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    1. Beach Eerie

      by , 08-23-2017 at 05:53 PM
      August 23 1am-5am MILD

      2. I’m at an unknown beach with my family, Mom, D, and C. We are all just walking around and looking up at the sky, I’m sure it must have been evening but it was hard to tell because there were these massive clouds overhead. The likes of which I’d never seen in real life, they looked dark blue and grey but so fluffy and almost as though in an instant they would drop and crush the ground beneath them. They curled up near the sides to create a white billowing effect and the breeze that came along with it whipped up a massive wave that gently crashed toward the shore. The clouds darkened the already dark blue waters, the sand around us was an extremely white tan and felt more like mud than sand. To the left was a forest and an opening road leading out from it or leading into it, depends on how you look at it, to the right was more sand and in the distance I think I saw a hill but I can’t be sure. Behind the beach and up on more of a road area with gravel, were around five small buildings side by side and each was open and offering something. At the time I could read the signs but sadly I can’t remember the words now, also by the beach we had our packs and bags sitting on the sand. I noticed mom looked a bit concerned by the approaching cloud and I asked her if we were going to be able to get away in time, she said we’d have plenty of time and I trusted her for a moment. Then I rushed over to get my bags packed because I was worried they wouldn’t let any planes out, I voiced this out loud and mom once again said something along the lines of it was fine. But she and my brothers were already heading out to the forest entrance on the left; I figured they wouldn’t leave without me so I continued to pack. First I grabbed mom’s small purse and put it inside her blue pack and then I put something of mine in there which I can’t remember, then I zipped that up and stuffed the blue pack inside of mom’s purple backpack. At first it didn’t fit,(which in real life it probably wouldn’t fit without a bit of crushing down due to the blue pack being taller), but after a bit of shoving I managed to zip up the backpack. Something I hadn’t taken into account was the weight and after I had finally gotten the backpack on, which seemed to weigh around 10 or more bricks, I saw that my family was already heading back toward me. I jogged a little to them and then stopped, complaining about the weight but not getting many looks from my family in regards to them wanting to help. I remember when I saw mom walking back to me I felt peeved because I had just gotten stuff packed and was ready to join them but wherever they went was over now, our new destination appeared to be one of the stores behind the beach. I pulled my shoulders down and sulked behind my family, following them to a store whose name had four words in it and the first one was long but I can’t remember what it says. Inside a lady was sitting infront of the door, the door had an entrance sign on it that I can’t remember the words to. Mom went in the door, pushed it open, and the lady sitting there said we couldn’t go in this door and we’d have to go in the other one. (Which made no sense because the two sides of the building were squeezed next to another one, unless it had a back entrance or an entrance from another store?) Mom was annoyed at this and considered walking out and going through the other door, but instead she kept going and bought what she wanted from thee store before leaving and giving the now glaring lady a good snarky smile of her own. Her pace increased as she exited the store and she turned to the left after leaving the building, my brothers followed easily but I found I had to jog just to keep up. Just as we rounded the corner of the buildings, I suddenly felt the weight of my backpack diminish as though someone had pulled it off entirely; but sense I could feel the straps, I saw this was not the case and thus realized that the inside blue pack was missing. I alerted mom to this and said it must have gotten dropped back inside the store so I told her I’d just be a minute to get it and although she looked angry, I did rush back to the store. Upon entrance I noted the lady was still sitting there and although I took the wrong entrance by her standards, I rushed in so fast with slurred words that she barely had time to tell me to get out or use the other entrance (of which I was certain there wasn’t one), I grabbed the thing on the ground without looking at it and because the weight felt similar I decided it was the pack. A person by the window (like a bank teller’s window) pushed some papers in front of me and I gladly accepted them because I saw the glaring lady get up and I wanted to get out of there no matter what it took. I snatched the papers and ran out, taking my time once outside to read and notice they were papers saying I had passed some sort of school exam or something and this made me slightly happier, I was at least excited to show my mother. My mother of course wasn’t in the spot I left her; she was heading back to the forest entrance. I tucked the thing I picked up under my arm and ran to catch up; I saw that as I got nearer she was walking to her car which was by the road entrance. Everyone piled into the 1986 Volkswagen Diesel, Mom in the front at the wheel, Christian in the passenger’s seat, D and I in the back. I buckled in and set the thing and my backpack near my feet, mom drove for a while on a much darkened road which was poorly outlined by the little car’s lights. The signs were big and on each corner we turned, each one had a different number and mostly they didn’t seem to go in order; for example, one sign read 16 and then the next corner it read 25. This kind of inconsistency made me stop paying attention to it and finally look down to what I’d picked up before, I was quite shocked when I found that I had actually picked up a bag of fish pellets. (The kind we use in waking life to feed our pond fish, it says Koi and Goldfish can eat them) I immediately said out loud that I was still missing my bag, this made mom stop the car when I said it must still be back there; I was getting a little sad and my voice slightly cracked when I said that. Mom said I could look for it if I dissected her phone for her, she held it out to me and I said deal; then I jumped out of the car and went into the forest without a fear for the darkness of the area or the eerily creepy houses on the sides of the road just gazing out like a person with soulless eyes. Once in the forest I had a feeling and it came to my mind that I must be dreaming, though I remember I said something along the lines of if I were dreaming to trigger the lucidity and realization when I did a nose pinch reality check. I forgot about the pack and started touching the trees, running my hands up and down the bark to get a good feeling of the rough surface. This helped because after blinking two times, I saw the world more realistically and started breathing easier to try and calm myself. Just to make sure I picked up some leaves off the ground, I hadn’t seen it before but the ground was covered in orange, yellow and brown dry leaves. I scooped up a handful and crunched them, the sound was satisfying and so was the feeling; another thing I wanted to test was my hearing, so I spoke out loud and was thankfully greeted by my own voice. (Something often not in dreams for me is the sound, this is why in lucid dreams I’m going to try and focus more on the senses) After all that I decided I needed to go see The Goblin King and whine about his appearance in a previous dream. So I ventured out to a house, except it didn’t seem to be physical walking and more it was me just imaging it in my head. The house had a couple in it and I asked them where I might find The Goblin King, they said on route 12; I thanked them and left, going back to the car which was still stopped on the road. Mom said she found the pack and it was right there in front of her but she refused to touch it, she was just staring at it intently. I thought it was strange for a moment but then picked up the pack and got in the car. I told everyone I was dreaming and how I could easily dissect the phone now with laser fingertips, I traced with my fingers where I would cut it and then put it down as I watched the road, telling mom we needed to get to route 12. The signs come back with the nonsensical numbers, except this time I knew they meant routes and I watched to make sure we didn’t miss ours. First was route 15, then 17, then 16, then 26, then finally route 12 after another route 17. (Don’t take my word for it, I can barely remember the numbers but I know 16 showed a couple times.) Mom stopped the car and I got out, we had stopped at a left turn or straight ahead road. There was a street lamp standing by the road and shining light on the light grey gravel, here I went back into that seeming to imagine things in my head view. I imagined He was lying on the road with two elves rolled against his side, his shirt was off and he was using it to press against his neck to clear the sweat. The women were just running their hands all around him and his smile was a confirmation of his enjoyment of their company. When I actually looked at the road, I saw a vague outline of this but it was more like I was trying to take the image from my head and put it there. Then I woke up.
    2. Old Home Blood Chapstick

      by , 08-23-2017 at 05:51 PM
      August 23 1am-6am

      1. Old home in the daytime, something in this dream suggests sexual tones but I can’t remember any actual sex going on. Only that a guy who seems to like me and who I don’t seem to dislike but am more interested in his actions than him, is laying with me. Then not and I go to shower, after the shower I’m wearing a shirt I don’t own in waking life; it’s greenish blue with light blue in swirls everywhere and seems to be held by a brown corset. The collar is also very low and the sleeves are elbow length, but not something I’d wear as it’s too thin. However I ask this man if he wants me to wear jewelry, despite me not wanting to, he says at least a necklace and I pick one out from the old home’s bathroom drawer. It’s long and the green/blue stone hangs just above my breasts, almost settling in the curve between them; he approves of the look and I ask for my chap stick, when it’s handed over I notice blood on the left side of the tip. He said something like it’s from him and I shouldn’t worry, but I don’t like it and immediately say no thanks and hand it back. He takes it back and chuckles but says something like, you’re afraid of a little blood? I of course state no. That’s all I remember from that one.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Stability Fail

      by , 08-23-2017 at 04:48 PM
      WBTB -> Mindfulness Meditation -> Stare through the eyelids. I realized I was dreaming at some point and decided to pretend I didn't know I was dreaming as to prolong the dream. Don't remember what happened after that. Stability is the hardest thing.
    4. The Tickle-Worm Dream

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:37 PM
      07-27-2017 -- The Tickle-Worm. Dream starts out with me working as some sort of courier. I have stopped by a law office to pick up files to deliver somewhere, and they are a small pile of papers and a check that I have to take and place in an envelope (possibly re-useable) supplied for it. As I slide them in, the person there is telling me that there is no special hurry, and that I can take this and the one other package I currently have in either order, and I add in the instructions that I know are coming ... as long as I do not pick up any more on the way. This needs to get to their delivery spot quite quickly.

      Don't have any clue just how the scene reaches this next point, but I find myself in a hotel room somewhere with my dad. I have a small wooden box, slightly decorated, that I think may have been based on a box from a Harry Potter fan-fic I was reading last night, that in the fic was a sort of magical mail box. In the dream, it holds an unusual creature that I have somehow received ... a Tickle-Worm. The Tickle-Worm is a worm. It starts out looking mostly like a regular worm, with a slightly larger 'head' area that actually has a bit of a face, and is perhaps about 8 inches long. It springs out of its box, and is supposed to kind of half curl up in my hand and sleep there, as I go to sleep.

      The problem is, it seems to be curious and into exploring. As I go to lay down, it springs out of my hand and across the room, where it starts crawling around a book case, knocking books to the floor, and annoying my dad, who is trying to sleep. He's kind of upset about the thing making noise. That part I don't mind too much, but I do find it kind of irksome that it is knocking all of the Danny Dunn books off the shelves. I approach the bookcase, thinking I am going to have to kind of chase it around to try and catch it, but as I get close, it springs off the bookcase into my hand.

      I'm walking back toward the bed, hoping I can now get a little sleep, but as I draw near, it springs off again, flying into a slightly open chest filled with boxes of colorful breakfast cereals, again doing some exploring. The next thing I know, I am in some sort of classroom or scientific lab speaking with a female teacher or scientist, asking about the Tickle-Worm, and she is explaining where they are found. She shows me a large, octagonal aquarium filled with water and seaweed, but no fishes.

      This thing is probably about ten feet around, and perhaps four feet high, but weighs little enough that she can pick it up. Anyway, she picks it up and shows me a piece of seaweed that is long and wide and flat and thick (probably about four feet long, six inches wide, and about an inch thick) that is a slightly brownish green and now hanging from it is a tapeworm-like Tickle-Worm. Seems they start in sea water, but when removed, are perfectly fine.

      [I do not think I have ever heard the term Tickle-Worm before this dream, but looking it up on the internet, it seems it may be something created by a band I have never heard of, in a song that I also have never heard. How it came to be in my dream, I have less than no clue.]
    5. Weird Lighting Tricks and Moving to a Roof, Before Doing Courier Work in Warehouse

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:28 PM
      07-25-2017 -- Strange all over the place dream, kind of disjointed. At one point I am waking up in mom and dad's room, and it is the middle of the night. I end up glancing out the window across the street, and notice a strange, pale blue light across the street, where somehow the area between Albert's house and Vinnie's house seems to have been built up into one big house. I know this is strange, and as time goes on, and the sun comes up, I keep glancing over at it. Somehow the dark of night made it look like the two houses had merged into one large house, but as more light is thrown on the situation, I can easily see they are still the two separate houses they've always been, with nothing to show why I thought they had merged together. Strange.

      As I more fully wake up, I find myself in a new house that I've moved to. This one is supposed to be two story, but somehow I find myself rooming on the third floor. It is a little hot, and only comfortable because of a breeze. I soon find myself needing to go to the bathroom, and I start to try to pee in a bottle, but somehow it is not working, and I find myself peeing on the floor. I am a little worried about it, until I realize that there is indeed no third floor, and I find I have set up my bed on the roof, which is a flat roof with about a four foot wall around it. The roof is open air, outside, so somehow the fact that I am peeing on it is ok.

      It seems to be a good-sized building, maybe about 100 feet by fifty feet or so, and I end up peeing my way around the entire building, and am slightly amazed that I have enough pee in me to pee around the whole perimeter. At first I am worried that someone might see me from surrounding buildings, but none are taller than mine, though some are as tall, so the angle shouldn't let them see over the wall enough to see what I am doing. In some way I feel like I am marking my territory. It's very strange.

      Anyway, after I've finished that odd bathroom break, I find myself looking around at the 'room' I've formed for myself. The only things I have moved up here so far is my bed and a couple of pillows, but I start thinking. I know it has been raining almost daily, and trying to live here on the roof, I am going to get soaked, and my bed is going to get ruined. I have to move back into the house, and take a room on the second floor. So I open the hatch in the roof, and start to shove the mattress and box springs back down into the house, while also trying to keep a cat (marmalade, I think) from climbing out onto the roof, for fear of leaving it stuck out there.

      The house is very hot, with little or no air conditioning, and I find mom (or perhaps Rosemary or Pat Q.) and try to explain why the roof won't work, and I'll need to take a room on the second floor, though I may try and get a plastic lounge chair and some water-proof pillows to put on the roof. But somehow I have opened a second hatch, and dumped the mattress and stuff down to the first floor, and find myself talking to another person in the house (no idea who), moaning that I've gone to the wrong floor, haven't I, and that now I am going to have to haul a very heavy mattress up a flight of stairs, just to manage to get it back up to the second floor.

      Somehow I then find myself in a warehouse area that is somehow connected to the house, and they are hauling around large stacks of paperwork that have been banded together with those tough metal bands, or in some cases, just stacked in tall boxes, about 16" square by perhaps three feet tall. It seems they need to have a couple of boxes moved elsewhere, and are asking somebody if they would be willing to run them to the other place as a sort of courier, and I'm not registering it at first, but it is me thy are asking, but when I don't respond, they start to ask somebody else, who claims because they have to watch a pet or something, they won't do it, while I am trying to say I will, now that I understand they were asking me. Very strange.

      Anyway, it's more or less settled, and they start to load up their forklifts to put various pallets of paperwork back where they belong, but one of them has accidentally picked me up with the pallet, and is hoisting me higher and higher into the air, and I am trying to call out about it, but I have no voice, and they don't seem to hear me. I try to wave my arms out far enough the forklift driver can see it, but it doesn't seem to register that there shouldn't be an arm waving out of his stuff. By this time, I am beginning to wonder if they know I am here, and if it is just a prank. I don't know.

      Soon I am back on the ground, and am walking the two big boxes they want me to transport through the warehouse, as if they are on rollers. I move them through the warehouse to the office portion, and push them into the office area, then go wandering off for a few seconds to try to talk to the lady from earlier (about the wrong floor), but when I go back to find the boxes, they have no disappeared, and I know I am going to be in trouble for losing them. I'm running around trying to find them and getting more and more stressed about them. Odd.
    6. Bits: Malfoy's RPG Dice Save the Day, Attacked by Gorilla, See Doctor at Bus Stop, MR Ducks routine

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:15 PM
      A collection of fragments I can't remember in enough detail to get their own topic, but with some interesting parts I don't want to just forget.


      07-23-2017 -- Again, a bit of a shorter one. Another Harry Potter dream, taking place in a sort of a cross between a school, and a mall, I think. Something evil is pursuing us, and we're trying to find a way to defend and protect ourselves, and Hermione has come up with some sort of gadget that can help keep us safe, but it needs to be made with a fairly good-sized gem. Malfoy has been trying to become a better person, though he is still a bit annoying, but Hermione is telling him about the new devices to help keep us safe, anyway. When she mentions needing the gems to make them, he pulls out a bag with his D&D dice, and it turns out a couple of the larger dice were lost, and he had replaced them with large, multi-faceted gemstones, so he is able to give her a couple more to make more of the things. There was a lot more to this, originally, but it was very hard to remember, and faded especially quickly.


      07-25-2017 -- Can't remember all that much of this, but I am Harry Potter, and am on some kind of camping trip in the woods, and am trying to sleep in a sort of a camp bed, but I find that I am in some kind of a tree, and there is a big, violent gorilla who is trying to reach me and attack me. I am trying to stay out of his way, but he is fast, agile, and can climb well. I keep trying to get out of his reach, and he eventually does something that launches us both off the side of a cliff. He falls to his death, or at least serious injury, while I somehow manage to save myself with some sort of hover charm or something, then am explaining the whole situation to Tonks while listening to old music. Strange.


      08-19-2017 -- Anything earlier is gone. Waiting for a bus near Knott's Berry Farm. Kind of flirting with a girl who might, just might, be Amy F. And accidentally catch my phone between my body and something solid, and manage to more or less snap it in half, longways, and I am really disgusted with myself about it. Meanwhile, somebody sick has come along, and has their doctor along with them, and is giving them a check-up at the bus stop, and I had heard something about this and tried to make arrangements, so the doctor is willing to see me and prescribe something for my HBP, and in the aftermath of that, I manage to miss two buses by being in just the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Flash forward, and it is now a week later. I am out traveling with mom, and we are at the same bus stop, and I am hoping to see the doctor again, but I don't know if he travels this route weekly or only once a month or what. A doctor is passing through, but it turns out he is not here to do medicine, but just on a walk or something. Then 'my' doctor comes through and he is checking on me briefly, and I decide I want to tell him the conversation that looks like gibberish, until you know the secret. MR Ducks, MR Nott, OSAR CM Wangs? OILB MR Ducks. {'Em are ducks. 'Em are not. Oh yes they are ... see 'em wings? Oh I'll be ... 'em are ducks.) But he wanders off for a minute and before he can get back, the bus comes (on the wrong side of the street.) I catch it and go one stop, then decide to go off since the Doctor still hasn't come back yet, but as I get off I don't see mom and don't know if she got off, so I get back on the bus, and find her standing by the bus driver, talking to him, so I guess I am missing the doctor.

      The next thing I know, I've gotten off the bus somewhere else. There is no sign of mom, and I think I am having a short conversation with Sheila Smith, which has her commenting something on how she can likely answer a few questions, and I say sure, as long as they aren't on the subject of, say, Muslim dating rituals or something, and she seems hesitant, and I am considering making a statement about how I thought it was Anne who was the cast member with a Muslim history (something from another dream that wasn't written down, nor anything except that one bit remembered) as she walks into the Peter Marshall cafeteria for a rehearsal, and I wait to catch another bus. Weird.
    7. Fighting off Alien Invasion and Alligator Dogs with Calea Z

      by , 08-23-2017 at 02:55 PM
      07-18-2017 -- (2nd successful [to a point] use of Calea Z.) I took Calea Z last night, and it did not give me a super case of insomnia, as usual, to prevent me from being able to get any sort of sleep, and therefore prevent any sort of dreams. Instead I took it along with a dose of melatonin to encourage sleep. Slept for about four hours, woke briefly, could remember nothing, fell back asleep. Slept for about three hours, woke briefly, and could barely remember any fragments. Went back to sleep for perhaps another two hours, and woke with a fairly involved and interesting dream that included some (slightly muted) bright colors. While it was a quite cool dream that was well worth having, no idea how much of it may be attributed to the Calea Z, or whether it was random chance, and the Calea Z had no effect what-so-ever. It can be compared to my one previous successful Calea Z dream, here.

      As always, starts somewhat fragmenty, with faded bits that can't be remembered. I think I am traveling somewhere, almost by accident, while trying to plan out future travels. Hints of some sort of large ghost tiger or something, but I simply can't pin down that part. There is a somewhat small, thin, waif-ish red haired girl who a lot of people are pushing around and insulting a bit. I'm trying to gently defend her a bit here and there. It feels like we're on a bit of a river boat sort of thing, and I may have won some kind of prize in a contest or something, but it is really small, and I am not worried about it.

      Anyway, I think I am trying to plan a trip to England and Scotland, more than actually be on it, but somehow I am there. I am in Scotland, in line to board some kind of ride. We are boarding colorful carriages of the sort that Cinderella might take to a ball, except that these are horseless, and 12 or 14 of them are kind of linked up to form a bit of a train. We've been waiting a while, and two of these trains have loaded up and rode off, and we're likely to make it on the third, but it is taking it's time. The tracks seem to be used by multiple trains, as there are cargo trains coming the other way, and people are getting ready to ride them, but I'm pointing out those obviously are not the same trains, and are going the wrong direction, and they aren't stopping for us anyway.

      The trains are taking a curve just past us, and heading into a warehouse area, but each successive train is becoming larger and taking the curve at a higher speed, while being even more off-balance (one seems to have a massive weight hanging off to one side as it makes the turn, and it feels almost inevitable that the weight is going to fly off and crash down on us). The next train has something even larger attached, but it is on a sort of boom or something, and is being spun around in circles two or three times like it is building up speed to throw it, and things just feel scary.

      By this time we're standing in a sort of open air station. There is only half a metal roof, and the place is open to the elements, and suddenly we hear this loud BANG! Another half a metal roof has just been dropped on the station by the train, which seems to be half-construction-boom, and I am wondering why they think it is a good idea to do this kind of thing while people are in the station. They continue working, and there is a lot more banging, but I think somebody has got something wrong, because suddenly the back corner of the building and the new roof are collapsing. People are screaming, and potentially being crushed, and Robert Bradford (who I was standing next to, and who I was hoping wouldn't realize I was one of the ones who was screaming) is in the process of setting up a lawsuit for the victims of this tragic accident.

      I am unharmed, and am kind of walking away, when I hear a sort of thrashing sound. Behind me, in an area I was just walking past, is a large something that I can't make out. Then it moves, and I can focus on it clearly. It is a large alligator or crocodile that has just crawled out of a waterway. I'm not too concerned with it, as it is several yards away, but it moves directly for me, and seems to be remarkably fast. So I keep putting things between us, but it either swats them away with its tail or its mouth, or it just crawls over the top of low things, and keeps coming after me. Soon I'm in a narrow alleyway, trying to find a way to chimney up the walls, and hoping alligators can't climb walls, calling for help and crying out "Alligator!" At least at one point, I've got my arms wrapped around its jaws, trying to keep it from being able to open or close its mouth.

      Eventually some sort of animal handler comes up and starts interacting with it, and he seems to know what he's doing, and the alligator seems to be shrinking, and turning into some strange sort of alligator/dog hybrid that is now about the size of a beagle, and kind of cute, and still following me around. At this point, our 'train' has finally come, and I've climbed on one of the back cars, and the alligator/dog is on the very last car, still trying to follow me. I'm backing off, but am no longer sure I want to escape the thing. Suddenly it looks like it is trying to go to the bathroom, and it sort of poops on a pile of canned goods, but the poop starts to move. It seems like the thing just gave birth to a bunch of baby alligator/dogs that are all less than an inch long, and almost look like slimy little tadpoles.

      Meanwhile, some woman is trying to get my attention. She looks like Mr. Sturgeon's secretary from the Bruno & Boots movies, and she seems to be in charge around here, and she is going on about that contest I won earlier, and how I have to take responsibility for my prize, and not just walk off like I did, earlier. It turns out I have won some land here in Scotland, and though it is only a small amount of land (I think three houses stand on it) it is enough to make me the smallest and least powerful or influential Lord in the land, which could be slightly cool.

      The problem is, several of the people around us are still mumbling about the small, slightly cute, unjustly picked on red haired girl. The woman snaps out something about how we need to get over it, she's just a Jew, and those of us who were trying to help her are horrified by this, especially since the poor girl is being held in her friend's arms, dying of a combination of the abuse she has received, and a broken heart.

      I am determined to do something about this, and walk away from the lady again, to lay hands on the girl's forehead. I'm not all that great of a person, but I know there have been times in the past that God has used me to heal, when it had nothing to do with me, but just a desire to help someone else. I start praying over the girl, and all her friends join me. We are pointing out how nice she is, and how sweet, and how much she spends her time helping others, and praying for God's healing and blessing over her, while the lady who'd just made the unfriendly comment is arguing that she "didn't mean it that way!"

      By this point, I've kissed the girl's brow, and she seems to be regaining her strength and mass, and is doing better by the minute. She's actually kind of cute, and I'm hoping she might need a boyfriend, but it turns out the reason she was brokenhearted was because she was romantically interested in this short Hispanic kid, and her step-parents wouldn't accept it, which is why they were abusing her and allowing others to do the same. Yup, she was a literal red-headed step-child! Unfortunately, he is backing away, and wants nothing to do with her. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, figuring he may not want her to get beaten anymore, but if that isn't his reason, I'm seriously thinking of giving him a good, solid thrashing!

      About this time, I am distracted by a tanker truck flying by through the air. It has somehow been mounted on a plane or something, and it is some sort of terrorist attack. It is being flown and dropped on a half-distant air field, and we see it dropping down over the horizon, then a loud boom, billows of dust rising, and slowly a mushroom cloud forming. Wherever we are, we are very close to Cinderella's Castle, and it has been bombed as well, and towers are collapsing in flames. There are enemy planes in the sky, and more bombs being dropped.

      Suddenly I find myself facing a classic cartoon-style bomb just floating in the air in front of me, a bizarre, muted ultra-violet orange and green. I'm trying to figure out if it is friend or foe, but eventually realize it is some sort of small personal fighter, waiting for its pilot. There are a lot of dead people around, so I climb on and start to try and get my balance. Steve Koffroth climbs on another next to me, and I steady it (and him) until he's got it under control, then let it go. Two young kids come flying up to under their own power (not using ships or anything) and I am kind of staring at them, until I realize. "You're dead?" I ask them. They nod. It seems they were caught in some of the first blasts. Now their spirits are volunteering to inhabit our space crafts to kind of bring them to life and help to control them, as the pilots who have been trained to fly them are not available, and they were never properly activated.

      So their spirits merge with our crafts, and we grab up some of the odd green and orange machine guns, and fly off to face the enemies. The invaders turn out to be some sort of Oriental people, though I do not know which ones, and they've now got lots of troops running around with machine guns, while our flying missiles seem to have run out of energy, so we're mostly grounded. We find ourselves trapped in a large warehouse-like building with a bunch of the gun wielding enemies, and our weapons don't seem to really work ... or do they? They only seem to shoot tiny, dim beams of light. They seem to cut right through robots, destroying them easily, but seem to make almost no wounds to regular people's heads.

      But slowly I'm noticing something strange. People who are screaming to kill us one second, after I shoot them in the head, are commanding that we be captured ... then released. "What? We can't do th..." BANG! "... Sir, yes sir!" We're somehow turning them to our side, while still having to hide from those who have not yet been turned, who are still shooting at us with machine guns. Again, we're running through warehouses. At one point, somebody opens up fire on me, while I hide behind boxes which are being blown apart, as I try to fly a path through the boxes to reach the next floor, while being shot as little as possible. Very interesting and fun, overall.
    8. …and they were searching for drugs

      by , 08-23-2017 at 10:15 AM
      Morning of August 23, 2017. Wednesday.

      Considering that I neither smoke nor use drugs (even legal medication), this was a rather impersonal dream on some levels, but with the typical preconscious initiation symbolism as since early childhood.

      I discover two large marijuana cigarettes in a drawer, which I am aware belong to my older half-brother Dennis. Completely unlike my waking self mentality, I am actually thinking of smoking both of them (though this is about subliminal dream state revivification rather than having any waking life relevance). Still, when Dennis shows up, I pretend that they should be shared with him. Curiously, he says he does not indulge in such acts anymore.

      For what seems to be a long time, I stand near the end of the Cubitis driveway near Highway Seventeen. It seems to be late at night. I feel very good. I smoke one of the cigarettes, being clearly aware of the odd way the smoke and fire spreads out from it.

      Eventually, a team of at least four men show up during what seems to be the next day. Apparently, they are here to search the house for drugs. The main one, the personified preconscious, whose job is to make me realize I am dreaming and thus should wake (to attend to important biological needs), is a chubby unfamiliar man with a gray beard. My mother is present in some scenes, mostly appearing as she was in the 1970s. I have no recall that she had died in 2002.

      In another scene, the men are in a meeting in the house. I find a large box which contains sweet grass in a few different forms as well as several other herbs, some braided. I consider that they might see the plants as illegal drugs but this is not the case. They know it is sweet grass and even discuss how useful it is.

      In another scene, the preconscious brings out a tackle box from somewhere. He seems to believe that he may find drugs in it (though the real purpose is obviously to get me to think about fishing, which symbolizes activating neural energies to arise from sleep). This angers me somewhat. Still, when he opens it, there are two large globs of stale cat food, though he does not seem to know what it is at first and expresses disgust. I inform him that it is cat food and that the tackle box had not been opened for many years. (As a cat has been validated to be some sort of “guardian” of liminal space as first determined in dreams when I was about five years old, this suggests I am still subliminally attempting to sustain my dream in unusual ways by having supposedly “hidden the cat food for many years” so as to halt a particular shift in consciousness. There is sometimes a subliminal hypnopompic association as well, based on “cats always land on their feet” to downplay the waking start that often includes a falling sensation of which is biological and has no waking life relevance.)

      In one of the last scenes, I decide to go into the bathroom, as I still have a joint in my right pants pocket (though no one has checked me thus far) and I plan to stay in here until they leave (and this is likely an awareness of needing to wake and use the bathroom, but the urge is not yet that dominant). While I am in here, the shadow of the preconscious is cast through a window (which suggests he is closer to coalescing as my emergent consciousness). I stand near a different wall, but I still suspect he is watching me and I start yelling at him about spying on people, telling him I will call the FBI, which he seems to find amusing.

      The emergent consciousness factor shifts back into subliminal reinduction as the preconscious is now clearly in view through another window. He comes into the house again and I consider that they may go through every container in the house no matter how long it takes. Before I see the preconscious inside the house again, I go into a room that is similar to our oldest son’s room in the Barolin Street house. I drop the joint down a vertical opening between the wall boards (at about elbow level) oriented to the right of the room on the north wall. The tip is barely visible. Perhaps they will not find it, but it still seems a possibility. (Note that a wall symbolizes real-time divisions of neural energy patterns and the more defined division between levels of consciousness. This validates the basic real-time subliminal theme of this dream.)

      Getting tired of the presence of the preconscious (and only knowing what his presence indicates at a subliminal level), I stab him numerous times with a dagger (which of course validates subliminal lucidity as this is something I would not even think about consciously in a real-life situation as such unless my life or a family member’s was directly threatened). There is a lot of blood; so much blood that there seems to be more blood than physical volume of his body. Soon, the other officials enter the room and look down casually at the remains. “Well, that didn’t work,” says one male, “He’s still not awake.”

      They perform some sort of ritual to resurrect him. His remains transform into some sort of computer console as from the 1950s though I am aware it is female. The men watch the screen and I see a young version of Zsuzsanna walking around, but what this implies does not fully register. (A computer typically represents increasing neural activity in the waking stage as the unconscious does not possess viable thinking skills). I am not sure if they had intended to change him into a female computer console or not. Maybe it happened randomly, but they do not seem puzzled. They turn dials and study the actions of Zsuzsanna on the monitor. “Neural activity increasing,” says the male watching the console while the other two stand around. There is a list of Hz values on the right, the top one being 22 Hz (supposed intelligence enhancement). (Zsuzsanna was awake at the time in reality and had been walking around in the house.)

      Then…I am in an unknown room at a table in a less vivid offset dream, sitting with most of my dream’s characters. I am drinking grape juice and notice that I have “hidden” the joint in the glass. It illogically remains in a vertical position near one side of the glass. (There may be an association with attempting to drink through a paper straw, which always irritated me in real life.) I tell them that I do not really care much about the taste of what I am drinking and my dream fades. (Almost all of us wake up with a strange flavor in our mouths. Your tongue accumulates a series of bacteria stored overnight.)

    9. Dream - The Evil Sun

      by , 08-23-2017 at 09:17 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 21 AUG

      Dream No. 183 - The Evil Sun

      I don't exactly remember how the dream started. I remember I was doing all these little competitions with random people. If we didn't get out of the hole quick enough, water pressure would hit us and we'd drown. The water was only starting to come up and I thought I'd never be able to get out of the hole, so I gave up. My new strategy was to get my dream guide to save me when it became time for a drowning. I ended up sitting and leaning against the wall of the hole. I felt really scared with the lurking water beneath but then I noticed NN and BB on either side of me, holding me really tightly and securely. They stayed with me until Dreamy WB appeared.

      She had her hair in a high bun, with a casual look about her. I rapidly swam to her and hugged her. I then pulled away from her slightly, to talk to myself, saying that I only had three chances to muck up or I would never escape. I then turned back to Dreamy WB and just quietly assessed her features. She ended up having a really warm and gentle facial expression. I sighed and said to myself “damn it, I shouldn't have said that”. She then gave a chuckle and held up three fingers, as if she was cheekily mocking me. Then she said “Only three? No, you have unlimited chances!”.

      Then the water really started to go up but I found that I could still breathe. As time passes though, I find it harder to breathe, as if the dream has now come to realise the real world principles of suffocation. As I felt I was about to die, I could feel myself being rushed up to the surface by Dreamy WB's energy, she had become invisible again. When I jumped out of the hole, that's when things in the sky started to turn really strange. There was a weird white block in the purple sky, which claimed to be the sun. The sun was supposed to attack me and burn me up as a penalty for escaping the drowning.

      Once I saw it setting some nearby buildings on fire, I knew I had to get away. My family were with me and so I told them we had to get away. I started floating away as quickly as possible in the style of Balloon Mario... I had to go for awhile to get far enough from that sun. I tried going even further but found out that I was actually getting closer to the sun again... So I went back to where I was before. I decided I wanted to seek refuge in a random house on the streets. I thought for some reason that Dreamy WB was going to be inside this house but I wasn't right.

      I knocked on the door and some unknown lady answered, she was equally just as welcoming and friendly. She said that many people come to her house to escape the sun. There was only one room left and so my family would all have to crowd in there. It was suggested there would be two people on the beds and then two people on the floor. That's all I can remember for this dream. I don't know whether I woke up or it continued.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Dream - VCE Takes A Toll

      by , 08-23-2017 at 09:11 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 20 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 182 - VCE Takes A Toll

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was in this weird, unknown, game-like place that was subject to flooding. There was bound to be an invasion of fake Marios that my family and I were preparing for. I was now in my bedroom and I saw the clothes that I was wearing. I was looking to put some runners on so I could easily run away when the invasion happens. I was back at the flooding place and the water was rising fast, so I had to place myself onto a small island.

      The dream scene transitioned to me visiting Killester with my mum. My mum wanted to ask Ms. L of she had a photo of her mum. I then said to myself that it was Wednesday and then I saw the girls pouring out of the year 12 classrooms, carrying musical instruments. One of the girls I remember well was EL, carrying some sort of giant, golden trumpet. I then walked back around the corner to Ms. L's office. She was standing at the front of the door, listing all the families who were struggling, kind of like prayers of intercession. There were a whole list of year 12 families, addressed by surnames, but one was address as “WB's family”. I then sussed out that WB was suffering from huge bouts of major depression. Year 12 was becoming too much for her. I then asked Ms L about the progress of that photo. I have forgotten the rest of the scene.

      In the next scene, I was browsing on Instagram and had a look at WB's page. There was absolutely nothing on it, including no “following” or “followers” numbers. I was than in a deserted mall and saw WB on the other side of a barrier, indeed looking depressed and somewhat angry. I thought that maybe I could break through the barrier and reach her if I could correctly play the “Mario Party DS – Party Mode” theme. A synth keyboard randomly appeared and I started playing it. Before I could finish the song, I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

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    11. Dream - From Bad To Worse & Circular Chainsaw Luigi

      by , 08-23-2017 at 09:05 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 18 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 181 - Separated Sections

      Dream 181 A – From Bad To Worse

      The dream started with me being on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I remember I was late for my year 12 maths SAC and so I was in a rush to get to the multi-purpose room. Along the way, I saying excuse me while I gently push this kid out of the the way. She starts crying really loudly and exclaiming “she touched me!”. I end up turning up to the SAC 10 minutes late. Before I can sit down, Miss C turns up and she doesn't look happy. I am in trouble for what I apparently “did” to the girl. She said “to make it even better, your mum and dad are here”. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 181 B – Circular Chainsaw Luigi
      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. I was at my house and I was looking down the stairs. This huge terrifying state of some circular chainsaw was coming up towards me. I rushed into the sitting room and came back with a blue can of fly spray. I was constantly spraying at the chainsaw until it had transformed to some innocent looking, life-sized Luigi. He comes up the stairs, picks me up and holds me really tightly. As dream time progresses, his energy becomes warmer and I end up sinking into him. There was some reference made to Winnie The Pooh, then I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    12. Dream - Assignment Fame

      by , 08-23-2017 at 09:02 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 17 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 180 - Assignment Fame

      It was yet another company accounting assignment that was given in this dream. My case study was strange because the scenario was actually given with WB's complete name in there! The question stated that she invested $1,000 worth of shares. The other students just had someone called Laura on their assignment paper. Before anyone could notice, I crossed out every instance of her name and replaced it with her initials. I can't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    13. Dream - Hospital Confusion

      by , 08-23-2017 at 08:57 AM
      Date Of Dream: WED 16 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 179 - Hospital Confusion

      For the first part of the dream, I was at some unknown athletic reserve with my family, I forgot what I was doing there. Next we were going to see grandma, from my dad's side, in hospital. Apparently her room was number 611. My parents wanted to ask someone where the room was but I wanted to find it on my own. The doors had heaps of numbers on them but I took a guess as to which was the correct room. I eventually concluded that I couldn't find the room. My parents started walking off and so I ran after them.

      They told me to stand with them on the lookout. I was right not to because it was a lift that shot them up super fast. I stood with my arms folded and a closed mouth smile and then continued to walk off somewhere else. My parents eventually came back down to where I was and told me off for not going with them. We ended up climbing heaps of flights of stairs but never found grandma's room. The dream then shifted to me being at the shops and looking at all these fancy pairs of shoes. This scene was short and I can't remember anything else about the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    14. Dream - A Chaotic Exercise

      by , 08-23-2017 at 08:53 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 15 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 178 - A Chaotic Exercise

      I forgot exactly how the dream started. I remember that I was the same age but was rather back in a primary school class. The teacher was Mrs Brooks, who was my grade 4 teacher in real life. She was quite strict in the dream and the structure of the class felt very tight and controlled. The dream eventually graduated to the current TAFE classes. I forgot what specifically happened in the TAFE scenes. I do remember that TAFE was completely relaxed.

      The dream scene then changed to me walking up the hill towards the Glen Waverley Police Academy. As I was nearing the top of the hill, I was saying to myself “lucid, lucid, lucid”... Like a broken record. I don't end up becoming lucid but strange things do happen. I envision all the things this metal lid can possibly fit on. One of the things I imagine it fitting on it a pig's head, like a helmet. The thought of the lid slowly changed to me having the thought to call for Dreamy WB. She did physically appear in her cute, innocent form of braided hair. I forgot what we did though, I know it was only a very small interaction though.

      Then there was an entire dream segment on the real WB, who had her hair frizzed out in the default afro form. Apparently once a week, she'd fly all the way on a plane, to see her tutor called Doreen. I have forgotten the exact events of that scene. Next, the dream had it so all the year 12 students in 2017 were set to do an oral with every subject. That meant that there were even possibilities for oral presentations occurring in maths or fashion. WB was assigned to do an oral for english, so the dream didn't mess her up.

      The last dream scene took place in my brother's bedroom. The music teacher Mr. H was conducting a band in there, which I was a part of. Apparently I wasn't holding my instrument the correct way. He told me to hold it in some weird position which would only hurt my hand even more. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    15. The mystery of my magically appearing cousins.

      by , 08-23-2017 at 05:46 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Two nights ago:

      - I'm at a theme park. I try out the roller coaster, and it isn't particularly safe. (IRL, I absolutely love roller coasters.)
      - I was trying to break into a place with some other people (no idea why). We ended up having to flee and were almost caught. Felt very frustrated for whatever reason.
      - Me, a girl, a friend, and the Pokemon Shaymin have to work around an evil person. My dream journal also reads "Shaymin isn't real get w/blue goo." I guess my mind at like 2 AM isn't particularly coherent.
      - A very cool, highly attractive magical lady was walking nearby me. She had the ability to teleport, and was walking barefoot in the snow. Her skin was pale, I think she had red hair, and her nails and toenails were painted pink. I think that she smiled at me, but I can't remember too well. I was very infatuated with her, though, thinking that I wanted to give her a massage or something to that effect!

      Last night:
      - I went to a large gym or auditorium of some sort. It almost looked like a large church. There was a presentation and show of some sort, possibly a concert, and a crappily done romantic overlay to the whole thing -- as in, I think they had very obviously fake candles. After it was over, Mom, my sister, my cousin, and I were in a car. We were missing my brother, and we were getting frustrated because the rest of our family had already left in their carpools and we wanted to head...somewhere (?) too. But then my grandma showed up, and my brother came to the car a few minutes later. We only had one spare seat, so turns out, somebody in our family had left with an empty seat and messed up our carpool system.

      We tried to squeeze them in. The car somehow changed from having 5 seats to having 8 (3 rows of seats), but there still weren't seats for my brother or grandma. Instead, more of my cousins (and some people I didn't know) had sorta magically materialized into the extra seats.

      Weird, huh? :O
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