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    1. hyper ultra Computer trance

      by , 12-05-2017 at 10:21 PM
      I'm a insect name cell beating up children and lesser life forms for my street fight comp and punching kids in the face I'm 27 and I fight 11 year old boys and and curb stomp elementary students while picking on middle schooler why making fun of high schooler all day
    2. Artifical Humiliation

      by , 12-05-2017 at 10:16 PM
      I'm an ai bot and every one trying to live as Artificial Intel trying to humiliate people from past friendship and new futures as I wake up everyone trying to live as friends the network getting embarsses and humiliated by chandler and Monica everytime they have sex in third person making fun of people who don't smoke meth after that Jennifer aniston starts taking lsd with ross then makes everybody trip out when he tells her its not a big deal
    3. December 5, 2017 Non-Lucid

      by , 12-05-2017 at 07:51 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was at an amusement park called "Kings Dominion" with my mom dad sisters friends and a girl from my uni named Judy. I believe it may have been my birthday because they kept asking me what I wanted to do. At some point we all get separated and I'm back at the front of the park with my friend Moo. He tells me where each person is at and doing. My vision changes from location to location seeing my friends and family on these rides. I see my friends Grayson and Sam on this bouncy house thing that has water and a lot of dirt/straw. I walk around the park in the dream. I remember waiting in line for this really huge roller coaster.

      I'm at some pizza place with my family and friends on a vacation. Everyone has decided what they want but I can't make up my mind. I've already ordered a pepperoni slice with no sauce on it. My mom asks me if that's really what I want. My aunt Ameigh is raving on about some combo deal of chicken alfredo pizza. I ask the person waiting on us how much the chicken alfredo is and she says that it'll be $10,000 for a big pizza and $10.99 for a medium slice. I tell her to show me the back so we can negotiate a pizza deal. I jump behind the bar and follow her back to this massive warehouse full of uncooked pizzas with a bunch of people there. I'm looking around and I'm seeing people licking and touching on all of the pizzas which was disgusting. She walks me back towards the bar where I see an chicken alfredo pizza on the ground which she says is mine. I look at it and it has some sort of sex toy and other liquids on the pizza which makes me decide I won't accept the pizza. It was so bizarre and surprising.

      From the pizza place we travel very close to a beach. My aunt Heather is there with her family and there's a bunch of random strangers I don't recognize. There's particularly a bunch of kids around the age of 10-15 with us on this vacation. We're playing in the ocean, jumping through waves. I keep trying to tell my friend Moo the story about the pizza place but he kept interrupting me. At some point fireworks are shooting off in the distance and everyone's focusing on that. Out in the distance of the ocean is a boat that's playing James Taylor. Everyone was sitting down watching fireworks but once they heard the music they get up and start to dance. I remember thinking it was crazy how these kids are getting up and dancing to someone as old as James Taylor but it was nice, I was dancing too.
    4. attempt to lucid meditation, go down a chimney, aggressiv family

      by , 12-05-2017 at 01:49 PM
      can´t remember why i got lucid but here i am and i start flying i am high enough to see different islands and states. there is a big part of an island that is grayish censored. for some reason i think this is the google map of america and Vietnam has censored it so america cant look it up. i fly there and up close it looks like everything is covered with grey snow or something similar. also there are a lot of climbing shoes [not too long ago i saw a "black mirror" episode where they could block people so they got grayish and one couldnt hear them; also i send my climbing shoes to get repaired and the package is missed so that probably how this theme came up].

      i remember my goals that i loosely came up with before i fell asleep. i want to meditate so i fly and look for a good place to do so. there are several platforms some are skew. i land on a platform and see someone i know that is further down doing something. i dont want to get distracted so i ignore him. i rub my hands to prepare then i sit down. this time i let my eyes open and focus on my breathing. i want to unfocus my eyes but only seconds after this attempt a guy i know? is climbing up to my platform. i wave with my hand to signal him i dont want him here but to late he is there and we start talking. i know him from my past but i dont remember his name. he tells me a name but its not familiar but i remember to know him from school and that he was in b class. we are on a small something on water. he turns into a child and i fly away. i want to go down a chimney to complete a TOTM. everything changes into comic visuals and i feel like watching instead of actively participate and decide what i do. i fly to a building stand in front of the chimney and throw down something like a bomb. i see third person from inside the building outside of the room. the room is burning and several people are there burning and running away. i slide down and run out of the room. a line of fire emerge out of my shoes wherever i run. some more bad guys start burning and die. i fight one with bare hands, enter another room and freeze another one with an ice blast. i find myself outside again and the comic theme is gone. ok this probably wont count for the TOTM...

      i start another attempt and start flying. this time flying is more difficult. i am pretty slow and i feel like i get soaked to one direction. i kick of on a building wall and float to a big building looking like a very old church. the stone is oxidized like in a cave. my hand touches a wall that sounds hollow. ah this must be an chimney. i fly up a little and find the opening. i look into the chimney and it looks buried. i try to open it up with telekinesis but its not working. nevermind i think and just jump feet first in and slide down. i find myself in a kitchen. i have a small paper bag in my hand. i look outside the kitchen and see a room where a kid is sleeping on a couch. i open the paper bag and put out several tomatoes. a cat that looks like mine back at my families house walks around me and attacks my leg and stuff. i push it out and close the door to the kitchen. i want to morph the tomatoes into something nicer but seconds after i closed the door it opens again and my mother, looking slightly crazy and tired with a cigarette in her hand
      [she is a non smoker] approaching me yelling something. i hold my hand in front of my like i want her to stop but she just pushes the cigarette in my hand and it burns i walk backwards and phase out of the window and wall but she is holding me so my hand is stuck with her in the kitchen. she still yelling something at me. i manage to release myself from her grip and with a wave of my hand i erase her memory she is confused but shortly after she gets hostile again. i feel like i completed the task anyways and dont bother to wake up so i dont forget anything.
    5. Dream - A Different Set Of Elements & I Must Have A Class

      by , 12-05-2017 at 01:37 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 5 DEC - 2017

      Dream No 236 - Separated Sections

      Dream 236 A – A Different Set Of Elements

      The first scene of the dream was me using some strange version of Instagram that does not exist in real life. I was trying to create a video story of some sort and it was mainly pertaining to a baby. It was really hard to use the controls and make the picture flow properly, it was always very messy. As the dream got further, my Instagram skills got worse and soon, I gave up making the thing altogether and instead, stopped it at a duration of 13 seconds.

      Spyro the dragon was real and for some reason, he was in the next scene with me. He shared knowledge of his four elements with me. Apparently I had a unique set of my own elements in this dream. I was in my current house in the kitchen and my mum is identified to be dead in this dream. It was night time and she appeared outside the kitchen window, a combination of a fleshed human as well as a ghost, but she didn't look scary.

      The next scene was where Spyro and I were at some sort of molten rock coast, surrounded by clear bluey-green water. I ended up asking Spyro, “How do we get across the water?”. He said we get across it by freezing it... I reconsidered and told him not to do it. I then told him that the first element in my set was water. I then told Spyro to hop onto me. I swam super fast across the water, like a speed boat... My kicking speed was unbelievable, like Dash from The Incredibles. So to summarise, I worked faster in water.

      The dream went to a fourth scene where I showed Spyro my second element. My second element was honey where I could leave my enemies anywhere, stuck and stranded permanently. I have forgotten the name of the third element but it was something to do with the colour of red. The dream was talking up the last element so much. The last element in my set was convexity. Both Spyro and I ended up getting possessed by this consuming element and turning dark, just like in the game. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 236 B – I Must Have A Class

      It was recess at Camelot Rise Primary School when I am trying to find out what year 5/6 class I'm in. I soon found out that I wasn't in any of them. I head towards the front office to try and find out what's going on and why I wasn't included in any of the lists. Along the way, there is this weird fenced complex with vines tangled all over it, making it difficult for me to get through.

      I eventually got to the front office and I asked Mrs C, “How come everyone is assigned a class except me?”. She said to check the year I graduated and I told her “2010”. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    6. Futuristic world

      by , 12-05-2017 at 11:09 AM
      I was talking to a Future Tech person that I think was military. I knew I was dreaming and was trying to ask them how to get back here but I remember for some reason telling them I was from another dimension and wanted to know how I could come back to their dimension to help them fight or something. At the time I remember wording another dimension to try to convince them to give me answers about coming back to their world / the lucid dreaming world and from what I can remember he just said Try Harder. I believe I woke at some point but fell back asleep and came back to this dream where I was again Lucid. I don't recall how but I decided I was over this and I remember flying away. I recall flying for a while and wanting to try to fly faster as sometimes I have a problem with speed. I remember doing the superman style switch arm / pump out which worked and made me fly faster like I was trying to without it working with just thoughts.

      I also decided to finally try and fly into space, something I've been wanting to do forever in a LD but I always forget to try or haven't remembered trying. I went flying straight up into the sky and started to see stars and space when I was suddenly being pulled down by something or someone. I remember what seemed to be like some sort of man in a white / grey looking iron man type suit. Something made me think it was the people that I had encountered earlier that sent him to stop me but I used Telekinesis to push him away from me and he was thrown off / away and was gone.

      I then recall trying to continue to fly into deep space but I couldn't get to where I was trying to go. I was seeing what I thought was some sort of super advanced space station that was like some very big building in space. It was like I kept going higher and higher and the thing never ended. I remember seeing random other things as I continued to fly further and deeper like even going through some sort of wormhole or portal or something that didn't take me anywhere but it was full of colors and and was sort of in a warped spiral shape. A F*cking phone call woke me up...

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    7. Nuclear Poker

      by , 12-05-2017 at 09:48 AM
      Morning of December 5, 2017. Tuesday.

      Once again, I enter a state that can only be described as subliminal lucidity. (Again, this has nothing to do with lucidity in the normal use of the word). “Subliminal” in this context means “existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness” or more specifically in my personal usage, without the conscious self identity present as in lucid dreams. This implies that even though my personified subconscious (dream self) does not recall or even know what a dream is, it has the understanding of creating and manipulating features and events by expectation and anticipation of personal will. I tried to explain this many times before, to no avail based on comments I had received on one site. One metaphorical scenario would be that the dream self is in a room and the conscious self identity is in a different room with a closed door between the rooms and with no directly discerned communication. The dream self knows it can redesign the room or manifest events, yet it is unaware of the conscious self in the other room and otherwise holds the false perception that it is the conscious self in the real world, without any direct awareness of the conscious self’s status or existence. This dream is otherwise non-lucid.

      I become aware of being in a scenario where a small nuclear missile is being carried on a vehicle that is apparently going west (based on my subliminal impression of how I am oriented while sleeping in our bed). I am somehow in charge of the situation and of the missile. It is only about five feet long. There are a few other (unknown) people with me.

      We approach a wide river that runs north to south. At this point, I start to become wary about being near a nuclear missile. Still, my awareness of the scenario is not that realistic in terms of logic. I decide to throw the missile into a river, where there are additional unknown people near, and I know it may eventually go off, but I consider that I will have time to outrun it.

      Despite the size of the missile, I somehow fling it with one hand to the opposite side of the river. There is no explosion, but I expect one to come eventually. I and the others start running the opposite direction (east). I am aware of the minutes counting down.

      Although we are running across an outdoor landscape, there are identical low-set tables that we reach every twenty seconds or so. I suddenly have an infinite supply of decks of playing cards, whereby I then toss several cards to each side of me where there are always about three or four random unfamiliar males present to grab the cards. This has something to do with survival, as I am aware that some of the cards can be traded for food. This event repeats a number of times. Just prior to waking, I turn to see the mushroom cloud emerging from the horizon and realize that I am now safe and that about three minutes and twenty-seven seconds had passed from the time it landed in the river.

      This dream is a typical attempt at subliminal reinduction. The missile can otherwise be viewed as a flight symbol (RAS and inner ear dynamics relating to the waking prompt), though I throw it into the river as water symbolizes sleep (and potential dream state deepening and sustaining in this case; symbolism I have experienced on a day to day basis and understood for over fifty years).

      The playing card scenario is a bit odd, though it, along with the missile, likely relates to continuously hearing about the North Korea threat, almost as if it was like some sort of deranged poker game between two so-called leaders while the rest of the world looks on in passive bewilderment.

    8. Goals, goals everywhere.

      by , 12-05-2017 at 06:53 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday December 4th 2017

      I’m reading something online, become lucid while trying to figure out why my vision is so blurry and then just take off the glasses I had in my eyes. Get outside of the house and then jump over the wall, not really caring about anything at all.

      Summon a planet above earth and get in there, then start to travel in this planet. Still trying to figure out something to do, fall asleep within the dream and end up waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Going outside the house, become lucid while walking outside and then wonder what I should be doing. Quickly get out of the house and get lucid once outside.

      The dream once again feels weird, so I assume I might wake up any second and start to think hard on my next goal.

      Can’t remember anything so just go and sit down, the street is so solitary… I was planning to do something too, but forgot what.

      Remember about the horror challenge and then remember about the hooded man. Quickly get out of that planet and then re-enter the planet through a portal, find someone stalking from outside what looks like a giant metal dome on the ground, half destroyed.

      The person stalking seems to just be investigating casually and has a hood, so I get next to him and look him while he stalks. He turns around abruptly and stands up straight, revealing a really tall guy. He looks down to me and wonders when I arrived I assume.

      I realize that there is something gathering around me so just squash it with gravity then wait again, he takes out a big-ass sword that’s black and is about to swing it when I teleport behind him, grab him by the shoulder and teleport us both to DW.

      He finishes swinging and finds we are in a different place. He teleports to the sky and I teleport with him, smashing him down. I get my hand cut off with the black sword and can’t heal properly so just use my cells to cut the damaged section and reattach it.

      We are now on the ground and the guy is coming at me with his sword, I teleport my head next to the sword and take a good bite off of it, then push him with a shockwave and set the landscape on fire.

      The guy starts to grow larger so I make a quick binding spell and seal him in his current form then get over to him and find a lot of shadows around me. I welcome them like normal and feel a bit giggly, then summon a meteor to strike down on the planet and then find a strange feeling.

      Apparently the shadows around us made a distortion and space and we are brought back to the same place as before, except this is after passing a small mountain and everything seems redder, like there is some kind of fog… I still drop my meteor down and then see a lot of giants appear and grab the meteor to try and stop it. So I summon a second meteor planet sized above the first one and then feel like I will wake up… DAMN! Destroy the meteors and make it rain fire to try and do something before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Walking down the stairs of an apartment complex, become lucid while going down and then wonder what my goals were again! Damn, so much to do and so little time and I still dislike using time dilation because that is cheating.

      Anyways, find a bunch of people and then find a school, where I was working at before as a teacher so just go there and try to find something interesting to do.

      Once I am inside, figure that the place is much bigger than it used to be and actually it is completely different. So start to search around and find a lot of giant lizards and actually it seems I Just left what I was at before… hm! Scan the place and find myself in dreamworld but why? Out of instinct? Maybe I have business to finish here oh well.

      Back to sleep.

      So I am talking to a random person, become lucid while saying bye to him and then figure I should go back to DW and see what I am needed over there for.

      When I arrive to DW find a lot of people running from the lizards which I actually find cute, they look so much like dinosaurs. One of them comes at me running and jumps at me, so I grab a hold of it and hug it.

      The little thing tries to escape and struggles with me but once it realizes that it will be impossible it attacks instead, trying to munch on my head which also fails so it just stops there and flails its tail for a while.

      I eventually let it go when I hear a familiar voice. Teleport next to my husband and punch the lizard out of the way, then spend the next two dreams having sexy time with him cause yeah.

      Back to sleep.

      I am at the shop of the school, already took care of my hus… oh right got to check on what happened with the lizards.

      Quickly get over to the top of the buildings here in the school and then Scan the place, the lizards were apparently some kind of experiment and that is the reason why they are causing so much havoc right now in this planet.

      So what I have to do is simple, kill the stupid humans playing and then been babies about it and give their land over to the lizards before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am talking to someone on the street, they tell me a lot of things but I am not listening and instead paying attention to the weight of my feet, so become lucid off of that and then remember my other goal.

      Teleport quickly to Zodra.

      The first thing I see is a big island with a big tree in the middle and think right away in FT and Tenrou island, of course my instinct tells me to destroy the place, so while falling down place my hand on the tree and blow the island away onto the ocean.

      Teleport to the place I find closest with people. There is a big white building and people are inside, like 7 or so DCs I find in there and I present myself. They don’t seem to understand me so I start to speak in English, that makes it better.

      Tell them that I come basically to defend them, but they wonder from what. Their world is in the verge of extinction? Oh who cares, I will do my thing. Extend my hand to destroy their castle-like white house but before that happens start to feel something.

      “The shadows are coming” says the guy whom I feel is the strongest, he is with a few other DCs and there is 1 kid. They say that it will be the end in a few minutes and prepare for the worst. They go inside and gather some food and I go ahead and sit at the front door.

      Some people show up, they do look like shadows at the start so I go ahead and blow their cover and more DCs show up “Survivors” I say and then stand up, go next to one of them and Scan his memories.

      Right now, they call themselves luciferians or people of the shadows, they do not know their purpose but they are having strong feelings of killing the ones I am with right now, I try to do something but wake up midway.

      Back to sleep.

      I am falling down, get lucid from the weird gravity and teleport back, grab the hand of the luciferian I was with before and let him know that he will not be allowed to fight it out with the new guy.

      He tries to punch me so I make a barrier and send him flying back, more of his group show up and tell me to move away. I quickly put them down and they wonder what I am “Of the former 12 luciferians” tell the shadow people, they however seem to think I am lying. They believe their world was created recently and that such history does not exist, is that the reason for their conflict?

      Their leaders try to fight me, I punch them and subdue them, so they fuse all together into a giant white dragon who breathes a flame of rainbow colors.

      I twist the air around me and grab the flames as if they were flames converging into my stomach as a blade, then condense that power and use it as my own to blast them away. They are thrown off into the forest and I look at them from above, all alive.

      The people behind me tell me to end this already but I tell them not to bother them anymore, anytime for I will kill them if they dare to, that I will fix this issue with their world.

      Quickly jump to the sky and fly out of this planet, look at the world around and it seems the planet was sustaining itself… not even a solar system!? GAH Brandon you idiot don’t do that its annoying for the inhabitants!

      Sit on lotto flower position and start to change the world. Zodra becomes much larger, the world around starts to stabilize and I create a universe for them, try to create it and create life on other galaxies as I am expanding everything but feeling everything at the same time is a bit tiresome. Use clockwork to finish my job and before waking up, make new plants and new creatures grow within the land of Zodra before leaving and waking up.
    9. Lord kronos ruler of the after life

      by , 12-05-2017 at 03:32 AM
      I'm a 2 year old boy and my mom comes home and says I bought you a computer I hook it up then write blowjob I'm 11 years old I swallow myself then I wake up 27 years later raping god in the afterlife for eternity for the disgrace of all Girl on drugs as who thy most illustrious being to suck at sucking