But my room was on the first floor?


      I was in the garage (Which was different in the dream than it is in waking life) and someone or some people were there. I at one point put on some other clothing including an "ARMY" Hat to get fat like D. Boon as if I were creating a Rock Band character? I thought of jumping around like he did. I also tried to communicate to someone regarding something but couldn't talk very well. (In waking life my throat was dry; I woke up a few times in the morning.)


      There are dreams of waking up and trying to tell people about that Double Rainbow.



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    14. 2013-September-29 Sunday - While I sang those sad songs...

      by , 09-29-2013 at 02:33 PM
      I'm tired. Like, Really really tired of what I'm doing, Staying up late at night ruining myself without rest. With that being said my title of this post is in reference to the Morphine song "The Saddest Song". And really, I do have a choice to not ruin myself here and I'll use it. I'm done - Let's not waste the rest time at night.

      Dreams for tonight...

      Last few:

      > I was in a department store trying to escape a big fat, African-American guy (Who might have been over 350 pounds) and yet he kept up with me as I kept crawling over things and talked to me. Am I that tired?

      > I was just outside the church - Sort of - And I did not go in exactly but was between the band practice room and where sermons are preached. I saw Chuck and Katie, Heard Katie and heard her laugh and when I saw Chuck go into the band practice room I was thinking if I would go in there I might just be like a fictional figure, Lyra Heartstrings the Unicorn - But in this case, The "Background Pony" One that was cursed to not be remembered by anyone.

      > I think I then went into a place that was half McDonald's and half a grocery store. I saw through someone else's eyes and as I went through things to buy and eat, A man and his kids were at the counter returning something and the man was irate. Later his two sons (Who were under 12 years old) knocked me over and the father turned around and I said "They're just playing" and the father was not irate at it, And he said "See you around".

      Then the dirt was about to hit the fan and be spread everywhere; I went back to the place where the entry/exit door was and it wasn't there, Another stand to buy stuff to eat was there, And there were these Star Wars Podracer things with knives attached to them which were going to come down on the floor and race all around. I went around and told people to get their feet off the floor or they'd be cut up and everyone did and only one person was hurt; My father, Who I (Whoever I was) Tried to help and keep off the floor. I at first was by a cylindrical column and a knife came up the pole and cut him! Then later whoever Father was turned into chicken and grease when I was above a grille (That wasn't a hot grille) and I said "I'm not married to people, I'm married to organs!" And then the thought was "I'm married to dirt" At the end prior to waking.

      I need help, And to accept what will work.
    15. 2013 September 25; Maverick, Rainbow Dash, Mummy

      by , 09-26-2013 at 12:40 AM
      > One where "E" happened

      last three dreams I recall:

      > A dream similar to the scene from the 1990s movie "Maverick" in which one guy is shooting at the main character. It was a bit different than in the movie including more falls.

      > I thought of a place in Cranberry Mall, PA where there used to be an Aladdin's Castle Arcade. I thought of an arcade game that I may have tried once and not done very good at, Because I would've been like nine years old and it was a game that required athletic strength; You had to pedal and in the game you were flying some machine. Anyway, I thought of that and then Rainbow Dash showed up.

      the Adoptions forom is down?-b94c4d218336bc20a0b53351f12241a6a64532d8_full.jpg

      So then, There I was in training (Or that's what I guess it was) for flying; Being coached by a cartoon Pegasus Pony! Why? Anyway, I don't think I turned into a Pegasus but I was flying somehow and one particular thing I had to do was collect flying rings as if I were playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game. I had to collect some rings in a big flying but stationary and vertical circle, Without turning; If I were to type an "O" here, Imagine I was facing to the right of the screen and then I was at the top, Flying down and clockwise and then I had to fly back up, Backwards to the starting point!

      Later I saw some sort of a graph showing speed and how Rainbow Dash was faster than Sonic the Hedgehog.

      > MUMMY

      This was a rather different one; The previous day while I was in a parking lot I thought of the movie "Under Wraps" And the scene in which the mummy was mistaken for a burned victim and then shocked by electricity.

      So the dream commenced; I saw the kids biking home from the old ice cream factory or whatever it was, But they gave the mummy an 80s Oldsmobile Station Wagon to drive and he did a decent job driving at first, But then one of the kids got in while he drove at like 3-5 MPH and then tried to drive with him, At which point they sped across a bridge with the pedal to the floor and turned left, Then went a few blocks before they crashed into a house after taking a hard right. The mummy walked away and the kid was stuck under a lot of stuff in the car, And some guy who was about 20 years old or so I'd guess (And who wore a black shirt and had dark hair) then got a power saw and started cutting stuff away to get the kid out, But he cut himself at one point too though I did not see a lot of blood.

      That mummy dream was the last dream I had on this date prior to waking.

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