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    1. Train

      by , 09-13-2017 at 11:06 PM
      I dont really feel like writing my dream down but here goes. Something non lucid that had to deal with trains happened but when I ended up in my house and was looking out the window I became lucid while watching two dcs talking.I went through the wall and flew down where I asked the dc for his name. He looked like Jade's dc Marcus but said he was Dawn. I than hopped onto a fence and began to balance myself on it while walking. I wasnt really sure what I wanted to do so decided to go around and see if the dc who looked like Marcus would follow me. He did end up following me which was funny to me. I tried to run into a house after that but saw it was blocked by stone and than I saw a old man appear through the stone.

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    2. YouTube has been helpful latley

      by , 09-13-2017 at 03:52 PM
      Before bed watched a YouTube video about lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. I stayed the night at a friend's and it seemed like I had an o b e but I was probably just thinking of dreaming in my sleep. Woke up from the dream or o b e then went back to sleep.
    3. Dream - Flaming Fire Fury (+ Side Note)

      by , 09-13-2017 at 02:23 PM
      I didn't post on here for ages. I'm studying a diploma qualification at the moment and the last weeks of term are always so busy when it comes to any type of studying. The schedule has really messed up the quality of my dreams but now that I have a three week holiday... Hopefully the opportunity arises to get my dreams and contact with my Dream Guide back on track. Just wanted to tell you where I was in case anyone was wondering for the past month or so:

      Date of Dream: THU 24 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 184 - Flaming Fire Fury

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember; my family, JO and JH were getting ready to go out somewhere. Some family friends were over at my house and so I was keen to show them the dress that I was wearing. The dream scene went to me looking in my bedroom mirror. I was wearing a short, light blue dress with black straps and some lavender coloured jewellery.

      Then there was a different dream scene altogether, in a different location. It was in some random garage-like room and I was wanting to change into a lavender dress to match the jewellery. Interestingly enough, the dress was going to be in the exact same style, just in a different colour. So I was taking off my light blue dress when this random silhouette of a lady appears on the other side of the curtained window... The voice is constantly yelling at me to hurry up.

      She yells at me so often that I eventually forced to stop what I am doing and so therefore, find myself continuing a portion of the dream naked, or as I felt it, at least top half naked. I go to the other side of this garage room, where the door to the outside is. As it opens, the lady that was yelling at me comes forth from outside. I ended up getting really cross with her and telling her off for what she had done. I find that my temper is actually getting higher and higher and I soon also get hot. I clearly stated, in anger, that I was going to let out the most awful fire fury.

      I end up taking a deep breath in and literally, I see flames blasting out of my mouth at the lady. The flames had really affected her but I wasn't done. I shifted my elemental powers to only a bit of ice, which was not ice itself but rather really cold air... It had paralysed her movements, made her helpless and shoved her out the door. I then turned around and noticed that some invisible wall was up to where I planned to go back to. I whispered to myself “the room now seems to be guarded by fire” and then I said to the invisible barrier, something like “allow us access, do not deny us”.

      I felt this energy as if the fire barrier was letting me through. When I got to the other side, my assumption of fire guarding the room became true as I got extremely hot and started to sweat. All throughout the dream, I did manage to find some time for Easter egg hunts and in this room, I found a whole heap of Easter eggs laying in a bowl. I thought that there were the eggs that my little cousin collected and beat me to. I tried to remove the wrapper off one of the eggs but it was melted from the heat that the excess of the fire element was creating. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Snowed In (use your ice abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Paralysed the lady with a blast of cold air and then shot her out the door.
      - Burnt To A Crisp (use your fire abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Breathed fire on the lady and afterwards, the room became surrounded by the remaining energy of this element.
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    4. Musical Keyboard Distortions and Distractions

      by , 09-13-2017 at 12:38 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2017. Wednesday.

      The main setting of my dream seems to be a larger variation of our bedroom in the house on Stadcor Street in Brisbane, where we have not lived in years. This seems to be the more dominant awareness of such due to that house’s kitchen being nearby in my dream’s layout and somewhat similar to real life, though there is also a vague association with the southwest Cubitis bedroom.

      In addition to a young version of my wife Zsuzsanna, there are four female “angels” or devoted “dream servants” present, though their behavior is atypical as my dream is non-lucid and they seem like my “protectors” as well (this being a non-lucid subliminal carryover from the nature of apex lucidity and unrelated to my real life). One of them is the (retired) actress Leelee Sobieski, seeming about twenty-five. I eventually become annoyed with her as she seems to have a contrary mindset at one point. I bump into Leelee while I am intimate with Zsuzsanna (while Leelee is facing away from us). This physical contact annoys Leelee and her annoyance annoys me (and makes me suspicious yet not lucid), so I conclude her “devotion” is pretense despite her being a “guardian”. However, any perception of conflict soon fades.

      In a scene in the kitchen, I have an electronic musical keyboard. I am thinking about recording some music for a new track. My mother is now present. (My dream self does not recall that she had died in 2002.) Pressing some of the keys, I see that one of them (seemingly a B key near the center of my keyboard) seems either loose or stuck due to the power cord somehow having been wrapped under the key. My mother tells me that she had done this (though unknowingly causing the problem), which makes me very annoyed as I am not sure if the key can be fixed as it seems broken or at least different in response to the other keys. I still want to play some music.

      I soon notice a tiny hairless creature that I first think is dead. It is lying between the A and B keys near the middle of my keyboard. I feel a sense of disgust in thinking that it may be a small rat fetus. However, over time, it begins to move and then breathe and gasp. “Oh…It’s a dog fetus,” I say aloud to the others present in casual matter-of-fact observation.

      Earl (an older half-brother on my mother’s side) is soon present. (My dream self does not recall that he had died in 2007.) The tiny hairless puppy, not much bigger than my thumb, is making unusual motions with its mouth (reminiscent of the “baby” in the movie “Eraserhead” from 1977). I wonder if it will even live, but I consider that Earl should put it with its mother to suckle. I have a wholly unexplainable false memory that Earl has a small dark gray cairn terrier that is likely its mother. The tiny “puppy” has an unusual brief feature on the top of its head that looks like an angular cap (though without the brim) of the kind a policeman or postman would wear, though it blends in with its head like an actual darker physical feature relating to its minimal fur. I know that my mind is creating this association somehow but it does not trigger lucidity.

      In the last scene, I have a meal with the four “angels”, Zsuzsanna, my mother, and Earl. My keyboard seems unrealistically bigger and oversized, and we seem to be using it as a table. Along with other food, which seems mostly normal to me, I also seem to have eaten much of the puppy except for its head, though the imagery is quite magnified. I feel a bit strange, but then I realize it is not the original puppy, but a “copy” of it, and that the “real” one is with its mother. At this point, my dream becomes more abstract and fades without a direct waking prompt.

      Foundational dream state indicators (no present relevance to real life): Our previous bedroom in Brisbane synthesized with my parents’ bedroom of Cubitis is simply based on concurrent subliminal threads of awareness of having gone to bed and additionally perceiving Zsuzsanna and I as parents.

      There are multiple reasons as to why Leelee Sobieski appeared in this dream, yet all of them unrelated to real-life symbolism and linked directly to the Reticular Activating System and real-time preconscious dynamics of the dream state. Reason number one stems from having briefly and randomly looked at details on IMDb of the 2007 movie “Walk All Over Me”. I only watched the first few minutes (and will watch it later with Zsuzsanna). She plays Alberta and appears as a cashier in the first few minutes, and the preconscious sometimes takes the form of a cashier to symbolize “checking out” of the dream state (as a lifelong recognized RAS function). Reason number two stems from her role in the 1998 movie “Deep Impact”, which has a theme analogous to the cessation of the dream state (“end of the world” association, symbolically unrelated to real life in this case). Reason number three comes from her role as Joan of Arc as associated with “divine voices and visions” and being in the dream state. Reason number four stems from her no longer being in movies as analogous to the waking precursor (“watching movies” as analogous to dreaming, though there may also be a play on “retired” as in going to bed).

      The power cord wrapped under the key is a dream state indicator (unrelated to present waking life) that no pretend “dream interpreter” could possibly have a clue about. Here is why: When I lived in America, I sometimes used to script dreams in real time by using affirmations in a digital sampling keyboard and did in fact, cause a key to stay down with the power cord holding it. In fact, the irony of this plays off of itself. In one real-time scripted vivid dream when I was young, I was distracted in trying to find the real audio source in order to turn it off. I was in a hallway with various doors and could not tell where the real sound was coming from. This is possibly one of the most hilarious failures of critical thinking skills in an otherwise vivid lucid dream.

      The last part of my dream is based on new ideas in my approach to newer music (as symbolized by the puppy needing to develop more). It is also an odd form of coalescence in “feeding off” my dream state (and the dream self coalescing back into consciousness). Also, as in uncountable past dreams, I was vaguely aware that I was consciously creating my dream (even though I was not lucid in any viable way), mostly only vaguely discernible in the scene where my focus on the “dead rat fetus” willed it to change into the living tiny hairless puppy. The focus on it coming to life and breathing relates to both waking up and very mild sleep apnea that is usually not a problem for me. Additionally, there are “end markers” here I do not typically go into detail about in an entry. For example, the B key represents the end of an octave and where there is no black key to the right of it, as a play on coming out of the unconscious state of dreaming, no more liminal space implied by the next white C key after the white B key.

    5. Random LD of the day

      by , 09-13-2017 at 06:02 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I am walking on a bridge that is a part of some huge castle. My friend Dylan is walking along with me. We come to the end of the bridge and see two baby dragons, gold and black in color(75% black 25% gold ratio). We go up to them with zero hesitation or worries that we could be killed. We begin to pet them, and they seem to thoroughly enjoy the affection. Though I somehow "knew" these dragons were babies, their size was equivalent to a full grown medium sized dog.
      Without warning, Dylan suddenly hops onto the baby dragon that he was petting. The dragon goes crazy for a moment but then calms down. Somehow Dylan controls the dragon and gets it to start flying while he is on the back of it. I watch in amazement wondering how he did it. "Just get on the dragon dude, but you have to believe!" he yells from above. Immediately I got onto the dragon, attempting to treat it with respect, and I try to take off. The dragon goes for a running lift off, but it does not work. "Remember dude, just belieeevvveee" I hear Dylan say once more from way off in the distance.
      The dragon and I give it another go, and this time I am fully believing in a solid successful take-off. Sure enough, off we go into the air. Seconds later after becoming airborne the dragon disappears into thin air. I am now flying by myself. "This is a dream, I am dreaming" I say out loud to myself. Now lucid, I take in the moment and concentrate my awareness. I look around for Dylan but he is long gone. I am now flying around the castle and it's courtyard. I realize just how massive the entire castle is. As I continue flying around in a quite graceful manner, I look down and see a huge crowd of people completely taking up an entire bridge.
      They seem to be having a party considering everyone is socializing, music is playing, and huge breen and white beachballs the size of a small car are being thrown about. Unintentionally, I crash land. Luckily nobody got hurt. I start making conversation with the people around me and even hit one of the beachballs once.
      As you can tell, I've now gotten distracted.

      Note: The dream continued on but I don't remember the rest due to an abrupt awakening by an urgent need to pee.
    6. Comp Nights 5 6 7 8

      by , 09-13-2017 at 05:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I've gotten busy with school but things are quieting down now. I'm posting this rather quickly just so spell knows I'm still alive and haven't dropped out of the comp entirely. I'll clean this up and tally my points for the comp hopefully tomorrow. Also, it looks like avatars are back- sort of?

      Night 5: One frag; something to do with a white spaceship and my dream character Marcus.

      Night 6: I false awoke in my bedroom and became lucid. I walked downstairs and out the front door doing a dream stabilization along the way. I falsely remembered a competition goal for 100 points was to fly to another planet. I uneventfully flew into space and landed on the planet Mercury. The surface was lifeless and barren and the sun was bright. I lost the dream and woke up.

      I decided I would do a WBTB. This landed me in a nonlucid dream where I was in a greenhouse. There was a big tree with purple fruit and a termite mound. My mom was there and she threw the termite mound at me.


      In the dream I was playing the role of a boy of about 14. I was moving with my 16 year old sister to live with my aunt in a high rise tenement apartment by the beach because my mom had a drug problem and she she couldn't fight her addiction, so she wanted to get rid of me and my sister before she became abusive. (Yay for putting your children first... i guess?)

      I was on the beach about a quarter mile from the apartment complex. Some very attractive older woman in a swimsuit approached me and talked to me and for some reason my first response was to ask her which Hogwarts house she was from. My sister said something about breaking character.

      We went to meet our new aunt and saw the inside of the apartment was like a very up-class hotel. Our aunt was an older woman who had a cat bed with a kitten sleeping in it on hear head all the time.


      I false-awoke. I had been asleep in a junior high school class and the teacher said she was going to write me a suspension. I got worried but then caught myself. I had a false memory that I was taking a remedial class with middle school students but managed to root it out and find it faulty. Finally managing to become lucid in this dream.

      I remember standing up from my desk and announcing to the class that everything was my dream, that I had graduated junior high school. The teacher told me to sit down and stop talking nonsense or she would double my punishment. I pinched my nose and held it pinched but kept breathing through it until the dream ended.


      I was playing Tennis with a few friends. I became lucid and started hovering above the tennis court showing them how I could fly.

      Night 7: Nuthn

      Night 8: Became lucid during the recurring big waves dream after spotting multiple moons. I did an RC and attempted in dream meditation while being knocked about by the waves.
    7. boring dreams.

      by , 09-13-2017 at 03:46 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Trying to get recall up so here goes.

      Work dreams and house

      Could have been all one dream but broken up. First I am opening a mail box with a bunch of packages inside. I am bringing them into my house. Second I am trying to watch a movie but my dad keeps shutting it off. People from work are there A(male) and E(female) we are talking about the movie but they don't seem interested.

      Next I am walking my dog on a street in chilliwack near sunset. I go down a familiar street but there is a park nearby that wasn't there. Instead f continuing on like a suburban street it turns into a downtown section with a large McDonald's. Somehow I am back at my house telling my dad that I should have worked at the mcdonald's I just found because it seems to be under a different franchise owner.
      Tags: asuka, movie
    8. Possible Precog

      by , 09-13-2017 at 03:10 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Not a lucid but possibly precognitive.

      Last night I dreamed that I was in some sort of post apocalyptic world with a small group of men and women. We are survivors. I recall feeling vulnerable to some danger; someone or something will come back to kill us. We pack up our things that we have looted over time and need to leave our base/home. We are in some large warehouse looking facility... not sure before or after we leave.

      Later tonight, for some reason, I decided to start up season 3 of Last Man on Earth. I was surprised how many elements from my dream matches several of the episodes we watched in waking life. It could all be coincidence, but it's still very interesting when these things happen. I would be nice if my precognitive dreams would be of something that matters and that I know it's precognitive before it actually happens.
      Tags: precog
    9. Finding Her

      by , 09-13-2017 at 03:02 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      This dream is from a last weekend. I don't recall the day or time.

      I am walking in town on foot trying to use my phone to call my wife to come pick me up,but, of course, it's not working. There all kinds of strange phone issues typical to dreams. I see my wife drive by several blocks away down a main street. I see my son in the window. I want to run to them to flag them down, but they are so far away. There is a strange zooming morphing effect and I am right there behind, but too late for them to see me. All of this weirdness triggers lucidity, but I still really feel the need to meet up with my wife and son. I decide I can just teleport right there in the car with them. I focus and relax and try to visualize being in the car. I get the physical sensation riding in a seat but the visual environment doesn't change. I slowly wake up.
    10. Log 866 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 11

      by , 09-13-2017 at 02:53 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 12 September 2017

      Got a dream and a DILD to note.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 11 - Part 1

      The visuals were clear. I was walking within an unknown communal structure. Concurrently, I was playing a space-themed roguelike without any device whatsoever. Eventually, I landed in a planet in which my dream guide, E, was imprisoned. If not freed within an allotted time, E would break free herself in a frenzy, and would not only chase the player's ship, but the actual player themselves. Real-world knowledge was required to succeed. So, I visited a library located within the building, where I did some research on an old CRT computer. Time wore out quickly, making me resort to save-scumming to avoid catastrophe. Some guy conversed with me for a moment, though I just barely forgot what that was about.

      On a whim, I looked up on Hurricane Jose's current whereabouts, only to discover it had, against all odds, gone on a direct course to my town! Suddenly, I found myself riding on a passenger plane (not inside; literally atop of its fuselage), an oddly map-like view of grassy hill-lands visible below. Noticed my brother, Giovanni and an old black guy were there as well. When passing isolated farms, my brother mused on how long it would take that population below to multiply beyond sustainable levels. This gets the man to mention owning a gated community not too unlike what he saw down there, which he bought as part of his father's last request.

      Not much else happened until the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 11 - Part 2

      The visuals were clear. I was walking down a forest road at daytime, accompanying both mom and a dark haired, tan skinned Hispanic woman in her 40's. All of us were dressed formally. We eventually arrive at a mansion. As we stepped inside, the woman offered to guide us through a tour. She ardently explained how the structure was supposedly a model for proposed renovations to the local highschool in my town. The doors opened to the spectacle of piano lounge music reverbing within gleaming marble hallways. At each moment, the woman would stop to point out a fancy carpet, a large chandelier, a bronze candelabrum, or some other extravagant piece.

      Many levels of such continued before finally reaching the top floor. Several steps lead to platform further above, of which the sole musician and his piano occupied. Bored, I teleported around the area for the heck of it. That's when I noticed a familiar tune sounding. Can't recall what it was, though I was sure it's something Giovanni plays as a practice song. "Giovanni, that you?", I called out. I approached the pianist, yet couldn't see much aside that he's wearing a tux. Either way, I knew it was indeed my brother, and reasoned that I must've been dreaming.

      I made further short-ranged teleports. My actions visibly concerned both women, so I excused myself and rushed off. The unknown woman made a snippy remark as I left, but I ignored that. I made my way down a drab, concrete stairway. Halfway through, I stopped to collapse half a wall with one punch. Then, I continued along with inhuman speed and footing. Soon, I arrived outside to a night sky. Things began warping around me. I tried producing fire from my hand, but couldn't manage before the dream deteriorated.

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