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    1. Poor Folks Home

      by , 08-28-2017 at 08:23 PM
      August 28
      Old home backyard, in new area with little hovels and David and I get one together and mom and Christian get the other beside ours. He had to go donate tomorrow so we I was making food for him and I chose rice, beets, chicken, carrots, something mashed, mashed sweet potatoes? There was leftover chicken with the mashed food in a pot that I just had to heat up, and then in another container were leftover carrots and beets which I threw into the pot. I remember cooking up some fresh chicken though; perhaps before I knew that I had leftover foods in the refrigerator? The rice I did separately in a much smaller pot and only did enough for one, afterwards I remember thinking why had I not done enough for myself but decided not to go cook more. I used a small two burner portable stove of the like we had at home, I considered using the small burner but wen t with the big one for it all. Mom came in and said she was making something with high protein, meat, pork? But I said I was already doing that so she left. The place had two beds and tons of junk around, just wood planks leaned up against the walls and the roof was a low pitched top of all wood and straw? It was nighttime, a guy came in the start showed us we could live here but I forgot or was not given the reason why.
      non-lucid , dream fragment