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    1. Goats go crazy on a Full Moon, Don'tcha know?

      by , 09-01-2017 at 08:31 PM
      September 1st 1am-6am

      I truly feel as though there was a first part to this where I was taken to this area but no one the less, I shall proceed with the dream. I was sitting on the couch of my grandmother's living room, the one nearest to the front door and TV. In front of me is a man, young or middle aged and good looking and taller than me by just a bit. To his left or what he's partly sitting on is a white box, he asks if I want a burger and I comment that I haven't had a burger for years or at least a "junk food burger", then he takes a pack of crackers and pour two out into his hand. After giving me one he eats the other and puts the pack away, I don't really want to say it but I kinda had been hoping he had a burger. There is an awkward silence before a tapping comes from the window behind me and I turn to see what it is, I see nothing at first but get startled when a white goat face appears and tries to headbutt the window. I think it strange but then the guy tells me there is a full moon out and I look, I see he is right and a huge full moon is hovering very close to the tops of the house outside across from us. I attribute the goat's antics to the full moon and I think one of us even says Goats act crazy on full moons. He asks me if I believe in something beyond death or what I do believe in, I say there is nothing but the void but my mother believes different and that I would probably partly believe what she believes in too. I don't remember what mom believes, I get up and walk toward the dining table but get startled by another white goat which is tied to the table beside the TV. the creature backs me up into the entry frame that leads into the hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms, it keeps trying to move closer and headbutt but I sneak by it and and watch as it does the same headbutt motion toward the opening I was once in. I shake it off and look toward my brother D who had been laughing at me, I sit down instead of chancing the goat seeing me and running back over. I sit a bit under the table and see my mother there, the other guy is also there next to her and they are huddling up. I ask her what it is she believes in or to tell the guy, but then the dream ends.

      --Perhaps the craziness of the goat on a full moon relates to me, because I'm a Capricorn and I do love the moon; I find the moon ever so beautiful and especially on a full moon when everything is lit up.
    2. Various Little Dreams and Fragments

      by , 09-01-2017 at 08:00 PM
      August 25th or 26th: 3pm-5pm
      Old home at night in the living room, except it was smaller and my brothers and myself were roaming around as miniature versions of ourselves with the intent to kill. It was a game, D said he was getting lag on his end so he wanted to change the maps. We did so to a frozen one, or rather the living room changed to represent a frozen wasteland with tons of caves and fallen trees to hide under or around. I was going around shooting some guys when D wanted to quit, so the map changed back to the living room with a huge fallen tree leading away to a cat on a stool. The cat wasn't one we owned, it was black and brown but mixed together in a stripe pattern. I got up behind a guy in white and stabbed him i the neck, then as he turned I did it many more times in his chest. Crawled over the tree to the cat and brought the knife up, I was going to slit it's throat but decided not to and instead hopped off the stool. Once I'd hopped off, my size was back to normal and I went to the kitchen to ask mom what she was cooking.

      August 30th: 1am-6am
      FA/LD: Woke up in current home bed in the morning, I got my notebook and went near the window to get as much light as possible for my writing. I'm not sure what I wrote but after a while of scribbling, I laid back on my bed and looked down at mom. I then look at my hands and notice I'm dreaming so I go and look out the window, there is a big pale red moon about to be covered by clouds and then a flash of red lightening streaks across the sky with a low rumble following it. I shout down to mom that I think it will rain and tell her what I saw.

      August 31st: 1am-7am
      On an island exploring ruins, I got diving underwater and find a black cube outline without a filled inside and I break off a piece of the middle, I hold it up to my face to examine and I notice it glowing orange so I throw it down and back away just in time for it to blow up. I comment on the nice addition to stop people from stealing technology with explosive pieces, then something behind me rumbles and I start to run.

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    3. The Anime Wagon Ride/Mother's Old Camera

      by , 09-01-2017 at 07:15 PM
      The Anime Wagon Ride

      I was watching a anime of a little girl with pink hair and light blue eyes who was sitting in a wagon next to two guys. One looked like Eye with black hair and the other looked like Dawn but with short spiky hair. The little girl was being brought up by the guy who looked like Dawn who was looking forward to her becoming an adult because he wanted to use her looks and power to his advantage. But the little girl felt what was happening was wrong and told the guy that she believed everyone was beautiful. She than jumped off the wagon they were taking to get through the country side and tumbled on the road. The guy who look like Eye had a somewhat heroic side so he jumped off to help the girl. The other guy who looked like Dawn stayed on the wagon not really showing emotion.

      Mother's Old Camera

      I was sitting on the floor and looking at a device that was cube shaped, grayish Tan, had a camera attached and wheels that moved when it was told to move. In my mind it was my mother's old camera from when I was a child though. As I moved it with my hand, keeping watch of it Eye came in the room looking a bit distorted. Like he was fused with the guy with red hair from the anime "Assassination Classroom".

      "what are you doing with my recorder?"he asked than sat next to me. "Its not your recorder. Its my mom's old camera"I replied than tapped on the top before Eye said "No its not"than hugged me from behind.
      He than started rapping a song that would comfort me. "You don't have to rap a song to make me feel better" I told him. He than stopped and said "yes, I do" and something about how it would help even more. He than continued rapping and as he rapped a scene began to form until I ended up in a room where a woman was calling to her parakeets in the cage.I became non lucid than and watched as they moved closer to her and chirped happily like how my bird's act when im around. I than put my hand near a white/sky blue parakeet and lifted her up but woke up after that.

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    4. Pre-Comp Writeup

      by , 09-01-2017 at 04:40 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -I'll be completely honest, I thought this was the first day of comp, and wrote up all my nonlucid dreams to collect what would be a pretty meager alotment of points.-


      I was on vacation with my parents. I was thinking about how I needed to move out or should get a girlfriend; not for need of romance and the likes, but simply to have someone I could go on vacation with to get away from my parents. My frustrations were only confirmed when my dad stated we would be spending the next two days at a military base because they would quarter us for free and pay for our flight home.

      My mom wasn't particularly happy about the prospects either; it meant sleeping in a barracks with a bunch of rough and tough men from the military on an uncomfortable bed with few luxuries. I remember sighing and unpacking my stuff. A girl (who I think in the dream was my sister) said to me that I couldn't take a fidget spinner in there because the military didn't allow for toys.

      I sighed and said "Oh well, I guess I'm gonna be stuck here twiddling my thumbs for two days." The dream continued with me trying to find the barracks amongst rows of parked tanks. My mom was frustrated and talked to the commander at the base. He said he would be willing to arrange a helicopter to fly us home in six hours. I thought that sounded a lot better than waiting two days.


      I set an alarm for 7am. I've been trying to normalize my sleep schedule. But I fell back asleep, figuring it would give me a shot at a WBTB.


      I was back in what felt like the same setting of the military base. Though it looked collapsed and abandoned. The two story barracks building was missing its top floor, windows were broken and saplings grew from the structure. Vines and ferns grew freely over the rusted hulks of the rows of parked tanks.

      Manei and I were sitting on the hood of a burnt-out ACV that was out of line of the rows of tanks. I was showing her my sketchbook. The sketchbook looked the same on the outside as the one I am currently working on IWL, but its contents were vastly different. I remember one in particular of a giant four-legged spider like machine with a plasma globe comprising its orbicular body.

      She went on to tell me that she wanted me to draw her. I responded with something along the lines of "Never ask an artist to draw you, they get that question too much and just because your an artist doesn't mean your art can be interested." I carried on right to the brink of lucidity to say. "I've drawn you before, but what difference does it make? Your just an abstract construct taking on the physical form of a human, drawing your visual exterior does not show what you really are. The drawing would show nothing but an empty eggshell, devoid of the axial ideas comprising you or anyone else in this dimension."

      I suddenly recognized that I was dreaming and said that I should break through become lucid, focus on the idea that I am dreaming, now but I realized the dream was fading and I could feel my body back in bed.

      Mghrg. I don't think that counts as a lucid. I became lucid the instant I wake up.


      I fell back asleep into another Manei dream. We were at disney world (which I only recognized because of the iconic castle.) riding one of those spinning swing rides. For some reason the entire ride was occupied by high school and college age people. An earthquake started and the ride started shaking. For a few moments everyone began cheering thinking that the ride operator had activated some special function to make the ride more intense for the older riders, but we quickly realized we were in danger.

      The two of us both unhooked our seat belts and leaped out of the swings onto the shaking ground. When we did the dream transitioned to us being on a motor boat riding up a wide river. I looked around and saw a hexagonal pattern in the sky, and soon noticed I was inside of a massive dome on a barren, inhospitable asteroid in deep space. The visual was really cool.

      Manei said something about playing Simcity and our conversation about drawing her continued for a bit.

      The dream changed scenes again to Manei's bedroom, which I recognized only after waking up. She had an orange gamecube and we were playing some odd variation of Pikmin 2 multiplayer together. Nonexistent enemies, pikmin types, and maps. Manei said they were coming out with a pikmin cartoon. I thought that was bizarre thinking that Pikmin made a good game but with its simplistic story and characters probably wouldn't make for a good cartoon.

      In all serious though I could probably manage to bring a drawing of her to life and take out that personal goal.
    5. Apex

      by , 09-01-2017 at 04:23 PM
      Had a non-lucid dream about buying the first four KoRn albums. I've been really craving that authentic 90s sound.
    6. 31 Aug & 1 Sep

      by , 09-01-2017 at 03:45 PM
      31 Aug 17. Non-lucid. Bad notes.

      Gunmen approach jeep, but I snuck & break into cop car. Attempt to scare them off with policeman baton in window pretending it’s a rifle. They throw a dummy grenade in open hood of vehicle, I run. Guns & more guns, they attempt to grab me into the car. Kick them all out with a struggle after they’re distracted. Driving. Pick up buddy (V-short) near his house. “We're gonna head back and kill them.” I’m speeding, driving through a gate and run over kids. It was great.

      Back at home with ma & pa
      Some male there, uncomfortable, went to mall.

      1 Sept 17. Non-Lucid.

      I was in a weird arena with my colleagues. Not much to remember, wasn’t any fighting.

      Snippets of waiting in an airport-like room. A famous high-ranking person is sitting and the media comes by.
      I walk to the (a) break room out of boredom with a vending machine and pool tables, looking at all the things to buy. Sprite, Aquafina, etc. I take a drink a sip of water yet become disgusted by it and dribble it on the floor. I’m guessing a colleague of mine that walks in and has been following me walks in, over the puddle I made, and I duck behind one of the pool table, not to avoid him, but because I feel sick (flu) and severely blow my nose; he was sick too, and I guessing I got it from him. He’s severely flirting and I’m just trying to look as gross as possible. Not because I want him to leave, just to emphasize how sick I was. (Just met the guy last night over FaceTime for 2 seconds and he was wearing sunglasses.)

      Ended up back home in WA, ‘scrolling’ through the cabinet to my cupcakes, Oreos. Ended up eating something out of a bowl and sitting on the couch. We look up to the TV and my sister comes over to watch The Boondocks with me.
    7. Garden in a Cave

      by , 09-01-2017 at 04:03 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-31

      Garden in a Cave

      I am driving on my way home from work. I turn off to the side to check out a dirt road. This dirt road is no more than a pair of tire tracks going off away from the main road. I follow this road for a little while, and soon it turns into a larger dirt road. The dirt road circles around and somehow ends up meeting up with the interstate. There is no actual entrance to the interstate here, so I have to drive parallel to the interstate on more dirt roads for a while before I can get on. While I am doing this I spot a cave. I can see it from the road, but there doesn't seem to be anyone around it. That seems worth checking out so I take another dirt road road and park near the cave entrance. At first the cave looks very shallow. But as I go further in, I discover a nearly hidden passage that goes deeper. I explorer back into the cave. Once I am in the inner chambers I have to wait for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. There are some open shafts in the ceiling that let some light in.

      I continue and soon I find that there is someone else there. I find Allison there. It looks like she's been living there. She seems surprised to see me. Since I am there, she decides to show me everything that she has going on there. Not only does she have a comfortable living area, but she also has an underground farm. It seems that she has been experimenting with growing plants in low light. She has made it so they can grow in the very low light conditions of this cave. There are many fruits and vegetables growing here. I don't recognize all of them. Allison picks one vegetable that is textured like an onion. When I taste it however, it does not taste like an onion. It tastes more like a fruit. She says it supposed to be spicy. Like a pepper. She asks if I think it is spicy. I told her no, I don't think it is spicy. I get something all over my shirt. It might be the juice from the vegetable. Allison said she can clean my shirt. I take my shirt off and give it to her. I realize I am late getting home. I had better leave. I go outside without even thinking about my shirt. There is another cave farther up a hill that appears to be a tourist attraction. There are some teenage boys staring down and pointing at me. One of them takes a photo and says he has scored. I am thinking he hasn't really, I would have to be naked for that. Allison throws me my shirt and I put it on. Now I have to get home quickly. I wake up here.
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