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    1. Crafting Rose, Woman, From Moon to Antartica

      by , 08-31-2017 at 10:06 PM
      Dream 1-Crafting Rose

      Read someone's dream journal who highlighted in blue, black and red. According to the entry they prepared for a lucid with a routine, had weed for a hour than went to sleep and met with a dc that caught their attention.

      I was crafting a pink rose with green and pink color paper but than removed the top rose to create a rose bud using loose leaf. It didn't stick well though.

      Dream 2-Woman
      I became lucid inside my old home. After thinking and looking out the window, I decided to go out but I saw it was dark outside. After looking away for a bit than turning back I saw it was light outside but slightly dim as if it was after the sun had set. I didn't mind it so I left the house anticipating what I would come across. But after walking down the steps and looking in the distance after turning to the right, I saw a field that looked like Dawn's barrier. It turned into a woman though when I started to fear my thoughts.

      The woman in a light blue glittering dress chased me by teleporting and swung a knife at me while a blonde girl appeared and tried attacking me from the opposite direction. "Fight each other instead!"I shouted. I than manipulated the girl to bump into the woman.When they bumped into each other...for a sec it looked like the woman changed to a cherub... but im not sure. What followed was that the woman became a teen girl and walked with the other girl. "You won't be needing this. Let me hold it for you"I said than took the knife away effortlessly. The girls didnt mind and went on their way after that.

      Dream 3-From Moon to Antarctica

      I was looking at a live video of the moon with someone. We were talking about how cool it was when suddenly as it rotated Antarctica began to show up. "Look at its lines that show the icy water" replied the other person. "Yep, that's Antarctica"I replied. Suddenly I felt like I was being pulled within the video and ended up in a tiny black jeep in Antarctica at night while a blizzard began to push me around.

      "I'm dreaming and it's snowing ~"I said happily than drove around a bit till I decided to hover around. The wind ended up pushing me to the ground so I rolled playfully than began hovering again. "I wonder if Dawn will save me"I thought jokingly than looked to the distance to see shining lights that made me think there was a night city present.
      But than something happened that I cant recall.

      After whatever happened, happened, I somehow ended up in a island where there was a beach and people throwing bottles at Delphino characters from mario sunshine near the plaza. I ended up throwing a bottle too but left. . I than found Dawn afterwards who told me to follow him into a ruin colored purple and black.

      He went too fast at one point and I lost him but I continued till I found him again. Once we reached the outside though he walked into a crowd of people near a community garden. I found a annoying dc on a bench after that and ended up deforming him with my hands till he looked like poe from zelda. I regretted it afterwards but eh.

      Last thing that happened was I ended up in a room where a person asked who I was.

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    2. Trying to take revenge I guessthursday 24th 2017

      by , 08-31-2017 at 09:26 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Hunting me down!

      I was home with my husband and we were talking about something important but pretty much forgot about it by now. Got lucid and was trying to convince him of going to crazy adventures with me, but he was refusing.
      Mostly due to the fact that he was sensing some kind of tremor. Eventually some kind of wood creature showed up, which I knew from another world.
      Educated him about the biology of this creature when another group of people I knew from other planets came by… where they trying to hunt me down? The tree would use its root to try and steal my energy while the others were mostly trying to stop my movements.

      Used a fire around me and shot it around, they flew a bit higher and thrust their spears at me, fly down and then hit the tree, which goes underground. Use the flying rocks to pierce the ones flying and then set the ground on fire, but the tree thingy sticks its roots at me to try and steal my energy, so make the rocks so hot that they become molten lava and the poor tree starts to burn slowly. YAY!
      Try to talk to him again about going out, but can feel I am about to wake up and give up on it, just teleport to a random mountain and stay there until the dream ends.
    3. No Cheating

      by , 08-31-2017 at 05:59 PM
      Tried to go straight into a WILD induction without meditating first. No bueno. One must actually sit and get into a deep meditative state before retiring to sleep. I remember having dreams about elementary school again.
    4. The car and the slums

      by , 08-31-2017 at 05:32 PM
      August 30 1am-9am
      Not sure where but nighttime around a car and a guy comes out of it to speak to us, mom, myself, and David, he says something about needing something a room or something for his car. Then he takes a look at me and grabs my arm, I think we were near a building because he dragged me to a corner area and spoke to me. I don’t remember the words but I do know that I got away and went to a mirror, old home bathroom mirror, to see my face. I had longer hair and although curly it grew down more instead of up like an afro, it had looser curls and was still dark brown but it went down to stop just above my shoulders. For a brief moment I knew it wasn’t my real hair but I didn’t think on that anymore and instead ran off again to a new setting. A much darker setting, someplace in the poorer neighborhoods or slums, the buildings were tall and all too close. There was one streetlight that illuminated the wet and muddy streets with a yellow glow and sometimes flickered but not often enough for inspection, I was following a lady in a long green dress. Her hair was done up as a light brown bun with hair hanging out around her face, I followed her up some stairs where we both looked down into the street we had once been. It was so dark we didn’t see a man sneaking up behind us until he stepped out into the light, but as he did someone cracked something and his hand or rather the top part of his hand flew off in a bloody mess. It dropped to the ground and he also dropped down in shock I suppose, the top part of his hand rolled near something that lit up very fast and started flashing. It was a lower part of one of the buildings, a box was there and the inside was what lit up in blinking dim orange light. On the front of the box was a cut out face of someone, of who I don’t remember. I also don’t remember much after that.
    5. Escaping death to friends

      by , 08-31-2017 at 05:30 PM
      August 29
      6am-9am LD

      It started in the afternoon in a gun shop, this shop was somewhere I didn’t even know of but I did know I was there to get some ammunition for some guns I had. The desk was empty, so I spent some time shooting at the targets behind me that was on a practice area with the cutouts at the end of a closed space. I used a pistol for this and I was quite shit at it, in fact I’m fairly certain I wasn’t aiming at all because I kept hitting around the stomach and more on the shoulders. Once my cutout was pulled back, I hopped over the small fence keeping me at a certain range and shot right in front of it, then I walked to the right and shot at another one somebody else was trying to use. After a bit of the two of us trying to hit it better, I stopped and went up to the counter. The man who owned the place was there now and I told him I needed ammunition, he commented on my lack of weapons and I felt bad when I said I should have brought them but they were back at my house. Another man came into the building and said some stuff about my weapons, how I shouldn’t have left them at home and then I had to go with him.

      Once we got into the car I noticed ropes tied on me, it was a strange way they were tied though because one was tried around my index or middle finger on my left hand then one around my ankle with a rock. I knew I was meant to be thrown in a river and drowned, like an unwanted cat except without the bag and the reason for this was something to do with the weapons at home. Although the reason for my death seemed strange, I accepted it without tears and knew it had to be done and I was to do nothing to try and escape. So I sat in the car as he got into the passenger’s seat and told the driver to go to the river, I was in the back seat with another guy to the left near the window. Once the car started driving, I looked down and notice my ropes were very loosely tied and I could slip the one off my finger very easily, but I kept it on and looked out the window.

      Outside we passed a built up area which seemed to be the middle of a city, with tall buildings and the kind you know are just fancy inside with their flashing signs inviting you to either come in or throw up from the nauseating display. They all had a bit of the same exterior colour scheme though, white or beige and the buildings were close together as though hugging eachother to stay safe from whatever kinds of people they admitted. Past this though we entered into a western area, like one of those reenactment areas with people dressed up the same and some tourists wandering about. We kept driving past that though and ended up going past a middle aged lady who called out to me as we went by, I had a brief moment of wondering who she was but then I realized it didn’t matter because I’d find out soon enough. The sound of brakes, the slowing of the car, and the dying rumbles as it finally stopped clued me in as to what was going to happen. The guy in the passenger’s seat got out and opened my door, using his body to block the Lady’s view; he then cut my ropes and pulled out a box of shoes without the lid from under his seat. I grabbed then and leaned on the car as I put on the ugly red heels; they weren’t even that high up but had a heel around two inches so I guess it counts. The end was pointed and they were a bit hard to get on at first but then my heel slipped in smoothly and I straightened up, putting on a smile as I knew it was all to pretend I was not about to die. (Note somewhere between here and once again later on I knew I was dreaming, this is why I then tried to escape. Though I’m not sure if I was still lucid or I lost it while focusing on escaping.)

      The man stayed by the car but leaning against the open door and watching me, I knew at this point I wanted to run and I was going to run but I needed a witness. I knew I needed a witness so if they tried to take me someone would stop them. So I went up to the lady and almost toppled onto of her because of the shoes, luckily she caught me by the arm and I said hi. I found it funny that I was taller than her, looking like I was 6ft and she barely 5ft. I did try to fix this by closing my eyes and trying to think about the height difference but it kept making me taller and then shorter, so I just took the lady by the arm and told her about what was happening and then I walked away from the car with her. We didn’t get too far before I made a run for the western recreated area, I didn’t look back because if I did my fears might have them right behind me. I reached the middle of the western area and stopped, I saw a phone on the ground and I remembered in waking life mine was broken so it would be to my advantage to just pick this one up if someone lost it, I knew I could just reset the phone and use it as my own. The phone back was purple with a silver fade below, I looked around before picking it up but somehow thought the woman next to me with a phone of her own wouldn’t care. I was wrong and she berated me for picking it up, in the time it took for her to do so another woman came along and tell me it wasn’t mine and how I shouldn’t take it. But by that time I had started running, with the second lady running after me and I didn’t exactly know where to go but I figured one of those fancy building would be a safe place to hide. I ran all the way back to the built up area and chose a door with more of a welcoming nature around it, made of wood and some flowers were around the place.

      Inside this area were many rooms and hallways, I chose one room where women were inside reading magazines, I quickly closed the door behind me and locked it in hopes she would just give up. A woman inside was suspicious and asked about the phone, I said it was mine and saw the phone had images from a teens life on it and I tried to find the reset button but couldn’t in time. The lady at the door demanded I open up and give her the phone, at this point I was feeling kind of guilty and bad for taking what wasn’t mine even though I really wanted a new phone because mine was broken. I opened the door, avoided her poorly thrown punch and handed her the phone with instructions of to place it back on the ground at the western area. She looked like a high school student mixed with a tourist, jacket and pants short sleeved shirt ponytail with black hair and rounded face. The women inside looked like the old librarians you image to work behind the desk, sweaters with turtleneck collars and wide brimmed pant legs that swish about when they walk as the tell you to be quiet in the library, their practically flat heeled shoes with the squared end and one décor on top to add to the dull brown of the whole outfit colour scheme. I left that room and went into one that looked like a dining area, with a lighter colour scheme like floating and a light green with white, more of a floral place really and I imagine it would smell like flowers were I to smell it. I didn’t stop to dine and instead went out the back door to this new area? It led me to more of outdoor and partial indoor gardens.

      I went to the outdoor part of the gardens and walked around to a secluded part of the place, there I just stood and faced the wall, I just felt really bad for attempting to steal someone else’s phone and I was about to cry when an older guy came up behind me and gave me a comforting hug. (The other time I was reminded I was dreaming) I guess I really needed that because it made me smile and although I thought it was going someplace else, I noticed it was just a friendly hug so I pulled back and asked if he wanted to go to wonderland with me. He didn’t get time to respond because I walked backwards into an empty room and pulled the doors closed as I did so. I waited a second after they closed to open them again and I saw a new area with the sun seeming to hang lower and I guess suggesting the day was almost at an end. I walked out and examined the area, I saw a nice Victorian house with a pale pink and faded walling, a nice cut lawn of grass that stretched for quite a while before being surrounded by trees, a lady dressed in the proper Victorian garb was sitting on a swaying bench by the side of the house and reading a book. Walking around to the front of the house, I suddenly saw two girls rushing toward me with a frilly underskirt dangling between them and great smiles upon their faces as they chased after me. I tried to run away, not knowing there intention this was an appropriate response, but I tripped and fell on my wide pants. They helped me up and started fitting the skirt over my head, one said to always keep my arms up and I did so but when the skirt reached my chest I saw my arms were trapped under it. The other one commented on how I should have kept my arms up and I bickered with them about how I had, once they finally got the skirt on I felt ridiculous and walked quickly toward the house as they ran off to play or do something. Inside I met Depp’s version of the Hatter and even though I don’t remember much I’m sure it went something along the lines of us running through the house for a silly reason. The last thing of the dream I remember is when darkness had fallen and there are huge dog beast things attacking myself and The Hatter, we fought them off. Him with a sword and I with a broomstick, I still had the skirt on, but I also had powers from a game I’d been playing recently called Crysis. I had the super speed boosts and strength jump ability which I used on the last beast to jump up and whack it on the nose, sadly it smacked me out of the way and onto the ground where I sat back and watched The Hatter finish him off with blows to the stomach. That’s all I remember, oh and also before I woke up he helped me back onto my feet.
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    6. Log 853 - August 2017 TOTM Bonus Task

      by , 08-31-2017 at 03:30 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 30 August 2017

      I've a series of WILDs from yesterday morning to note. There's also some non-LD portions between these, though I've only a vague recollection of them at the moment.

      Spoiler for It's a long one.:

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of being in a mansion, or even a castle. Later, I pass a security checkpoint, where some guy was looking to pick a fight.

      Dream 1 - August 2017 TOTM Bonus Task - Take One

      WILD transition in bed. After fighting exhaustion, I roll off bed and into the Void. As usual, I repeatedly went back and forth between getting warped to bed then falling off. Seems a crease on my covers bothered me IRL, which kept me from a more complete transition.

      Anyway, during one of my descents, I was contacted by an impish female voice taunting my efforts. I flew here and there to look for her, only to get swung around by an unseen force.

      Later on, I take a stroll around the house. I go upstairs then back down, when I'm suddenly accosted by a large brown rat in the middle of the stairway. I tried bashing it, but missed completely. In fact, this left me so exposed, that the rodent ran behind me and bit my, uh, behind. I awakened for a few seconds, all due to that aforementioned discomfort from the blanket crease, then returned.

      More rolling and another walk around in my (poorly lit) home. Once at the front door, I remembered some TOTMs, thinking the emotion one would be a good fit. So, I muster as much anger as I could, hoping this would result in flashy fireworks. Instead, I just get warped in bed. I try this again and again in place for the next few minutes, and even yelled as loud as I could, though it seemed I woulda pop a (in-dream) blood vessel before getting anything worthwhile.

      I soon stirred awake. Five minute interlude before the next dream.

      Dream 2 - August 2017 TOTM Bonus Task - Take Two

      Scene 1 - Calm Quake
      Another WILD transition in bed. After rolling on and off to the Void a few more times, I gain enough sense to fly around the room, if with my eyes closed. I overheard mom bargin in, where she complained about making a trip.

      Repeat warps to bed and the Void, before I could walk around my unlit home. For some reason, I think to do some poor impressions of Bruce Lee. I shadowbox my way into the kitchen. Most of my housemates were gathered around there in the dark. I ignored them in favor of another go at the TOTM. Like before, I focus on rage, only to warp back in bed immediately.

      I then get up to do similar feaux martial arts techniques on the front door, only this time, I imitate Kenshiro's Hokuto Shin Ken. I batter the door with inhumanly fast punches, creating numerous dents on it and its frame. But, within seconds, these fixtures repaired themselves good as new. Think environment regeneration in video games.

      After that, I tried the TOTM yet again, only this time, I chose to evoke deep calm. Just a few deep breaths was all it took to achieve a state similar to that after prolonged meditation. Just then, great tremors rattled my surroundings, these quakes becoming more intense the longer I continued the trance. I lost focus 15 seconds later, whereupon I was warped in bed yet again.

      More walking around in the dark. I approached the sliding door to the backyard, and was curious to try as before. As I concentrated, I found myself trembling involuntarily with an influx of energy. With a gesture, I "hurled" this invisible force to the wall. A metallic clang sounded, though there was no other obvious effect.

      Cue transition seconds later.

      Scene 2 - Winter Forest Trek
      The visuals were clear. I was in a snowy conifer forest during a grey day, the air laden with chilling vapors. As I looked on in wonder, an Englishman made narration of dream itself. Humorous, I thought, as I knew it was just me doing as such unconsciously. Anyway, I soon noticed a cloaked figure running in the distance, so I hovered in for a closer look. This was a slight, light skinned woman with auburn-red hair. She donned a green cloak, hood down, which itself partially concealed a set of brigandine armor. A warrior, perhaps?

      I decided to follow her, choosing to go on foot as well so as not to startle her too much. A good quarter mile went past, yet she either didn't notice or refused to acknowledge me. So I just asked her outright who she was and what she was doing.

      "Be gone", huffs the woman, "you needn't concern yourself with my affairs."

      Before I could utter another word, the lady dodged into nearby thickets, and I lost track of her completely. Ah, well.

      The weather grew intolerably cold. After a bit of trudging (completely forgetting I could fly), I find the remnants of a dirt road. I continued along it for a while, when a dark brown light horse clopped in from behind, saddled and ready for riding. Well, that's some relief. I climbed on, only to acknowledge I'd never actually learned how to ride such a beast. "Can't be that hard, right?", I thought. How wrong I was. On gently pulling back the reigns, the animal suddenly bucked violently. I'm thrown meters ahead of it, and land chin-first onto the icy dirt. Certainly, this would have been lethal in reality! At the very least, I was able to guide the animal on foot.

      Not too far off was a small outpost of a kind. Two men were there, both having light brown hair and beards. One was seated at a desk inexplicably out in the open, while the other was attending to two horses of his own. Guessed they could be of help. I asked the latter the basics of horse riding. It seemed the fellow was especially knowledgeable on such. Perhaps too knowledgeable, as he preferred to delve into the "science" of equestrianism rather than anything practical at the time. I contended that the "controls" (for lack of a better world at the time) likely weren't as complicated as he made it out, though he disagreed, and continued the rant. Meanwhile, the other man tried interjecting with a few tips, though his comments were completely drowned out by the bickering.

      It was around then that I realized I was practically squabbling with myself. One confusing thought lead to another, and I awakened promptly.

      Spoiler for Media References:

      Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken, the Hokuto Shin Ken Technique imitated above:

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    7. LD 96 - Super Bike (From 14.7.17 )

      by , 08-31-2017 at 03:25 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      At my old school in my hometown. Teacher missing, classroom outside? Iiro trying to sleep, he ignored me and I got mad. After some yelling I left. Old school buddies biking around. Awareness slowly rising. Got to my bike, unlocked it and left. I was almost sure this was a dream. I tossed the heavy bike lock at a car driving by. It left no dent in the glass. Yeah, dreaming. I hopped on the road and imagined my bike having a rocket behind it. Successfully rocket boosted forward. Car was coming my way, I decided that my bike was an indestructible laser blade that could cleave that car in half. Well, I phased through without harming it. Disappointed, I tried again with the next car. My bike cleaved the front half cleanly in two. I phased into the car and talked with the two guys. Gay couple, it turned out. Lucidity started to fade as my mind wandered. The chat with the gays made me visualize South Park games and my kitchen. I moved stuff with my mind in the kitchen, then the dream ended.
    8. My family moved | My birthday party

      by , 08-31-2017 at 11:53 AM
      I had two dreams last night. I'm working to get LDs, but didn't get any this time. It's only natural, since I only just got my motivation truly back. Here are the dreams:

      1# My family moved back to a certain house (not a house I have lived IRL). I did not like it at all. It was a detached house, but it wasn't done yet. It's yard had sand and not grass and stuff. The house was yellow. It was a little dark inside because it didn't have that many windows. It's roof was very low. It was weird and uncomfortable. I didn't like the houses location. Other houses weren't very close and there was a lot of long grass outside. It was like if the house wasI on a beach or something. I tried to imagine normal daily life in that house, but it was hard. I didn't think I could enjoy it. There was also something about the area that bothered me. Two guys were killed within nine days (I don't know what the "within nine days" meant but that's what I was told in the dream). It had something to do with a company that my dad was working for in the dream. Great.

      2# It was my birthday. I was having a party in a park in a certain city (not revealing what city because of reasons). I was going to the area with my family. Many finnish YouTubers were there. They were going to have a gig (if that's the world). I saw my favourite YouTuber there and I went to take a photo. I told her she was my first idol I've had. She had her dog with her. Some guys started playing. I recognized some of them. I didn't like the music. It was just lame. Others didn't like it either. There were many people from my school in the park, but they didn't talk to me. No wonder, because I had an ugly pink dress. I also had way more weight and was just uglier than IRL imo. It was all just weird and lame. I went to eat. There was some woman there. I think I talked to her. I saw my crush in a large group behind the stage. Yes, behind the stage... No one liked the music. I talked to someone about the music.
    9. The Human Flute

      by , 08-31-2017 at 09:02 AM
      Morning of August 31, 2017. Thursday.

      When I was a toddler, and as a consequence of a long journey being required to get to a hospital (from an isolated cypress swamp), I nearly died (well, I did have an NDE) from loss of blood and almost lost my left hand as the result of an accident of falling from the top of a stool (I loved to climb) across a large piece of a glass mug. However, miraculously, I fully recovered contrary to predictions made by the doctor. Somehow, my brain was wired differently and I did not even go into shock. (I also grew new neural pathways and trained myself to use my hand again, without any help, by the age of four which some had claimed is why my clarity of mind is as it is and why I always remember so many dreams from each sleeping period). Years later, people noted how my scar looked somewhat like a reversed map of Florida, the state I was born in (Zsuzsanna has a similar story, but that is one of many). It is shown partly in the image as such in a photographic flip (though it actually goes around the other side of my wrist from there). When Zsuzsanna and I met, there was also a healing process. (For example, the large hard lump in my left wrist, made up of random bone and tendon, somehow vanished after being that way since I was a toddler. Zsuzsanna’s leaking cartilage in her right knee, another lifelong condition, also no longer existed as such.)

      At any rate, in this new dream, I have some sort of smaller medical tape covering my scar in at least two pieces that are perpendicular to each other. I am somewhat puzzled, as I remember my wound but I do not fully recall its status. I seem to be near the age I am now. The tape seems to be coming off, and I am concerned that the wound flaps are not fully integrated into my arm, as parts of my arm seem to open like a purse (as had occurred in another recent dream, though in that case, it was my entire arm).

      After a time, I hear music coming out of the holes of my wound, which sounds like odd flute music but vibrating somewhat. The texture of my arm seems somewhat unusual, and it is also as if I am blowing into my scar at one point and playing it to create flute music.

      As I am dreaming this, I am awakened by Zsuzsanna - who validated that I had been snoring for awhile. This of course (and I actually did have my mouth near my wrist as such though not as fully as in my dream), along with numerous other experiences, proves to me that the belief about “not being able to dream and snore at the same time” is utter nonsense (as are most beliefs about dreams that are widely published). It may be true for some people, but certainly not for all. (In fact, most ideas about dreams are limited to perhaps only certain individuals assuming any truth at all, for example, people talk about “not remembering dreams”, yet I do all the time, each sleeping period, including hundreds of lucid hypnagogic sequences and with non-lucid dreams, my mind typically automatically decodes their meaning unless prescient.) There have been a number of dreams where my snoring provided a “soundtrack” for my dream, including childhood dreams (including one about a dinosaur, triggered by hearing my own snoring through the veil of sleep) and one as an adult about being pursued by a bear (the sound of the bear being my own snoring).

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    10. Guests

      by , 08-31-2017 at 01:01 AM
      30 Aug 2017. Non-lucid. (4-5h nap).

      My buddy and a few friends came over. He primarily came over to grab an e-juice I said I'd give to him. Turned into a slumber party of the sorts. The second floor appeared different, the longer couch was pushed up against the wall and was able to fit 3-laying bodies on it. The fireplace was stationed in the middle of the living room. Everyone was asleep, as was I (I appear to be having more dreams where I think I'm awake), a frequent companion of mine was next to me then a brief NSFW thing occurred while I was 'half-awake' in the dream, hoping that no one else woke up.

      Another dream involving Guild Wars 2 that I don't remember.

      'Woke up', starting writing down my dreams in my dream and felt productive. Then I woke up and didn't start writing this until hours later; I don't remember much.
    11. January 4, 2015 (L)x6 L2[x4] L1[x2] | Punchy Kid, Bear People/Lion People, Gravel Cliffs

      by , 08-31-2017 at 12:51 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-First, I had a false awakening, where I still trying to get to sleep. I did a reality check, and was like, “oh.” Suddenly, the time turned from 2 something to 8:53 am, where the dream alarm was to go off at 8:55.
      -2-Tom Paris (ST: Voyager) created brown goo that he won an award for. I don’t remember what it was used for, but it had something to do with creating more ships.
      -3(L)-I spawned in my house (shocker!) and I wanted to ask my subconscious some questions. I hopped on the dream main computer and searched for a program. I was looking for a way to enter a question into a field, and perhaps receive the answer in text form. What I got was a program that wasn’t obvious about what I was looking for. It had tons of options and cool stuff, but I didn’t find the question field.
      -4-At least my cousin J came over while I was playing something similar to DKR. He was like, ‘DKR…’ and I was like, “F-Zero.” As I was suddenly playing DKR, I thought about how much better DKR was than Mario Kart 64. J stuck around for a while in the dream.
      [New Scene]
      There was this super angry kid. I’m not sure why he was so mad, but he tried punching me, so I ran into a room up some stairs, and got out my phone to film him. I was expecting some kind of shocked look from him(since he was from the 1980s), but he never showed up. To my right was either J or my other cousin K (can’t remember which). My younger sister and some other female of similar age walked up the stairs to about where I was. Then, they laughed about something for a second.
      [New Scene]
      For some reason, I was standing on some tiny buildings when I then fell halfway into the water. Just before impact, I threw my phone onto a small plastic balcony so it wouldn’t get waterlogged. Once I got out of the water, I retrieved my phone and moved on.
      -5(L)-So there was a conflict going on between a bunch of bear people, and one lion person. The lion guy had a small lion tail, so I could easily identify him. He was lost, likely homeless, and clearly did not like bears. The surroundings were mostly rolling hills of gravel. In the woods atop the cliff, the bears where prepared for battle with one guy. One of them had caught the scent of him in the dirt, so that bear chomped on what he had hoped to be the lion guy. He got angry when he found that it was just dirt. Btw, the bearhumans were easily identifiable by the specific and consistent shape of their facial hair pattern. Next, I spawned in the part where they were charging at me. I continued to run, until I came to the edge of the cliff, where I imagined a super long vine from the sky. I grabbed the vine, which took me to another part of the cliff that was far away. That was the last I saw of the bears.
      [New (L) Scene]
      I spawned in my house again. This time, I said, “Exit!” and the exit to the holodeck appeared. “Computer, end program.” The program ended for the most part except for the couch. Finally, I exited the holodeck, and walked down the hallway to the left.

      [New Scene]
      I spawned on the north hill of the block, near the bottom. I had some kind of seat and my older sister had a computer chair. It was noted that my seat could change direction while sliding downhill, but the chair could not. Then, a short school bus drove to the opening of the cul-de-sack and stopped, letting one kid out. As it was leaving, I noticed a piece of yellow orange metal on the ground, same color as the bus. I walked over and picked it up while under the dream impression that it did not originate from the bus.
      Time: 3m5s—5m30s