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    1. Protip: [Talking about Dreams in a Dream] =/= [Lucidity Trigger]

      by , 12-31-2017 at 08:36 AM
      It was an assumption on my part that if I talk or think about lucidity and dreams in my dreams, I will instantly become lucid. However, this assumption is invalid (because the antecedent is true and the consequent is false in the material implication) as I have a dream of me talking about dreams with my older brother. To rub the salt in the wound, my older brother called Stephen LaBerge to get both of us into Stanford for his lucidity research.

      Now I feel inclined to do a reality check every time I research or talk about lucidity.
    2. Dream - With My Brother & Tell Me What You Want & Unfinished Business & Dangerous Stable & ...

      by , 12-31-2017 at 04:31 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 31 DEC - 2017

      All Dream Titles:
      Dream 253 A - With My Brother
      Dream 253 B - Tell Me What You Want
      Dream 253 C - Unfinished Business
      Dream 253 D - Dangerous Stable
      Dream 253 E - Advanced Diploma Problems

      Dream Title In Summary:
      Dream - With My Brother & Tell Me What You Want & Unfinished Business & Dangerous Stable & Advanced Diploma Problems

      Dream No. 253 - Separated Sections

      Dream 253 A - With My Brother
      I don't remember the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was heading outside my sleeping cabin in Canberra. We were packing to go home but I forgot what I was doing exactly. I had to be somewhere by a certain time. I was walking through the main part of the city which didn't look like the layout of Canberra in real life. I eventually bumped into my brother and he was a mischievous figure in this dream.

      I also forgot what I was exactly doing with him until the scene changed and he and I were walking around these random suburbs. He said something to me, something about the three things he's proud if after Christmas. I've forgotten the first two but the third one wrote something like “correcting Karla about WB”. A lot of things were going through my mind at the point. I was thinking to myself “since when does he know anything about WB or if so, then how the hell did he find out?”. For the rest of the dream, I was literally a frozen body in shock... That's how the dream ended after I remained frozen for a while, unable to carry on with anything.

      Dream 253 B - Tell Me What You Want (Lucid Dream 11)
      This lucid dream was very short and I don't remember how I became lucid in this one. All I can remember is that I was on the far side of Mulgrave, walking around with JO. When I became aware I was dreaming, I asked her “what do you want to do?”. Exactly like in real life, she said nothing and it was annoying me how she was so indecisive. I eventually came up with something we could do but I have forgotten what it was. The dream ended soon and nothing productive was done.

      Dream 253 C - Unfinished Business
      This dream was also very short. I forgot where I was but I know I was with my mum. I was wanting to buy some craft products at a stall but my mum said “no” and so I said to her, “Well then I'm not finished, I'll find a way to do it in the next dream”. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 253 D - Dangerous Stable
      I don't remember what happened at the start of this dream. From where I do remember, I was in some sort of stable or shed with my mum and we were walking around, looking at all the market stalls. I saw the craft area in a little room connecting to the stable and I told I mum and I wanted to go there. She said to me that we'd come back to it later at the end of our trip. For the remainder of the market stall scene, she was mostly looking at plants.

      It came time when she promised me we would go back to the craft area. My mum started walking one way but I called out to her, “It's this way!” and automatically walked in my intended direction. My mum ended I meeting back at the craft area at the same time although in hindsight, I think I accidentally went the longer way. I started to question where the craft stall and I start off by blaming it on my mum but then she said that she thought the craft area should be there as well.

      When we both didn't know what happened to the craft area, I got the hint that something was very wrong. I told my mum that I would work it out. She asked me what I was going to do and I told her I was going call my dream guide and for her just to wait in one area. Then I walked off and I started calling out “Dreamy WB!”. On a second thought, I thought about how the dream would likely stuff her up and give me an old man again, so now I was on repeat, calling out with her alternate name, “Miss T!”... I was hoping the “Miss” prefix would ring a bell with my subconscious. I continued doing so as I headed out of the stable.

      Outside the stable, there was nothing; just fields of lush green grass for miles and miles with a dark grey, cloudy sky above. I was still walking around while still proclaiming to the dream environment, “Miss T!”. Eventually, all these blonde haired women in Wonder Woman costumes came flying out of the sky from nowhere. I'm looking at them, thinking “who are you? I'm looking for Dreamy WB...”. They tell me “he's” on “his” way... What was that?! I wasn't lucid in this dream, so I didn't catch that they called her a “him”.

      After a couple more times of calling “Miss T!”, the “man” comes flying out of the sky and worst of all, “he” looks nothing like even the real WB. I programmed “his” true identity when "he" landed on the grass, lying down. “He” resembled “Superman” from the latest Justice League film but “his” eyes were so huge, bulging out of “him” nearly. Me, knowing nothing, went and lay down next to “him”.

      For a few seconds, “he” placed “his” arm over me and just stayed quiet. “He” started speaking soon and told me that this place is dangerous, for me to go and “he'll” fix the problem by “himself”. “He” then got up, picked me up, and tossed me into the sky, causing me to wake up.

      Dream 253 E - Advanced Diploma Problems
      I forgot what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, my mum and I were in this unknown outdoor area, heading over to the Advanced Diploma enrolments. We still didn't have the full details of the Advanced Diploma and so we wanted to locate a teacher who could tell us more about the course.

      We eventually located GA but his appearance was slightly off in the dream... At least we could still recognise him. I didn't know what I wanted to ask him, I was stuttering and my mum lost her train of thought as well. GA ended up saying that I shouldn't be doing the legal unit of the course as it was so hard my brother even failed it at Deakin University. My mum and I then walked away and were talking to just each other for a while. As my mum and I were talking, I had a brainstorm and realised something, I told her there were two legal units in this course.

      I eventually gained concern and asked her, “so which legal unit is he talking about?”. My mum suggested we find him again to ask. She goes to me “there he is” and so we approach him to ask the question. The dream blurred out his answer and so that scene didn't quite make any sense and I think he may have even been speaking gibberish at some points.

      My mum and I decided to leave the place and so headed back to our car. “Where is the car?” I thought and then I eventually found it park in some obscure location in the underground carpark, in a weird angle. We got in and I was driving home. I noticed the brakes weren't working properly, which became a real problem once we got onto the so called “freeway”, which was just a wide, single-lane road. I tried to press on the brakes when the turning the bend but the car just swung around it so fast. Before my mum would tell me off, I said to her “Sorry mum, I was pressing the brakes as hard as I could but they just don't seem to be working at all”.

      The dream transitioned to the next scene which was playing on a split screen, one top and one bottom. It was going to be two scenes, playing at the same time, alternating the focus between each other. In one scene, I was talking to Spyro, in the other scene, I was talking to Sly Cooper. Spyro had Sparx but I noticed that Sly didn't have a glowing friend, so I gave him a little lantern to carry. I then told them each how the dream keeps giving me imposters every time I call for Dreamy WB. The dream ended there.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      It is frustrating, I am still getting some crap imposter every time I call for Dreamy WB... Looks like it's time to write a letter to the ABTD again.
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    3. January 20, 2015 (L) | GLaDOS, Neurotoxin

      by , 12-31-2017 at 02:32 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Spawn: Test Chamber 18. I continued playing through the chamber in the pillar room, and I noticed a catwalk above the exit, so I aimed at that instead of the exit. Suddenly, GLaDOS noticed that I was playing instead of Chell, so she was like, [insert standard AS greeting] and she retracted all the platforms at once, leaving me to fall into the next scene.
      [New Scene]
      I did a quick Google search of “GLaDOS and Cave Johnson.”
      [New Scene]
      I was looking at the radar loop for a storm from 1992. Next, I looked at the current loop prediction, and it was predicting very fast and short-lived snowfall. I was briefly lucid before getting covered in green stuff.
      -2-The house was filling up with neurotoxin, which nobody but me could survive in. Also, there were like 10-15 people there. A few protested at me reentering the building, but I ignored them and entered anyway, knowing that I was nearly immune to neurotoxin. I ran downstairs, and pushed a red ball out the window. (the largest of the house was completely different changed into an octagonal cylinder, about 10 feet across, and with 2 floors, the bottom floor being larger in area. Next, Brock(the mii) prepared a “train explosion” and set it off.
      [New Scene]
      I fell in some lava and “died.”
      -3-So after interacting with something, whoever was there started transforming into slightly-human moles at different times. My friend C and I were the last ones standing. [Scene: my bedroom at night] We knew we didn’t have long. But never that, because someone outside turned on a huge light that shined on the hills of snow outside, and made a beautiful view. We both rushed for our cameras, but before we could even turn them on, someone turned off that light. Next, C and I were watching gameplay of the dream version of GalCiv 1. The player stumbled across a planet, which was the planetary location of a Doctor Who episode, a trailer of which was what C and I were suddenly watching. The episode was titled, “The Internet.” On the planet, the population acted in person exactly the same way people would on the internet. The one clip I saw seemed pretty accurate.
      -4-I decided to speedrun Super Monkey Ball Deluxe…the Gamecube version that never happened. I looked to the left and saw M2K sitting next to me. I asked him, “Hey, are you Mew2King?” He said something like, “That name belongs to someone else at the moment.” Suddenly, we both were playing SMBD. He was getting pissed off.
      [New Scene]
      I was playing the dream version of Skyward Sword, where if I got to a certain point, I had to buy a green dinosaur to continue, which I luckily already had.
      [New Scene]
      Suddenly, a bunch of kids were riding those tiny karts on some train tracks. Some of them fell off the tracks, injuring some of the kids. While they were in pain, some guy was talking trash via video call.
      Lucid Time: 5-20 seconds
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    4. First Lucid in awhile

      by , 12-30-2017 at 11:27 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Recently I've been trying to get back into this. I know I say that every time. But it's almost a new year so thought I'd try. Here's a lucid from a few nights ago

      I was dreaming, I "woke up" on the couch in the living room, which is where I was in RL, and thought I'd try to LD. I thought I was awake, so I "fell asleep" and went right into the lucid. It was night time. I was in the backyard of someone's house, and there was a tent in the middle of the yard. Right away I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to see someone who had recently passed away, DR. So I asked her to appear, as I walked around and around this tent. There was this miniature doll like house that I considered going in to explore, but decided to stick to the plan. It wasn't working, so I closed my eyes and pictured her standing in front of me. I opened my eyes, nothing, then I woke up for real.
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    5. A bunch of slightly feverish fragments

      by , 12-30-2017 at 07:06 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      I've got the flu atm, and I dreamt a whole bunch of short, disconnected dream fragments over a cycle of falling asleep and waking again. I remembered 4 of them. I remembered a 5th at some point, but alas I forgot it after falling asleep again.

      In the first, I was heading towards an airport because I had to catch a plane. There was an apparently short route on the left and an apparently long route on the right. I took the short route, but that led to the back side of the airport. I talked to some people to ask for directions, and they sent me on some way which I discovered I would've ended up on much quicker if I just took the "long" route. I'm not sure what made me think the right route was the long one. I did catch my plane just in time! Inside of plane it looked more like the interior of a submarine, however.

      In the second, I was working on my software project with my colleague. He turned around to talk to me, and pointed to the sky. In the sky I saw the structure of my project, and he pointed to a problematic part in it. He asked if our project was supposed to support smart contracts or not (even though in real life it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or smart contracts). I told him that my original designs of the system was supposed to support smart contracts, but it's not terrible if we ended up going for a simpler and more limited solution. He said "good, let's go for the simple solution then. we're running short on time, and if we don't finish the project, we'll fail the exam". (Somehow, the whole thing switched from working on a project for my job to working on a project for a college exam.) I suddenly started to feel stressed because I remembered that I had exams to do, and I hadn't studied anything, I only focused on the project, and I'm barely even managing to finish that. I tried to enumerate all the subjects I had to study for in my head. For each subject I remembered, I got stressier, because I wasn't prepared for any exams at all. Luckily the dream was over before the exams started.

      In the third dream, I was sitting in the living room of another family as a guest. They had 2 tvs. One tv was on the "MTV" channel, where the highest bidder can promote their music to popularize it. Next to that tv was another channel, called "Payback TV". This channel took all the music and programs that were cancelled from MTV, and rebroadcasted them there. I was interested in neither channel, so I went to check out the garage. In the garage there was a bunch of trash, and in the pile was a 3rd functional tv that was on another channel called "Trash TV". It turns out that if a program stayed on Payback TV for more than 6 months, it got cancelled from Payback TV too, and continued on to looping on Trash TV forever. The Trash TV screen was black-and-white. It was playing music videos from a very obscure band that I'm a fan of. I was more interested in that, so I watched Trash TV in the garage instead. At some point I felt like I needed to pee and took a piss in the trash pile. Then I awoke, feeling that I need to pee in real life, glad that I didn't accidentally wet my bed!

      After the toilet break I fell asleep one more time. In this dream I was looking for a solution to a caching problem in my project for work. A solution had been proposed to archive every page as a static html, rather than rendering it anew every time it's visited. However, there was a problem that the application I'm making is a very context-sensitive - the system behind the user permissions is very complex. So each user basically gets to see a different view of the page. I imagined every possible variable in the context as a dimension in a multidimensional grid. I imaged a process running constantly in the background, trying to fill all the cells in the grid with caches, evaluating a priority function to decide the next cell to cache. I imagined cache invalidation as the clearing of a whole row in either dimension. The background process tried to catch up with the cache invalidation as fast as it could. As I imagined this visually, it turned from an idea into a video game. The player is the cache and tries to fill all the cells, while the difficulty lies in the computer frequently clearing rows of the grid. Since it was simply a grid of coloured squares, the game looked like an Atari 2600 game. It was a very annoying game to play.
    6. Dry Sleet

      by , 12-30-2017 at 06:30 PM
      Morning of December 30, 2017. Saturday.

      My dream is set in a mostly undefined location. It is already a factor of the waking space (waking transition symbolism). Zsuzsanna and I are sleeping on the floor on a blanket, with no mattress. Although the setting is undefined, there is some essence of the kitchen of our present home, except it seems much larger. As such, we are oriented with our heads to the east when sleeping. It seems to be morning, though there is minimal light.

      Curiously, a handicapped young male (of whom we do not know in real life but have seen in the past), is also present on a blanket on the floor to the north. I do not see him as an intruder or even as being imposing.

      The setting also has the common ambiguity of bilocation, the sense of being indoors and outdoors at the same time (a result of being in sustained non-lucid waking space), though my focus is more on being in our home. Still, sleet begins to fall. It is small ice pellets, though they are not hitting any of us directly, just falling about onto the blankets. The other male seems somewhat cheerful as I pick up some of the ice pellets. He does not get up from his blanket.

      I perceive that the sleet is somehow dry, which puzzles me. I inform Zsuzsanna of this. How could sleet be dry? I know it is made of water (or is supposed to be), yet I also perceive that no water (frozen or otherwise) is present in the ice.

      This is water lowering waking symbolism (though second-level), which has occurred on a regular basis (in one form or another) since childhood. The most likely biological explanation behind this is an association with needing to drink fluids after waking (which is also what desert settings typically indicate). The essence of water is my most common dream state induction factor (and its lowering or lack of presence symbolizes waking from the dream state). Water symbolizes the biological dynamics of sleep in real time. The human body is made of about sixty percent water. (I tend to hear the sound of water flowing when entering a more relaxing sleep, and if my sleep is disturbed briefly or the level of my unconsciousness shifts, I will hear sounds that resemble stones breaking the surface of a pond, at slightly different pitches, which brings me closer to consciousness during the induction state. However, still ponds and small lakes are more on the outer levels of unconsciousness and the dream state. Wider rivers, floods and higher waves, and the ocean, tend to be rendered when I am deeper in sleep and more relaxed - this being the opposite of typical claims by so-called dream interpreters, and in fact, the sound of the raging ocean is used on commercial relaxation tapes to induce sleep.)

      I find this dream curious in how there is a subliminal waking space symbol here. The handicapped male is someone we have only seen once in the last several years, and only just recently. We saw him at the shopping mall as we were sitting on a bench that faces the large parking lot. He was off to our left, the same orientation in viewpoint as in my dream when I was standing and facing east. Without intending to sound mean, his mentally disabled status also symbolizes the lack of critical thinking skills when unconscious.

      My association with the parking lot as a liminal space factor (both in real life and the dream state) rendered him in my dream as a liminal space “remnant” (rather than being a RAS component or preconscious dynamic), though in the waking space where only blankets (as dream state indicators) were rendered. I find that intriguing, and it only serves to validate what I already know.

      The rest is based on associations of when our roof was torn off and it rained inside our house in November. We then slept on the floor in the front room (where part of the roof still covered it) for a time. The kitchen association almost always relates to light hunger in sleep. I suppose there is a bit of wishful thinking here in this particular case as well. We want to stay dry in our house when it rains. Our new roof seems to be okay thus far.

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    7. Little Fragments 12/30/2017

      by , 12-30-2017 at 01:11 PM
      Some Fragments
      - Something about telling somebody to give me the last two hot dogs?

      - It was my 26th birthday and was taking snapchat pictures with sister and friends. Found A gold dollar coin with my birth year on it in a pile of change from C's dresser.

      - Not sure if I was just flying or if I was an actual bird; but I was in the sky searching down below for a gas station.
      I saw an old timey one and flew down to it, complaining that it was old and probably didn't work etc..

      - I think I was near the gas pump but there was this odd wall made of small rectangular concrete blocks that I had to (for some reason) crack the code to them. There was a large beautiful tree behind me that seemed to glisten in the sun.Some male character was coming towards me.

      - In the hospital, had my left leg/knee on top of some ice. Sister says, "they must be getting you ready for surgery". I freak out a little and she yells asking the question. A person comes in (nurse I reckon) and puts a tube into my knee about an inch thick/around and pretty long, filled with cubes of ice. I guess the tube must have been through my knee/leg out on the other side because she began to 'Flush' my leg with ice. It went super fast through the tube and ice kept going through it really fast. It didn't hurt but I yelled out/groaned when it started because it startled me.
    8. Unexpected Lucid Dream

      by , 12-30-2017 at 08:19 AM (434f4d5055544552204652454 54b00)
      The dream starts out with me standing in a bathroom and for or some reason my turtles are in the bathtub. I see the tank somewhere close by and notice that the turtles are also in there at the same time. I think this is strange and wonder if I'm dreaming, so I perform a RC by pinching my nose and trying to breath through it. At first I couldn't breath, but I try again and this time I'm able to breath. I realize I'm dreaming and become somewhat lucid. I'm excited and expect to wake up or become paralyzed like usual, but nothing happens. I start to run to the front door because I want to try flying. After bursting through the door I jump off the front steps as hard as I can, but don't manage to take flight, however I did jump a bit higher and farther than I expected. I start walking over to the street while wondering what to do now. Looking around I notice a woman wearing white clothes tending to the flowers in front of the house. She tries to distract me, but I tell her "Sorry not interested" and then I command her to be gone while snapping my fingers and she disappears into thin air. I continue walking towards the street. Looking back at the house I see that the woman has re-appeared and went back to the flowers. I start walking down the street looking for something to do and start chasing after a car to see if I can catch up to it. The dream fades away before I'm able to reach the car.

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    9. Dream - Spoilt Brat

      by , 12-30-2017 at 03:43 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 30 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 252 - Spoilt Brat

      I can't remember much of this dream. From all of what I can remember, I was holidaying at The Grampians with my family again. All I can remember in this scene was the range of clothes I was wearing over the days. I was picking an outfit to go somewhere and my mum disagreed with me about something.

      Back at my current house, I was in the backyard when a little blonde haired boy appeared nearby. He resembled the little boy from Dream 250 C who was being naughty in the kitchen. I forgot what he did this time but it was enough to make me tell him off. I ended up marching up to him and bending down; exactly like Jo Frost, I said to him the famous phrase “that behaviour was unacceptable”... I even used a British accent.

      After that, the boy start crying and screaming at me. He was chasing me into the house while throwing chunks of this brown coloured jelly-like goop at me. For a long while, I was successfully dodging him but he would not stop until eventually a piece of goop landed on my leg. It wasn't harmful at all. Only when I went into my bedroom and sat on my bed, I lifted up my dress to see the piece of goop still sitting on my leg. I picked it up, pulled it off and threw it somewhere far away into the dreamscape. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    10. pow

      by , 12-30-2017 at 03:37 AM
      It was dark, I remember looking up at the stars before a bag was put over my head. By the time I came to, I realized that the room I was in was huge. The cold cement floors were nothing compared to the empty warehouse I now sat in. A soldier walked up, "How are you doing today?" I blinked as the soldier continued,"As of today you are a pow, that means prisoner of war. But now you're with us and safe." The man untied me and set me free from the chair I was sitting in. The next thing I know I have joined a group of people, there was a man handing out what looked to be packages of food and water. Another soldier (could not tell if male or female) led me around. There where fields everywhere (which I thought was kinda odd), then as we arrived at one I noticed a small bush/tree right in the middle between the two gates that led into the field. I must've looked confused as I looked between the tree and the soldier becuase the soldier offered an explanation," yeah we call that the tree of life becuase its right in the middle of a field, isn't that funny?". End of Dream
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    11. Lucid and Regular Dreams - Morning of Dec 27

      by , 12-29-2017 at 11:26 PM
      The following lucid dreams were not extremely vivid, but were numerous (for me) and groundbreaking nonetheless. Although I forgot to do any stabilization techniques or RCs, I remembered to yell "More Lucidity Now!" and ask several DCs if they were my dream guide! All in all, it was an eventful night.

      In the beginning of the night I had a few nonlucids, which I have little memory of. The first I can remember was in a humongous supermarket -- I'm starting to add skewed, elongated, or infinite spaces as one of my dream signs -- I was with a girl and possibly others down a long aisle that reminded me of the pet food/accessories aisle in Walmart irl. I wrote down in my DJ that I asked the girl something about dream characters, but I can't remember anything more specific.

      Note: That night I went to sleep on my parent's couch, tired after a long day, tried a glass of apple juice as an oneirogen for the first time, and took .75mg of melatonin.

      The first lucid dream I had started in a dark room. I could see two silhouettes in the lighted doorway -- a woman and a man. At first they were completely dim, but soon their silhouettes had horizontal rainbow stripes projected on them. I asked them repeatedly if they were my dream guide, and after that they left. I freed myself from standing still and walked through the doorway. It was an office-like room with a circular table in the middle. The lighting wasn't bright, but wasn't all the way dim -- the best way I can describe it was a blue overcast. On the central table and possibly throughout the office were full-sized Christmas trees (not the ones you put on tables as decorations). There were 20-30 people (workers?) sitting around the central table and at other desks along the walls which had large '50s era computers and control desks from a disaster movie lining them. There was an older lady who either had white hair or was bald. I got the feeling she was mean. I asked her if she was my dream guide and she responded with a scowl (I don't remember her saying anything -- possibly she mouthed something and didn't verbalize it?). I screamed "More Lucidity Now!". I don't remember the dream getting noticebly more vivid, but the old woman looked physically hurt after I said it. I screamed it again, and each time I screamed it, she got angrier and her face started running with blood from her scalp. Despite this, she seemed alright and she wasn't directly confrontational with me (she either walked off or faded out -- I can't remember). I believe this dream came from watching The Santa Clause (1 & 2) with my family.

      The next dream, I was in a large, dimly lit brick room (not red brick, this was more like the beige brick of an old Italian house) with an open window. I maneuvered out of it and sat on the ledge, then reached above where I knew there would be a broom (I hadn't planned this or thought it out -- this sort of makes me think that the beginning of this could have been a dream *about* having a lucid dream rather than a lucid dream, but when I awoke I was convinced it was lucid the whole time!). Looking out, I could see many of these blocky buildings expanding out horizontally. In front of me it seemed like these buildings were actually raised high up because there was a sort of drop off point with a ~100ft radius. I grabbed the broom and flew down off the windowsill. It felt amazing! I remember trying to figure out the rules for flying as I was flying, and the actual mechanics changing dynamically -- I could feel my conscious mind working it out -- does the right hand stabilize while the left pulls up? Which hand goes over the other? As I continued to fly I saw below me several stormtroopers infighting and the red lasers of blasters.

      Next I had several chained False Awakenings. During each of these, I would wake up and reach out for the chair that was pulled up to the couch irl, and grab the number 2 pencil and 8.5x11 sheet of paper (not there irl). Each time I did this I would write down my previous dreams. The first time, my grandpa stopped by and complained about something (it was still dark out). In the next FA, I wrote down this dream below the spot where (in the last FA) I had written down my previous dreams. But there was nothing written there! This triggered lucidity immediatelyI got up and walked into my parents' bedroom and put my hand over my mom's face (who looked somewhat like the old woman from my Christmas dream). After this, I talked to her about something (perhaps asked if she was my dream guide -- unsure).

      In another FA, I got up, walked over to a picture frame that used to be near the kitchen in my childhood, and pressed my face against it. It was a reflective black and I could see other people's faces in it (in white). I tried with some success to summon specific faces, but the final one I was trying trying kept eluding me.

      On the whole, these FA-sparked dreams in my house gave me quite a spooky vibe.

      After this, there was a semi-lucid fragment where I was walking up a small, cramped staircase, but either my focus was waning and the visuals were dying, or, as part of the dream, there was a large black/white spot covering a portion of my vision like an eclipse.

      I wrote in my DJ that I had several other fragments, some of which I felt were lucid, but I can't remember them now. I feel as though I might have returned to the supermarket from the beginning of the night and been lucid then, but I can't remember.

      Note: there were points where, during the dreams, I wouldn't necessarily RC or spot a dream sign and then realize I was dreaming -- rather it was like I was lucid the whole time and I simply willed myself into a participatory role. This was an interesting feeling.

      Because I'm unsure about the validity of some of these dreams, I'm going to mark the lucid count for this night as 4, which is amazing for me! I'm still excited about this two days later. Happy dreaming!
    12. Dream Recall: Excelling Beyond Expectations

      by , 12-29-2017 at 10:05 PM
      Moral of the story: Practicing dream recall gives surprising results.

      On December 20, I did an all-night study for a human sexuality final on December 21. This study composed of reading three textbook chapters, about 90 pages, on STI, contraception, and sexual violence. After reading so much, I decided to sleep for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

      I also assumed that I wouldn't be able to recall my dreams since my sleep will be too short for any dreams. But, lo!, a dream came to me! Apparently, 1 hour and 30 minutes were enough to fit a REM sleep.

      The setting took place in the rolling hills of New Zealand. I noticed that there were vampires running away from angels. An unseen narrator told me that vampires were running so that they could find a way to revert back to human so they could go to Heaven as a human instead of Hell as a vampire.

      I woke up after that and laughed at the fact that dream recall did more than I expected.
    13. playdead

      by , 12-29-2017 at 08:52 PM
      Some battle had been going on in a control room. There are big monitors up round the room and a central square plinth. The head of the badies "sparks" was too badass for me so I decide to takeover his body but then my own team are still targeting him :3
      So I play dead in the hope they will leave me be. I even lay on the ground and make blood pour out of me but they still keep prodding me. I change the monitor screens to distract them but to no avail :/ so I give up lol
    14. All over the place

      by , 12-29-2017 at 06:16 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      My dreams were all over the place last night.
      I dreamed of driving down the road, trying not to run over white snakes. Some had been previously hit and there were snake parts strewn across the road. The snakes were in a feeding frenzy and there were dead baby rabbits on the side of the road.

      In another dream, I was in space on a space ship. There was a huge fan-blade type contraption outside the ship which was nearly as big as the craft itself. I used the blades as a ramp to pick up speed. In part of the dream, I was in a small pod. In other parts, I was just in a suit. I marveled that evolution/adaptation may make it possible for future generations to forego the suit entirely.

      In another dream, I was driving and being followed by a van. I managed to get inside the house and I let my dogs (3) outside to a fenced in yard. The side opened on the van and I thought he was going to try to grab me. He came right into the yard and handed me some mail, lol, and told me I did very well. Then he threw the neighbors mail into the road, cackling like a crazy person.

      In another dream, I was some girl who was told my boyfriend had just been raped. ??? I don’t recall much about that one. There was a lot of drama and heartache though.

      In another dream, I gave birth on the same day as my former best friend. I tried to hide the fact because there was a wager about who had sex when we weren’t supposed to or something. She walked in on me right after the delivery and we laughed about it.

      In another dream, I had a “three-way” (didn’t dream of the actual act though lol). I got lice really bad and was trying to hide it but felt irresponsible for not telling my bedmates.

      Another dream was standard zombie themed.

      Another one was of some battle between tribes or factions. I was a young boy and I ran off with a young girl. We jumped off a massive cliff into some water to make our escape.
      A leaders son was killed in the battle and he was overcome with grief and remorse because he permitted it to right a wrong.
    15. January 10, 2015 (L)x2 | Freeway, Hyrule Warriors

      by , 12-29-2017 at 04:16 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-On the freeway on a sunny day, when suddenly, my family was driving under it at highway speed. Approaching the edge of the flat pavement, we slowed down kinda, and flipped around, so that we faced the freeway in the distance. What happened was the car bounced on the bump, and fell onto the button parking lot, two levels down, and right next to the woods. I got out of the car lucidly.
      [New (L) Scene]
      I spawned at home during twilight, wanted the sun to return to its apparent location in the sky at noon. I noticed a short train at the south end of the lake. I stuck my head through the window and confirmed it was raining. A moment later, I could only see the moon where the sun used to be. Then, it was totally right outside. Suddenly, a friend showed up, and asked me if I had beaten A Link Between Worlds yet. (no)
      -2-So my grandparents were living in a gigantic, 3-story house. The house’s height was like that of an apartment building. The ceilings were ridiculously high, like 30ft high for the 2nd floor and 20ft for the ground floor. I didn’t check how high the ceiling for the 3rd floor was. Also, I had apparently been there before at least once.
      [New Scene]
      I was in/playing Hyrule Warriors with a portal gun. I opened a portal in front of a long rectangular bottom, and another on somewhere along the far wall. I think I was using a blue laser to hit the button. Once I did, an army of bad guys stormed to the exit, and the aperture walls disappeared, leaving HW-textured, open landscape. I was suddenly playing as Link, and repeatedly used his OP strong attack. Apparently, the army didn’t care or notice me trying to attack them. Also, they were running slightly slower than me—just slow enough for me to launch another strong attack. It did pretty much nothing to them. Next the army turned the corner to the left and ran much faster than before. It was fast enough for me to be forced to call a horse-like animal to keep up with them. I snapped my fingers, and it spawned in a place where I could jump onto it and travel a little faster than the sprinting army.
      Lucid Time: 30-60 seconds

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