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    1. 9/13/17 - 9/14/17 | Snow, Paintball

      by , 09-14-2017 at 09:37 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I recall a silly forecast-high of 31±2°F for lots of places in the pacific ocean. Later, I received a book that had different versions of the same picture of a flower and a bee.
      -F-History exam in a building with occasional door problems.
      -F-Cousins and I playing WWHD.

      -1-I was roaming around town for some reason. I had never been in this town before. Later, I found a historical skull that was supposedly 4000 years old. Some kid came in a messed it up. I guess it wasn’t important. Suddenly, a super duper snow machine turned on. This wasn’t regular snow; the machine shot it in a straight line and froze the legs of anyone in its path. This happened a couple times to a couple of people. I pulled them both out before it consumed them, only to be attacked myself. My legs were stuck as I gradually froze.
      -2-I was watching a paintball game with a variety of weapons. There was a borderline AR/Sniper, a P90, and another gun. The P90 guy was a team captain, so he had the camera POV. He got a long-range kill after a sweep of the area. Sadly, I don’t remember any map layout.
      -F-Something about black holes.
      -F-Something about not attending classes, then forgetting it’s the weekend.
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    2. Legendary sword & Outerworld

      by , 09-14-2017 at 09:30 PM (Ereos)
      I was right outside of my house just entering my garden through the car gate, it was day-time about to be night in a few hours.

      Then it turns out that the sage is right behind me, helping me close the gate when he suddenly tells me: "You are dreaming."
      I said: "Nah that's not possible."
      He replied: "Yes it is, you are dreaming."
      I said: "Nonsense..."
      He replied in a more convincing and excited tone: "Yes yes yes! You are dreaming I swear!"

      At this point I became pretty aware and it indeed looked like I was dreaming...I did the mouth breathing reality check, my cheeks puffed up but I was still able to breathe out through my mouth, I was dreaming indeed.

      I look around a little bit and remember that I had to acquire the legendary magic sword in order to defeat the Hooded Man properly.
      I hop right above the gate and into the wide open street on the left, turns out that the sage is on this street now, like waiting for me but as I approach him he just morphs into some kind of tree.
      I still approach him anyways and ask him: "Heyyyy, could I please have that legendary sword?"
      The tree branches moves and points at me, as if he was looking at me, and a sword materializes from one of the tree branches, falling right into my right hand.

      The sword looked like this:

      I swing it around a little bit, it's a pretty good sword.


      I am now doing some kind of rugby match sport or something, I was in the red team and I just joined in the middle of the match, match is quickly over however and we go back into this train that is actually an extremely large subway transportation system.
      I take a seat next to one of my friends and at some point I sorta become lucid because of the very monotonous tone of the ride so far.
      I notice that we arrive at some station but we kinda skip past it and then we just go straight down and we pretty much do a 180°, and from there on we go upwards and very quickly we get into this very open world, it was the outerworld but this time much further away from the pole holes.

      The train itself was traveling extremely fast and we had a little digital live map showing where we were, and it seems like we were going right between the Antartic and the bottom tip of South America from right to left at quite the speed.
      We were just enjoying the ride, riding on the ocean basically there were a few islands there and there and we passed over some.
      Then right as we go past the bottom tip of South America, we stop at some station and I take time to appreciate the outerworld for a bit. In the far far distance I could see the start of the Antartic along with it's big hole leading to the innerworld, my home.
      The water was spiraling towards it the closer it was to the hole, it was pretty neat, I explain my friend how all of this works mostly.


      I woke up but it turns out that for some reason I was in full military gear, it was still a bit night-time and I could hear my brother and my parents going up the stairs, I pretended to be asleep.
      But then they come right into my room and I try to quickly undo my balaclava and all but my parents and brother sees it and asks me what's going on.
      I guess my parents and brothers still don't know about my double life of being in the Secret Service huh?
      Well in the end I explained it to them and they took it rather okay it seems, they go out of my bedroom and let me sleep.
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    3. Elevators. And lots of them. And mirrors. Can't forget about that.

      by , 09-14-2017 at 12:27 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM

      Dreamtime: 30 minutes of supposed dream time


      I'm in a fancy hotel somewhere with two to three friends. We were exploring the hotel, going inside elevators, checking the rooms out, and generally doing a whole lotta nothing. I'm in a room with a big mirror to the right. I instantly recoil at the sight of it, not wanting to look at any mirrors in a dream due to all the unpleasant experiences people have with them in dreams.

      I instead head to an elevator. I walk inside and suddenly, Slenderman. Now, I don't believe in the suited faceless freak, but that didn't stop my subconscious from shoehorning it in anyway. I keep my eye on him, fearing he might do something if I'm not looking.

      The elevator opens up to a narrow pathway outside of the hotel. There was no guard railing, and it seemed to be nighttime (There was also an aurora borealis forming in the distance).

      I head into another elevator and there is both a mirror AND the Slendydude inside of it. I look away from the mirror and focus squarely on the white faced man. The dream ended right after which.


      1. The dream was impressively vivid. Too bad this ended up being even more vivid than my own LD but whatever.

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    4. What A WILD Ride

      by , 09-14-2017 at 11:57 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM

      DREAMTIME: 20 minutes of perceived dream time.

      Pre-Dream State:

      Yup, this is a WILD. Okay, so I went to bed at 12:00 AM, but I had also fallen asleep for 4-5 hours beforehand, so I think I was in a state where I could easily initiate REM even if I didn't want to, and I did.

      Out of nowhere, my body began to shift into REM Atonia (Or as I and many others like to call it, Sleep Paralysis) and I began to hear slight snippets of audio as I'm making the transition. I also began to see small flashes of light, and my body also felt like it was convulsing WILDly. I was almost scared shitless, the only saving grace being I knew I was going to transition into a dream at the end of it. I was scared that hallucinations of demons would pop up out of nowhere, but I had to keep my eyes shut and suppress those thoughts as hard as I could.

      For what seemed like an eternity of blaring lights, body shifting, and small noises, I had finally, finally transitioned into an LD. I think it only lasted for 30 seconds, but shit like that makes you REMEMBER stuff goddammit.


      Anyway, I transition into a sort of dungeon lit by torchlights. For some reason there are girls in front of me that are inside giant Tabasco sauce bottles (Don't ask). I walk up to one of the girls (I think she was brunette, about my age) and tilt the bottle forward, and somehow end up covering her with chili powder. I don't know if my subconscious was being clever or not but here you go.

      The other girls next to her laughed and proceed to egg her on about the whole thing, but my eyes were fixated on another row of girls to the right, this time not inside of oversized spice bottles. I think of striking up a conversation with them, but I dismiss the thought entirely, and end up walking up to some kind of large metal door with orange trim.

      I walk through the door to find myself in a wide open tundra. It is the most beautiful, yet the most frightening thing I have yet encountered. My mind begins to race with thoughts of freezing up and dying in my own dream, but I suddenly begin to realize how null my body is to the cold, and my worries melt away. I keep traversing this surreal white acropolis (Thumbs up if you get the reference) when I come across a nice, temperate looking area with orange grass and where you can see the sunset.

      It is almost alien in appearance. The saturated orange color of the grass itself accompanied by the fact it was right next to a frozen landscape. It was also a mountain high up in the sky, to add to the craziness.

      I wind up finding a couple of my real life friends (Though I can only remember one clearly(Let's call him E)). I talk to 'E' for a bit, Lord knows what the hell I was talking about, but the tone of the conversation seemed to be pretty lax all in all. And no, I didn't try to convince him it was a dream.

      I try to fly in this dream, but end up stumbling in the air (If you can picture that) and falling right back down.

      I go back to the frozen landscape I was in, and get lost in thought as I lose lucidity and thus lose the dream.


      1. My memory of the LD seems to be highly muddled by my other dream that I had right after this one, so details are a bit sparse.

      2. This was most definitely a WILD.

      3. The LD seemed pretty long (About 20 minutes or so). I didn't need to do any reality checks along the way either as I seemed to have a consistent level of lucidity throughout.

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    5. Log 867 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 12

      by , 09-14-2017 at 02:15 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Just got a dream and a fragment to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering around town with family. Some time was spent in an airport. We return home, only to find that most of our vehicle's were missing. What's more, the place was unusually messy inside. Robbery, no doubt.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 11 - Part 1

      The visuals were slightly dimmed and blurred. I was in a ballroom built of laminated wood. There was a party going on, in which guests were mostly people in their late teens/early twenties. A college break party, perhaps? Some insufferable "toughguys" start making trouble for the rest of us. The masses don't speak out against such, while I, of course, alienated myself from festivities.

      Later on, I start flying around for no particular reason. This caught the attention of the meekest among the crowd, whom sought asylum after bearing woes from those ruffians. And indeed, this got so out of hand, the entire place had since devolved into bowing to mistreatment, if not joining in such misconduct. I wouldn't have cared either way, that is, if those bullies hadn't thrown junk at me, likely due to perceiving me as a threat. Oh, it's on now.

      Up near the ceiling, I formed a ball of toxic plasma, which I dropped and detonated on the crowd. Those who took part in such mischief were knocked unconscious, and, in the case of the original instigators, killed outright; everyone else were completely unharmed. I snuck off, and let everyone there sort out the mess.

      I creeped through some hallways, when I encountered one of the earliest belligerents, a tall, tanned skinned guy with shaved light brown hair. Up until then, I hadn't realized he'd ever left the room, and yet, he was still privy of my previous assault. Cue fistfight. The guy had a decent grasp of combat basics, and actually landed a few good hits. This overwhelmed me enough to keep from using flashy powers. Still, I could manage a simple dazing ability, allowing me time to place a chokehold from behind.

      Can't recall much else until the dream ended.

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    6. Bizarre imagery followed by LD

      by , 09-14-2017 at 01:55 AM
      I woke up early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep right away. As I was laying in bed I started to get the sensations that my body was falling to sleep (pressure, vibration) and then had a strange sensation that something was emerging from my left arm. I looked down at it and saw a tiny head growing out of it. It was grotesque and started whispering strange words (somehow directly into my right ear). It was very creepy, but I felt strangely calm and told it to leave. It didn't leave, but I decided to ignore it and focus on the spinning sensation that I was having. I allowed myself to surrender to the disorienting feeling and soon found myself flying down towards a building that seemed to be a community/retreat center. A woman saw me flying over her head. I circled around the room a few times and then went into the basement to explore. I discovered that I could put my fingers through the wall and started trying to put my hands through various types of surfaces. Strangly, hollow metal tubing felt dense and solid on the inside and brick felt viscous. I pulled my hand out of the brick wall and it was covered with goo.
      I then suddenly found myself back in my bed and very aware of my body. I began to feel strong vibrations and heard a high-pitched clanking vibration and was pulled downward through space. All around me I saw vibrant, swirling, floral-like patterns. My husband stirred next to me in bed, which brought my awareness back to my body and stopped the downward motion, but the moving patterns continued to grow and swirl around me for several more minutes.
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