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    1. Dream characters told me I was dreaming

      by , 08-26-2017 at 10:52 PM
      My brother was playing Metroid Fusion and ended up breaking the SNES controller, I go around the house and they tell me the year is 1804(or something like that) not 2017 and I traveled and alternate reality, I go around the house and they show me that there are other people in a part of the house that other residents stuff, they try to teach me techniques and stuff and show me some chalky magic rocks to use against the forbidden residents, and they think I know kung fu but I don't. I get frustrated and go to the forbidden residents and the other residents discuss with them, I ask them what's all the fuzz about, and they told this is a dream.
    2. The Joker and The Kid

      by , 08-26-2017 at 08:23 PM
      2am-8am: 1 Dream Forgotten, 1 LD
      9am-3pm: 1 LD Forgotten

      August 24
      Afternoon around my current home, I didnít walk outside but rather the dream started with me outside around the right of the house. I was searching around for a peculiar noise, the sound of a child crying/small screams, and it seemed to be coming from our storage area or the back right from the house. I looked around and pushed up the tarps, trying to see inside but couldnít actually make out anything and instead got frightened by someone sneaking up or not sneaking but I wasnít paying attention enough to acknowledge their presence. The person that startled me looked like a mix between the comics and batman game versions of the joker. I regarded him as the joker and to me it seemed to be him because I did feel certain uneasiness around him, I had trouble looking up into his face due to my slight fear and instead I mentioned the sounds to him. He kind of laughed it off and said something to make me walk away and stop worrying about it, but then he just nudged me a bit and half commented and half said that I was scared of him as a question. I just looked down and shuffled away, I felt uncomfortable but I did say no in a quiet voice before jogging away and to the left side of the house. Here I walked fast near the front and just as I was going to turn the corner to be at the front of the house, I saw him just appear with a grin and it scared me so much that I think I might have had a heart attack had it not been a dream. It was the way he suddenly appeared at the corner that made me think he probably didnít run or walk there, but I had no evidence to suggest he was capable of anything else. So he of course confirmed that I was scared of him, if only slightly, with a laugh and a stretched smile. Next I took a tumble and ended up on the ground on my stomach, he plopped down and tried to lay down on me but I rolled over and quickly got up. His remark about my comfort made me want to get away from him, but instead of going inside I walked out front a bit more till I could see the cul-de-sac and the road leading into it and past it. On that road I saw some bikers drive by, I had the knowledge that they had been up to no good and were taking a body to be dumped down at the end of our neighborhood. Even though they were far away, I got the feeling they had seen us, us because the joker had walked up behind me and was peering over my shoulder which was wasnít really peering but more leering as he stood a great bit taller than myself. Anyway I backed up and turned away, I was worried theyíd be coming over here and I didnít know what to do because I knew they had seen us now and would be coming. Once they were there or where we were, I just wanted to run away but the joker said something along the lines of expecting them and then he started the fight so I kind of had to help then. I dodged what I assumed were bullets because I heard the firing, but once I got in front of a guy to take his gun and I heard the gunfire but didnít feel anything. I finally realized they werenít shooting, they were sounding out something that was meant to be scary or maybe they had been trying to fire but their weapons jammed? Anyway I grabbed the guysí gun and beat him in the face with it, he stumbled back and I fired but saw nothing was happening so I ran. My feet carried me to the right of the storage area where our car was parked, I saw a man stuffing wooden pieces into the car door handle and then backing away. I knew that they were explosives so I pulled them out and started berating the man for trying to blow up our car, a car weíd had for many years. I just started going off about how old the car was and how practically nobody has these cars anymore, I could tell it was working because he was hesitant to use more explosives and he had a guilty look on his face. (Itís a 1986 Volkswagen Diesel for those wishing to know) Finally the other men came over and stopped fighting, the joker was nowhere to be seen, I did continue to talk about how old the car was and the leader seemed impressed with this. Somehow in this moment I knew I was dreaming and thought I should get away, but when I started to back up and run he turned back and everyone started firing at me again, but they did leave the car alone, I rushed away and over to the shed. Went inside and it changed settings to be a store, I was in an isle of magazines and on the floor I saw a bug. I waited until it moved and then I jumped up and held until it moved away, placed my feet back on the floor and did it again and again until I got out of that isle. The register had some food near it, huge 10in. French toast sliced diagonally and smells of cinnamon. I took one and said it needed more seasoning, which it was too much bread for the little amount of cinnamon and sugar but I was going to pay anyway. I was of course until I noticed I had no money, so I said Iíd be back and I went out the front door of the store which lead me into a trailer and out of the trailer I was now to the left of the shed. I ran to the house and inside I went to momís blue pack where I got some money and told my two brothers who were on their computers that I was going to buy them some sandwiches. They just nodded and said okay, and then I went outside but got distracted by rooster crowing coming from the right. Just out front of the house were the two bardrock roosters running from something in the woods, I then saw an all white cat with blue or green eyes? Chasing them and it chased them right in front of the house where it stopped and growled at them. I watched for a bit and then walked to the shed where I woke up.
    3. Mental Hospital, Negociations & Hooded Man encounter

      by , 08-26-2017 at 06:19 PM (Ereos)
      I was in some sort of abandonned neighborhood in a big city, likely the one east to the Capital. I was in an abandonned building that looked like a mental hospital and as I was going through it at some point I heard some woman screaming, it was pretty creepy.


      I was at a negociation table with some woman and the president of New Russia of the innerworld, it was indeed Vladimir Putin as well.
      We were talking about the course of action to take, shall there ever be any more problems with the Hooded Man.
      His opinion was pretty clear, he said: "Should there ever be any problems with this fellow, we WILL launch nukes towards the Farlands."

      Then I got out of there and reviewed the transcript, and then did some paperwork.
      Much later I got home, it was night-time and no lights on but I just wanted to rest so I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes.


      I was on my PC and it was acting pretty weird, in the sense that often my mouse's sensitivity would just slow down.
      I thought it was my mouse pad that was dirty or something and I kept cleaning the optical sensor of my mouse of dust by giving it a little finger twist, but nope, still glitching a bit.
      Eventually the computer gets more and more glitchy, and my mouse moves by itself...yep I am being hacked for sure.
      I go to the task manager and disable every startup item that looks suspicious and then I restart my PC.


      In was in the primary school of Monroe and I was in some room alone with some kid, she wanted to watch some cartoons so I grab a random casette and put it into the casette player.
      By the looks of it, it looks like a translated version of an old soviet cartoon from the outerworld.

      But then...I get a vision, I look right at the doorway and for a split second I see the Hooded Man. I was quite shocked and confused by this, I paused for maybe 10-20 seconds to think up about it, but then I realized what this might mean, I had to act, something was about to happen.

      I rushed out of my seat and right out the room, I also told the kid to stay in this room.
      I go through the hallways, looking for him, I know he was near, I was sure of it.
      Right as I went outside, I notice that there are a bunch of kids outside, I think I notice Hermoine in there too but she wasn't a kid she was pretty much my age.
      Suddenly it was getting pretty dark, and with my very rushed attitude at finding the Hooded Man, I spread quite a bit of confusion and fear actually.

      Then everyone starts to panic a little bit, everyone starts to seek shelter, it gets even darker and in the distance I can hear tons of police sirens going our way. Yep, something is definitely wrong.
      I escort a bunch of kids behind one of the buildings, as I am done doing that, I just grab my pistol and walk back towards I sense the Hooded Man the most.

      And then there he is, just appearing in a mist of dark clouds in the center of the school's yard.
      Only I, along with Hermoine and a few other people with magic abilities dare to approach him, I was so furious and angry at him.
      Before he could even say anything, I just aimed my pistol right at his head and shot several bullets, just to get it out of my system.
      It didn't seem to do much aside from him recoiling his head a tiny bit, a bit of dark smoke emitted from the bullet holes but it "regenerated" kinda.

      "Urgh, you're all ungrateful, all rats fleeing from one sinking ship to the next." he said in his extremely dark and terrifying voice.
      At this point I was so in rage that I just unvoluntarily turned into a dragon and just charged and jumped straight at him.
      However I passed right through him and he created a big hole where he was standing. I lost balance a little bit and fell right into the hole, this hole was dark and pretty scary, I could see some sort of dark light at the end of it, and I could hear from the very bottom of it plenty of voices, all of which seems under intense torture.
      I grabbed on to a wall with my claws to not completly fall in there. I heard Hermoine yelling at me: "Don't fall in there! Those are the depths of hell!"
      And looking right at it, yeah...it does seem pretty hellish indeed, I kinda struggled to go back up but as I was climbing back up I barely dodge a very huge dark magic sword, "What the hell? His sword can be huge now?" I thought to myself.

      His sword was going all over the place and was about to hit me any moment, I quickly look down and see some kind of platform where I can avoid his sword, I quickly go down there and barely escape his huge sword once again.
      I start to see rising from the very depths of this hole plenty of shadow demons, and just when things were getting scary, I heard Hermoine yelling some kind of spell.
      Suddenly, a big flash...and it's all over, still in this hole, but no more shadow demons, no more fire all around, and no more Hooded Man.

      I finally climb back up, kinda shaken by all of this, still a dragon, I think I surprise some of the kids but they ain't really scared anymore.
      Hermoine tells me she just used a spell to make the Hooded Man temporarily dissapear, this does not kill him, nor neutralize him, but it can get rid of him.


      False awakening in my bed, I think I saw the barriers I created a little bit but did not lucid as I managed to get through by forcing it a little bit, I just thought: "Huh, odd."
      I got out of bed and noticed that plenty of lamps in my bedroom were on for some reason, so I turned 'em all off and went downstairs.
    4. YES two hazy lucid dreams, a third pseudo-lucid, and a few others!

      by , 08-26-2017 at 04:14 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I need to remember to update my LD count on my profile.

      So last night was exceptionally memorable for whatever reason, and I also was privileged to wake up a lot in order to write them down, but was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly. It's a shame that college is starting up again so soon. Don't get me wrong, I love college, but it's hard to get enough sleep.

      This time, though, it's going to happen. I will figure out a way!

      Okay so last night's dreams:

      Dream 1: A new romance novel is coming out. A middle-aged lady (pale skin, black hair) of about 45 falls in love with like a 23 year old man. She decides to cast a spell to make him a bit older, but only by 2 or 3 years. Hmmm. Non-lucid.

      Dream 2: Non-lucid. I was in some sort of park or playground, by a large open entrance to what looked like a sewer. There was a guy there with superpowers, and a group of friends. I was standing by the sewer entrance, and there were tons of flies and rats. The rats were slowly being driven insane by the contamination of the sewer.

      I watched one panicked rat as it was slowly devoured by the flies. As the illness started to take control of its mind, its eyes started to turn hostile looking. Now, I think that rats are kinda cute IRL, but in that dream I completely flipped out. Turns out, I can fly, so I do, towards the group of people and away from the rats and flies. ._. Someone in the group of friends "fell asleep to see if we truly cared" - I don't recall that though; it's just in my dream journal.

      I also think that I was someone else in that dream, or had a different appearance. This doesn't happen to me too often.

      Dream 3: I became lucid a short while into a dream where some of the people were anime characters and the rest of the people were normal. A friend from college (Dylan) was there - not in anime form though; he looked normal. I got really excited and asked him if he knew that we were in a dream. He said something along the lines of "Well yeah. You know not everything is real right?" And I said "Yep!" and went to the kitchen for some reason. :') Lots of anime people all around~! I think I asked some other people about that as well.

      There was a vending machine by the kitchen, and my mom was there, getting me milk and apple juice. Why, when I am a fully grown adult? I have no idea. But for some reason, I'm getting really annoyed because my mom got like 3 apple juices and 1 milk, but I wanted more milk than that. I was getting confused because I looked inside the vending machine, but the milk was completely gone. I think that this might have been either part of another dream, or my lucidity had faded by this point.

      Dream 4: In another dream, I think I was trying to sleep in some room, protecting myself from spiders and a bear in another room by putting blankets and stuff under my bed so that way the blankets would deter them (underneath my bed, a hole in the wall led to another room where the bear and spiders dwelt). Weird stuff. Non-lucid.

      Dream 5: I was going to be sold into slavery, but I didn't care because I quickly realized that I was in a dream. Randomly. It's weird; I didn't do an RC or have any dream signs or anything. I just knew. I realized that I wasn't wearing any shoes, so I made some appear. They were black and another color; I don't remember which though. A lady led us into a room, into a spaceship or something that was supposed to take us to the place where we would be enslaved. I was there with a bunch of girls and only a few guys. Tess (my tulpa!) was flirting with me and hitting on me, and other girls were there too occasionally taking part. We were all in a really good mood and I think it's because I knew it was a dream. :')

      Dream 6: A split second dream. Tess and I were in front of a revolving door at some mall. I was lucid during this time, but then I woke up before I could do anything.
    5. A dream

      by , 08-26-2017 at 03:03 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was close to finishing an overnight shift. Me and G were outside doing something with a large sign. We tried putting it up but it was too tall. There was a large black pole I couldn't even wrap my hands around. I told G that it's unsafe for me to climb. He was standing on some part of it and I told him to get down. He seemed frustrated by that.

      Dream flashes around when I'm done my shift. K is inside and is supposed to give me a ride. I'm outside sitting somewhere having a smoke. C from the other store I used to work at and what looked like her sister walked by and I said "hello,". C touched my shoulder and said, "Meet me back outside but wash your hands first,". I thought it was weird she would touch my shoulder. I go inside and wash my hands and go out the same door. I'm having another smoke. I am looking around the parking lot waiting for her but she is nowhere.

      I eventually walk around the other end of the parking lot and spot C still sitting inside wearing some jacket. I knock on the glass and wave. She comes out with her friend that looks like some other girl from the north store, but when I go to say hi to that girl she looks like someone else. There are these weird bumps by parking stalls that we sit on. She hands me some really old paperback book on grammar. She pulls out some dictionary and starts reading it. For a second I think of bringing up the Carlos Castaneda books, that if taken as a spiritual science fiction makes for an interesting world to delve into.

      I am truly puzzled why she would ask me outside to just look at one of her books. I realize it's been quite a while since I've seen her so I ask her how things have been. She says fine , rather quickly and abruptly. Not wanting to talk. Okay, so I just stare at her for a moment. She looks briefly annoyed by that and goes down to her book. I am getting flustered at this point. She doesn't want to talk or catch up, or interact in any way. I am about to leave and find K for my ride home because I am rather bored when I wake up.
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      non-lucid , memorable