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    1. Log 859 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 4

      by , 09-05-2017 at 11:50 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 05 September 2017

      Barely remembered a few snippets. Quite a pity, as I'm sure I was lucid in a number of instances...

      Scrap Group 1
      Various dreams involving a fight between several members in the dream competition. At one point, I lured an opponent into a trap door. This time, I'm sure I was lucid for most of these earlier dreams, yet I remember far too little to get credit for such...

      WBTB intended for 15 minutes, only to turn into hours of sleeplessness. Guess I was too eager.

      In a supermarket at midnight.

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      dream fragment
    2. Nap

      by , 09-05-2017 at 11:42 PM
      I decided to take a nap since I was still tired and managed to get semi lucid. Even though it was...very short.

      I was looking at the bed thinking about falling asleep when I noticed a roach on the bed. It made me think of how my dad was talking about bed bugs the other day which scared me into believing it could possibly be a bedbug. (Even though we dont have any) Unsure of how to kill it I slowly put my hand next to it but it didn't move. I than tried shooing it away more aggressively but the bug did not move an inch. That's when I though "Okay, is this bug just not scared or is it not real and i'm dreaming?". That's when I decided to try and see if I could get the sensation of my feet moving from WL as a reality check. I felt some dirt get on my feet as I experimented than noticed my feet was becoming see through."Yeah, im dreaming. But is my feet moving in WL?"I thought. I than woke up to hear my dad calling me. I also realized my memory of my sleep position wasnt correct since I was sleeping on the opposite side.

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    3. New neighborhood and new home

      by , 09-05-2017 at 11:17 PM
      September 5th
      1. Old home, drag guy along so I can see a remodeled part of the neighborhood. Once I get there I get a frightening feeling and start to shake as though I remember something, wake up.
      2. In current home and guy comes in saying he wants everything in here, so all have to go but I grab a plastic bag and stuff tons of makeup kits, jewelry stuff and others in it. Something about taking care of a baby, jumping onto a ship. Getting caught between fire and going with a lady to hide.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 4 - Them

      by , 09-05-2017 at 06:54 PM (A Nocturnal Opus)
      Dream 1.
      Car and sandwich

      Dream 2.
      Nintendo 64 game cartridge

      Dream 3.
      Confrontation in an ice crevice. I freeze everything while making the whole area collapse. I make it out on top, on ice, with just another girl beside me. She is one of them. I decide to go back and save them. So I use a pair of scissors to break the ice. This dislodges an airplane that we are right above and we slide down it in the crevice as it falls from the ice roof.

      I am now walking in a wooden home below ground, following my mother and brother. They are part of them. They will have to make a decision if I can belong. I look at the many ancient handmade wood work.
    5. Back in School

      by , 09-05-2017 at 04:28 PM
      I was in elementary school again. My class was taking an exam. The exam had a weird perk where you had to submit the test within a composition notebook. I didn't have a notebook with me. So in the dream, I thought that maybe I would have one in my locker. I go to my locker and enter the combination that I somehow knew: 65 45 11.

      Two significant things about that combination:

      1) Master locks only go up to 39. There can be no 65 or 45 in a combination. Yet in the dream world, the lock had those numbers while still maintaining a normal sized dial.

      2) That combination. I had written it down in my dream journal a while back. I had made it up. For it to just appear in my dream and be of use is very intriguing since I am in the business of trying to master dream incubation.

      The locker opens and I have two composition notebooks inside, one blue; one black. I recognize these immediately yet I am not lucid at any point in the dream. The black one is my regular daily journal tracking my fitness and meditation practices. The blue journal is my physical dream journal in supplement to this on DV. I think to myself that I am not giving the teacher my blue journal because it has some embarrassing dreams in it, so I give her the black one.

      That's all I remember.

      Rant time.

      Why is it that I dream about everything except the one thing I incubate to be dreamed about. My hypothesis is that my mind does NOT understand what a dream is exactly. It only understands real life and tries to replicate that. Perhaps why I can dream about Donald Trump with no incubation required mostly because I was reading articles about him the previous day. Yet, trying to summon a specific dream character after 2 hours of visualization exercises seems nigh impossible.

      My second hypothesis is that I can and will ONLY dream about persons,places and things that I somehow have a waking-life interaction/attachment with. So elementary school mostly. But why elementary school? Why not middle school? Why not high school or more recently college?

      If we dream about things we have a strong emotional attachment to, why not dream constantly about high school; a time of great emotional distress for me?
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    6. Slept Late-Poor Recall

      by , 09-05-2017 at 04:04 PM
      Dream 1

      I was viewing the park as my view panned. Someone next to me pointed out how many people were present to have picnics as I watched.When I woke up I realized I was dreaming for what seemed a short amount of time.

      Dream 2

      I was living with another family and trying to help a girl who was trying to figure something out about herself. Near the end we started talking about languages and for some reason I wanted to bring up the indian language even though I know nothing about it.
    7. You've Gone Too Far (Almost Summer Comp Night 4)

      by , 09-05-2017 at 03:49 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: I was running a lucid dreaming podcast. I had been offered a sponsorship to sell something called lucidi-tea, but I didn't want my subscribers to think I was a sellout.

      NLD 1: I was third person watching a dream-movie. It was about a little girl who moved with her parents to a spinach farm in germany after world war II. The farm was originally owned by a very kindly old man that the girl had known since childhood. The farm was built in a breathtakingly beautiful mountain valley. The old man said that there was a secret room in the old barn where he kept these magical creatures, and that he wanted the little girl to watch over them while her parents took care of the farm. [they had a name but I forget what it was]

      The girl went into the barn and there were about a dozen or so of these living-teddy-bear like creatures that stood about two feet tall. They could talk (in an extremely ear-grating high pitched tone) and walk around. Each one had a distinct personality. When she walked in most of them started saying they were hungry and that the girl should feed them. But one of the creatures managed to trick her into spilling a huge bag of food pellets into their pen. The girl was called in for bed before she could clean up the mess.

      This led all of the creatures eating way more than they should have, and when she returned the next morning they were all lying around with distended stomachs and complaining of stomachaches. The girl got upset because she felt she was failing her responsibility though I remarked to myself something about dumb story contrivances.

      The scene changed to an evil cartoon rat sneaking around in a pipe under the barn. He said something about leftover weapons from WWII that he could use to wipe out the magical creatures once and for all.


      I did a WBTB

      NLD 2/Lucid:I landed in a generic high school dream. I was in a math class. Some false memories about how I was a senior in college yet had to take remedial highschool classes. *shakes fist at false memories* The teacher was talking about class periods then allowed us to go to our next classes.

      I remember the teacher had some kind of action figures on her desk and I started playing with them but I managed to break one. I felt bad, but didn't confess that I had broken it. I vowed to sneak it home, hot glue it back together and sneak it back into her room without her knowing.

      I was heading outside back to my car when I realized I was barefoot on one foot and couldn't find my other shoe. I spent several minutes searching the school before finding a mismatched shoe in a locker. I also saw an old bully from middle school but didn't have an interaction with him.

      When I got outside it was snowing and the middle of winter. I headed outside to my car only to find it up in a tree; presumably because I wasn't registered with a parking sticker. A teacher came running outside; a different one than before and told me I had a project due at 4:00 and it was 3:56 right now.

      I looked around at the environment and saw my one shoe was missing again. I saw the first teacher as well as the bully approaching me. I got confused at the location of my car because it was now sawed in half.
      Lucidity hit me like a sack of bricks. The moment it did I was struck with extreme frustration and shouted "That's enough! You've gone too far". When I did a white energy bubble expanded out all around me, similar to the ones I've conjured with my stabilization command, turning the two teachers and the bully character into dust.

      It melted the snow and cleared the clouds within it. However the bubble seemed to lose momentum and eventually began to contract back inward. I attempted to remove the bubble to stop it from contracting and it burst with a horrendous screeching sound, a bright flash. The bubble contracted in to a point directly below my feet, then blast out to a shockwave with a gong like sound that shook the entire dream.

      The effect was insanely cool. It has replaced the snowy and drab dream with a lively meadow, replacing the cars, parking lot and part of the school, cutting off at an abrupt boundary about 50 meters around me in every direction, slicing cars and the school building cleanly off where the border of the bubble had been the moment I had removed it. Looking to the sky I saw a permanent hole in the clouds where the sun beamed down.

      I began hovering above the ground. I saw one dream character who had been within the bubble yet not affected. I recognized him as a character from an RP I had done awhile ago. I turned to him and said "Hey". He looked at me, obviously awe-struck at what had just happened. He just responded with a half-hearted "Hey" in return. I looked around and saw dream characters within the school looking out at the boundary between the two dreams, amazed that half the room they had been standing in had vanished.

      I noticed the dream began to break down. I figured I had essentially broken the dream with whatever I had done/tried to do, with the dreamworld lodged in a state of partial transformation between one scene and another. Glitches and cracks began to appear everywhere. I saw a car repeatedly copy itself with each copy appearing slightly higher than the last, forming an unendingly high stack of red automobiles. I saw a dream character near the border truncate and his head expanded to 10 times the normal size, while another began to flail wildly through the air screaming.

      I looked to the sky and saw the sun was replaced with a galaxy spinning rapidly. I looked down and saw the same galaxy translucently through the ground. I thought the dream would end but I looked at the galaxy for a minute and all other scenery faded. Eventually I did wake up, but it took a very long time.
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Spellbee Competition Night 4

      by , 09-05-2017 at 03:34 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD-In my bed I saw the light turn on, then off. I did a nose plug and I could breathe. I sank in by bed and realized I was dreaming. I got up from bed and saw what looked like about 8 little blue coins floating in the room. The coins turned into a variety of 3 foot tall DCs. One of them looked like Santa Claus. I looked at them for a bit before I woke up.

      DILD-I was in bed when I realized that I could see with my eyes closed. I sank in by bed and realized I was dreaming. I got up from bed but it was hard to move. I had sort of tunnel vision and everything was blurry. I decided to move around by floating. I went to the from door and opened it. There was a 4 foot tall anthropomorphic sausage standing there looking at me. I gave it a hug. The dream went black. The sausage and I appeared the front desk of a hospital. The sausage told the receptionist some room number as if we were visiting somebody.I woke up.
    9. 9/5/17 | Hill

      by , 09-05-2017 at 12:56 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I watched a very VERY 90s video that came out in 1999. Donít remember what was in it. Later, I was in a familiar place on a scooter. It was the top of a hill, so I coasted down while applying brakes. At the bottom, I kept my balance and didnít fall into the water. I still got a little wet, almost damaging my phone. Other than that, it was a fairly forgettable night.
      Tags: hill
    10. Lucid childhood history

      , 09-05-2017 at 11:57 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Bed 5pmW
      WBTB 1am - 2 am
      back to sleep on the sofa because my arm hurt (this is how I basically do it every night now, minus the WBTB)
      No supplements

      Not sure if it was a WILD or a DILD. Was pretty long.

      [17:42:55] <gab> had a very interesting lucid last night
      [17:43:27] <gab> I went to some kind of an office/data storage, and they showed me pictures and videos from my childhood
      [17:44:03] <gab> they knew everything
      [17:44:10] <gab> past and future
      [17:45:55] <gab> I think I dreamt about this, because I had a dream with a house few days ago that was pretty strange, so I read about meaning of dreams with a house/rooms/doors, and it sounded interesting
      [17:46:20] <gab> and I decided that I will explore houses, even if I dont like to
      [17:47:11] <gab> that, plus 11 hrs of sleep and a WBTB

      I was in a room. There were offices to the left and to the right. Brightly lit, dark wood desks and man all busy with papers and stuff. Dressed in white shirts, vests and dark pants.

      I remembered that I don't like to explore in houses, but I also remembered that I made a decision to explore despite of that. Because I read on the website about houses representing our mind, which I already knew. Doesn't make it any less scary, haha.

      So I went to the left and somebody started to help us. I was taken to a screen, like a flat screen tv on the wall. Images started to show. Photographs, that started to move like a short video.

      Me, maybe 6-7 yrs old, sitting in a cardboard box. Another kid in his box next to me. We were playing that we are driving them, having a blast. (now that I'm typing this I just remembered, that we used to play in boxes like that, outside in the weeds, pretending they are space ships.) I noticed how my faced looked, clothes I was wearing, and many more details.

      Next image was me in my early teens. In a black and green checkered flannel shirt and dark pants. Short hair, very tomboy-ish. I noticed my face again and how it was true to my look from that time, but how different it looked from my earlier images. And how differently I dressed.

      There were more videos. Then I realized, I could ask them anything. I remembered my mom wanted to know about her dad. They said they can show him to me. They took me to a person laying on a hospital table. Top part was human male, bottom was a very strange alien. Stomach was twisted and narrow. They told me this is my mom's real dad.

      I wanted to know more, but I could tell they are busy.

      But I still asked if I will be able to lucid dream when I'm old. I didn't get an answer. I had a feeling during this whole experience, that they know everything, but that didn't mean that we should also know everything. Some things are for us to figure out, or not know.

      I found myself in front of my childhood house. Something didn't add up so I counted my fingers. There were more. I rejoiced and started flying, all giddy.

      I watched this airplane fly and fall into the water. I dove after it, into murky and dark water that I percieved to be a wide and deep river. I pulled the airplane out to the surface. It felt good.

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    11. Crow and the Pigeon-Vulture

      by , 09-05-2017 at 05:52 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      09-04-17 Reality checked by trying to move objects with my mind. Became lucid when I could in fact do it. Went on an adventure. At some point while flying through tree branches a large crow lands on my fore arm. I ask it if it is my Father. I sense the spirit of my departed father in the crow. That was his totem in real life. That is what he intended to inhabit until his wife passes, so they can be the same age next time. It communicates with me on some telepathic level. Another bird has landed on my other arm. It looks unlike any real bird. It looks much like a small vulture, but has the iridescent coloring and feathers of a pigeon. I sense I know this being, but can not tell from where/when.
    12. LD 97 - Castle in Space

      by , 09-05-2017 at 04:40 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in the world of Dark Souls. I'm outside, but still within a vast castle. I hear a youtuber/streamer Northernlion talking with his friends about continuing a DS series by doing some long challenge. His friends want him to do it, but Northernlion believes it would kill his channel. I see Nick playing the game and killing a monster to begin a hidden challenge of some kind.

      I'm in the castle's dining hall. It's massive. The floor is wood paneling and one end of the hall is raised. The raised part is made of stone and has a smaller table, which I assume to be for the royal family. I have tray and I'm looking for food. I suddenly become lucid and all DCs disappear from the scene. I want to go somewhere else and close my eyes in an attempt to teleport. Nothing happens immediately and I fear trying too hard will cause me to lose the dream so I stop. I want a door. Dream takes me to a door in the corner of the dining hall. I tell the dream there will be a faraway planet on the other side. I'm barefoot and feel a cold breeze from the door. I open it and see space and stars. As I step in, the dining hall's wood paneling appears as the floor and parts of the castle's stone wall follow it. The walls are incomplete and there is no ceiling. I still see deep space outside, the castle is floating in space. I walk through the eerily silent and empty castle. Everything feels very real and I tell myself this is why I want more lucid dreams. I really focus on the details of the wood floor and distant starlight shining through the cracks in the wall. I walk past the dining hall, into a short staircase and notice a room full of people. Someone is giving a speech to a large audience. I walk in and ask one lady for sexual favors. I'll leave the details out, but it was rather disappointing. At least I didn't wake up immediately. But the dream comes to an end eventually.

      Getting closer to that 100th LD. This spontaneous lucid dream did spark my motivation. Was a cool setting.
    13. Log 858 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 3

      by , 09-05-2017 at 03:05 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 04 September 2017

      Got that WILD/DIELD chain to note, and a fragment.

      Scrap Group 1
      Using a chat client for some old multiplayer online text-based game. Noticed several users were participants in this season's contest. At various points, there were some disturbingly hostile comments thrown my way. I woke up thinking I'd lucidity at some point, though I remember nothing of the sort.

      Meditated for 20+ minutes as part of a WBTB, then made a WILD attempt. Yet again, I had to endure two hours of insomnia before I got sleepy enough to transition.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Competition - Day 3

      Scene 1 - Restive Rolling
      WILD transition just after being stuck in REM Atonia for some time. I rolled off the bed, with difficulty due to exhaustion, only to wake up immediately for a brief moment. This repeats for a confirmed total of six times, along with numerous other unverified instances or outright false awakenings.

      Between these were a few non-lucid false awakenings. One of these had me get up for a snack, and another involved my sister requesting that I take her daughter to a doctor.

      Later in this cycle, I float around the room for a few seconds, until I was tugged back on the mattress. After that, just as I rolled off into the Void, I saw vivid gameplay footage of Street Fighter Alpha 2 presented before me, this depicting a simultaneous 2v2 battle between Ken, Charlie, and other unidentified characters. I hijacked the game by pretending to use an arcade stick, but I lacked the dexterity to do much. Regardless, I quickly lost interest, as I did such things just yesterday.

      Once I was less fatigued, I called out to my guide, E, various times. I heard her voice almost instantly, though with bad "reception". Took a minute for her to have more presence, heard clearly but still unseen. I requested her assistance in getting me anywhere else, and also to maybe get some tasks done. In lieu of that, she chortled and babbled loudly, as if to purposefully ignore me. Worse yet, she played mischief, doing things like tossing me around, painfully locking my limbs, and gnawing on my sides in a most uncomfortable manner. How annoying. Still, I called for her after another brief awakening, and again asked for help. This time, she rolls us both off the mattress and to the Void.


      Scene 2 - Descent, Discipline, and Disorder
      The visuals were dim and a bit blurred. I was falling down into a vast chasm along with E. By that point, she'd manifested in her giant naga form. This time, she appeared thinner, had only two arms, and had her hair styled in a pageboy cut. I quickly seated myself on her head and held on. Jagged stalagmites awaited us below, so I slowed our descent at the last second for a safe landing. Exhaustion caused my perspective to wig out a bit for a moment. Anyway, we didn't get too far when my guide alerted me to danger, pointing to the silhouettes of small, monstrous figures creeping ahead. She implied that I not stick around as she dealt with those things. I heeded her words, and jumped far away from the action.

      After scouting around, I found an opening leading above. I climbed up to find a "highschool" classroom, of all things. "Highschool" in quotation, given the "students" seemed as TV actors playing the part. The teacher, a middle aged African descended woman, had trouble getting the class' attention. Such disrespect didn't sit well with me. Once I had enough, I bashed the loudest, rudest guy in the room (some blonde twenty-something year old), and continued assaulting those that were even remotely disruptive. Rioting ensues. Noticed music in the background, some old unknown country tune sounding from a record player. I timed my attacks to its rhythm, including a groin punch to that first victim, followed by a knee-breaking elbow to someone trying to flank me.

      Minutes later, I inexplicably transformed into King Piccolo from Dragon Ball. I conjured a flag and pole in hand, then, acting in character, I claimed the structure, along with the souls of any who died (as improbable as that was). I then unwittingly turned back to myself just as quickly.

      The brawl had all but quieted down by that point. Heard Moonlight Bay was playing. I was about to sing the last verse in celebration, when some random people, my brother Jonathan included, randomly showed up to join me in chorus. My brother was awfully critical of my vocals. So, I tried correcting it, only to receive more vitriol. What's more, he refused to identify what the problem was exactly. Was it tone? Timing? Give me a hint, man! And yet, when I then performed exactly as before, he found no obvious flaws...

      This fickle judgement made me too irritable to focus, and the dream ended.

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