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    1. Old Home and Brief LD

      by , 08-20-2017 at 10:34 PM
      August 20 3am-10am
      Old home, talking with a guy who is trying to catch a bunch of thieves. The poor guy, who had some sort of white armour on and a short dark brown hair cut ruffled off to the side as though he just woke up, had been working at trying to catch these people for a while. The story he said was that the come out to thieve at night and then a dawn they manage to rush into this forested area and just disappear. It seemed to stump him how they could just be gone that fast, it amazed me that he only had around two people guarding the forest stretch that lead up a mountain. Anyway, I manage to slip past him and head into the forest where I saw an owl flying toward; after a brief bout of walking around aimlessly, I get a feeling that they are shapeshifters that turn into owls to hide in the woods. After this unique thought I see a brief owl and return home. At home I eat with my mom and the guy trying to catch the thieves, but something happens and I run outside into the night. Run toward the forest and as I jump up to fly, I do fly but slowly and with my arms flapping as wings. He chases after me and I fly up more until I turn into an owl and fly around in circles. Then as I glide around his attempts to catch me, I finally swoop down low and head to the forest. Once safe in the trees I understood now what the thieves did. They stole and then changed into owls to fly into the forest, only active at night so it wouldn't be seen as suspicious and only going out a few at a time. After realizing this I flew down to see the guard noticing a house, which I also thought odd. But it was a small one, a hut at best. He went inside and I gently nudged the door closed before flying off to my home.

       Back at my old home? at night and getting ready for bed with a little dwarf friend. It's a single bed with light sheets but a dark blanket and at the bedside that's near the wall, sits a crib with a fake baby tucked into the white sheets. I mention somethibg about not having a baby but the fake one would do just as well, my emotions or rather expressions of emotioms are more akin to a child and my friend seems not to notice or maybe it's a welcoming relief for him to see me in such a carefree mood; because mostly in waking life, I'm just fine and really nothing more. After my friend leaves I pick up a small book and read a story about The Goblin King, in this story it is referenced that he uses fangs and I quickly shut the book as I verbally deny he's a vampire or even related to that. With that out of the way, I get settled into bed more and lay on my left side to face the crib; there is also a window above the crib that gives a view of my old home, my room, window view.
       Out side of old home, just basking in the sunlight, I then gain a bit of control over my actions and jump up to fly. I flap my arms for wings and lift off the ground slowly as usual, then I realize I'm dreaming and I decide I want to reach the sky faster so I change to a superman style. This doesn't really go that past but it was fun to try, I end up on a roof.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Every time I dream of my father he's trying to kill me.

      by , 08-20-2017 at 12:17 PM
      For as long as I can remember I have been dealing with abuse from my father and his girlfriend, I left home about a month ago because I was feeling extremely depressed and Sucidel , since I've left the transition has not been easy I go some days without sleeping, sometimes I don't even going out in fear of seeing them , the first two weeks away I had a dream that my father was chasing me down with a gun, that's all I remember and I woke up out my sleep crying and scared and than today I stayed up until six AM and woke up at seven because of another nightmare simular to the one I had before except this in it was him and two other people he is associated with , basically everyone was trying to stab me it sounds crazy but it is what it is , I woke up crying again .
    3. Annoyance in the Library

      by , 08-20-2017 at 10:38 AM
      Morning of August 20, 2017. Sunday.

      In my dream, there is an unfamiliar library I go to, which takes the place of where the King Cinema had been in real life. I am also living at the King Street mansion (boarding house) not as I was years ago in reality, but with my family as we appear now.

      My dream starts with me leaving the apartment. I walk westerly down King Street. The library is only a few blocks away. I am carrying, in a backpack, a computer keyboard, a flat monitor, and two small unknown devices (each about the size of an iPhone but thicker and one with a curved bottom) related to computer technology which apparently store data and may be additionally used for other purposes.

      In the library, I delete a list of URLs, one at a time, from one device for the purpose of clearing memory. I sit at a small table near the left end of one row of shelves. I do not question why the computer keyboard and monitor are all I have (with the two other small devices) to apparently do some work on my computer.

      Water begins to drip from various areas of the library’s ceiling. I become annoyed, because one of the devices I am looking at goes blank and the screen is apparently ruined by water. An unfamiliar young female librarian assures me that it will work normally again when it dries. She pushes against me a bit from behind and I am slightly annoyed by this, as it makes it more difficult to type freely.

      It starts to rain more and more inside the library. I tell them that buildings in Australia sure leak a lot, adding how where my family lives now has leaks, a few near the foot of our bed. I compare them to the houses I lived in in America. This is very flawed dream-self memory as usual, as the setting is implied to be in America. Somehow, even though I perceive that I “still” live in America on King Street, I am also seemingly aware of where we live now (in referring to the leaks in our present home). There is no way to consciously resolve this distortion, as, when I leave the library near the end of my dream, I am walking easterly back towards the King Street mansion (in America) in the rain, yet with the feeling I am in Australia. There is no aspect of bilocation of the two buildings, so it is just some sort of oddly skewed parallel thinking that only the dream self can maintain.

      I decide to move to another location and sit down on the floor in an informal meditation position. It is closer to one corner near the main entrance. There is a male to my right who reminds me of classmate Bill W. All three of my devices with screens eventually become ruined. Bill talks to me a bit about some sort of research. Several other people are around, a few even reading books in the indoor rain.

      I rub the surface of one of the devices. The screen is more like transparent glass by this point. Inside the device, which seems somewhat hollow, I see pieces of leaves and a few small stones and sand that I consider somehow got inside over the past few minutes. I am annoyed that I will apparently have to buy new computer devices.

      I realize that, even though I am wearing a long-sleeved sweater (which goes down a bit below my waist), I do not have any pants on. I also have no shoes and am only wearing dark socks. The fact I do not have shoes annoys me more than not having any pants on, since I do not like the idea of walking on a cold wet granular sidewalk with only socks on. I ask Bill if I had come into the library with shoes on, though he seems not to know, and I am uncertain if I did.

      Eventually, I leave the library to go home. I am firstly walking, then I start running in an exaggerated manner. My “running” becomes stranger, similar to the movement of The Spirit in the 2008 movie when he runs on the telephone wires. (We saw this movie just prior to my dream.) It feels like I am kicking sand out from the back of my feet as I am oddly moving along. Eventually, I reach the King Street boarding house, and there are some more dream elements, though which become abstract.

      Raining indoors is a sort of forced symbolism based on the dream state itself, biologically related to a process that occurs during sleep (which I have described more fully in other entries). The library represents potential for conscious self awareness (and critical thinking skills), but the circadian rhythms factor holds my dream in the deeper phase. Being undressed in public, which is a subliminal dream-state indicator (as I do not wear clothes when sleeping) has rarely bothered me. (In fact, I am more embarrassed in some dreams when wearing clothes, as in real life, I do not like to be seen as wearing clothes in bed.) It is no coincidence that I am often undressed in public in a library, as these are two common dream-state indicators (dream signs) for me, especially as in sensual lucid dreams, when I deliberately initiate this situation. (This is additionally validated by the library being where the movie theater was in real life, a movie theater otherwise symbolizing subliminal acknowledgement of the dream state.) The association with “The Spirit” movie, where he runs on telephone wires, even though I am on the sidewalk in my dream, is based on increasing neural energy and communication between different layers of consciousness during the waking transition.

    4. Deliberately Angering a Ghost

      by , 08-20-2017 at 07:53 AM
      Morning of August 20, 2017. Sunday.

      I am in the middle room on the east side of the King Street mansion (where I have not been in real life in over twenty years). It is not known if I am living there though, as there is an unknown male in the bed, which is out from the east wall. It seems to be late at night.

      I am aware of a supposed haunting, but there is no concern or fear of any kind. In fact, I make sarcastic remarks to the unseen ghost and screech several times. After time passes, the unseen ghost screeches louder than me. The unknown male and I are somewhat amused.

      Still, I am trying to get the ghost to show itself. The room has a fictional feature. There is a closet to the left of the door, but this feature would not be possible in real life as there is a hall directly behind that wall. At one point, the landlady looks in to see what is going on.

      There are two small wooden shelves near the top of the closet. The ghost seems to be on the top shelf. I see signs of it a few times, but just a little.

      Two unknown girls come into the room. One reminds me of Linda Cardellini as Velma from 2002’s “Scooby-Doo” and the other, Annie Potts as Janine Melnitz from 1984’s “Ghostbusters”. Both are to my left, Linda being closer.

      I tell them to watch as I bring the ghost out from hiding by commanding it to appear. On the left of the upper closet shelf, a small circle of white material appears. Time passes, and the “ghost” emerges. It looks like a series of small balls covered with a handkerchief as it moves down to the bottom shelf and moves to the right somewhat like a caterpillar in a sort of undulating motion.

      Linda makes a comment about it possibly being a “flaw in the film” as if we were watching a movie instead of a real feature in the room. My dream fades from this point.

      Zsuzsanna and I watched “Ghosts of Darkness” (2017) last night, where a main scene involved two men watching a door to a closet and attempting to expel a large demon from an old mansion. This enjoyable comedic dream is all that resulted. There have been a number of other dreams where dream characters talked about dreams or features or events in a dream as if they were movies. I find this very interesting, as it may be a thread of my conscious self expressing this major sentiment about dreams through another dream character, especially as it is usually said near the end of a dream. A movie theater or stage has also been a subliminal dream-state indicator in a number of my dreams.

    5. Window to The World

      by , 08-20-2017 at 06:58 AM
      Somewhere near current home forest, two guys and mom and dave. They had guns, I took one and shot it. They were like ha that went far and then they didn't like it, so I ran behind mom and she moved and I ran behind D but he moved. I ran back to the house and went upstairs to sit on my bed, C was on his computer when I passed him. I kept saving somehow on my phone and more than once I was close to being shot at, nobody seemed to be defending me as usual. So finally after reloading and trying to shrug it off, I realized they wanted me dead. This time I told D to tell them I'd kill myself, this seemed acceptable and they tossed a gun up to me and left. I was scared and wanted nothing more than to run away, but I decided this was what they wanted. But after actually trying once more to shoot it, by aiming at on of them when he had his back turned. I found that it wasn't loaded and they knew it. The other guy tried aiming at me with a rifle and I backed up, I was afraid. As I said I just had to message my best friend first to say hi and then bye, I found that I could only get on youtube. A first person video showed some sweets and I longingly reached for what I'd miss, as I did I understood I wasn't afraid of dying but rather losing my memories. Strangely though as my finger touched the screen, they touched the sweets and almost tipped the small dish into my world through the phone. I grabbed one and was so amazed that this was happening, I opened a bag of what was supposed to be chips and found a toy frog, and two toy geckos. I lifted the frog out of the bag and it came alive, I was so amazed that I had C come over here to look. He was less amazed but still realised how cool it was, then I put it back in the bag and it turned fake again. I did it with the geckos but they never turned back and I had to roll up the bag. This newfound power sparked something in me though, I figured if I could do this then I could go through the screen to the other side. So I called out my idea to the guys wanting to kill me and they seemed to figure it was alright. I said I'd be an entirely new person, but what I actually was thinking of was living with my best friend. So then I had to message her and get a picture, she had already sent one of three girls and a setting. I knew I just needed the setting, so I then saw she linked a photo of her in youtube comments but I couldn't see it. I didn't even know if it would work but I knew I had to set some rules straight, first of all I told my brother my phone had to be unused after my departure and actually that you should give it mom and let her destroy it with a hammer. One of the guys came in and asked if that was really necessary, greedy fuck, he wanted to keep the phone. But I insisted, saying it was like a way of trapping the soul and I guess I didn't want to walk back out again somehow. So then he gets up here and starts sifting through my stuff, looking at stuff in my drawing notebooks. I want to say I stopped drawing cause I wasn't very good at it, but at glance to the drawings and I decided that was bullshit. I saw drawings I'd never done before in real life and at that moment I only slightly noticed it. So the dream ends with me waiting on a message from my best friend and feeling glad I'll be able to be nearer to her.

       At the start, mom is making popcorn in a dim kitchen and it's very early morning. She has candy as well and we're going to watch a movie, but we never get to start it because outside catches our attention and we come across he men in the forest nearby.
       The men wore dark clothes that complimented their short dark hair and broad shoulders. All three were male and tall, though only two came after me.
       The first person view for the youtube video with sweets had the view of a woman sitting down, she was light skinned and crossing one leg over the other. By the look of her her legs she seemed thin but her thighs looked big under her pencil skirt. She wore heels and the room around her looked like a child inhabited it, pink walls and lush fluffy rugs. Shelves around the middle of the wall and all around the room filled with toys, panning to the right, I see a lady leaning down to look at the viewer and then we look down and see the candies looking like red drops, in a glass dish on a table to our right.
       In the youtube comments, my best friend says "look at a picture of me an sax". I wrongly interpreted it for a minute and then saw the the border above her comment which should have contained an image did not have anything except a slightly grey fuzziness like a tv.

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