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    1. 2016/2017 Dream: Black Wolflike Monster

      by , 10-21-2017 at 06:58 AM
      I dreamed that I saw a dark wolflike monster in the distance from me that started charging me; I was frightened and then decided to not part out cars (I had been thinking of doing this) and it passed me by without any harm.
    2. Really now, Do not do as I witnessed here or it's regret.

      by , 12-18-2014 at 03:52 AM
      As a ten (or thereabouts) year old kid (In 2001) I had dreams.

      I had been thinking of the movie Home Alone prior to bed. So I went to sleep, and then was in a house. I was talking to someone dressed as Santa Claus (The same guy who was the Santa in the movie whose car stalled out) who was on a bed, and a fire (like from the fire swamp in "The Princess Bride") came up from beneath the bed and roasted him. There were more fires in the house but I do believe I escaped them all.


      Another time around the same year give or take one or two, perhaps was another nightmare. I do believe this shows what hell is like! So there were some people there, and torture devices were there too. One man wasn't looking where he was going and was then sawed in half (he yelled once he hit the saw and put his arms out but didn't back off) as he was on a conveyor belt going straight into a band-saw.



      OUCH. These are some vivid revelations, are they not? You really should be careful; that one guy was on a conveyor belt not paying attention and just standing, though he was facing imminent destruction and he yelled only once he hit the saw. It's crazy and insane to not jump off the conveyor belt!

    3. Stay out of the acid pits...

      by , 12-18-2014 at 03:41 AM
      ... They dissolve. And that's deadly.

      Back in 2001-2004 as those years are called by many, I had dreams.

      One was similar to The Sims: One Sim, A Light-Skinned Female with brown hair and blue jeans and a grey short-sleeve shirt knocked two others into an acid pit with a rod before jumping in herself. Then there was a part where I told another person, A girl about three years younger than I am, something about Acid not being good.

      Another was within a large building (made of stone?) and it had very large doors more then three times the height of the people who went through them. There were seats for many people on either side of the door (the path was only in-between the seats, to my recollection though I wonder if I'm missing something) and at one point there was a guy who abhorred (or at least it looked that way) what his lords/masters/bosses were doing so he announced his departure. He walked out and was thence dissolved in a pit of acid that his ex-boss or bosses made appear between the seats. The lord then walked and I think talked, then (while he was not paying attention) walked into the acid pit himself and died. Very dead.

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    4. 2013-September-29 Sunday - While I sang those sad songs...

      by , 09-29-2013 at 02:33 PM
      I'm tired. Like, Really really tired of what I'm doing, Staying up late at night ruining myself without rest. With that being said my title of this post is in reference to the Morphine song "The Saddest Song". And really, I do have a choice to not ruin myself here and I'll use it. I'm done - Let's not waste the rest time at night.

      Dreams for tonight...

      Last few:

      > I was in a department store trying to escape a big fat, African-American guy (Who might have been over 350 pounds) and yet he kept up with me as I kept crawling over things and talked to me. Am I that tired?

      > I was just outside the church - Sort of - And I did not go in exactly but was between the band practice room and where sermons are preached. I saw Chuck and Katie, Heard Katie and heard her laugh and when I saw Chuck go into the band practice room I was thinking if I would go in there I might just be like a fictional figure, Lyra Heartstrings the Unicorn - But in this case, The "Background Pony" One that was cursed to not be remembered by anyone.

      > I think I then went into a place that was half McDonald's and half a grocery store. I saw through someone else's eyes and as I went through things to buy and eat, A man and his kids were at the counter returning something and the man was irate. Later his two sons (Who were under 12 years old) knocked me over and the father turned around and I said "They're just playing" and the father was not irate at it, And he said "See you around".

      Then the dirt was about to hit the fan and be spread everywhere; I went back to the place where the entry/exit door was and it wasn't there, Another stand to buy stuff to eat was there, And there were these Star Wars Podracer things with knives attached to them which were going to come down on the floor and race all around. I went around and told people to get their feet off the floor or they'd be cut up and everyone did and only one person was hurt; My father, Who I (Whoever I was) Tried to help and keep off the floor. I at first was by a cylindrical column and a knife came up the pole and cut him! Then later whoever Father was turned into chicken and grease when I was above a grille (That wasn't a hot grille) and I said "I'm not married to people, I'm married to organs!" And then the thought was "I'm married to dirt" At the end prior to waking.

      I need help, And to accept what will work.
    5. 2013, September 9 and 10

      by , 09-11-2013 at 04:45 AM
      September 9:

      I saw someone jumping out of an airplane to free fall after his parachute and then proceed to chase after food that he ate on the way down including a stick of butter.

      September 10:

      I went to bed at about 4 AM this time and had nightmares. I do recall picking up some change outside a building whcih was a car park (I had been thinking of Jeff Yeager's recommendations to pick up loose change prior to this)

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    6. 2013, July 28 (Sunday): My house was a wreck; Then, Is this "Heaven" As it were?

      by , 07-28-2013 at 01:50 PM
      There are some deep (And "Above") Ones here this morning. I do hope you accept them as what they are, For that is what I posted them for.


      Earliest dream I recall now:

      I went into the kitchen of my house and the gas stove was on quite heavily, Blowing flames out the front and I didn't turn it off but scooted past it so I'd not be burned. The water-boiling kettle may have been on too. I then went into the basement and my Father said something about a support to the building or that it was removed. Part of the floor had fallen through into the basement and there were no stairs to the second floor in the hallway now; There was a way to get into the first-floor hallway from the basement as well as the second floor, Though. I went to the second floor and there was no stairway to the third floor so my workshops were inaccessible along with the heavy tools.


      The basement seemed bigger than it is in waking life.

      The house as a whole was still standing but it desperately needed repaired.


      Second dream:

      I do hope this is OK to post here. I was on a **** site, Sitting at my computer with the curtain open and a thought which was "Perhaps I should close the curtain" came up and I was about to M--------e with a sock - I seriously did not realize I was asleep, Things seemed so real - And then I thought "God said none of that!" And I woke up. (This is the turning point.)

      Then, I fell back asleep and the third "Dream" Happened. I'm not so convinced it's actually a dream now.


      So, I was in the "Office" room (On the second floor) and my car was there along with my dog. Later, I went into the hallway and my dog was there too, Laying on a box that may have had CDs in it. We went downstairs and my grandmother was in the kitchen - She died in late June 2012, For you readers who weren't aware - And she asked if I missed her and I said yes then she started talking to me about some things and they're not all recalled now. My Father was also in the kitchen but in hindsight he may have looked younger in the dream. My Mother was also there in the dining room at first (Which was not as clean as it could become - It was cluttered.) and Grandmother said something about Mother's van windshield fogging up and also of "Bad Bacteria" and things that look like food which are actually people. For some reason I then saw hot dogs and not sausages. She turned into my mother later and I think talked some more and I saw some deep green bananas on the kitchen counter and one had a "Medicinal" Sticker on it.

      My dog was in the kitchen too and at this point I must admit I was somewhat "Lucid" Yet somewhat not "Lucid". It was as if my vision was not fogged up so much and I could see but I didn't go and start "Controlling the world around me".

      Anyway, I went outside or was outside and there was a tall fence around the house. I wonder if I put it there? Anyway, I looked out around and I saw green plants and plains in a lot of places around the house and I said, "There's green everywhere!". As I looked around, I noticed that the house of my next-door-neighbor wasn't there and I was rather sad about that and I looked off into the distance but I don't think another neighbor was there either - And he goes to the same local Church that I've attended, I note - Then, I saw the equivalent of the main road that goes through the town I live in. Some people were going around in white clothes and I thought I'd wave to them and did but I don't think anyone saw me.

      Then, I saw a little kid - He may have been about four or five - Standing on the fence in a corner and I thought I'd talk to him. I don't think I did but then a lot of other kids started climbing over the fence and onto it from both sides of it and I looked to see if I could recognize anyone that I recalled off the top of my head, But I didn't. Then, I was a bit confused as someone stuck my fingers in her mouth - And somewhere at about this point, A short-haired girl talked to me and I also looked towards the house and saw some people by a door, One who was sitting - And I don't know where I got a hat from but apparently someone took it off me. I then got off the fence and on the ground and someone took off a sandal I was wearing and my foot may have touched the dead leaves on the ground and I woke up.



      - Have you ever woken up and felt as if your vision was cloudy compared to how it was in a dream? I have, And this last dream is similar. With what my Grandmother told me in mind, Possessions also have people's hands tied in with them so how many people do you have "Invited in your room" Now through connections with stuff?

      - And years ago I thought that the whole "Heaven and Hell" Thing has something to do with dreams. And, Even in July of last year after my Grandmother had died I'd been having dreams of her and was surprised and relieved that she wasn't dead.

      - I changed the title from "My house is a wreck" to "My house was a wreck" on December 14 2013

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    7. 2013, July 21, (Sunday): Where was I? Where are you? Where have you been?

      by , 07-21-2013 at 11:54 PM
      Please take this with a bit slower thought than you normally might, This was a very strange dream to me.

      Note: Before I had it, I let my dog go outside sometime between 4 AM and 5 AM and I fell asleep on the swing (With a coat and long pants on, Mostly so I wouldn't get bitten by mosquitoes and it also helped me not catch a cold) and I woke at about 5:40 and went back to bed. Then after the first dream I wrote here, I woke at about 7:14 AM.


      I just have to say, Wow; Where was I?

      Near the start of the dream I met some relatives I didn't realize were related to me; There was a man and I think his wife and child who may have been an infant. This is sounding pretty similar to some people who go to a church I attend! After that I met another me in my own room and he didn't look quite like me, I think he wore a coat that looked like the one I wore outside earlier while awake.

      Some time after that, Things started getting weirder, I think I went into a deeper dream level so to speak because I normally don't have dreams like this. I may have talked about switching places with this other me for some reason.

      Next, I recall going outside and the house was not quite the same as it is in waking life; There were more parts to the building on the back end of it and then I recall explaining to someone that the sun and moon didn't work in the same way where I was from. I also said to someone that I was from another dimension and I saw some people in the side yard including a neighbor I know who attends the same church as I do and also plays a musical instrument as I do, But he wasn't my neighbor and he didn't recognize me.

      Later, There was some structure in that side yard and a man was in a small shack-y room with the door cracked open. There was another door behind a man who I was talking to and after I looked away from him and looked back, He had no head but was standing there with a breathing apparatus! And after looking into the red sky (And there were no trees nearby as there are in waking life) I saw some weird things in it like red licorice candy clouds, If I could describe them as such but I don't think they were edible. I had enough at that point and said the Lord's prayer,

      "Our father who art in heaven,
      Hallowed be thy name.
      Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
      on earth as it is in heaven.
      Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our trespasses
      as we forgive those who trespass against us.
      And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil
      For thine is the kingdom, And the power, And the glory forever.

      (Note: I did not say the prayer exactly like this. But, I said it with the same meaning. BTW, There's a saying which is "There are no atheists in a foxhole" And I can't say I was as faithful as I may have believed in the Bible in weeks prior to this dream.)

      Then, I thought I woke up and I was in the back end of my Dad's caravan with the back end open which was facing the house which is a bit odd given the driveway. I thought I was awake and I went back inside the house with my dog, Talked with my Father (My parent) and some time after that, I woke for real.

      At times in that dream I was wondering if I would ever wake up because it was so weird and unlike the waking world.

      Later, I went downstairs and slept on the couch until about 9:15 AM. Some of the next dream was as this:

      2: I think there was some selection of this next part, As if it was a movie with some people deciding what to do for/with this guy described below or a video game level selection screen. A man drove a big truck in a snowy mountain pass, Parked his truck away from the bridge which was small if I rememebr right, Went up to the bridge that was closed, His truck fell off the mountain and he jumped off the cliff where it fell and found wings in the air quite far away from the mountain and flew around in places including my living room.

      If you have not seen something like the first dream I described here, Can you relate? I didn't feel like I was at home, I'm not about to call it a lucid dream as I didn't "Have the powers of dreamland at my control", So to speak, But it felt like I was painfully aware I was not so close to home.

      Note: How did "Nightmare" and "Task of the Month" get selected? I don't recall clicking those, I clicked "Non-Lucid" And "Side Notes" And then those weren't selected. I took so long to write this that my login session had expired and I had to log in again, So that might have something to do with it. But, The first dream was unpleasant and I imagine it is a task of the month to not have another dream like this, This month. So I left those tags there and re-added the other ones.
    8. 2009, Dec. 9 (Thursday); Getting cocky?; Phil X; Prison-Like Place

      by , 05-08-2013 at 04:12 AM
      That which is written below was written at the time. I posted my recollection of my December 8th dream and December 9th dream in the same reply to a thread on a different forum.

      (This is copied from a forum I frequent and the dreams from the night prior were posted in the same reply)

      Dec. 8th - Dec. 9th

      AAAGH I forgot parts and I had it fresh in my mind until I typed about the dreams I had yesterday! Anyway, At one point I realized I was dreaming and I think this may have been my first successful lucid dream! Anyway, Here's the parts I remember...

      In a store of some sort, Some woman told me to go away and I told her something like "I'm the star of the show here, It's my dream!" And she ignored me.

      Then, Later I was in an area with picnic tables with my parents (I think) And I had a Gibson Explorer Reverse guitar. Oddly though I was calling it a Firebird even though I know from the shape that it was an Explorer! (The two guitars are similar to one another) Then Phil X comes out of nowhere and I offer him the opportunity to play my guitar and he did, Then he starts talking about the guitar. That part was awesome.

      Next, I think my parents were going on a trip and I was running alongside the van until it turned into a Team Fortress 2 Gravel Pit "A" style area and someone stopped me.

      From there on it turned into more of a nightmare. I'm not sure of everything that happened, However I was still lucid dreaming to a point and I was in a prison like place. The people in cells were dead, dying or should have been dead. I remember at one part I went in a cell and someone was in a big box with an air hose. I opened the box to find a small skeleton that was similar to a lizard. I told him he should just die and so he did. Later, I thought I woke up because my mom woke me up going through the room but instead it was a false awakening. I went back to dreaming, I remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to lucid dream then but I may have kept on lucid dreaming. I'm not sure of the details from here on.

      Anyway... I watched the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince movie yesterday so that may have had a bit of an effect on the last part...

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    9. 2008, September xx: Recurring Cemetery in Dead Woods dream

      by , 04-30-2013 at 11:46 PM
      I've posted this one on the forums a bit already. I believe one of the reasons why it occurred is because I was playing Xbox Live a lot at the time and it was like I stuck my head in the sands/ashes of hell or something. Most of what I did at the time was play Xbox Live, I don't think I noticed the birds flying around outside much.

      The dream always started showing people, Often enough to have a large party, Arriving at a two-story house which was in a plain that had no grass or trees near it. It was cold outside and the ground was blue-ish in tint. There was a forest behind the house about 200 yards away. The house was nice and warm. (I also must note the interior resembled the interior of the James Bond homestead house in the new Skyfall movie.)

      People would leave the house and go into the woods. In the woods, The people would find a graveyard (Note I didn't say cemetery; This place was a grave place to be) And there would be this Fast, White, Freezing-Cold River running over parts of it including some of the grave markers.

      The river started from the left and was below the ground where the people would stand to see the graveyard. The river came down a slope and went in a U-turn away from a bank on the right, Back to the left as it went down a slope. I'm wondering why the graveyard wasn't completely submerged in the water; Why did the river go around some of the graves in a U-turn, Cutting them off? I don't recall a huge bank between the river and most of the graveyard preventing the water from flowing down the slope that the graveyard was on.

      I never saw anyone cross the river. Also, There was no path to this graveyard; The people always went through the woods to get to it. Once they saw this graveyard, In most occasions every person who saw it would die by turning into a splintered, Dead wood statue. I don't think even their clothes remained, They were just dead wood. Even if they managed to get back in the house, They'd die.

      After this, In the morning authorities would come by and they would never be able to figure out what happened. I did see inside the house on a few occasions and I also was in the dream myself at least once; I think I was trying to fish a girl's plastic purple bag out of the river at one point and I did not die.

      On one other occasion, I saw inside the house and there was a large window on the second floor overlooking the forest and I saw a man or teenager who had glasses and short blond hair.

      This might not sound like much when you read it now, But I can assure you that it was cold.

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