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    1. Very brief.

      by , 09-06-2017 at 11:31 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      After moving back to college for fall semester, for some reason my allergies started going haywire. I don't know if my new medication plan is helping; it seems to be exacerbating the problem. So, I haven't had high quality dreams because I've been too busy trying to breathe :/

      I did recall one dream from last night, that someone had turned on the heater. I woke up and felt super hot even though the AC was on so I went ahead and turned on my fan. I slept better last night than the one before, probably because I took a decongestant.
    2. Khakis

      by , 09-06-2017 at 08:36 PM
      The final 15? mins of sleep I experience multiple falling asleep/waking moments which lead to fragmented dreams and a brief moment of lucidity.I find myself in a dimmed room, with not very pleasant brown greenish hue and examine a picture with the same color. It feels as if the dream hasn't fully formed which is probably the case from the constant short wake asleep episodes prior to that.

      A DC runs around trying to engage me, but I only examine him and then try to project the same image of him on the picture I just found. I flip it around and try to see if it's the same DC, but it is a different one. I examine his clothes and try to memorize them (brown khakis). I spend way too much pondering whether khakis can be any other color than brown and remark how poor my dream memory can sometimes be.

      I hear the voice of my boyfriend supposedly from real life telling me that I have overslept and will be late.
      I wake up to find that there are 5 mins left to the alarm.

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    3. Recently meditated and stayed up practically all night

      by , 09-06-2017 at 04:41 PM
      But I dreamed. In the first dream. It was like there was two realities in the same space...

      In the second dream I'm surrounded by fire.

      I got woken up by a pounding noise like someone banging on a door.

      It sucks having loud neighbors. I'll have to work around that and make meditation a regular practice.
    4. Landlord’s Pickup Truck in our Lounge Room

      by , 09-06-2017 at 10:27 AM
      Morning of September 6, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna as we are living in our present home as it is now. Our landlord, whom we have rarely ever seen in real life, somehow managed to have had his grayish blue pickup truck parked in our lounge room (yet there was no backstory to how this could have happened). It faces east, oriented left to right when looking towards our front door. My dream self does not consider the impossibility of this situation. I am somewhat annoyed. Apparently our landlord had parked it here to work on for a time, to fully repair it.

      In the bed of the pickup truck are a number of small parts. There is also a blue tarpaulin covering the bed. I make a sarcastic comment that our landlord will probably take months to fix up his pickup truck. (This is based on the real-life association of how he takes a year or more to fix up houses he owns.) I am not really looking forward to our landlord spending so much time in our lounge room working on his pickup truck over the coming months.

      Meanwhile, I had been looking at a dream-related website that I had posted on in real life (though not as often as my main sites). I look over the posts I had made one by one, though at times, it is more as if I am looking at entries in an actual dream journal of the style of when I was a teenager. Still, there is a heart symbol indicating how many people had liked a dream post. I clearly notice that the number 45 appears to the left of one red heart symbol. (This is in error, as the heart symbol on the website in real life is blue. However, the heart symbol on another site, tumblr, becomes red when clicking on it.) It surprises me that 45 people took the time to click to “like”, especially as the majority of people, as to be expected, seem to have no interest in my personal truths regarding over fifty years of dream study and personal validation. I also notice other numbers such as 23 (for older posts). The numbers seem to increase with later posts.

      The pickup truck in my dream was validated in very early childhood to have two primary meanings, though which is more of a synthesis of parallel symbolism. One, a pickup truck has a “bed”, and is thus a distorted dream state indicator. In this case, there is even a tarpaulin over the bed, which represents a blanket on a bed (and being in the dream state). More so, the pickup truck is in our lounge room, where I have sometimes fallen asleep in the same area (while watching television), though with my head westerly, not easterly as with the front of the pickup truck - though I suspect this relates to my general dislike of commercial television. Two, a vehicle as such (including cars, boats, and airplanes), in addition to being related to a distortion of a bed after entering sleep, is also directly analogous to the human body. The truck is parked, relating to the fact that I am in a certain level of consciousness, that is, not yet in the waking transition. The repair work associated with the personified preconscious (in this case, our landlord) relates to the preconscious as a biological necessity which assists in both waking as well as linking to other levels of the mind for cellular repair. There have been numerous dreams since childhood with this same basic symbolism, though rendered uniquely each time. There is no intelligent reason to pretend the truck is something else other than the parallel symbolism of my physical body, and my body as it is in bed, especially as it is indoors in our house (not on a street outside) and a direct factor of the preconscious. Despite me being typically annoyed by the preconscious and its imposition into the environments of my dreams, it is a biological necessity. It ultimately has nothing to do with waking life personas in this case.

      Additionally, consider the heart symbol. This relates to the physical body as well; the human heart. The number I notice is 45, which I assume is an age reference, especially as the numbers are seen to increment over time. It may relate to a particular instance when I was 45 in contrast to how my heart is now, though I have not looked fully into it yet.

      Of course, the last, but not least, obvious dream state indicator is the dream-related website. Still, this did not trigger full lucidity, mainly due to having used the site in real life. Computer technology as somehow rendered into paper and notebooks is a commonly recurring feature, likely a carryover from having kept dream journals from early childhood on, long before computer technology was viable for storing dream data.

    5. What caught my legs? My bed!

      by , 09-06-2017 at 09:32 AM
      I first listed through random images of faces in my mind eyes, but then I decided to go for other approach to induce WILD.
      I went for induction of WILD by moving through tunnel. Once I started to feel the movement I applied will to escape the tunnel and fly out of it. I flew out into open country, covered in total darkness- there was self-shining road close by, so I steered to fly above it. The road went from left to right side... I let the pull lead me, so I took left turn. After short time I tried to accelerate my flight, to reach the source of pull faster. I started to hear soft whining of jet engines somewhere at my legs .
      The faster I flew, the bigger problems I had to stay above the road. And I found out that I had to fly above road, because when I was on the side, the pull was weak. Then I came to sharp turn and I flew directly into darkness unable to overcome my inertia. I turned and braked my inertia and starting to accelerate back toward road. As I came closer to road, maybe 10 meters from it, I felt something caught my legs and prevented me to reach the road. I looked behind, and I saw only darkness. I pushed more and more power for breaking the grip... the jet engines were roaring It wasn't soft whining anymore... Still it was of no use, I felt more and more resistance as I increased the power. My aura flared in deep blue light full of bright violet sparks and small bolts- with help of that light I saw, that nothing was holding me... but still there was feeling of strong grip. And the dream dissolved after that.

      1. When I come to my senses I felt the pressure as if something pulled my feet... it was my bed! I was sleeping on my stomach, with feet over the edge of bed and I subconsciously pulled my feet forward... and because I had them exactly over edge of bed I pressed strongly on that edge!
      2. I wonder what that image of meandering road meant exactly... why there were such turns... I certainly didn't imagined it consciously.
      3. This was first interesting LD after a few months.
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    6. 2017-09-06 coupla short scenes

      by , 09-06-2017 at 08:03 AM
      + observing a football play [DREAMSIGN]: in the endzone, a player receives the kickoff and only is able to run it back to the goal line, and dives forwards at the corner and places the football juuuuuuuuuust past the goal line corner marker right in front of the referee.

      + loading into a van (getting off?) at some destination/party location? The driver of the van is asking for $30 from everybody. I'm looking through my wallet and he reminds me that I already paid him so I just hand him $4.
    7. Meeting With Metallica, Tower on Fire

      by , 09-06-2017 at 04:55 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-05

      Meeting With Metallica

      I am at my old school campus. This is the ITT Tech building, but I know that school closed up. The building is not being used as a school right now. There something else going on. I think I have won a contest maybe, and I am here to collect my prize. There are a lot of people at the school, we are all going between rooms as if on a tour. There are various things set up in each room. Some of them have food available, and others have music displays. In one of the rooms I pick up piece of chocolate pie. The feeling is thick enough that I can just pick it up with my hand. I do that. There is regular crust, chocolate filling, and chocolate slivers on top. It is tasty.

      In another one of the room is the main prize. The band Metallica is there. I have won a meeting with them. This is really cool. I meet with the band and we chat for a while about different music that we like. They said something about a new album coming out soon. I can't wait for it. Then the band presents me with a surprise part of the prize. It is a custom made guitar. It doesn't look quite like most of the others I see, but it looks really cool. All of the band members signed the guitar. That is so cool. I can't tell them enough how much I like it.

      I see now I will have to get to guitar lessons to learn how to play it. I get my first lesson ever from Kirk Hammett. That is so awesome! They only have time to show me some basics, but it is still awesome. I start practicing what they showed me right away. This guitar is so cool that it even makes me sound good. I go outside the school. I guess my mother brought me, because she is out there. She wants to see the guitar. I said this has been so awesome. We are getting ready to head home, but I wake up.

      Tower on Fire

      I am in an apartment. I have the feeling it is my apartment, even though I don't live in an apartment in my waking life. I also have the feeling I just moved in recently. I am still trying to get things organized where I want them. I am getting it set up pretty well. It is night time out, but I see a strange light through the window. I go over to the window and look out. I have a nice patio area outside. I am on one of the upper floors, though I'm not sure which floor. But it is close to the top of the building. As I look outside, I see that there is a building on fire. It looks like the building across the street is on fire.

      I should call the fire department, but for some reason I go outside instead. It is when I get outside that I realize it is actually another part of my own building on fire. I look down off of my patio at the building below me. I see that is on fire, too. My first reaction is to be annoyed that my apartment and my stuff will get destroyed this soon after moving in. Then I think about my kitties. I am worried that I may not be able to get my kitties out in time. I am not sure what to do. First thing, I need to call the fire department. But instead I am looking for my kitties. I have lots of kitties. I find one of them sitting on the couch. This one is a silver tabby cat. I pick up the kitty and pet her as she purrs. I am wondering where the others are, I don’t have much time to find them. But I wake up at this point.
    8. SA2 And Roaming In The Sewers

      by , 09-06-2017 at 03:33 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      For some reason I'm playing Pyramid Cave with Knuckles on my Wii (With a GameCube controller). The stage is essentially a large halo around two bottomless pits. One in the center and one surrounding the outer perimeter of the ring.

      I'm gliding around the stage, and this one gust of wind keeps knocking me into the bottomless pit as I attempt to speedrun the stage. I eventually get fed up and hop into a yellow toilet with Knuckles still being in control.

      The perspective then changes to first person as I (In my dumb, dreamy state) am holding a GameCube controller in my hand; now controlling Gamma from Sonic Adventure. I'm in a yellow, empty sewage pipe and I'm walking from one side to the other.

      After reaching a dead end, I then decide to turn back where I came from. An air of uneasyness bestows upon me as I look around every corner, as if I was imagining something was gonna jump out and scare me. Gamma disappeared at that point and I was there, alone, in the sewer pipe.

      I make it to the end of the pipe (Where for some reason there is a broken down toilet inside a stall and an unused sink next to it.

      My mom and her 'friend' (Who didn't exist in real life but was just a DC) then open a door. I then breathe a sigh of relief. They start talking to me about something, but I go back out through the door, where the dream then ended.


      1. I seemed to have a dreamlike acknowledgement of the dreamscape. As I feared something would pop out at me because it was a dream and all part of my imagination.

      2. The color yellow was very much prevalent in the dream. Everything in the sewer was yellow, except for the one puddle of water I stepped in.
    9. Tried Incubating a Question to the Dream...

      by , 09-06-2017 at 02:44 AM
      I think I almost had a dream related to the question, but this big guy who might of been a professor told me something like, 'you'd better figure out a way to stay in the class.' My question didn't get answered but I find it interesting that a dream character told me that.

      I had gotten behind in my college work but am caught up now. If I ask the same question I wonder what would happen in the dream if I'm successful at becoming at least a little bit aware...