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    1. Raging in the classroom

      by , 09-30-2017 at 08:17 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was in a classroom, a large one actually, the half of it was actually empty ,we sat on the front end , where the door was . The teacher was that old guy from my school , he teached physics back then , he was a cool guy.
      And some classmates was screwing with him ,all of em looked like poor low class people, simple streefolks.
      I wasnt paying too much attention to that. But then I just lost my pasta', I stood up and started to throw chairs and what else, screaming "die , all of you , you damn peasants, swaggers , sh******s, just dieeeee----"then i woke up cuz i knew somehow that im dreaming and was afraid that i may have been screaming in real life.

      It felt good , with the last scream I started to release the anger, was like a very dense fluid going out from all the recesses of my body with very high pressure. It was amazing, but I ended it abruptly , unfortunately.
    2. 9/30/17 - My Dreams are Ready for Halloween

      by , 09-30-2017 at 07:01 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      A Hairy Situation (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a strange school where some of us are werewolves, though this fact is hidden from the non-werewolf students. One of my male classmates has gone through the Change for the first time, which is never fun. We have him locked in the Isolation Chamber for the time being. He should become rational enough to have a conversation with on the 2nd night of the Full Moon. For now, I go to check on him. He is a large biped type werewolf with dark fur. Completely feral, he smashes himself violently against the walls and doors in an attempt to escape. I'm thankful that the Chamber is reinforced so that he cannot get out and hurt someone. I'm also glad that I'm past being unable to control myself in wolf form...

      I end up visiting another school where things are run a bit differently. I don't believe the werewolves are as commonplace here. There is one girl who I can tell is a werewolf, and I know that she suspects me of being one as well. I take great amusement in watching her "secretly" investigate me (she is quite obvious about it). She does not want me there. She doesn't like me at all, but I find myself quite smitten with her.

      Mirroring Innocence (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a classroom with my coworkers when we are harassed by a little ghost boy who is an envoy of a much greater, invisible, malignant spirit. He chases us all through the school, and the spirit follows with its mighty wrath. I remember at one point I'm holding the door closed with my body, and the spirit slams it open with a blast of energy, knocking me clear across the room.
      Tags: ghost, werewolf
    3. 9/29/17 - Swamp Witch

      by , 09-30-2017 at 06:58 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Swamp Witch (Non-lucid)


      I've retrieved a mushroom-shaped piece of wood from the forgotten portion of my dream directly before this. It must go at the center of the Sleeping Pond. The pond is shallow right now; shallow enough to touch the bottom with my hands even at the deepest part. I sense it is not a good idea to touch the water for too long, however.

      I use a log to cross to the center of the pond, where I place the wooden mushroom and then quickly walk back to shore. I'm left feeling accomplished yet drained of energy.

      There is a witch/swamp creature here who tries to lure people into the pond to sleep before doing who knows what with them. She is disguised as a beautiful lady. I'm trying to warn people about her, but she convinces everyone that I'm wrong. Either way, I do enjoy talking to her...

      My little sister
      (who does not exist in waking life) walks out onto the log and lays down on it. The Swamp Witch walks on the water toward her. The pond is much deeper now, with large neon-green tentacles writhing up out of the water. The log my sister is on flips over, dumping her into the murky depths. I talk the witch into helping me fish her back out.
      Tags: witch
    4. Making Music During PE and the Kid who Couldn't Sing

      by , 09-30-2017 at 02:59 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I had a dream where me, M, and someone else was making the last song of my new album. I was trying to go for that Cassandra Gemini sound. I remember I did the vocals and composed the song overall an M did the drums. I think the other guy was doing all the other instruments, but I'm not sure. The teacher then told us to go into the locker room. Strangely enough, M went into the boy's locker room with me and kind of just stuffed herself into a locker with another girl who I accidentally bumped her head with the locker door. I then saw someone promoting this "child prodigy" of singing. This kid had almost NO range I swear. This most likely symbolizes where pop music is going at the moment.
    5. dentist, talking in sleep wilding

      , 09-29-2017 at 06:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      [10:03:37] <gab> in a dream few days ago, I was falling asleep, and another person was watching me, she started asking me questions and I was replying with "mhm" . She said "oh, that's what you meant by being awake while asleep"

      [09:56:34] <gab> I have a toothache, and had one in a dream too, doctor came and wanted to give me a shot for pain, but I ran away
      [09:56:50] <gab> while thinking what an idiot I am, he was trying to help and I didn't take it

      [09:57:22] <gab> oh yeah, forgot to say, that I'm putting off going to the dentist in waking life
    6. Hovering Tent

      by , 09-29-2017 at 12:03 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2016. Tuesday.

      Zsuzsanna and I are “sleeping” in a tent (in the same orientation as in reality; her on my left) in what is apparently an unfamiliar urban park (though with a vague association with the field that used to be across the street from our present home) early in the morning around sunrise. I become wary of the gaps at the bottoms of the sides of the tent (mostly to my right, near my head) in their offering of less privacy. It is also windy at times. In the final scene, the tent is actually hovering above the ground and directly above us, the bottoms of the sides probably about four feet above the ground. I think a few ropes are still holding it in place. My clueless non-lucid dream self is not standing at any point.

      This is typical RAS (reticular activating system) intrusive waking symbolism, though sustained and with no hypnopompic physical event.

      Key concepts: Zsuzsanna and I sleeping in correct orientation as first level dream state indicator, dream state indicator of indirect association with floating or flying as dictated by natural inner ear dynamics, outdoor area previously a field and now a parking lot in real life as liminal space transition, sustained RAS factor, no personified preconscious, no direct preconscious factor, non-lucid and sustained non-cooperative emergent consciousness, interpretable as waking symbolism only.

    7. Jogging my memory

      by , 09-29-2017 at 08:42 AM
      On holiday, I woke laying on the floor of a dark cramped room. I was determined to get up early and go jogging (which is often my intention on holiday, to go before it gets to hot).
      I was sleepy in the dream, which is something I haven't often experienced. S&P were in the room. I had to find my running shoes, but searching through the pile I could not find them, only a cloth pair (like vans) most unsuitable. It was really dark outside, raining and muddy. I remembered has muddy it was by remembering a recent dream where I had gone through a muddy stretch of path. Woke up.

      Notes: Another dream about jogging, which I look forward to be doing again sometime. As I injured myself in the summer and had trouble just walking for a while.

      I was really pleased with myself that I remembered to keep my eyes shut each time I woke in the night (I am trying to catch a false wakeup). Lots of wbtb attempts.
      Tags: holiday, jogging, mud
    8. Tried meditating in a lucid dream

      by , 09-28-2017 at 04:03 PM
      Got lucid, went outside. It was overcast, cold and raining so I sit on my porch in a half-lotus position and attempt to meditate like I intended. It felt weird. The dream didn't get any more vivid. In any case, the lucid part of the dream ended after like 30 seconds and it was non-lucid randomness about being a japanese salaryman from there.
    9. Wiping J's Mom's Memory

      by , 09-28-2017 at 02:29 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I had a dream last night where I was leaving J's house and said the word hell, which i'm sure is allowed at his house. Nonetheless, I heard his mom say "did he just say HELL?" and then his entire family want insane towards each other. After that, J came to me to devise a plan to get her to calm down. A bit overkill, but I agreed to the plan. The plan involved giving her medication that makes her forget a set amount of time. This worked, and after a few seconds of the treatment, she said something like "where am I?" Overall, the plan worked, but it was DEFINITELY overkill.
    10. 28/09/2017

      by , 09-28-2017 at 12:44 PM (LucasPotter's DJ)
      Sadly, I don't have much time to write this, so:

      I dreamt about a girl from work who I hooked up with a few months ago. She sent me some messages yesterday, obviously interested again. I'm not. So, in my dream, she was trying to kiss me and I kept trying to keep my distance. It wasn't easy.

      My other dream was about my boss. She's very sad because of something that happened, so, in the dream, I was trying to hug her. She was too upset, though, and she kept telling me to stay away. She's usually very sweet, so her being rude was very weird.

      That's all.
    11. Back to square one?

      by , 09-28-2017 at 12:12 PM
      Running around a giant square shaped road circuit. Must be a few miles on each side. There is change link fence on the inside and the pavement is white and mostly free of people, except those couple running with me.
      It takes so long to get round that it is now noon and the weather has changed to full sun, making me feel exhaust and strip off my jacket. It is one long slog.

      note: tried wbtb several times after
      Tags: barrier, running, sun
    12. Back to back lucids.

      by , 09-28-2017 at 11:36 AM
      That's 6 lucid's in two days. The first three dropped into wispy dream fragments, and the fourth resolidified after de-fragmenting.

      I'm in an hotel/nursing home kinda place and once I realise I'm lucid, I get excited and move forward. I see the dream fragmenting and I speak out loud Dream Stability, and it works, but only for a few seconds, and dissolves.

      In another dream, I realise I'm lucid, and find I'm in a fenced meadow with a couple of hundred people. I'm in my underwear and there's only one person who can see me, and this is because he's high on mary jane. Then his friends who are high too see me. I tell them we're in a dream, and then prove it to them by flying up. I ask for a joint as I can't have it in real life, and we're in a circle as they pass the doobie around. I take a deep couple of drags and the dream dissolves.
    13. Softly the Flood

      by , 09-28-2017 at 08:53 AM
      Morning of September 28, 2017. Thursday.

      I am in a state of semi-lucidity, slowly becoming aware that our bedroom is transmuting into the northeast bedroom of the Loomis Street house (a place I have not been in real life for over twenty years and unlikely to ever be again). I eventually focus upon the essence of sleep, which in the dream state, is symbolized by water and recognized as such (and has been for over fifty years on a day to day basis). Water begins to flow down Loomis Street from the north. It is a flood, but not a threatening flood. I feel very relaxed and peaceful. I vividly feel small splashes of water reaching me through the window screen, which vivifies my level of dream state awareness.

      There is some sort of unusual ambiguous imagery just outside the window. It relates to a child in pajamas holding a teddy bear, but is viewed through the screen as an undersized silhouette. Conscious self identity threads are lessened and I am no longer lucid in any way regardless of the increase in vividness. I have no major concern about flood waters flowing into the house, only that some of my dream journals might become damp.

      I wander off to the west bedroom where my mother (July 14, 1916-October 2, 2002) is sitting on her bed. In this dream, at this point, I have no memory at all of my older sister Marilyn (April 25, 1942-Februay 13, 2014) whose house it mainly was.

      “Someone left the floodgates open,” I tell my mother somewhat absentmindedly (forgetting that it was me who initiated and released this dream’s content and continuity with deliberate water induction and the original focus on release and blissful relaxation). Although it seemed late at night seconds previously, it now seems to be afternoon as I notice daylight through the window of her room. However, the area beyond the backyard and alley is completely different than in reality as there is no shed visible and no residential homes. All that is visible are some commercial buildings in the distance, about two blocks away.

      My mother makes some sort of comment about access to the store being blocked by flood waters, and there is some sort of vague association with the checkout of a store (a common end marker of the dream state for me). Upon having this semi-lucid thought, and remembering more about my present conscious self and the fact that I am married and have children, I slowly fade from the dream state with soft (semi-lucid) intent and a very soft awakening.

      Water, including non-threatening floods as a dream state induction factor, has occurred continuously all my life, long before virtually endless meditation and relaxation recordings utilized the sound of water to bring about relaxation or sleep. I will hear or otherwise perceive water as soon as I enter into a more relaxed state with less emotions present. Water as the primary symbol for sleep (and sleep dynamics in real time) is also analogous to how people spend the first months of their existence sleeping in the waters of the womb. As a result, it is probably my most common dream foundation marker.

      My mother has, in more recent dreams, become more of a dream state end marker loosely associated with my wife Zsuzsanna than more direct associations with her as in the past. This is evidenced by her mainly appearing in the last scene of a dream where she is sitting on her bed (residual recall of having fallen asleep). Although Zsuzsanna appears in many of my dreams (where more of my present conscious self identity remains at least partially intact), the association with her also being a mother has, over time, altered dream state markers in some cases. However, despite Zsuzsanna having been a mother for a number of years, this symbolic transfer and marker integration is fairly recent (probably because she is now nearer my mother’s age when I was born). Being more of an emergent consciousness precursor than a preconscious factor, there is no conflict in such dreams, especially in already subliminally acknowledging this waking mechanism. (My mother was the one who usually woke me up throughout my childhood.)

      Both watching the non-threatening flood waters flow and the silhouette of the boy in pajamas with the teddy bear represent the same thing…sleep, so this is a type of parallel symbolism that my dreams often render. (Someone being in pajamas was far less of an initiation factor even in early childhood, even being a fan of “Little Nemo”, though other dream state indicators such as beds and pillows are quite common.)

      Even though a shadow of a person or a silhouette represents the lesser presence of my conscious self identity, it is slightly puzzling here as viewed through a window screen. This is because focus on a window screen has been validated to relate to some form of transpersonal communication or shared dreaming. Ordinarily, at least in lucid dreams, I sometimes indulge in “shadow play”; that is, I “test” the shadow to verify that it is actually my conscious self identity and it always is, even in a dream where it was very far away and standing on a bridge.

    14. Dark Tower – Beach Party

      by , 09-28-2017 at 05:31 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-27

      Dark Tower – Beach Party

      I am on a beach at night. I look around to see where I am. It’s a nice beach, except for the strange creatures crawling out of the sea onto the beach. These things look like some kind of cross between a crab and a lobster with extra-large pincers, but I notice they aren’t coming very far away from the water. They’re almost talking, but they talk nonsense like, “Did a chick? Dud a chum?” I start walking along the beach with the ocean at my left. I soon see something up ahead in the light of the moon. I approach it more quickly and soon I see that it is a door standing by itself, standing open. All of these clues put together have convinced me I am in a Dark Tower world and where there is a door on the beach Roland probably won’t be far away.

      As I approach the door I see something lying on the ground in front of it. I soon see that it is a body lying there, and I correctly assume it is Roland. I get closer and check to see if he is ok. He is breathing steady, although I can feel a heat coming off of him as if he has a fever. I wonder how he could have a fever when I healed all his wounds… unless maybe my energy only healed the damage and didn’t get all of the poison… I look around and see that I am no longer alone. There are other people standing around, most of them have smirks on their faces. They are all wearing the symbol of the Templars. One of them comes over to me and puts on a fake friendly face, he says we have something to discuss. He says he wants to know exactly how the doors along this beach work so he and his associates can build one of their own. I tell him I really have no clue how the doors work (I don’t) and these Dark Tower worlds are the only place I’ve ever seen them. He doesn’t seem to believe me. He says he has medicine that can help my friend (Roland) or he can make sure Roland has no body to come back to.

      I am about to respond when I see another person on the beach with us. This guy looks like a holy warrior or knight, he is dressed in bright armor and carrying a cool looking sword. The Templar who had been talking to me turns and asks who the fuck that guy is. The knight holds his sword out in front of him and it glows with a golden light almost too bright to look upon. The knight says the Templars may bare the holy mark of God, but he has seen through their disguise. He says he can see they have abandoned the teachings of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and now they must stand and face their holy judgment and be cast down back into the pits from which they came. Now I hear some of the other Templars muttering amongst themselves, they seem to think the knight is crazy. The knight doesn’t wait to see their reactions, he attacks with his brightly glowing sword which is almost blinding now. I shield my eyes and see a Templar open a portal and a large something comes through, looks like a giant or a golem of some kind, and it attacks the knight.

      I am distracted when I see a Templar over by the door. I’m not sure what he is doing, but I know it can’t be good. I am about to do something, but it seems he is about to go through the door. He doesn’t make it, however… there is the sound of a gunshot and he falls right through the door, dead. I look where the shot came from and I see MoSh has joined the party. The next period of time is a bit unclear because there is some chaos. A couple Templars attack me and I demonstrate my Alex Mercer blade arm for them. A Templar is disoriented, looks like he has been blinded by the knight’s bright sword, and he wanders too close to the lobstrocities coming from the water and gets torn apart. I hear numerous gunshots from MoSh’s guns and soon there are even more because Roland has come back through the door and in spite of the fact he seems sick he is shooting like the guns are a part of his hands. I figure that even though I didn’t stop the venom from making Roland sick I was able to make sure he has both his hands whole.

      Soon there are no more Templars, just MoSh, the knight who I am thinking might be a friend I have been trying to dream with named Austin, Roland, and me. This seems like a good chance for everyone to get to know each other. I’m not completely sure the knight is Austin, but I figure that is my best guess so I go with it and introduce everyone to everyone else since I’m the only one who knows everyone here. I am even more convinced the knight is Austin when he says I’m his sister and hugs me. I hug him back, though I’m not sure if he can even feel it through his armor. I have barely finished introducing everyone when I wake up.
    15. 3rd Person Narration/Dream Review?

      by , 09-28-2017 at 04:51 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      The scenario is as such:

      I am the narrator, covering the exploits of a woman with mannequin-like properties such as being able to take off her limbs and reattach them anytime she likes. Thing is, she's a bit flustered and doesn't know what to make of the situation.

      This all culminates when she ends up almost completely disassembled in the shower. Yep.

      Funny this is, this was meant to be a 'comedy', and my dream persona was talking about how "The humor always matches the situation" and stuff. Kinda weird.

      After that, the dream just ended. And I woke up with a feeling of supreme surrealness when I did so...yeah.
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