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    1. Elephants!

      by , 11-17-2010 at 02:06 AM
      Don't remember much last night, I wasn't feeling too good.

      However, I did dream I was trapped in my room with Queen Zukin and we were enslaved by elephants.
    2. Today's Fragment, Saturday's dreams

      by , 11-16-2010 at 11:38 PM
      Fragments: Hack 'n' Slash
      I'm in a video game, hacking up the boss monsters. First is the mini boss, then the main boss, and finally a third super boss. This super boss is invisible, but that doesn't stop me from hacking it to bits.

      Today's dreams had a really poor narative, but I have some I didn't enter into my DJ from last Saturday November 13th.

      Spontaneous Memories?
      Clarity: 4/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Right Side (Left Brain)

      I suddenly recognize the dream I'm currently having as a recurring dream from my childhood. I already know the story, the players, and what's going to happen next.

      There is a small army of goblins raiding a house. They are all out side with a ballista breaking in. The goblins are so focused on getting in, they don't see us sneak up behind them. It looks like they have all the entrances covered, when I notice a sliding patio door with some people inside. We enter through that door, grab some bricks as weapons, and run down the hall.

      The goblins are again so focused on attaining their goal ahead of them, they don't notice us come from behind and bash their heads in with the bricks. Their leader walks into the room, and we take him by surprise, grabbing him and the treasure he came for, a red glowy thing in his hand.

      We grab his magical treasure and run, but when we come to the door I stop. The people with me tell me we wasted an opportunity to get away, but since I know how this dream goes, I know there is a large invasion force about to descend on the house.

      Did I recall a recurring childhood dream? Or did I just spontaneously make it all up in the dream? On the one hand, I have no recollection of that scenario from before. But on the other, I kind of trust my dream self to make those kinds of judgements. No way to know for sure...

      North Pole
      Clarity: 6/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in the north pole with some friends. We're staying with Eskimos in a cave. In the ground of the cave are ice fishing holes, and peering through one I see a killer whale and a blue whale swim underneath us. The eskimos show my friends how to fish using a stick and a leather plate, and they pull up some fish fairly quickly.

      I want to show the eskimos how we do it with hooks, so I ask Dennis for one. He pulls out a bag of temple hash while looking for the hooks. One of the eskimos gabs a piece, sniffs it, then breaks off a chunk. Dennis finally finds me a hook, and I start fishing. I catch a fish, but it was nowhere near as quick as the eskimo method.

      Then the eskimos show me their hook fishing method outside. They have several holes in the ice, and when a fish strikes, it springs a trap that sets a kite aloft in the sky, pulling the fish out of the water. It's pretty damn cool.

      I wake up, fall back asleep, and am heading back to the north pole. I stop by Pete's house first and we grab some beer. It's a little cumbersome for our long trip. When we arrive at our destination, it's a cabin bar where Tyson's band is playing. Crystal is singing for them. I ask about a movie they made, then tell them it was really bad, but bad in a good way.
    3. Dream Recall I ~ The Toilet & The Gunshooting

      by , 11-16-2010 at 10:20 PM
      Dream Recall I
      August 3rd 2010
      Total of dreams: 2

      It's nighttime. Me, my sister, her husband and my mom are standing in a bus. We need to go to a toilet, so then we walk off the next bus stop. I try to find a toilet nearby. The toilet I find fills the whole room, and is extremely dirty. The method that was used to divest was to put a big, flat bowl under your butt, and in the center of this bowl was a tiny hole where you could... divest through. The toilet itself was formed like waves, and you had to go on top of the bowl (probably 2 meters from the ground) to sit. I had to empty this divestment in the bowl in a larger hole on top of the wavy toilet. Since the divestment didn't go through, I felt like I had to hide it somewhere. In the door, when I was done, I turned around to the toilet and looked upon it with a feeling of dirtiness.

      * * *

      In my hotel room I made love to a dark-haired guy with curls. He had white clothing. I couldn't see his face, maybe because of the high brightness in the very dream, and everything was in fact black and white. That night, I had an extreme feeling of horniness. It was raining outside the window, and a man was standing there (in a bird's-eye view, since we were a few floors above him) with a very special gun, with him shooting against our window. I didn't care, I was feeling safer than ever. The bullets went slowly through the rain. They looked more like mini-comets. He hit neither us nor the window, so he gave up and walked away.
      non-lucid , side notes
    4. Dreamless? ~November 16, 2010

      by , 11-16-2010 at 09:44 PM
      For some reason I did not dream last night... or sleep...so yeah
    5. Stranger/Lover

      by , 11-16-2010 at 07:44 PM
      Details are a bit fuzzy today (sauvignon blanc), but I know the dreams were vivid, logical, and mundane enough that I couldnt tell I was dreaming (you'd be surpised what's mundane in my life).

      Something about a primitivist hippie commune/farm in the forest. Ive never been to this one, perhaps it's a composite of several farming and primitivist communities I've lived with. I remember saying that I felt more at ease there than at any other community Ive been to. The people there were very happy and jovial.

      Why are there arcade games in the forest? Ive seen much more bizarre things, I suppose. Its a driving game. I don't have any money, but I sit down in the chair and take the wheel. It works! Its very real. Now I'm in a real car... at least it seems real, like I'm really driving, but I know I'm still sitting in the chair, in front of a screen, in the middle of the forest. Wow, Im driving through a hilly countryside. Its very beautiful, sunny with little puffy clouds. Lots of twists and turns. Its making me sort of nauseous, so I get out of the chair.

      I'm in a strange house, on the top bunk of a large bed with a very sexy young man whom Ive never met, and yet were very intimate and comfortable together. Perhaps weve been lovers in some long forgotten dreams. Were cuddling (I don't often actually perform sex acts in dreams. Usually its just a lot of cuddling, kissing, petting , and rolling around), watching a movie. The movie keeps jumping out and becoming real. Satyrs, elves, fairys, minotaurs. Happy creatures with joy and slight mischief in their eyes. A huge grey cat that looks like none Ive ever seen before comes bounding up to the bed, intelligence, benevelolence, and obvious sentience dancing in her flickering eyes. I want to cuddle with the kitty, but I somehow know it's inapropriate.

      (This is the third or fourth dream in several weeks to feature magical creatures, btw. Last time it was giants, and we were working together, trying to save a race of dwarfs that lived at the base of a great plateau that I bounded, almost flew down, while the giants leaped from ledge to ledge, down and down to the base of the plateau)
    6. Maximum Ride.

      by , 11-16-2010 at 06:06 PM
      I remember I was the person in charge of the Flock again, the not-Max but I was Max at the same time. We were inside of a city, and although it was grating on my nerves to be in such a confined space with so many people, I put up with it. I even got suckered into going to a game arcade. As we didn't have any money, I used my "talent" of reaching into people's minds to have the person at the counter think the leaves we were giving them were hundred-dollar bills.

      Now easily stocked up on the arcade money, I took my cousin over to a station (he was part of my Flock), and began to play. Halfway through the game, however, I noticed men. Men that were trying very hard to blend in but failing miserably at it - to me, anyway. I tapped my cousin on the shoulder and whispered, "Hey. Time to go."

      He looked confused, and was about to ask me why, but then looked outside and understood.

      A little too late. They were onto us.

      Taylor and I dashed through the arcade, leaping over the counter and running out through the back. We booked it over to the mall, where I knew the rest of my Flock was inside. Evading a few people, we skidded inside of the doors and I looked around at hyperspeed, trying to find the other four members. We located them very quickly, and not a moment too soon. The men (and one woman, in this case) were on us. I hurried them through the mall, trying to think up a plan - and it hit.

      We trapped them, and I infiltrated all of their minds at once. It was hard, and my hold wasn't as strong as usual, but I managed to tell them that they had lost track of us. They had tried their hardest, but we had flown off before they could do anything about it. A few of them added their own details into there, but other than that, things went smoothly. I told them to forget we ever existed, and if they did see us, they were going to think that we were nothing more than some simple kids.

      And then we were free again - for a while, anyway. I managed to steal a car, and told all of the Flock we were going shopping for survival supplies. We were all going to have a backpack, and the next few stores we stopped at, we were going "shopping" for the best supplies we could find. And then we were going to leave.

      The men were watching us closely, but suspicion was kind of gone from their minds due to what I had done earlier. The Flock agreed with me, as there had been some pretty close calls over the past couple hours, and nobody wanted to go back to the bad place they wanted to drag us back to.
    7. "Is it okay if I eat the zucchini?" (Night of November 8-9)

      by , 11-16-2010 at 05:32 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up journal entry. This dream is from the night of November 8-9.]

      I'm at a live performance that [somehow] involves stuffed animals. The show is over, and everyone in the audience is walking in a long line through the amphitheater-style auditorium to return their stuffed animals.

      I go outside to get some kind of chicken and some kind of appetizer from an outdoor food stall. The recipe for the appetizer is on the side of a box of Ritz crackers. One of the steps in the recipe is to cut up some kind of food by pushing the two halves of a kitchen gadget together. The guy running the food stall has this gadget and is working on preparing the appetizer
      [I think; I'm writing this from notes an entire week after the fact, so I don't really remember]. I ask him, “Zucchini wo tabete mo ii desu ka? [Translation: “Is it okay if I eat the zucchini?”] I use those exact words because I can't think of the word for “zucchini” in Japanese. [Other than that, though, my dream!Japanese was perfectly correct and accurate to real!Japanese this time.]

      [Fragment] Something involving Tinkerbell being able to “grow” to human size, e.g., to be played by a human, in another live performance.
    8. WILD Journey: Day 5

      by , 11-16-2010 at 05:31 PM
      Tonight I felt massive improvement in my ability to WILD. I was reading so much on the forums because I want to get this skill down, and I'm really starting to understand that this could potentially allow me to LD every night and every nap!

      So I went to bed at midnight, which I feel is going to be my consistent time to sleep because it gives me room to experiment with the amount of sleep I need to appropriately time my WILD. I think I have found that setting my alarm for 5am works best because 4 30 was too early. I would wake up just before my alarm would go off, and then have to wait for it to ring.

      Maybe I am not so anxious about this journey anymore so that I can relax into sleep better or maybe I was just exhausted from working out, but I slept very well last night. I got to bed and fell asleep in 20 minutes. I didn't wake up until the alarm clock beeped at 5am. When the alarm clock beeped, I successfully woke up, and tried not to move. I remembered that I was trying to WILD so I started counting my breaths and trying to stay at least semi-awake. I can tell that this method was successful because I had my first FA in a while right after I fell back asleep. I was in my bed in my dorm room, which is the most common way to RC after WILDing! So I'm definitely making progress on that front.

      I didn't successfully realize the dreamstate yesterday, but I'm really optimistic about today. I'm doing RCs all the time during my day and repeating affirmations along with continuing to read guides/forum posts about WILDing on these forums to keep the idea fresh in my head.

      Tonight, I'm going to look at my hands while I'm dreaming and realize that I'm dreaming. It's going to be awesome.
      Tags: wild journey
    9. Speaking Japanese at College (Night of November 6-7)

      by , 11-16-2010 at 05:25 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up journal entry. This dream is from the night of November 6-7.]

      [Fragments] Something involving making a delivery of some kind using my car. I remember wondering where my car keys were just as I was waking up from the dream. I also remember riding my old, green GT bike in the rain.

      IHOP and Denny's are having a TV commercial war. I'm watching a series of commercials for the two chains, one after the other. One of them
      [I'm not sure which restaurant it was for] focuses on the repetition of the phrase, “Accurate fries, accurate donuts,” accompanied by images of the two items. It means that when you order fries or mini-donuts as a side item there, they always serve you the correct amount. Later, I'm at Denny's with my mom.

      I'm riding in a car, passing by the fields of a local high school. I can see their marching band rehearsing, in their uniforms. Some marching band members from my own high school are there, too, also in their uniforms and rehearsing in a block.

      I'm walking through the hallways of an unidentified high school. A female student is there, loudly crowing away about something political. The TV monitors mounted in the hallway are showing political advertisements. There's one pro-Whitman, anti-Brown ad that ends with the spoken line, “Last chance to come together, California.”

      I'm in a UCSB dorm room, thinking to myself: What's the date today? April 9? 2 months. Meaning, in two months, I will be graduating and leaving the university forever. I think about how hard I'm going to cry when I have to pack up the contents of this room and leave it for the last time. I remember
      [or maybe I just inferred this after having woken up, I'm not sure] that I went to Kentucky during fall quarter, then returned to UCSB for the winter and spring quarters to finish up the last of my studies. [As opposed to real life, where it was spring quarter that I missed to go to Kentucky.] My roommate Sarah M. is in the room. I have to be on my way and go to math class without my math homework completed, because I've been goofing off all weekend.

      A group of Chinese international students and teachers come into the dorm room. One of the female teachers notices a magnet I have as a decoration. The magnet has five Chinese characters on it. She reads them aloud, in Chinese, but stumbles over the last one, giving two different possible readings for it. As she puzzles over the characters, I say to her, in Japanese, “Imi mo nai na no da.”
      [Translation: “They don't even mean anything.”] I know this to be the case because I know that this particular string of characters came from Hanzi Smatter. The female teacher understands what I said, and agrees with me. She and the other teachers and international students then start a conversation, all in Japanese. When they ask me a question in Japanese, my reaction is, “Oh, God, now I've started it!” I'm nervous and self-conscious because I haven't spoken any Japanese in a long time. It takes me a second, but I manage to formulate an answer to the question in perfectly good Japanese. [I don't remember what the question and answer were, but I do remember that] At some point during the conversation, I say something like, “Kono kanji wa imi ga nai to itte kumatta desu.” I know what I mean when I say it, which is, “I heard that these kanji don't mean anything.” [But I know perfectly well that those aren't the proper Japanese words for “I heard that...” There goes dream!Japanese being weird again.] [Also, what I meant is that they don't mean anything as a phrase. Most likely they mean something individually, or else the teacher wouldn't have been able to identify readings for them.]

      [Not sure if this one is in the correct chronological order.] I'm with my church choir, and we're singing a pretty Advent hymn. [I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist in reality, yet. I managed to record six notes onto my phone when I woke up, and someday I plan to compose it.]

      I'm driving up toward UCSB with my parents. We see Dale C. performing live on the side of the road, by the exit off Highway 217 that leads to the airport. He's singing and playing the bongos.

      I'm reading a little cloth book that Dale wrote about his music career. In the book, he says that he was more excited about the full-time income he would earn from being a musician than any other aspect of the career. This makes me think less of him.

      I enter an unfamiliar house to get something. P. is there, and there is an unknown woman sleeping in the back room.
    10. Dream Journal: Spice Girls, Carnival, False Awakening

      by , 11-16-2010 at 05:25 PM
      Dream 1-- Spice Girls Remix

      So, this dream is half passive observer half I'm actually noticing that I'm in my body. Most of my dreams now are pretty sexual because I haven't masturbated for like a week now. I actually feel more energized because of it, but this is a DJ....

      So I start out in my room. I'm facing away from my bathroom, meaning that I can see the rest of my room, including my bed and my LoveSac (which is a comfy and huge bean bag chair. I hear this music start to play. My whole screen of vision goes red and I can see this black girl with a golden wig on starting to sing. I think she starts singing a song that's uniquely Spice Girls at first so I can begin to recognize who they are.

      This is my Passive Observer state. Here, it's like I'm just the camera for this music video with thoughts and critique. The camera will change easily and there won't be much feeling inside me, just thoughts and analysis of the video I'm watching.

      So I see the black girl at first, she's wearing a white Halter top and some skimpy shorts. Suddenly, the camera pans out and I feel like I'm in my body in my room, and I can see all five of them. The song keeps playing and I'm having the realization that I'm listening to the Spice Girls in my room, but it doesn't cause me to RC or wake up. Then, the screen turns all green as the camera focuses in on another of the girls, who looks like she is kind of depressed. She is white with black hair, and she plays the cello. She has a very weird voice that doesn't actually go with the song at all. In my PassObs state, I question the legitimacy of her playing the cello and how it would affect the song. I start listening to the music more carefully and realize that the cello is being played really fast but somehow it works with the music. I get the feeling like in concert she must get really tired.

      Pan out again. I'm sitting in the same place looking at all five of them. For one of the verses one of them starts to sing who sounds kinda Asian, and she even makes the comment about how she has the classic Asian accent, as part of the song. What's funny is how this whole time I am trying to remember the lyrics for the song, and I feel really confident in my version, but they keep changing the song into something really random, like at one point they are talking about horses.

      Then the video suddenly shifts, and now I'm standing at the doorway to my sister's room, and I see this one hot blonde Spice Girl start doing a seductive dance as the beginning of another song. She is wearing basically nothing, I can see her stomache and legs. I want to F this girl, but I'm in PassObs (oh how I wish I was lucid!). They start another song, but it doesn't last very long because I roll over in bed.

      Dream 2-- Busted by the Police for the First Time

      So, this dream starts off similar to the other dream where I feel like I'm just a camera that is part of a movie. I am in the sky and floating down as I see lots of people crowded around some rides. There is procession of buses and sounds to my left. There are these silver gates that separate different areas where people are either waiting to get on a ride or are on the ride. It's all out on in the open, all on concrete, but I can't really see the ground because there are so many people.

      As I am still floating downward in camera mode, I hear Dave Chappelle tell a Joke that I cannot remember, but I feel like I had it in my memory for a long time because I knew it when he said it. As the camera finally descends, I become a person and start walking around, but I am alone at this carnival. I get to this one section where there aren't a lot of people and I decide to try and start drinking so that I can loosen up and have some more fun. It's the classic red Solo cup filled with beer. As I drink and walk, I realize that I'm like the only one in this part of the Carnival somehow, and so I start walking towards the party. As I get closer, I see out of the corner of my eye that there is a group of police officersstanding on the other side of the metal fence, scoping out the situation and probably carding people.

      At first, I feel really confident I won't get IDed as long as I walk confidently and act like I don't even notice them. I remember that I haven't shaved in four days and I have never gotten busted before. I walk past all of them, but the last one says "Hey, get over here" and "Show me your ID." I know I'm fucked, but I'm like "OK" in a calm voice. I start patting my pockets as if I don't know which pocket it's in. He is starting to get impatient and is like "C'mon, C'mon." As I open my wallet, I realize that I don't have my ID. Although in real life there is no real explanation for not having it, in my dream I think back to some event that happened earlier that justifies me not having it. I think about giving me school ID to the cop or this other ID I have, but he's like "You're not 21, I'm giving you a ticket." My heart sinks into my stomache and I feel awful. I can only look down as shame and guilt start to wash over me.

      I start to wonder what went wrong, when I look up there is a mirror there. I see that I had been wearing this white polo with purple stripes, I wasn't actually shaved, and I looked 17. I was like wow I am never wearing polo shirts out again, and I start beating myself up mentally like why would I be so stupid to wear out a polo and next time I am coming with friends. Why didn't I come with friends? If I had been here with a frat everything would have been fine, and then I picture myself being with a frat and drinking and having fun and all of that. Then I wake up

      Dream 3-- Space Ship Wars

      This dream is super obscure, but it involves people from my high school, which should be the most ultimate dream sign in existence for me and I don't know why I can't seem to RC it properly when it happens! I could be having DILDs every night along with my WILDs!!

      So the dream starts out at night time. I am on the radio with my teammates and we need to take out with our ships for what I think is a practice run, for fun. I don't remember ever flying these ships before and I can't think of any particular job we have to do for them. I am on some like school track or something, but there is a metal door that opens up like a garage door and reveals my space vehicle, which is shaped like a classic UFO.

      It's me Peter, Brendon, and this blonde girl who is really hot. We take off and I'm super shitty at flying my craft. I hear Peter and Brendon talking over the intercom, and I can see a lot of the action out of my front mirror. Most of my movements aren't coordinated with my brain, so they just kinda happen and I have to go along with them. The opponents we are fighting have crafts in the shape of the female sign (the circle with a line down and the horizontal stripe), which is funny because I got shown a binky yesterday that was that exact sign/shape.

      We start fighting the female shaped opponents, but I'm not really doing anything. I'm flying around just trying to get control of my vehicle, and I'm failing. I hear them talking about strategy and who they hit and who hit who, but I'm flying into a tree. I dodge the tree by going straight down and my shit crashes into a pool of water. Suddenly, I am swimming with this hot blonde, and Peter comes down too. We are all three in the pool, just relaxing, when Peter gets back in his craft and I get back in mine and we take off again. I still can't control mine for shit, and then Brendon announces that we won, so I land my UFO back into the water.

      It's me Peter and the hot girl again and we are like under a bridge but I can see the original place that we hung out before taking off a second time. I'm sort of away from Peter and the girl, feeling a little PassObs but wanting to be a part of the celebration. Suddenly, as if it were part of a movie, the girls floats over to me with a big smile on her face, and we start making out!! I'm really happy.

      Dream Fragment 4-- False Awakening After WILD

      So I am doing a WILD Journey, and I set my alarm for 5am after going to sleep at 12. I remembered to start counting in my head before falling back asleep, and this night I actually managed to get back to sleep relatively quickly. Looking back, I had read on these forums that usually WILDs will start with false awakenings in the exact bed/room you are in, so you need to get adept/used to RCing upon awakening every time.

      I didn't do that and I sat up in my dorm room bed and looked over at my roommate. The scene was kinda fuzzy but it was super weird. My roommate was sitting at the head of his bed, and there was this shirt hanging from a rack. Behind the shirt was this giant slab of meat, and it looked like he was on his computer taking notes about this slab of meat or something. I didn't say anything and nothing else was going on, but I remember thinking about how weird the whole thing was. I fell back asleep and missed my chance to LD from my WILD, but I'm glad I am noticing my FAs and that I actually successfully transitioned!

      Dream Fragment 5-- Samurai Fight

      This dream was really long, but it got cut extraordinarily short due to the morning time, and I think that messed up my recall. I had been reading The Book of Five Rings before I went to sleep, and so I had sword fighting as a theme bright inside my head for tonight.

      There was a large build-up, but me and this guy face off to fight. He starts to charge me and I have all of these thoughts running into my head like how is he going to strike, will I be able to defend, how can I win this. I was getting all excited about fighting him because part of me knew it was a dream and that it was going to be exciting. I think I was on the verge of lucidity when my roommate's alarm clock went off in my opponent's mid stride!! I was so disappointed when I found myself in my bed. It was the first time in a while that I was going to fight in a dream.
    11. Side notes: Message from a medium

      by , 11-16-2010 at 04:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      I met a german lady who claims to have mediunic powers. I didn't tell her much about myself, only that I had lucid dreams 'cause I wanted to see if she also did, but at some point in our short conversation, she grabbed my arms, looked deeply into my eyes and almost in a trance she gave me the following message...
      That my energy is totally compassionate and peaceful, that I lack wrathfulness and therefore in this life and in this world I'm not meant to be a warrior, but that I had been a ninja before and that in the dream world my dream ninja is still alive and kicking and is her mission to fight the evil powers that move between dimensions. Then she went on with some advice on how to strengthen my dream ninja.
      I thought this was awesomely cool.
      side notes
    12. first successful WILD attempt!

      by , 11-16-2010 at 02:29 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      Damn, I guess I've made more progress in dreaming that I originally thought...
      first successful WILD (wake induced lucid dream) tonight, Tuesday, November 16th 2010, time of closing eyes, 3:33 AM. I never thought it would be that much of a rush, you go into sleep paralysis, and it feels like your mind is being shot out of a cannon straight upward, at first I tried to stop, but then I just rode it out. it's the most awesome feeling I have ever experienced in my life

      the dream itself was nothing special, I was laying in my bed, unsure if it worked or not, so I decided to risk a reality check, I was dreaming! I started feeling the sheets, passively observing how realistic they were. I got up and walked to my mirror, I looked into it and tried to focus on going to the moon. I touched the mirror, solid... I was feeling drowsy anyway. I turned away from the mirror, and started calling for my dream guide for about five minutes, that didn't work either... well I was tired, so I figured I would just crawl back in bed, no harm in just resting, it's not like this is going to be my last dream ever. so I crawl back in bed, and just sleep

      I wake up feeling rejuvenated, more so than usual.
      lucid , memorable
    13. rare bad parasitic? dream

      by , 11-16-2010 at 02:25 PM
      16/10/2010 had first bad dream for ages last night. weird thing was it started as soon as i fell asleep. started with a kind of paralysis where i was trying to walk, but i couldnt get anywhere fast due to some massive weight that seemed to hang onto my lower back. had similar ages ago but never this vivid and mindfucking.

      anyway after that i was at some school event and afterwards we trashed a room. that room turned into my dining room. i drunk some red bull in the dream and i was 100% convinced that i had gone into some kind of freaky rage and trashed my house. so much so that i spent the rest of the dream putting everything back where it should be, constantly missing obvious dream signs of misplaced objects/furniture. woke up as i was picking bits of plastic up off the floor and i can still feel it now.

      the lower back feeling has really made me think there is something in the idea of astral parasites, i cant think of another plausible explanation. i keep waking up with this odd feeling in my back, which isnt quite pain, yet is almost worse than having a pain there if that makes any sense. like the most extreme restless feeling that i just cant kick no matter what position i roll into
    14. 11/16/2010 - Fragment

      by , 11-16-2010 at 12:47 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      The only thing I really remember is that I was being detained by some group of people. One of them was this huge, hulk of a guy who looked like he might have been a butcher or something, judging by the filthy apron he was wearing. Most of the dream, I just don't remember, though I do recall one scene were lightning struck, somewhere on their property. I saw the bolt hit the building in slow motion. The electricity scattering across the area and ignited a combustible tank, causing a massive explosion, which injured at least one person. The whole thing played out in slow-mo, and I think I was watching from a disembodied perspective. That's about all I remember, though.
    15. Peace to the East

      by , 11-16-2010 at 08:55 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      Castle Anthrax becomes Castle Cannabis.

      It becomes a shining white castle, full of cannabis plants.

      I smoke with the RV templars, mowglycdb, and the Care Bears.

      Life is good.
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