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    1. Nukes launched

      by , 09-04-2017 at 07:27 PM (Ereos)
      I was near my bed, to the right side of it, it was day-time and I was trying to choose the best sleeping mask to sleep with.


      I was in the courtyard of my house and there was basically a good chunk of my family there, just enjoying what's left of the summer.
      I notice my dad's friend trying to train with weapons for self-defense just in case, it was a rather old hunting rifle.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am now some place else, we were about to order food and in there I order a simple ham sandwich and some cola to go with it.


      I am now in my home in my living room, kinda peeking at the TV from time to time while I was busy doing something with my computer.
      Then at some point when I peek again at my TV I discover that New Russia has been attacked, thousands are dead, the Hooded Man is suspected to be responsible, welp, there it is, this is it.
      I just rush right out of my house, full military gear and at the ready and I take the car and drive to the capital.

      On the way there on the highway, there are plenty of stopped cars and even some police cars doing rounds all around the highway.

      Then when I finally arrive at the capital, I enter this rather big modern building with quite an odd architecture, there are plenty of men in black suits in there, and they just let me pass right through.
      I enter this big control room of sorts, with a few live screens of the current map of the innerworld, strategic command and all that fancy stuff.
      Plenty of world leaders are already in there, the president of the United States, Ereos, and the prime minister of the UK.
      No sign of the president of New Russia, he's probably still over there pretty busy trying to sort this mess out, instead there is a representative of New Russia.

      There are a few others world leaders in there, didn't get a good look at 'em, but now the situation was rather urgent, we can't let the Hooded Man get stronger.
      I now notice that I am dreaming but I keep going for that anyways since that is my plan.
      The nukes are ready since a week or two now, and the representative of New Russia looks definitely pissed off. The nukes were to be launched on my exclusive order since I am from the Secret Service and I know most about the Hooded Man.

      I stood there for a few seconds, just thinking about it, and then... "Fire." I said.
      Everyone proceeds to launch their nukes, and we can see them being launched on this big strategic map screen.
      Some silence ensues at what we've done, but then I had an idea and said: "Don't forget to split your nukes, there will be as much destructive power, but smaller nukes so less fallout. Don't want to irradiate the entirety of the innerworld now."

      Surely enough after some time has passed, just before the warheads hit, they split into 4 pieces each.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 3 - Rebels and Colonists

      by , 09-04-2017 at 05:25 PM (A Nocturnal Opus)
      Dream 1.
      Shopping along with some acquaintances. Looking at full body hoodies and being silly.

      Dream 2.
      I am in the African jungle with rebels, spending time with a few native kids, especially one boy. Though he was born from the rebels, he doesn't feel he belongs with them and has further isolated himself. He shows me his secret tree house and shows me his baby brother. They have no mother. I hold the baby and decide I must find baby formula for him so he can survive. I leave on my quest and enter a building. I sneak my way past the workers and find a kitchen. I ask a woman for baby formula. There is none but she tells me babies can also eat brown sugar and grains so she hands that to me from a trailer truck. We are outside in the jungle. My father and brother are with me. On the muddy street, I see white religious fanatics riding motorcycles towards the rebel camp with tall thin metal crosses above them. I run behind them, but off the road and in the jungle so they won't see me, my father and brother behind me. We are on the muddy road again. Two kids are with my father and brother. I tell them to hide; we are white and they are black; we can offer them no protection when the religious colonists see them. They go away. All the kids are hiding. Some have stolen access cards to hide in a government facility. I am looking for the boy and baby from before but I also end up in the government facility. A woman on my side makes a comment and suddenly the bad guys know I am an antagonist so they shoot at us from higher levels accessible by escalators. I take cover close to the wall. The bad guys boss comes down with his pistol closer to me and I rise up to meet him climbing the wall to a platform. He goes to shoot me but I fight back and point the gun at his head. I shoot him multiple time but it just makes him weak. A higher up authority arrives. We are surrounded. I move around trying to do something but eventually decide to just stand by and wait to see what happens next. The authority talks to some people and the dream ends.
    3. Time Travel Magic and Bombs.

      by , 09-04-2017 at 04:11 PM
      So I am with this girl in my car. Nothing sexual. Just sitting and talking. There is this inflatable mattress thing in the backseat which I know is a bomb. The bomb activates. I usher the girl quickly away from the car and into a nearby building. I am panicking because the bomb is going to blow up my car in a parking lot. Because of my ethnic background, I know in the dream that once that explosion happens and they inevitably identify me, I will be on the news as a terrorist.

      So my next instinct is look for another girl that I somehow knew in the dream world. Her name roughly sounds like the word "Heylmun". She is a black girl I actually knew from high school under a different name. I frantically plead with Heylmun and ask her if she still had/knew the time travel magic that "we used to save [can't remember her name] back then." She affirms she does. I am a bit relieved. My hope is go back in time and stop past-me from putting a bomb in the back of my car.

      Some time in the dream passes and I hear the car explode outside the building me and Heylmun are in. A crowd gathers near the windows to see flames and gasoline spewing everywhere and on other cars. The televisions in the building come on reporting on the incident in no time.

      I run back to Heylmun and ask her if she has any "hiding places" for me to lay low while she gets the Time Travel Magic ready. She says yes, but first she needs my phone number. I give it to her. She gets two numbers mixed up much to my frustration and I have to correct her.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 9/4/17 | Snow Forecast, Race to Canada

      by , 09-04-2017 at 03:13 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-There was a weather forecast on for snow in Washington. In the northern islands closer to Canada, the TV meteorologist had no idea what was going to happen, as apparently 60-80 inches of snow had once been recorded there.
      -2-There was a challenge to drive on every road in Washington. This eventually turned into a race to somewhere in southern Canada, starting from Kansas. We had to check certain homes and evacuate them. Some of them were extremely hostile, even getting their dogs to attack me. There was another person that tried to steal my car. That didnít work without the key.
      Tags: race, snow
    5. Spellbee Competition night 3

      by , 09-04-2017 at 03:01 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD-I woke up and found that my room seemed to have more light than usual and had a different floor. I RCed by trying to phase through the floor. I phased through the floor and dropped a bit, hit the ground and woke up.

      DILD-I was in my room and caught a FA somehow. I walked outside where there was a city. I jumped up to fly to try to get a better view. I tried to fly higher and faster by imagining a genie push me up. I felt something push me up, but I didn't see what it was. I was not able to fly as high and fast as I would like and spent the rest of the dream working on my flying before I woke up.

      DILD- I was in the living room of a house and realized it was a lot like another house I used to live at. I put my hand behind me to try to summon a young lady, but summoned a clone of myself instead. My clone said I needed to hurry up to do something. I looked phased through a counter into the kitchen where I say a young lady with a little boy near her. She also told me I need to hurry up and I hugged and kissed her. I woke up.

      DILD-I woke up and heard somebody say "you're welcome" outside my bedroom window. I looked around my bedroom and saw that it was different. I went outside to see it was morning. I found an open area and tried to summon an orca. I got a bottlenose, but only half of one. As a crowd of DCs were approaching, I tried to summon a dinosaur. I felt something and all of the DCs looked up in fear. Before I could look around to see it, the dream went black. I got the dream to reappear and saw lots of small dinosaurs walking around the neighborhood. I woke up.
      false awakening , lucid
    6. Monster

      by , 09-04-2017 at 02:41 PM
      A monster that seemed like he was made out of blanket material and energy was telling me jokes and trying to get me to fall for a trap. But I was always one step ahead of him and it ended with him being destroyed. There were dogs in the dream too but I forgot what they were doing.
    7. Meeting N again

      by , 09-04-2017 at 02:15 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I've been with N again , in some sort of unstable and surreal space , a part of it was a house , a street was there maybe?
      Last night I thinked so much about her , that in this dream I ended up meeting her . She was with her brother, sitting somewhere, talking about things and looking at stuff on a phone.
      At a point she notices me and we try to communicate silently so his lil brother doesn't notice me. It would be too much of a bother to explain who I am.
      Then I woke up. The dream was really unstable, i kept popping up at a roof then anotehr place.

      It was really N, the vibe or the energy she gave off was unique. But her expression was empty, like if she still sleeps and are barely cosncious of whats happening.

      My lucidity was risen a bit when I first saw her, but I did not become lucid in the end.
    8. Secrets and Serenades

      by , 09-04-2017 at 02:09 PM
      September 4th
      Non LD + LD

      1. Running to an area, I get to it by breaking doors in and others behind me try to give chase and catch me before I discover the secret. Once I get to the area the secret destroys me, I feel like the whole world has been let down. I think the secret was some device made to save humanity but it turns out theyíd never been working on it.
      2. Children running around current home at night, Johnny Depp casually walking behind them as they wind around our car and then a woman whom I think is my mother but itís hard to tell in the dark, lead them to bed. I attempt to catch Deppís eye by doing silly dances and eventually someone joins me, steps out behind a tree really. This new person is Michael Jackson and I even state this fact out loud to acknowledge his presence even more. We dance around a tree and seem to be having fun, I actually forget about Depp and then in a spin I dance off further away from the house. Once away from the house I actually look back on what happened and notice Iím dreaming, so I fly up high and touch the tops of the trees. I try to imagine myself someplace else, but my imagination carries me away to my old home and into my old bedroom with the bunkbed. Except the desk is closer to the bunk bed then I remember it and mom is on her computer there and Christian is sitting on the bottom bunk looking over her shoulder. I go into the kitchen because I feel hungry, I look into a container we often use for bread and notice dough is in there. So I place my hands over it and tense them as much as possible as I watch the dough rise and rise until itís bursting out of the container and spilling over the top, then it starts to brown and I stop when I think itís probably finished. I munch on this and deem it to be satisfactory, it has some spices in it but mainly tastes like dill sweet bread. I bring the rest into the bedroom and let mom and my brother have some. Mom says it would be nice with some onion in it, I mention that sweet onion would work wonderfully. I can feel myself waking up and it seems to even affect the dream because it starts getting light out and then I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. An Unlikely Door

      by , 09-04-2017 at 10:31 AM
      Morning of September 4, 2017. Monday.

      I am in our present bedroom in our house as it mostly is now. Curiously, at one point, I see that I am drinking a Frozen Coke with a straw. (I no longer drink cola in real life.) My wife Zsuzsanna, who is sitting to my left on the foot of our bed (the same orientation as we are in sleep, that is, she is on my left in our bed), had bought it. I consider possible health issues, but I decide that just this one, within a long time period, would not do that much damage to my health, and thus I enjoy drinking it (which proves that dream self “reasoning” is unrelated to conscious self reasoning).

      I should have seen this situation as a dream state indicator (since I would never drink a Frozen Coke in reality), yet I did not, and because I did not, the preconscious kicks in, in a typical imposer role of the exact same type (and same overall mood and level of dream state awareness) since early childhood. (This of course, is one of many reasons I have never believed in “dream interpretation” as the term is usually used, simply because I understand what dreams are and how they work.)

      This time the preconscious personification occurs as a young unfamiliar male, he comes into our lounge room and gazes at me from near the front door. Of course, this greatly annoys me and I get up to chase him back outside. As he goes back onto our porch, I notice it seems late at night. I jab his chest and chin with my Olympic barbell (which has no weights on it, but is my weapon of choice in many dreams), pushing him backwards. He walks out onto the street, but I shout to him that I will “get my shotgun” if he comes back.

      Zsuzsanna joins me on our porch. I notice a number of unfamiliar people walking in both northerly and southerly directions at the intersection in the street perpendicular to ours. I consider that there is some sort of public event going on. This may be why the unknown male ended up absentmindedly coming into our house.

      Without remembering that there is no door to the entrance to our porch in reality, that is, the doorway parallel to our lounge room door (front entrance), I attempt to close a wooden door. The dynamics of this otherwise solid door make absolutely no sense, but my dream self does not catch on at all.

      Zsuzsanna watches me as I attempt to close the door over the porch entrance doorway. I do this in the understanding that it is actually our lounge room door. This makes such little sense, it is utterly absurd, because our lounge room door is actually a few feet from the porch doorway and not even hinged anywhere in that area. Still, it does not matter to my dream self as I try it anyway. (The door actually somehow seems free-floating in one way, though still has some sort of virtual hinging at times.)

      I push the door to close into the right wall of the porch, but it does not quite fit. In fact, the otherwise solid wooden door bends a bit, leaving impossible curves in the top and bottom, though seems to resume its shape when pulled back out. I pull it back out and push it back in a few times, but I do not think it will serve as a viable door. I look at the items on our porch, including the dresser, and wonder if people will take

      This dream renders the waking transition as typical doorway waking symbolism of the same basic type as since early childhood. Such dreams, like many other dreams and their inherent waking symbolism, are unrelated to waking life in any symbolic sense. (I do not believe in “dream interpretation” in that sense anyway.)

      What about this dream relating to waking life in any way? Only my wife Zsuzsanna in this case has any connection to waking life, yet the fact we are sitting at the foot of our bed signifies that even this is a dream state indicator (symbolizing, in real time, that we are asleep).

      A door is typically the implied exit point of the dream in both lucid and non-lucid dreams, though a dream can also be vivified by going through a doorway or opening a door (and in fact this is one of my main ways to induce apex lucidity). This one was more illogical than in virtually countless past dreams of the same type of waking symbolism. There are probably at least two incidental reasons, one, the door pressing and crunching against the porch wall upon attempting to fully close it as was the door to my Cubitis bedroom (thus a subliminal dream state indicator relating to a “return” to bed - that is, subliminal acknowledgement that the physical body is in bed), two, the wobbliness of the door being analogous of having a heavier blanket over me at the time (as of course a blanket yields to physical movement but can be smoothed out again when a bed is made).

      Of course, as I have written hundreds of times in my personal journal since childhood, a porch symbolizes (in real time) higher liminal space and is unrelated to waking life symbolism other than the literal implications of what a porch is (between fictional dream self identity and true conscious self identity). Additionally, the preconscious is transpersonal and always consequently the least like the dreamer (until merging with the emergent consciousness if such is the case) or otherwise there would not be the emotional contrast required to induce waking (yet I am always astounded by people who do not understand this as this is a dream’s main function). While in some cases, the preconscious takes the form of a person the dreamer may have an actual conflict with, for me, it is often far less true, as there will be conflict with the preconscious no matter what conscious self dynamics are extant. Whether or not a person has any current conflict in waking life has nothing to do with the nature of the preconscious as many people unintelligently presume (though is but one of many of the inherent falsehoods of “dream interpretation” by way of the very common Barnum effect). If I were to “get along” with the preconscious, this would possibly sustain my dream indefinitely, which is not biologically feasible or healthy. However, when I do passively coalesce with the preconscious, which is then no longer the preconscious but the emergent consciousness, I wake anyway (coalescence waking symbolism). The only real difference used to be the coloring of mood on whether my dream had a positive or negative outcome. Since I now have a greater understanding of my dreams than ever before, that coloring of mood being potentially negative, regardless of preconscious dynamics, has lessened significantly.

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    10. 1 Billion Dollars

      by , 09-04-2017 at 03:12 AM
      September 2nd
      Waking up in the early morning in my old home, at the time of the bunk beds in my room and my mother was still asleep on the top bunk as I got up (IRL she always used the bottom one). I went to the kitchen and thought I saw something in the window out front, so I looked at the one to my left or the kitchen window and saw my grandmother walking to the side door with tons of plastic containers stacked in her hands. I rushed over and alerted mom, she just kind of grunted in response and sounded annoyed so I went out instead to greet her. I asked about the containers and she said she was giving us 1 billion dollars; I was stunned by this and offered to take them so I put them on the ground round the back of the house and opened one container. It was a stack of 20s with a rubber band around it; the other containers contained the same. I poured all the cash into my shirt that Iíd stretched out to create a place to hold it and looked up to see two or three bills try and float away on the wind. I catch them and then carefully go inside the house with grandma, I dump the bills on the floor in front of the refrigerator and then go to tell mom. By the time I come back grandma has put all the bills back in their containers and has placed the containers around the house. She walks away, I guess to leave and I take a moment to look at the neatly stacked containers on the counter, but here a noise like a lawn mower and run to the side door. I open it and see grandma sitting on the porch with a weed whacker running and sheís trying to fix it I think but I tell her not to stick her hand in it. I run to mom who is just getting out of bed and then I run back with mom and we find grandma covered in blood, her right hand is cut off and she holds it in her left hand. I think the whole thing is very gross and hesitate to take her hand that she holds out to me, but she tells me to take it and me say Iíll put it in the freezer. Sheís just saying this normally as though sheís not losing a lot of blood, I however feel very sick and once I grab the hand by the fat of the thumb, I feel like vomiting. The whole hand feels very real and lifeless; this is probably what made me want to vomit. I rush the hand to the freezer and just toss it in there but I also see another hand in the freezer and I call this new information out to mom. I pick this hand up and notice itís kind of falling apart, like one of the fingers is rotting off. I hold it away from me and rush outside using the side door, then I toss it into the neighborís yard and finally notice grandma is gone. I also notice someone is at the neighborís house and they saw me toss the hand. The rest of the dream is forgetful but I remember having to go fight in a life or death match and telling two kids that they will marry one day to eachother because I was scared of our family line dying out.
    11. Bin, Sweets Box, Sing

      by , 09-04-2017 at 12:19 AM

      I walked inside a bus that lifted me through a tube where I was facing a computer screen. On the screen I saw jadegreen's username and became semi lucid.As I watched I heard him ask a online game admin if he could put a character into a bin and keep it there till later. He was told that he could and I watched as he did it. I than thought about how funny it was that I was dreaming of this. I also pondered what jade was really dreaming about for a sec. I than turned to look at the bus driver and asked to be brought down.

      Sweet's Box

      I was non lucid at first but I forgot most of what happened. I remember seeing a open door where a window was supposed to be. After a little boy walked inside I decided to go out and walk to the secret garden in the yard. But what I found was baby animals scattered throughout the floor.

      I became semi lucid than knowing they were dream animals but I still felt obligated to help. I picked up newborn baby birds scattered onto the floor lightly and put them into a small box. I felt good when I finished but than suddenly the baby birds turned into tiny bird nails. "What? What happened?Ohh..That's right. It was a waste of time in the end since I wasn't really helping them". I left the box remembering a similar dream where I told myself not to be tricked next time.

      Next thing I know I'm being told to follow a guy who I think is a dc character from a 3d game I made.Even though he is not. I follow him around till I get the idea to make the dream setting brighter instead of darker. I make a device appear on the ground and turn the switch changing the brightness, color and contrast. I stop messing with it when a guy's hair turns from blue to green. After that the guy I was following walks up to me and starts complaining about how I wasn't following him enough so I go with him to look at a building like structure made with wooden planks. Brown and yellow.

      As I look at it and point out the big hole in it, I notice a shadow of the batman signal on the wooden plank. Than suddenly batman pops out of the shadow and superman flys out of no where towards him. They start wrestling each other and I remember spellbee's competition but I stay there watching until a mail man approaches me and tells me to move. I turn around and see a plank floating on the river than hop on it till I reach the other side. The mail man than places a box of sweets on the ground (doughnuts, cakes, cookies) than takes a woman's hand and says "Dream of Soup~" as he floats with her down the river. "Omg...I could do something else or I could eat this and not regret not eating it". I thought about it than just grabbed a fluffy strawberry doughnut and began eating it with a plastic fork. It was yummy but after taking a few bites I woke up.


      I walked into a classroom thinking class was about to start but after talking to the teacher I became aware it was a dream but in my mind I was still supposed to be there.
      After I saw Dawn enter I began singing a song for him and the class. However, mostly just for practice since I enjoy singing but have been feeling like I can't sing lately. I hit the high notes perfectly and when I stopped the class began to clap for me.
      Dawn than walked up to me and changed the scene.We were in a unfamiliar house where I remembered I had no obligation to be in the class. After he hugged me I took note of his gray garments and how different they were from what he usually has on. Woke up after that.

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