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    1. Not much done at all.

      by , 11-27-2017 at 07:03 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday November 27th 2017

      Couldn’t sleep for long. By the time I was able to sleep had to wake up again, but managed to get some study done and practiced some bakery of bread before waking up, tried to do time dilation but that made it harder to study so just went like normal.
    2. Why not cheat, study and fight all at the same time?

      by , 11-27-2017 at 07:02 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday November 26th 2017

      Don’t have enough time to properly journal with wakes up and all. Anyways, I was tasked to go to a dream school not too long ago and study their laws so went to study at a laws university and what not.

      Also discovered that there was some kind of problem going on with nature and people were trying to fight it with magic and science, mostly that they were exterminating special species from the world and they were not going down without a fight.

      In the middle of one of the class we were watching live how the heroes of humanity were killing one big bull-like creature and charging at it with all they had, so quickly left class to go to the bathroom and teleported over to the location of the fight.

      Right after transformed myself and went over to the bull, put it aside and then let him rest behind me. The others were quite alarmed at the sight of an humanoid monster and started firing right away. Rise my hand and with it the ground in front of me. The magicians turn the earth into plants and they start firing again.

      Use the plants and make them absorb the bullets then trap the guns, the magicians set the plants on fire and I make fireballs then throw them at them. They stop them midair so stomp them with the air above them and crush them to death, then start chanting and make the blood vessels of those I killed become blades that run through every city and kill every single warrior or mage that are currently alive on this planet.

      Once I am done, go back to class and find out we are about to go into a test but I don’t know anything! So go to the resting room and am about to use time dilation when I see a lot of people there… they don’t want to leave, so show them that I am stronger than them by jumping from top to bottom like nothing happened and they all ask me how to do it “Will show you if you leave” tell them, they all leave and as soon as they leave use time dilation and teleportation, get myself enough books and read them all then go to do my test and before waking up, passed with one of the highest scores in the whole university, so ha!
    3. Dream - A Room Full Of Torture & Payroll Drama

      by , 11-27-2017 at 01:24 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 25 NOV - 2017

      Dream No. 229 - Separated Sections

      Dream 229 A - A Room Full Of Torture (Nightmare!)
      From where I can remember, I had a part time job at a clothing store. The colleagues there said they like the colours that I was wearing and that they looked happy and bright. At some point, I had to help some customers find a particular piece of clothing. I couldn't seem to find the item and that's when the dream started to head into a nasty direction.

      I wake up from unconsciousness, lying on a table in some very red lit room. The first thing I do is call for Dreamy WB in an uncertain and shaky tone. I can then hear a loud, rapid heartbeat coming from underneath me. I end up pulling out this device that the evil stranger in the room has attached to me... He is tracking my heartbeat. I call for Dreamy WB more which makes the guy agitated, walking towards me to collect the device and now do something with it.

      Dreamy WB never came, rather, each time I called her, it would fuel the evil in the room and the guy would take the device closer to his desk. I found out what he was going to do. He was going to lodge the device into a radio and play the ugliest sound of me ever, intending to torture or ultimately kill me. I reached for some sort of disk, throwing it at him, hoping that it would hit him. It missed the guy and he got angrier, now rushing toward the radio. A subconscious message came to me that I must wake up... I did wake up.

      Dream 229 B - Payroll Drama
      Payroll class was in the cellar of my current house with KHa... JC ended up being in that class as well. I try to ask a question but KHa keeps talking over the top of me. I eventually got to ask... “Do I have to do anymore of these classes? I've already finished this subject in term 1 last year”. KHa looks at me funny and goes “with who?”. “With RH”, I replied.

      Then RH appeared in the opening of the cellar, looking somewhat displeased. He signalled for me to follow him. He lead me to the garage door. Then he says to me something like “There are lot of people going to uni these days and look at the stuff that they do”. He had pressed the button of one of the roller doors and it went up and down but not in its usual expected way. I forgot what happened after that point.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - I'm Going To Get You! (Wake up from a nightmare 3 times)

      >> Woken by the creepy SML puppet (145)
      >> Woken by a counterfeit Ms L in the garden (166 B)
      >> Terrified about torture device about to be played on the radio (229 A)
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. WHOA

      by , 11-27-2017 at 05:11 AM
      Okay its been awhile but i guess this is why i started here.... Most of my dreams come true and this is one that blows me away... well when i started this was after a dream. My nephew stayed over and he shook me awake because i was having a fitful sleep. I told him that i was dreaming of a meteor that was dark with red and yellow behind it and it was crossing over the southern tip of Africa in the dark...Well i let it go that day 2 days went by then i saw it on 6-10-17 near Johannesberg in the early morning. Then on July 23 a full coronal solar flare (cme) came from the sun... i knew it the day before....it was to hit after the sun passed by my region, the UV-C was going to affect all those west of us.... Lately i have been trying not to sleep... but if i dont then what..... I have had this happen since i can remember, they have come true...some are nonsense but i can tell the difference.....any ideas??