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    1. Airport; Scandinavia;

      , 09-11-2017 at 05:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Off today, so sleeping in.

      Switched to sofa around 3 am as per usual, coz can't sleep on the bed the whole night.

      I'm at the US airport. Looking for my flight with another person. Rest of our group is already at the airplane. Looking at the departure board, trying to find my flight to Frankfurt, Germany, but not sure what the connecting airport will be, because thinking it's not a direct flight.

      They are already calling us to the gate, and that's how we know where to go. The glass door we try to enter through is exit only and the officer motions to me to go around. I do, then I panic because I don't remember seeing my passports in the bag I packed earlier.

      Now, I'm in Scandinavia. Also waiting for a flight or a ride. I finally decide to go buy some local cookies at the place I see nearby. I stop at the museum to look at some crystals and see an exhibit of millions year old slice of a tree.

      I ask a guy if there is more crystals ahead. He tells me no, only some poor people housing development.

      I keep going towards the "cookie place". I come up to a most beautiful sight. It looks like a shallow lake, with dozens of smallish Viking ships on it. The ships are all dark brown, ornate, all same, and turned the same way, towards me.

      I look in the left bottom corner of the lake. The water is see through and inviting. I tell the other person, who now is my younger brother, that this is where we should have spent our time, swimming and playing in the water.

      Some strange light comes over the lake, and illuminates small parts of it, as a sun peeking through clouds would do. The water turns incredibly beautiful tropical blue and I'm ecstatic. I start taking pictures with something that looks like a drink pouch, lol.

      I'm attending some class teaching english. Few classes in, I'm suppose to go to the next one, but it's 6 pm and I'm tired. I don't want to go, since It's for beginners and I'm not a beginner.

      The classroom is attached to some church type of a building. I'm escaping from there. Manage to get myself to some sexual situation before I leave.

      In a shed, still by this church, telling someone about lucid dreaming.
    2. Riding a Bus to the Waking Point

      by , 09-11-2017 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of September 11, 2017. Monday.

      My dream is not lucid, yet not really of subliminal lucidity either (as in subliminal lucidity, I lack the recognition of what a dream is yet am aware I am making my world and the events that unfold), yet I understand my dream’s symbolism and subliminal degree of conscious control while I am in it.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna on a city bus. I am aware that the setting seems to be the north side of La Crosse (though Zsuzsanna has never been in America in real life).

      The bus is rendered incorrectly. Although it seems to be in America and the bus driver seems like a bus driver of whom I knew in real life (also in America), the driver’s side is on the right and the doors are on the left. My dream self does not consider this as wrong though. Zsuzsanna and I are on the right, only a couple seats back from the driver.

      Over time, I am uncertain of our destination or of any cohesive backstory. There is a scene where the bus stops near an intersection. I have somewhat of an expectation that it will turn to the right and softly bump the back of a parked car and it does. The driver does not seem alarmed or surprised, but cheerfully comments “oops” and backs the bus up and turns to the left.

      I realize that where we get off has something to do with me waking from the dream state. I remember that a bus ride symbolizes the return to consciousness (and that waking symbolism is “correctly” oriented to my right), and yet somehow, my dream self does not maintain viable lucidity or the viable memory of what a dream actually is. (This is difficult to resolve in conscious afterthought but is a fairly common way of thinking in my non-lucid dreams. It is what it is. It is probably a result of over fifty continuous years of dream documentation and study, and resolving most of them.)

      I do not consider that I could just wake up by willing it (even as in certain non-lucid dreams) as I have done in many past dreams. I think that the bus stop I have to get off at in order to achieve consciousness is on the right side of the street when going south and is near the Rivoli Theatre (the bus stop sign being unrealistically high, nearly as high as a traffic light), but I do wake before we reach the area.

      Time and time again, for over fifty years, I have written about how the preconscious is never dominant or aggressive (other than when biologically premonitory) when I am already willingly in the waking transition (albeit, typically subliminal as such), and it is as true here as always. Here, the preconscious (bus driver) even cheerfully allows me to deliberately cause the bus that he is otherwise driving to softly bump into a car by (subliminal) mental will before moving on. (This bump is likely symbolic of Zsuzsanna and I softly bumping each other while sleeping, since vehicles typically symbolize the human body or holding the mode of unconsciousness in real time.)

    3. Log 865 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 10

      by , 09-11-2017 at 02:43 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 11 September 2017

      Got a WILD to note

      WBTB, during which I meditated for 15 minutes, then stretched for a bit. Hours of sleeplessness followed before I could finally get a transition.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 10

      WILD transition in bed. Frustration from previous insomnia clouded my judgement for most of the dream. I spent several minutes trying to move around. When I could, I tried rolling off bed, only to get reanchored back, making sure to rub my hands each time that happened as a contingency.

      At one point, I noticed a gang of punks breaking in and making a mess of things. Wasn't gonna let that slide. While having "Attack the Barbarian" from Streets of Rage playing in the background, I flew out to fight them, striking them with enough force to knock them off their feet. They were each easily taken down in one or two blows. Something similar occurred later, but when I fly off to confront the miscreants, they'd already vanished, leaving me attacking nothing but air.

      Various poorly remembered scenes, some of which occurred in other location along with an occasional loss of awareness some of the time. There was something of being in a school, then a beach. At another point, I was wandering the city with my brother, Leon, accompanying him as he looked for a buffet. I'm sure I sounded some other song to do some other fancy dream ability, though I can't say for sure.

      Eventually, I lose patience with my efforts, causing the dream state to slip from me.

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    4. Robbery and Running and Preconscious Distraction

      by , 09-11-2017 at 10:40 AM
      Morning of September 11, 2017. Monday.

      I am walking with two unknown males, a situation of which continued from a very long previous dream sequence. I think about robbing a place, but the details are not clear yet. I eventually realize that I am carrying a Glock pistol. Soon, I “realize” that I am a black female of perhaps about twenty-five years old.

      It seems late at night. I go into a small trailer park in an open field where a dense forest is to my left. An unknown black female, but of whom is apparently known to the character I presently am, complains about me being there to rob her again (though I do not recall any backstory for this). Other than that, she does not seem alarmed by my gun. She opens a couple drawers in a large chest of drawers in her trailer. There is a bundle of one-hundred-dollar bills in an even stack, partly wrapped in cellophane. There is also a roll of fifty-dollar bills held together with a rubber band. There are also numerous rolls of coins. I tell her to keep some of the money, including the roll of fifties, but she insists that I take all of it. I put everything in two bags. There are several other items besides the American money, including bottles of perfume and shampoo and small items of clothing. I leave the trailer park, walking briskly east. I see a couple others outside of their trailers on my right, one an older black male of about sixty.

      Somehow, it is suddenly daylight now, possibly early afternoon. I am with two unknown Caucasian males (though one reminds me vaguely of Don K from the early 1980s). I am seemingly now a male character, though not fully myself and perhaps about twenty years old. We seem to be going west on Sill Street, having gone past Wood Street and possibly Kane Street. I decide to toss my gun on the ground near the intersection near the trunk of a tree so I am not armed if caught (thinking I would be in less trouble). Still, I consider that may not be a good idea as a child might find it. The others and I continue, but eventually turn right to go north. I continue to carry my two bags.

      We seem happy until one of the males looks back and sees another male who apparently knows us. It may be that he will cause trouble or at least be annoying if he sees us and catches up with us. The male who recognizes this other male tells us all to go our separate ways. “I have to try to wake him up,” he says in an authoritative tone. He goes across the front lawns of a few houses on the right side of the street and I am still following him, unsure of the situation. He yells with frustration and waves me off, indicating to me not to follow him. The male who had been behind us is apparently sleepwalking. He has long black hair and a long black beard and has on blue jeans but no shoes, socks, or shirt. He starts cheerfully talking to the male that seems to know who he is. “I can’t understand anything you’re saying,” the sleepwalking male is told, “You’re speaking gibberish”.

      I continue to go north a short distance, but then turn around to go through a very narrow residential alley back southward. I am slightly concerned that I might annoy people by going through or close to their backyards but I do not see anyone. At the end of the alley are two closed chain-link gates about chest-high, side by side. Each of the two gates is for a different house, which makes no sense, as the alley goes past all houses on the block and the gates are adjacent to the public sidewalk. Before I get to them, I have to climb quickly up over a couple large full garbage bags and some other objects. At first, I think the gates might be locked, but I am able to open them by turning a horizontal L-shaped bolt lock. The detail is very vivid and realistic in appearance (but unlike any setting I had ever seen in real life). The sense of physical momentum and touch is vivid as well.

      A few police officers approach me and look in my bags and ask me where I am going. I see that there are a lot of rolls of coins in them. I insist that everything is mine, but they seem condescending. While pretending that I am totally innocent, I am eventually able to get away. One policewoman seems to think I am okay and seems to see me as being victimized by the other officers. However, a chubby male officer seems determined that I will be caught again and found to have robbed someone, or possibly a bank.

      I somehow end up going through the second floor of a business building. There are a few times when I fly after getting outside again, but I end up walking again, as my two bags are heavy. I somehow end up back near Sill and Kane and recall how I had deliberately thrown my gun there (at the northeast corner) but I do not see it. It is daylight at this time.

      I am now briskly walking south through the north side of La Crosse (except that it looks more like the south side) and it seems to be night once again. I somehow have my gun again without contemplating that I had gotten rid of it. I am the black female character again. I make sure my gun is holstered in the front of my pants and unseen. I am thinking of finding the Loomis Street house to hide out even though that does not make sense as I am supposedly someone else. I vaguely recall that my sister had died but that my brother-in-law may be there (though they had actually moved prior to my sister’s death, though I was living in Australia by that time). I continue to carry the two cloth bags of money and other items, one in each hand. I notice that about eight people are running towards me, though not directly towards me. I think they may have attempted to rob a closed business but none of them are carrying anything. Police cars go by but they curiously do not stop. (The scene of these looters, including their appearance, was very similar to something I did not know about until after this dream and seeing it on the news, so I am considering this part as prescient.)

      I cross the street (which may be a distorted version of Loomis Street, though too commercial) to my right and turn right down a very narrow alley with tall commercial buildings on each side. The alley is not wide enough for a car to follow me through and is at least two city blocks long. However, nearing the opening ahead, I see a puff of smoke going past the edge of a building on the left side of the end of the alley at about head level. It is the chubby policeman, who is smoking a cigarette, who had vowed to catch me. I knock him in the head with my heavy bags and knock him over. The police woman, who seems to be on my side, is possibly going to help me escape now.

      The preconscious modelling itself artificially, or mimicking itself, in needing to wake another dream character (instead of me) is about as surreal and unusual as it gets (even stranger than a false awakening where I am writing down or telling someone about my previous dream). The threads of my dream self identity changing a few times (without any focus on that dynamic) is rather odd as well.

    5. 2017-09-11 skiing, motorcycle @ concert

      by , 09-11-2017 at 07:17 AM
      + scenes from a ski hill at a downhill skiing resort. Skiiers are swooshing down the hill, some going dangerously fast.

      + I'm getting off public transport (metro?) with my motorcycle. A bunch of people are mulling about the bottom of a deep large rectangular stairwell. I look up and can see the buildings outside in the light. I don't see how I'm going to get my bike up there. In the end I start just pushing it up the stairs, and I seem to be able to manage it. A friend of mind starts telling me how my other friends (who are the Srs twins, who are performing?) don't like it when there are disturbances in the middle of the show, and goes into a long offer about storing my bike and getting it back to me the next day. I don't want to do this so I keep it with my.

      Walking through the open ampitheater seating full of people, there is a free area that I know has been reserved for us by the friend-performers. It's near the top. I look for a place to store my bike. Just beyond the top of the rim of the seating area is a place where others have stored their bicycles. I see several bicycles lying on their sides taking up the space, I don't see an open space for my motorcycle.

      As I head back to our seating, I overhear a snippet of conversation between two women [forgot].
    6. DBZ Battle and Flying a Helicopter

      by , 09-11-2017 at 02:07 AM (My Dream World)
      DBZ Battle:
      The dream begins at my apartment. For some reason, I'm an old man and there are Dragon Ball Z characters fighting outside in a team battle. Goku and Vegeta are in the same team fighting an unknown character who got paired up with me. I'm in my building's corridor, watching them fighting below, from a sort of balcony. I'm lamenting the fact that I can't fly or use Ki and I'm weak, so I can't really fight with them. Suddenly, I remember about Gohan teaching Videl and Goten how to fly and a try flying and suddenly I start floating up a little. I them realize that since I can float, this must be a dream.

      I got back to the floor and think about how to get stronger. I take a stance, flex my muscles and begin screaming really hard, like a DBZ character powering up. Suddenly, my muscles grow and I become really buff. I climb up to the balcony and think I should get another power up just in case. I think that since I'm not saiyan I have to use Kayoken. I imagine myself activating it and I get a transparent aura around me. I prepare to jump down but get scared since I’m afraid of falling in dreams, so I take the stairs instead.

      When I arrive down there with them I immediatelly attack them, doing all sorts of cool moves like punching them and grabbing them and throwing them back down, cracking the ground. There was also a moment where I launched a ki blast at Vegeta from behind, altough it felt kinda weak so I went back to physical attacks. I was completely overpowering them. I even hit my teammate by accident at some point! Unfortunately around here my memory gets kinda hazy and I’m not sure when the dream ended, but it was sometime during the fight.

      Flying a Helicopter:
      I’m inside a military helicopter along with some waking-life friends. I think we are heroes and are going to a mission or something like that. I’m scared while riding the helicopter because it’s really high up. Somewhere along the way, the helicopter runs out of fuel and we have to land on the middle of the street. We get off the helicopter, trying to figure out what to do now.

      I suddenly get lucid and think about flying and taking the helicopter with me using telekinesis but then I have another idea. I use a power from a manga called My Hero Academia. It’s a gravity cancelation power which allows the user to remove gravity from objects it touches. I touch the helicopter with one hand, making it weightless and now I can carry it easily.

      I fly around carrying the helicopter and my friends inside it and I stop somewhere because I want to try fusing the helicopter with something. One of my friends dares me to fuse it with an airplane but I’m more interested in fusing it with a car. I try to fuse it with a small car nearby but I can’t get it to work. I even make up some magic words but nothing works. This is the last part of the dream I can recall.