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    1. Felon

      by , 08-21-2017 at 06:46 PM
      20 Aug 17. Non-lucid.

      I was hosting another house party, yet the area was larger. There were more couches, end tables, sectionals, enjoying catering and drinking with guests. Ended up smoking in the backyard with a few other people, yet again it appeared larger. I ended up feeling very dissatisfied with the living room as they layout changed. Smoked indoors, on the couches, felt stupid like I was making bad decisions. Upstairs my ‘boss’ was there, ducking to avoid him as I held a lit cigarette IN THE HOUSE (Shame on me). Eventually the cops ended up coming, no idea why. Something something along the lines of “laundering the law”? Running away from them at night, they let loose the dogs. I’m jumping fences alongside some strangers, getting bitten and nibbled. Carrying one of my buddies(?), a pitbull jumps up to nip my face and I instinctively try to pet him. I was caught, probably from a neighbor then dragged into a strange house.

      VERY NSFW dream occurred, involving a close friend and a transvestite. Escaped, some panting along the lines of “let’s never do that again.” Ended up contemplating that I’ll never be able to return to the new house that I just leased again and furnished.

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    2. The start of OFSU & WBTSPAV fails

      by , 08-21-2017 at 04:27 PM (Ereos)
      I was about to raid an abandoned school because it was a suspicious location, it was day-time, I go in along with some of the PSF soldiers and all.
      I pretty much rush through it, check corners quickly and I have my pistol out as I run.

      Then much later in this building I discover what I learned was a sleeping place, but it looks defiently like no other, the room in itself is pretty big, like interior gym big.
      There wasn't any real structure to the room at all, but there were two very strange things about it.
      The first is that the floor was made out of very sparsely spaced roof-tile shaped floor, I walked across it and I notice that there is something hovering along the path of this ground.
      It was a sleeping blanket, and I was just walking over it casually, then something hit me, I somehow remembered that the jacket I am wearing protects me from something. From what? I don't know yet.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am now into some big intel government summit room of sorts, the nukes are ready to be launched towards strategic points of the Farlands and deep Farlands when recon is done.


      I managed to do some WBTSPAR as I woke up, however I am still quite stuck in this "limbo" state of being in my bed and in my dream.
      By visualizing I managed to create my bedroom and go outside. However this time around when I went outside, it wasn't day-light anymore, it was night-time, I try to go out quickly and I notice that the sun is blocked, the eclipse is happening.
      I hop right out of my window but the dream kinda collapses there, back to sleep paralysis.
      Further attempts are unsuccessful at creating a dream.


      I was now in my brother's house it seems like, it is still very much night-time, the eclipse is still acting, maybe it acts indefinetly, maybe until the Hooded Man is defeated...
      Anyways I was with my mom and we both had flashlight, the house itself was barely lit.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. The Stars Align.

      by , 08-21-2017 at 03:40 PM
      It's been a while but i have another dream to share.

      Me and my family are outside, Christmas eve. My parents just returned from last minute shopping for my little brother's presents. I notice a Bionicle laying on the porch next to one of the bags. My parents are looking directlyup and I follow their gaze skyward. The night sky is a very deep dark red. Like cherry dr pepper. The moon is huge. Covering about 60% of the sky. As i stare i see the small dots of Venus and mars wizing through the sky eventually ending up behind the moon. I remember hearing "The stars align." from my dad.

      The next thing I know these green orbs about the size of a car, descend from the sky they have even larger ornate golden rings around them. We are filled with fear and all scramble around the porch, not quite sure what to do. I scream at it, "demon". I hear similar accusations and questions from behind me. Only my dad seems able to hear it. "Now thats a good question?" he seems to parrot. The orb floats about ten ft higher in the air. And seems to ring itself out like a mop, similar smaller orbs, about the size of nickles rain from it like a water fall. and approach us like a torrent. We panic, and my little brother emerges from the house to see what is the matter. An orb flys into his mouth. And green eyes replace his normally blue ones. A smile stretches across his face.
      I scream and drag him inside. I punch him, not knowing at all what to do, demanding it to get out of him. eventually after physical abuse does nothing, not even leaving a bruise on his possessed form. I drop to my knees and beg for the lord's intervention, pleading for his help in riding my brother of this possession. Each prayer that goes unanswered is met with a new, more frantic one. By the end i'm crying and begging.

      And I wake up. It disturbed me greatly so I figured I'd put it ōn my dream Journal. thanks for reading.
    4. Slowly getting back to journaling

      by , 08-21-2017 at 12:17 PM (Monster tree roots, decayed version.)
      Quite forgotten…

      ANYWAYS back to dream journaling

      Monday August 21st 2017
      Why not make it happen?

      On the first dream was waiting outside of a big house, when I became lucid and decided to try something different. Not sure where exactly I was but wanted to explore like always. Started with the big house as soon as I could figure out how to open the damn door and then went in.
      Inside, could see how the sun would flare on the room, literally. It started to burn my clothes so made them a part of myself and went through like normal, why would this place have so much defense? Use Scan and discover that down below there is some kind of city.
      Teleport to the entrance, which is an abyss as big as a small country, jump down and start seeing that as I go down, will see several floors throughout the place filled with different species of cretures.
      Kept going down for a few seconds before I got to the lowest part. Just as I got down, some couple of guardians came over to my place, one punched me against the wall and the other one tried to set me on fire. They were expecting me to die I guess, since all they did was move to the other side and give me their back.
      Waive my hand their way and let a short solar flare go through them and the last floor, effectively destroying over half the floor. End up going further and getting threatened and feared at the same time, so they did not dare to attack me anymore and instead gave me a tour. A nice demon lady was the one to lead the way, and I was just laughing myself out while working on it.
    5. my lame recall

      by , 08-21-2017 at 05:53 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Last night I only remembered one dream. I need to remember to lay in bed a few minutes after waking and take notes, instead of just browsing the Internet before getting up.

      I had a dream that I was on Reddit, and I was told by the website that I couldn't upvote any more posts for the day, because I had gone over an apparent "quota" of upvotes. I was on Reddit before going to sleep, and upvoted quite a few posts, so I suppose that's what influenced it.

      Sundays really should be my best day, since I usually end up getting the most sleep. Oh well. Here's to another week! ^_^
      Tags: internet, reddit
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Actually I'm a Dreamer.

      by , 08-21-2017 at 03:03 AM
      I was in a building that was built around a tree. I was on the first floor and for some reason decided to go downstairs. There were some people down there and they were bad (I somehow knew they were bad). I went to go back upstairs but three of them blocked my path. They stuck out their tongue which were really long in fact their tongues were almost as long as each of them were tall (the people were about 5ft 8in). They all were trying to touch me with their tongues which I did not want so knowing that it was a dream I created a force field so they could not touch me. I got to the stairs which somehow became a ladder and climbed up it. When I reached the first floor where I just was I tried to push the ladder away from the first floor so the bad people could not follow me. I then used my mind to make the bad people forget that they saw me and go back downstairs. Which was somehow I knew was a place the bad people would stay. A DC (dream character) saw this and asked how I managed to get away from them (the bad people). I responded that I got away by dreaming myself away. The DC responded that only Dreamers could do that. To which I said I am a dreamer. The DC replied "you don't look like a dreamer". To which I said "yes I know probably because I imaged that whenever I dream would look like a DC". The DC didn't believe me and asked me to prove that I was a dreamer. I made an object appear out of thin air and said " see a DC couldn't do that". To which the DC said "no, no they can't" and suddenly seemed a little to interested in me. It was then he asked that I showed him what I really look like. I said no and woke up.

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