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    1. Another Zombie Apocalypse Dream

      by , 11-26-2017 at 11:08 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)

      Okay, so I had just rescued two new puppies about a few days ago. Yeah, sure, they're adorable and all that, but I don't think my mind has gotten used to them apparently. They pee and poop just around every square foot of my house in between when I take them outside to relieve themselves (Which is one every hour or two), and that stress of having to clean up after them directly ties into the dreams I've been having. Interesting stuff indeed.

      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM


      I'm at a house in the countryside. The sky is red and the clouds are black, indicating a sunset. Me and some people I know take refuge in the first floor of the building. The second floor is filled to the brim with bats, so we can't go there. I don't exactly know what happened while I was there, but I begin to have a flashback to when the apocalypse first began.

      It started during a normal school day. The flashback starts off with me and my friend, Eloy, running through the halls with a bunch of other panicked schoolkids. We discuss where or what class we should hole up in. I'm on my way to my Biology teacher, and he's on his way somewhere else. Funnily enough I was also moving in a chair with wheels while this is happening.

      I lose track of Eloy, and I'm stuck, alone, in a barren hallway. I lost my way and I cannot find my Biology teacher. Immediately I start bolting it, running away as fast as I can from the hordes of zombies headed my way. I have never run so fast in my entire life.

      "The past is dead, your fate is sealed."

      Music plays in my head, highlighting the intense situation I am placed in. It sounds like the Biolizard theme from SA2 but with rewritten lyrics (That quote above is from that dream song).

      I find the employee break room. There are a bunch of distressed, depressed teachers who have given up on survival and are waiting it out. I look through a box of appliances. I try looking for a knife to stab any zombies in the head in case one ever came by.

      Instead I find a pizza cutter and some cookie cutters.

      The dream ends not long after that, but I distinctly remember recalling my previous nightmare and how I couldn't punch or fight properly in that dream. It's possible I could have been on the cusp of lucidity.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    2. "okay."

      by , 11-26-2017 at 04:51 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I remember being in some town in an apocalyptic era where heavily armed AI war machines were taking over. It was daytime and I found myself trying to hide from these machines that were seeking to kill everyone in sight. I was smack in the middle of this town and there were buildings of all sorts everywhere. All plant life was overgrown, but despite all of the mess the sun was still out. I could feel the adrenaline rush through my body as I tried to remain incognito. At one point I came to a warehouse. As I looked at my surroundings I took note of all the war machines in my proximity and remained careful and silent. Suddenly one of the big boy war machines blows a whole into the south wall of the warehouse. Seconds later he spots me and my body fills with even more adrenaline than before as I feel as though I'm about to get killed. I start sprinting to avoid the machine but it is catching up fast. This machine is easily 10 times the size of a normal human and is basically a walking tank in terms of armor and power.
      I keep running and running. I find a long road and for some reason I feel that it would be a good idea to follow it. As I continue running down this road, day gradually turns to night extremely quickly in terms of what us humans are used to. All in all, it took the sun about 3 minutes to set and it became night fully. The moon was out and the machines had vanished. I slowed my pace to a walk and found myself approaching a dead end. At this dead end was a group of about 11 people, mostly guys. I walk up to them and immediately they invite me to play a real game of Rainbow Six: Siege. I am not sure how this is supposed to work but I agree to play. Since there are now 12 of us, one of the guys mentions "after the testing round, whoever the worst 2 players are will be kicked out afterwards and then we will start." He then asks me what my level is, and I tell him. Suddenly I get distracted. I turn around and notice that I am on my friend Dylan's street, and my old house is right around the corner. I look at what I am wearing and see that I have on very tight blue jeans that are so tight that the buckle is unbuttoned, white shoes, and a white bro tank. "interesting" I thought to myself.
      I began walking down Dylan's street, simply strolling along. Not far ahead of me there are 3 girls just messing around doing whatever. About a third of the way down the street my attention is caught by a flying bus about 20 feet in the air that is flying down the street in the opposite direction of me. I look closer at it and realize that it is the magic school bus from the show itself. Behind the bus is some sort of magical trail that is being left. "Holy shit this feels way to real to be a dream" I say aloud to myself. I approach the 3 girls I mentioned earlier. "Hey can I ask you guys a question?" I say. "Sure" one of them replies. I then ask, "Is this a dream?" to them. Their response was short and simple, "Look at your tattoo." I then look down at my tattoo, and as usual, instead of it saying "Are you dreaming?" it now says "okay." I take this as a fool-proof answer that I am indeed dreaming as tattoo's typically do not change in waking life. Out of pure joy, I go and hug one of the girls. We hug and suddenly I am now in the mood to make out, so I go for a kiss but alas, the girl does not reciprocate so I call it off. I then remember "Wtf am I doing I have a girl".
      Just as quickly as the sun went down earlier, the sun rises once more; this time even quicker than the last. I now intend to find my girl as she is ever so ellusive in dreams, and lucid ones at that. I remember that usually when Im near my old house in my lucid dreams, she lives right next door where my neighbor normally is. I continue walking down the street, and I notice that many houses have christmas lights up. I also realize that the temperature out is a little cool, and quite comfortable to say the least. One house sticks out to me out of all the houses, and it's the house at the corner of the street just before the road turns to my old street. I approach this house while reminding myself to maintain awareness. As I make it to the front door I pause for a moment and take a deep breath in an attempt to solidify my intention and manifestion of her. I open the door effortlessly as I knew that it wouldn't be locked. As I walk in and close the door behind me I notice that all of the lights are off and the only light in the house is that which is coming from outside through the windows. I hear a group of people walking upstairs so I start heading up them.
      Once I get upstairs I see a group of girls and one older guy with gray hair. "Hey is A here?" I ask them. "Yeah she should be" one of the girls says. Everyone then starts looking for her in all of the rooms and I realize this house is way bigger on the inside that its size from the outside doesn't make any sense. Suddenly Dylan shows up out of nowhere, "Cory what are you doing?" he asks in a surprised tone of voice. "I'm chilling bro" I reply. I notice that he's wearing one of my old shirts and this puzzles me but I chuckle nonetheless. The girls end up not being able to find her. I decide to go check and see if she's downstairs but as I do so I accidentally collide with one of the girls coming up the steps and she falls down the stairs. In mid-flight down the steps she randomly turns into a small inanimate doll the size of an action figure. I am put aghast by the sheer oddity of the situation. I then remind myself once more to maintain awareness so that I don't get lost in the dream. I turn around and everyone is still as calm as ever, not even batting an eye to what had just happened.
      With the intention of changing the weather and bringing a storm into the area I ask the older man "Isn't there supposed to be a storm coming in?" He replies, "Yeah in about 8 hours or so." Wow that is too far away for me as I wanted one to happen now. I use my intention and expectation to start willing one into the dream. Suddenly, as the old man is looking out through the window he says that it looks as though it might rain early. I go to look out the window and what I see confuses me. The thunder clouds that are in the sky make up a straight line that is probably about a few miles wide, and these clouds get darker and darker the closer to the middle of the line they are. All of the lightning that is occurring is in the middle of this line of clouds. This line quickly passes over us resulting a downpour that lasts about 30 seconds or so. I once more attempt to will a storm into existance, and shortly after I see yet another line of thunder clouds, just like the last, start rolling in. "This is not what I had intended, but okay" I say to myself. I then turned and asked the old man "What do you represent in my dream?". "What?" he says. I then repeat myself, "What do you represent in this dream?". He starts to answer, but his answer is extremely indirect and is dragging along so much that I get bored and turn my attention elsewhere.
      I go down the stairs and walk outside. I see a metallic gray sedan sitting in the driveway and I proceed to get in it. Dylan and the old man follow. Dylan gets in the back seat while the old man gets in shotgun. I once more attempt to manifest a storm, and it starts to manifest fully this time. I then get out of the car and think of how nice it'd be to fly into the storm. Just before I take off I turn and look at my shirt which Dylan is wearing. Then, right as I take off, about 2 feet in the air, I lose focus
      and awaken.
      lucid , memorable
    3. Lucid, no control

      by , 11-26-2017 at 04:10 AM
      Last night, I had a dream where I was in the living room of my old house. It was dark and shadowy, the stairway and kitchen entrance fading into pitch black. I wasn't at all put off by this at the time, but in retrospect, it was a rather creepy, horror game type lighting.

      As with all of my lucid dreams, I got a random inkling that I was dreaming. I plugged my nose and sure enough I could still breathe and was indeed dreaming.

      Alright, time to get down business. I tried to summon someone. I envisioned her appearing; nothing happened. I called her name; nothing. "Oh right," I thought to myself, "I need to focus and be aware." I plugged my nose once more and checked out my hands to reaffirm that I was dreaming; could still breathe, and my fingers were deformed. Then I took time to be aware of myself and my surroundings. Then, I once again attempted to summon my friend. I called out, looking around, envisioning her coming down the stairs. Nothing. No matter how many times I tried, nothing happened.

      In fact, nothing whatsoever was happening. It was just me in this pseudo-horror room. Eventually I woke up without accomplishing anything. I don't have lucid dreams often (as I mentioned, I've only ever gotten them randomly, never by induction methods), but this sort of thing has happened with the last few I've had. I've had almost no control these past few lucids, even though I've had little trouble controlling them in the past when I didn't even bother trying to ground myself.

      I think it lasted longer than most of my lucids though.
    4. Persistent Worlds

      by , 11-26-2017 at 01:10 AM
      Hello folks. Its been awhile since my last post and I've been reading on persistent worlds for quite some time now.
      I think I just found my own persistent world. Stayed up all night until 8am playing League of Legends, then retreated to my bed for a daytime sleep... Anyhow very memorable non-lucid...

      So I'm with this group of people that seems to be pretty non-chalant about whatever their doing. There is this kid that I remember talking to that invited me there to see his group but I can't remember the exact words that he used to help me get there.. Anyhow I arrive and one older guy wants me to try and help them out with whatever it is that they are doing..
      I definitely agree and a fairly beautiful girl came in from what looked to be a resting a place to help gear me up, keep in mind that I was already on the platform to gear up speaking to this guy. So I remember being fairly curious about their work, but as it turns out the lady leads me to this portal and we jump through. Instantly a minigun materializes out of thin air and begins resting on my shoulder. As I look forward I see a furnace with the eyes of a demon inside it. At this point I was so scared I could barely contain myself but I remember vaguely thinking that it was a dream so I could leave at whatever point if I wished to do so. The demon let out a high pitched shriek and cogs decorating the room began to turn. The walls were covered in a blood red hue and I was literally thinking its do or die. I began covering one side while the lady covered the other side. The minigun was phenomenal at taking out the beasts that were approaching us. They looked somewhat like yellow machines but the thing that scared me the most was the demon dwelling within the furnace. It obviously wanted to fucking kills us and I think eventually the goal was not to get overwhelmed. Well... Knowing me I fucked it up... The girls side was clean, she must have been doing a lot of work while I wasn't looking because the machines on my side were overwhelming. We were backed into a corner, and the furnace began closing the walls in on us. We had nowhere to go. We both got crushed by the walls of the furnace.

      I truly hope I can go back and find out more about this world. Maybe if I start actively attempting to lucid dream again I can find them.
      non-lucid , memorable