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    1. Why? I don’t want to

      by , 12-03-2017 at 11:50 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday December 3rd 2017

      I’m walking down the street, thinking about bread and baking and oh this is a dream yay!
      Anyways I have so much to do. First thing first, go eat something and practice a bit on my bakery skills, that doesn’t works out too much but I try it out for at least two dreams.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something online, get lucid while starting to type and then start to wonder when was the last time I used a computer in a dream.

      Regardless, have too many things to do, just go outside and look around, trying to find something interesting to do. Its been a while too, so just teleport to DW.

      At the beginning am just floating around somewhere in space. Quickly go to the closest planet and land to find that there isn’t much of civilization where I arrived at despite been a huge city.

      Something seems off? The city looks a bit rusty, wonder what happened and try to use scan but at that moment get woken up by my cat.

      Back to sleep.

      Walking around a street, become lucid as I start to approach the turning point and then look around. A lot of people everywhere now! But why now that it is night and not before during the morning?

      Wonder if I have been to this world before, but everyone seems to ignore me and assume that nope, never been here.

      Try to talk with someone about why they are out right now but the guy seems super busy. Someone pulls me by the side and tells me not to be on the way, so start to get annoyed and try to force things myself but then see people run around aimlessly and then just hide somewhere.

      A bunch of people come and they stand in front of me, looking down “What?” I tell them, they glare at me and try to push me to which I respond by pushing them back.

      They start to get mad and try to attack me so I happily crush them with gravity and then push them away, or what remains of them. People get happy about this and they make me feel good, generally everyone gets mad when I kill people for the sake of it heh.

      Either way, am about to wake up and I know it, so just tell them I will be back and then disappear into wakefulness.

      Back to sleep.

      Talking to someone about life in general, I get bored once I realize that it is a dream and tell them that they should probably try something else in life, then start floating and fly towards the place I was at before.

      When I land people receive me heartily and tell me to kill someone. Oh? Alright! I push my hand through the person and the group with him start to get aggressive, it seems they were using pretty strong oppression on the people from here.

      I don’t know the reason and do not really care what they think about me, but I can kill them yes. One of the girls on the bac steps out and waves her hand at me, which makes a strong wind come fort. She smiles and I smile back at her while stabbing her with earth spikes all around, then ask them where their general is at. They start to run away and I am about to pursue when realize that there are some kind of monsters underground chasing people too, oh!

      Get down using earth control and then find that the creatures lack a head, the place was a maze done there and I kept getting tracked down for some reason. Just got to study the creatures until I got lost… damn.

      Back to sleep.

      Sleeping in a pretty uncomfortable place, wake up and sense my weight is off so become lucid. OH! I am still in the maze. Walk around for a few more minutes and end up finding one of the creatures, I studied enough about them pursuing so just continue walking towards it.

      It runs towards me and I grab its head then push it to the ground “Now hear me baby” tell the creature “You will take me outside of this maze, now” she is mad but after realizing that she could not release herself or even hurt me at all, obeys.

      We get out of the maze like 15 minutes later and I see the sun in the sky, fly towards a big round building, a dome of a kind but wake up before arriving.

      Back to sleep.

      Sitting next to a yellow rock, the atmosphere feels nice. Become lucid when standing up and then see around me, mountain range or just general rock depression? Fly outside of range and see the dome so fly over there.

      When I arrive there is a large army and then some people point at me, what? Oh yeah! The ones I wanted to kill before with the wind girl.

      They say I am the one killing the officers and I nod, they want to know why I am doing this, simply respond that it is for fun then land next to the army.

      We talk for a few seconds when one of the soldiers comes out to me and tries to shot me. I grab the bullet and then kill them all with wind spears then look up and see that the enemy is here.

      One of the commanders is floating above me and throws gravity in. I smile at him and create a small black hole on top of him, he gets killed right away.

      More people start to gather to fight me and they start to throw random shit, like normal I clap my hands and create a shockwave of sound strong enough to place them on the ground, then rise my hand and throw down ice spears that kills over half their army, they say they are doing this to protect the people from the creatures.

      I look up at the one on top and ask him what of it? He looks terrified and then tells his strongest fighter to come and fight me. He takes out a sword and tries to slice me, so punch him with gravity down to earth, he comes out and uses a fire spell, grab his hand and stop the spell then punch him again. He uses ice from the ground and I melt it, then blow him away onto another world. Just see the faces of everyone scared of the monsters coming from outside the range, how fun! I wake myself after flying to space.
    2. dream non-sense

      by , 12-03-2017 at 09:27 PM
      I'm trying to say words that talk for themselves and I'm wonder if I'm controlling myself or is my subconscious talkin on its own plea I screaming and shouting yet no words coming out it feel like my teeth are chewing on a brick wall like I got curb stomp in the mouth or something I trying to keep talking but my mouth feels like condom rubbers like I'm chewing a stale piece of gum and I got the feeling that my teeth are falling out yet I look in the mirror and I was right there was a missing tooth then I wake up all my teeth intact yet I was still waking up I was in a false awakening now I'm chewing rubbers again again wonder why when I eat In my dreams and everything taste like spoiled condoms now I jus sit here and think what if I'm getting absorb by a girl on drugs (god) waiting to find strangers to please in crucified emotions to wake up sexier and prettier everyday I see some one talk about a girl on drugs(god) then after I'm done chewing the rubbers I wake up then get something to eat then return to god
    3. One Hundred Nineteen

      by , 12-03-2017 at 02:59 PM
      In which Jeremy Corbyn is my grandpa...

      I'm baking cookies in the yellow kitchen at my grandmother's old house on LW. It's a winter evening, and there's a fire in the living room. Jeremy Corbyn is sitting in an armchair in the living room, wearing a sweater and reading a newspaper. I bring him a cup of spiced tea, then return to the kitchen to check on the cookies.
    4. Walker

      by , 12-03-2017 at 02:41 PM
      It was late when I went to sleep, therefore I was quite tired. After a while I saw static image before my mind eyes... An big bush, looking like willow... but it had nice red roses. I started to fly toward it... slowly... and then I lost anchor and picture disappeared. And after a while I saw a house... and it again disappeared... Then I felt something similar to what I feel when I do OBE. And I arose from my body- it wasn't astral I found myself in. The feel was different. It was lucid dream. I went on exploration. Firstly my house- I couldn't open door to go out, only inner doors were operable. At the end I went into darkness of basement. I thought that I hear something there... but I didn't find anything. I went to room where garage doors are. It was not dark there, a small light was emanating from fluorescent lamps above. And there in front of the garage doors my brother was standing.
      I asked him: What are you doing here?
      I can't go out, it is impossible to open the garage doors.
      I tried to open the doors myself, but it wasn't possible to move them. So I told my brother that the only way to go out is going through the doors, and I did so. I expected my brother to do so to, but he didn't come through. After short waiting I put my head through the doors and saw my brother on the other side, in the house- he was standing there as statue. Come through, we will walk together! I told him.
      He repeated: I can't, it is impossible to open the doors.
      So I left him there and went to explore the dream village, walking alone. I didn't met anyone else during long walk through houses, streets and fields. Nor there was anything interesting.

      Even though it wasn't astral travel this LD had some characteristics of astral.
      Tags: wild
    5. Failed dream check

      by , 12-03-2017 at 02:04 PM
      It started as I woke and went to work I sat into bus. Something seemed to be weird, so I did reality check... But everything looked perfectly normal to me... I thought about that as the bus went to city.
      I was ready to dismiss the thought of dream when my friend stepped into bus on first bus station in the city. She was totally naked. She didn't have even shoes. That alerted me again. Because she didn't act as if she was naked. So I concluded that I dream and I went a few steps to her to tell her that we are dreaming this up. But then I thought: This is awkward, it will be better to leave it as it is. It doesn't need to be embarrassing for her, It will be better to not alert her. So I went back.
      When I sat down, she wasn't present in bus anymore. And I thought: I was sleeping and dreaming for a while, this isn't dream. The bus went into river- the driver told us that he need to wash dirt from wheels For me it seemed to be perfectly normal thing. I left bus on next station and went to store as I do usually every morning.
      I found there a small girl with lighter hue of black skin. With large eyes. I felt sympathy to her, she looked to be lost there. So I asked her where her parents are, whether she doesn't need help. She embraced me and started to cry. So I took her with me. We met some woman, who sent us to one particular house. It looked deserted, but after a short exploration, I found bedroom where young woman with three children slept.
      I awoke her. She was startled first but when I told her, that I'm trying to help small girl she stopped to worry. She told me that she doesn't know her. She really didn't look like her mother. Nor her children- or were of light white skin hue. Children started to play together, and that girl didn't want to leave, nor those children wanted to let her leave. But I felt that we need to. So we said our farewells.
      Then, we were walking through city and thought about hospital, maybe they could check her identity.

      Pity I wasn't conscious enough, it wouldn't be awkward to contact friend even if she was naked. I could try to communicate. Even though, it is improbable that shared dream is possible. I didn't find any proof of possibility of that yet.
      It never occurred to me that going to police would be much better course of action.

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    6. Dream - The Phony SES Guy & Interstate Movies & Birthday Party Blues

      by , 12-03-2017 at 11:44 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 3 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 234 - Separated Sections

      Dream 234 A – The Phony SES Guy

      I can't remember much of this dream. From where I can remember, I was going to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom, I whipped out my mobile phone as I was going to do some internet browsing on it. Just I am about to get onto a website, an unknown number is calling me. I pick it up and I recognise the voice. This person is claiming to be someone from the State Emergency Service and says that he is checking on me as we as other members of the Victorian community.

      I ended up telling him that he must be a fake and that I must be talking to the Australian actor Samuel Johnson. He claims that he “isn't the guy” but he does ask me if I have ever spoken to Samuel Johnson. I told him “no, I sent something and I never got a reply”. He then said to me that he thinks Samuel Johnson should talk to me. I don't remember what happened after that.

      Dream 234 B – Interstate Movies
      I don't remember this one at all, only a tiny snippet. Details in brief are NB and his friend RK at this unknown cinema... In Queensland? Terrible memory of this dream but I know it happened.

      Dream 234 C – Birthday Party Blues

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, I was on the computer, checking out WB's facebook page. I saw a lot of photos on there from a birthday party she had, her 18th which in the dream was held at a McDonalds. Every time I went to new photo, my heart would literally sink because she didn't invite me and one point, I was about to cry.

      When I was just about to cry, I felt this warm aura surround me... Dreamy WB's energy was present and she was comforting me while her appearance, once again, remained a mystery. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      In Dream 234 A, I reckon it's hilarious how it's Samuel Johnson talking on the phone but then he refuses to accept his own identity... Like, who do you think you are?
    7. 2017-12-03 lots of scenes

      by , 12-03-2017 at 09:59 AM
      + in the metro, many platforms, running to make the trains, don't make it in time

      + with cousins who lost a son, I want to hug her but she (and they all) move away from me

      + computer (programming) competition: I'm waxing poetic about the rules, wondering about how those without computers will do, the referee thinks my thoughts are very wise, I go outside and find my computer on the streetcorner and try to gather all my things together, people are walking by and one guy stops to talk to me, I'm dropping lots of pamphlets/papers on the ground and can't seem to pick them up [DREAMSIGN], I'm thinking I should get a backpack to carry them all, the computer's quite heavy and I"m wondering how I'll be able to move it


      + crossing the river which is now dried up a lot, jumping over the streams of water so my feet won't get wet, climbing hill of trash/equipment (including computers) and I get a strong sense of deja vu, enter the bus with trash/garbage, clouds of flies buzzing around abandoned mini-fridges, one guy starts singing, I think I have a better voice and start singing too, someone comments that they like the other guy's voice better

      + outside with a group of elves facing a group of (orcs?), the lead elf (in elaborate armor) launches a pile of flowers/roses like a spear at the other group and I have a "target eye view" of the incoming rose flying straight like and arrow and I think wow it's really flying straight. I look onto a distant hill and see big pits/holes dug there

      + inside a small shower stall the wall is too close it interferes with my movements, I get out and there is a young girl there and we discuss something

      + falling/top-down view on top of a big truck that is landing in a large complex parking/area I'm trying to figure out when I can jump off but it's too high so I have to wait for the truck to fully land/park before jumping off. Sense of deja-vu, I think I've done this before.
    8. “I Have Those Dreams Too”

      by , 12-03-2017 at 09:19 AM
      Morning of December 3, 2017. Sunday.

      This is a set of two dreams of the same sleeping period that need to be approached and studied as a pair, yet where my dream self in the second dream recalls and designates the first as a dream while supposedly being in a real scenario. My first dream is of my current conscious self identity while the second dream is not, which is very strange unless one fully realizes that the personified subconscious (dream self) has no intelligence or viable memory or awareness of time or space. There were other dreams that occurred between these two without any in-dream recall of either of the other two.

      In my first dream, it seems to be late at night. I am in the front room (where my computer is set up in real life), though I am sitting beyond the right end of the desk where I have never sat in reality. My wife Zsuzsanna is also in the room (facing east towards our oldest daughter’s door), closer to the door to our porch. Despite the late time, our youngest son seems to be present as well.

      In a short time, our oldest daughter enters the room through her room’s door. She says there is someone (an intruder) in our house who is following her. In the semidarkness, to my left, I vaguely discern a tall male figure also coming through her doorway. I consider that I must act to prevent him from doing any harm (though I do not know his intentions and he does not speak). I lift up my left leg, swinging it to the left as he continues into the room, which causes him to trip over it. This is a very strange event, because I perceive my leg as being almost as long as the width of the room (though my dream self perceives this as normal). Additionally, my sense of touch and momentum greatly increases as I feel the unfamiliar male trip over my elongated leg to fall to the floor. I soon awake with a distorted but vivid awareness of my physical body, with a soft hypnopompic kick.

      In my second dream, I am in the back seat of a car, possibly also late at night. I am sitting next to the right window. My father (April 26, 1901-February 14, 1979) is to my immediate left and my mother (July 14, 1916-October 2, 2002) is to his immediate left. They appear as they did in the late 1970s. No one else is in the car. I have no recall that they had died and I seem to be about thirty or younger (though I am fifty-six in reality). I am not sure whose car it is. There is a lot of activity to my right. Across the street is a large two-storey house on the corner. The car is facing the intersection that the house is near, though is across the street from the house. I have a false memory that one of my older half-sisters on my father’s side lives there and that my father’s half-brother (Marvin P) is there with my half-brothers (on my father’s side) as well. (Marvin died in July 1965.) There are about a dozen people in the yard and it seems they are visiting my half-sister.

      I talk about my first dream to my father and he nods, saying, “I have those dreams, too”. He goes on to talk about stopping intruders (in his dreams) with his left arm as they come through the doorway and making them fall down. My mother nods and indicates that she has also always had such dreams on a regular basis. My parents seem to have a genuine respect for my interest in dreams.

      My parents get out of the car (from the left side) and go around the front of the car to cross the street to visit my father’s relatives. My father seems to want me to go but I decide to stay in the car. I soon wake.

      My first dream is simply a preconscious event with increased RAS dynamics. This means that my dream was rendered solely to create a spontaneous muscle reaction for biological purposes, at least partly to cause partial waking to change my sleeping position. Most of my current conscious self identity is intact here and my physical nature is greatly enhanced in the waking transition. Still, this dream has a real-life source based on an event of years ago when it was our oldest daughter who alerted me to someone “trying to break in”, though that was not actually the case, only that a large rock was thrown at our southwest window.

      In my second dream, I am passive and in the back seat of a car, which means I am passive to the preconscious, which is not directly rendered let alone with any conflict. I am on the right, thus I am passively within waking orientation (and in fact, I subliminally choose to wake rather than remain within my dream, which could also relate to a need to change my sleeping position), which explains the passive nature of my dream. Talking with my deceased parents (unremembered as being deceased by my ephemeral dream self) about how they have the same recurring dream factors, while in a non-lucid dream, is intriguing, though without any real relevance. The dynamics of this dream relate to events from when I was only three years old despite the mix of erroneous ages of my parents and me.

      This pair of dreams is just a tiny example of how erroneous and skewed memory is in the dream state to the point of being an unexplainable enigma. In my first dream, I am of my present life in a well-rendered realistic sense. In my second dream, even in treating the first dream as a fully recalled non-lucid dream scenario, especially without realizing I am dreaming in the second, I inexplicably have no recall of my present life in the second dream. (My parents being present do not even trigger any sense of reflecting on my personal status). Yet, how could this really be the case if my first dream was fully of my present life and recalled in my second dream? It is a paradox. Since childhood, I have been trying to work out how such common dream state paradoxes are possible. It simply cannot be resolved in conscious afterthought.