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    1. darkness manipulation an the tree of fire

      by , 12-02-2017 at 08:24 PM
      so this dream starts off as light an dark matter jus swirling around in space so I try to make universes while my eyes are closed so the swirling light and dark matter can do what eva it want to the bending of my will so I start crushing the darkness over and over the shutter of light flickers back and fourth then its a sudden shock everything just becomes a abyss nothing in life matter but this blind wake everything is nothingness and I want to return to the darkness over and over again as the dark matter makes up its own life I find myself upon light where I'm looking for a burning tree as I'm staring everywhere I find myself engulf in clouds under the blue moon light as I'm looking for this tree I see dream false replica forms trying to find the burning tree as well as the burning tree keeps burning it says you will attain magical powers if you find the tree that everlasting and burns for eternity as I was in the darkness the tree started to become on fire as the dark matter nightshade becomes thicker and blacker the tree goes out as the fire was never burning at all as the fire goes out on the burning tree

      the abyss takes control then starts forming a fiery shade of black abyss as a tree disenagrates an turns to nothing but ashes as thy burning tree ends the story of the darkness sets in forever as the dark an light matter become more blind to itself the story of darkness never ends as the burning trees starts another fire of shame
    2. The Exile Plane An Dream false replica body

      by , 12-02-2017 at 07:34 PM
      so starting off the exile plane is the lowest vibration in the astral dimension your already in the exile plane its like waking up and getting your keys and going to the store this is the astral form of the exile plane or like exiting a theater the movies this is what the exile plane is all about exiting dream form to wake up back in still infamy now a lot of people live in still infamy and there nothing more to do but tv and computers wrong so when you dream that your in exile like alone and never being able to have contact with anybeing beside yourself you have to make up dream worlds and astral dimensions this plane of existence is by far the best dimension of all astral planes to make it to the exile plane all you have to do is wake up exiting a dream you past had yet you have to always remember how you got out of that dream an woke up upon still infamy now in still infamy we sleep we watch tv we play games this is how you control the exile plane its reality amplified by dreaming now to induce a exile plane dream all you have to do is think and your in the exile plane. NOw for the dream false replica body this is where your dreaming and you wake up in your dreams as someone else that's happens a lot for a lot of people how to notice your false replica dream form is for how you to decide how you want to dream in the after life in the false replica dream form you take on different characteristic then your usual reality form as your dreaming in this body you take control of their entire aspect of their life as your own yet its always the same thing over and over you have to notice when thus happen your exiting dream to wake up in still infamy for a reason if you were to plunge in a dream where you kept dreaming you would of never made it to the exile plane yet in the false replica form you know the difference between you and yourself
    3. 2017-12-02 long night,medium detail

      by , 12-02-2017 at 11:22 AM

      +(f) crawling through an underground bunker, we'll surprise them when we surface


      + playing chess, planning combinations, I have the opportunity to win some material with check, the question is if he castles queenside will I be able to castle or get my king to into protection in time

      + 3 girls outside in sunlight (at a bus stop?) they talk to me, I "accidentally" kiss one of them on the arm lightly, they lead the way to their table, their grandparents are there (I'm leery of them?) then there's a laundry drying rack, I take off my shirt and I don't want to give them my best shirts to wash, there is also my robe but I want it to be ready for me to wear in the morning

      + work meeting: everyone is talking at once and I can't understand anyone, so I should "ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME" and "quiet!" again later when I can't understand still

      + exercise cafeteria: like sushi boats but women are sitting around the table, I take a piece of fish in sauce on bread and eat it, the attendant (hidden under the table) places another long piece of brown bread for me to take

      + girls with odd/exaggerated eyes, I believe this is because it's a show on TV and the editors have used photoshop to manipulate the eyes to be exaggerated in size. Go outside and there are two very cute girls in boats/bicycles parked on the side of the road. I see our white minivan is across the street and down the hill. Our group is walking/stumbling to the van across the street, one of the adult men seems to be very drunk, I'm looking for a way to cross the street to get to them.
    4. Dream - Hardware Town & The Legend Of Karla

      by , 12-02-2017 at 11:16 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 2 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 233 - Separated Sections

      Dream 233 A - Hardware Town

      I can't remember much of this dream. From what I can remember, I was walking around a random area in Dandenong on a hot day. I was doing something by myself at Bunnings in the first scene. The second scene is where NN discovered I was in the area and so called me on my mobile phone, asking me if we wanted to catch up. He offered to meet me at the Mitre10 store (which does not exist in real life). Originally, he said we'd meet at 11:45 AM but I said that wasn't early enough, then he said 11:30 AM which still didn't suit me... So we negotiated on a time of 11:40 AM. That's call I can remember.

      Dream 233 B - The Legend Of Karla
      I was in a completely unknown area with three other girls. I only remembered one of them from real life. There were these random enemies coming at us and the girl insisted that she and her friends deal with them... Little did they know that I was a powerful figure in this dream; my elements had returned. The girl was so insistent dealing with the enemies by herself but I jumped right in front of her and activated fire which came in the form of an invisible hot breath.

      For the rest of the dream, the girl stood back and was speechless at what she was seeing. The enemy was white with a bluey-greenish tinged round crystal on its head. Fire didn't seem to be doing anything, so I changed the position of my mouth to unleash ice. What I thought was the ice position unleashed a fast wind, which I deemed to be Earth. I discovered that in this dream, in order to release ice, I had to blow. When I blew, a sharp whistling sound was produced and cold air came out, which eventually knocked the enemy over and then it disappeared.

      I then discovered that we were on Skabb's ship, just like the plot of Spyro The Eternal Night and what was also accurate was that I didn't have electricity available to me yet. The next enemy didn't have any distinct colour to it but it was breathing fire at me. I thought that to defeat it, I had to breathe ice to counteract it's nature... I was wrong as ice was doing nothing. Fire in this dream was first hot air from me but in this scene, it came out as spouts of bloody red lava from the enemy. When I breathed fire on the enemy, it was also bloody red lava which was bubbling as it hit the enemy.

      The enemy eventually collapsed but I found out that I had lost the ability to use fire. I had a solution, I told the girls to wait while I just lay down on the ground and literally fell asleep within the dream. I was hoping that like in Spyro The Eternal Night, I would enter a dream and in this case, Dreamy WB would come and assist me to retrieve my element back. When sleeping, she didn't show up... Rather, I could see the girls all moving around me and looking confused, wondering why I had fallen asleep on them. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - The Ice Age (Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams)

      >> Paralysed the lady with cold air and then shot her out the door (184)
      >> Using ice to charge the blue symbol on the pillar (186)
      >> Attempted to use ice on the enemy (233 B)

      - Black Friday (Use your fire abilities in 3 dreams)
      >> Breathed fire on the lady and afterwards, the room became surrounded by the remaining energy of this element (184)
      >> Using fire to charge up the orange symbol on the pillar (186)
      >> Defeated the enemy with lava from the fire element (233 B)
    5. Buying my Mother a Dutch Sandwich (fully explained)

      by , 12-02-2017 at 08:12 AM
      Morning of December 2, 2017. Saturday.

      It seems to be afternoon. I am in an unfamiliar restaurant with my mother (July 14, 1916-October 2, 2002) and Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side, April 25, 1942-February 13, 2014). They are facing each other from each side of the booth and closest to the window. I am on Marilyn’s right. I have no memory of their deceased status and no viable link to my current conscious self identity. My dream self seems to be about twenty-five years old (though I am fifty-six in reality). I could assume the location as La Crosse (America), though there is no direct focus or thought about where we are. There is no backstory. (The restaurant scenario indicates mild hunger during sleep.)

      My mother wants me to buy a Dutch sandwich for her from the restaurant directly across the street (perceived as west of where we are, which subliminally aligns to the street as west of where I am in bed in reality). Although I already have some money, she gives me about a dollar and fifty cents in small change, which is apparently what one costs. (My mother never said “Dutch sandwich” in real life as far as I know, and I never bought a sandwich for her in real life. Apparently, a Dutch Sandwich is the term for a tax avoidance strategy that some multinational corporations use to lower their corporate tax liability. I have no familiarity with this term.)

      I leave the restaurant, but instead of crossing the street, I continue north in an odd state of faux lucidity (with thoughts of finding my wife Zsuzsanna, without remembering who she is, for a lovemaking session). (Faux lucidity is when I might do something I would do in a lucid dream but without being aware that it is a dream. It is different from subliminal lucidity, apex lucidity, and normal lucidity.)

      My dream self falls back into the current scenario of my dream and I decide to buy the sandwich. I cross over to the west side of the street with the intent to walk a block and come back around easterly after walking south for about a block. As I walk along the west side of the street rather than the sidewalk, an unknown Hispanic male walks near the middle of the street to my left. He is carrying an unrealistically long telescope in a case, similar to a tightrope walker using a pole for balance. It seems nearly three-fourths as wide as the street. (There are a few other unfamiliar people walking along to my left.) He accidentally tips it up on the right and bumps the back of my head without realizing it. I do not alert him to this and he walks on ahead.

      I enter the other restaurant. I see a large alcove near the entrance (to my right as I walk in). An unknown female is there. She is sitting near a low-set counter (north). It has about nine sandwiches for sale, sparsely arranged. I stand on her left. (Zsuzsanna is sleeping in this orientation in reality, that is, to my right.) I ask if there is a Dutch sandwich here (directed at the cashier behind me on the other side of the room, not this customer). This customer tells me that she has bought and is eating the last one. On the opposite side of the room are two more unknown females who work there and of whom are behind a high-set counter near the cash register. I absentmindedly walk out of the restaurant with the bottom half of one of the other sandwiches without paying for it. Mayonnaise is on it as well as minimal lettuce. I soon realize what I am doing, walk back in, and give it back to the female closest to the cash register. The purchase area is similar to the Coney Island Restaurant in La Crosse I had frequented years ago (and of the same directional orientation), but my dream self does not note this.

      She tells me that she will make two Dutch sandwiches that I can buy and starts to make them in an area near shelves (about four tiers) opposite the service counter. The other female (more to my right as I face south) asks me about “feather sticks” and if people generally consider them as “lighter”. I assume she is talking about feather dusters, so I nod in agreement. However, she talks about cooking on a gas stove, which puzzles me. She had apparently said “feather steaks” and was asking whether they are “lighter” when fried using a gas stove rather than (presumably) an electric stove. (“Feather steak” could be considered as a flight symbol, which means that the preconscious is inducing dream state waking symbolism, especially as this is a checkout scenario which symbolizes emergent consciousness activation and my dream’s implied precursory exit point, though my dream self remains unaware of this, likely involving RAS, as it is also similar to “feathered serpent” and with “steak” rhyming with “snake”. A snake is the main biological waking prompt via RAS depending on the dream type and depth of sleep. The reference to “lighter” additionally relates to waking symbolism, hovering, and RAS-related inner ear dynamics that typically biologically manifest the falling sensation upon waking.)

      The other female has my sandwiches ready. They are not in any sort of bag and are atop each other (two-tiered construct, symbolizing conscious self identity over fictional dream self identity, which I am vaguely aware of but without a viable trigger). I get out my money to pay for them and see that I am holding several coins (in my left hand) that look more like small disks of sliced salami. I go to give her what I assume to be a dollar coin to start with, but it is apparently only twenty-five cents (as it is about the size of an American quarter). I tell her that I am uncertain of the value of the “coins” because it is not clearly noted on them. (At this point, I have a vague recall of Australian one and two-dollar coins while still puzzling over the variously-sized miniature salami slices as “coins”, though this is not enough to trigger any thread of emergent consciousness despite coins and cash registers at a checkout being a known and very familiar dream state indicator and precursory end marker since childhood.) I decide to get out my wallet and pay with an American five-dollar note. The change I get seems like normal coins, which I put in my right pocket with the “salami coins”. (Getting out my wallet at the checkout is analogous to trying to link to my conscious self identity via my fictional dream self near my dream’s exit point, as an ID is kept in a wallet in real life.)

      As I turn to my left to leave (atypical waking orientation, though Zsuzsanna now sleeps on my right for the first time in years), I notice I am not wearing shoes. I am not sure how or when this happened. I soon find and put on my left shoe, which is near the counter under the attached stools. I accidentally put a girl’s shoe, black with a buckle, on my right foot. (This is a childhood dream association when Brenda was a prescient stand-in for Zsuzsanna.) I realize this, yet accidentally put on a different pair of wrong men’s shoes after taking off my correct left one. (The different sizes of the shoes infer that my feet are actually changing somewhat in size, but my dream self does not notice this. This is similar to teeth falling out, which has no meaning but validates the dream self’s body as being fictional and in a state of cessation and with the inability to speak coherently while unconscious.) Finally, I am satisfied at wearing the right shoes and walk out the door and wake. Thus, the final marker here classifies the ending as doorway waking symbolism, which is common, where a doorway symbolizes the exit point of the dream state. Not wearing shoes is a typical dream state indicator as I do not wear shoes in bed. There are apparent shared dream state energies (or at least subliminal acknowledgment of the dream state), as the girl’s right shoe likely relates to my wife Zsuzsanna being asleep at the time to my right.

      The man with the long telescope is a second-level dream state indicator. It relates to seeing outside the dream state (and is a subliminal form of the emergent consciousness as a precursor to either waking or becoming lucid), but in this case, there is no trigger despite the exaggerated length and even bumping the back of my head. (For example, in an experimental lucid dream from the 1980s, RAS activated by each of my eyes quickly extending out diagonally upwards, each becoming a telescope, symbolizing my connection to discernible consciousness outside of my fictional dream body). The vague association with a tightroper’s balancing pole is symbolic of RAS and mediating between dream state awareness and whole consciousness as related to inner ear dynamics and “not falling” (not waking with the biological falling sensation or hypnopompic kick caused by the shift from unconsciousness to consciousness, the reverse of becoming dizzy and passing out when awake).