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    1. Lucid

      by , 09-07-2017 at 10:54 PM
      Im sick today so my recall isnt perfect but when is it ever?

      Dream 1-Staying Calm

      I was laying in bed trying to stay calm and relaxed when suddenly my heart started beating really fast. Unable to move I thought something was wrong with me. I prayed so I could move, sat up than thought of Dawn.Dawn's quick appearance and hug in the dream made me realize I was asleep. After hugging him back though the dream shifted and I was in bed again.I thought I was awake but I was still asleep. My mom was present than and had asked me to go on the internet to a website called cozi tv and to search of a anime there to see if it was real or not.I went to the website and typed the anime but I woke up after that.

      Dream 2-Sleeping In A Spooky House

      My dad had shown me to a room I would have to sleep in on my own. Knowing that the house had entities roaming around was unsettling though. To rid my fears I began thinking about Eye as I lay in bed.When Eye appeared I became somewhat lucid but still thought the house was ours. I stayed with Eye as he fell asleep next to me than got up when he vanished. I went to look for my dad but instead met with a older male oc of mine. He was telling me to go back into the room to fall asleep. Even if I didnt want to go back eventually i went back inside and began calling Eye again.

      I forgot a good amount of details after that. (I just remembered eating a cough drop and biting into it but i dont remember if i was lucid or not.)

      What I do remember though is when I became fully lucid I was in my old house and sang a bit for the spellbee competition as a practicing WL hobby task. I than followed a oc outside where he introduced me to a group of people waiting for the train. I watched them for a bit until I appeared in my old room that was connected to a huge unfamiliar living room where a bottle of beer stood out on a table. I wanted to go in but I couldn't move most of my body. I was only able to bite my finger as a rc than waited. I let my fear get the best of me though and heard a menacing female voice. When the paralysis stopped I rolled than moved through the bed to the floor and crawled till I reached the wall. I wanted to leave the place but my doubts confined me to the setting. Woke myself up cause I didnt want to face my fear.

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    2. Trying To Get an Android, Turning Lava Into Ice.

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:33 PM (My Dream World)
      I went to sleep at about 23:30 and I woke up about 6:40 if I remember correctly. I did a quick wbtb and then tried to wild for a bit, but ended up falling asleep.

      The dream begins at my grandmother's appartment, in my brother's room. I make a RC, since I try to make a habit of doing one when waking up.
      I do a nose RC and I get lucid. I then do a few more, just to make sure.

      I walk out of the room and the place is eerily empty and quiet. When I'm about to turn around the corner and go to the area with the dining table and balcony up ahead, I think I should summon a DC so I can have them help me with stuff. For some reason, the first one I think of is a girl I used to go to school with, F. She's there in the balcony when I go around the corner. I call her and tell her something about opening up a portal. She opens up a portal to a weird dimension that doesn't seem as vivid for some reason. It's kinda blurry, it almost looks like a videogame. I step inside for a few moments then come back to the living room. Suddenly, it's filled with people.

      I'm still lucid, but around this part of the dream I begin to lose lucidity a bit, so I start losing focus of my objectives and kinda start going along with the dream plot. I'm talking with my family and for some reason have a discussion with my uncle, so I decide to get rid of him. For some reason now I feel like I'm an evil genius and kinda start playing a character here (I'm still lucid, but it's like my personality changed) so I want to replace my uncle with an Android.

      I walk outside the apartment and go into an elevator. Suddenly, I'm accompanied by a college friend, A and someone else that I cannot recall. We go down the elevator into another area. We are now in what seems like an office building with several people. I go up to a DC and tell him I want to replace a defective Android and he gives me a number. I'm supposed to wait for my turn but I decide to speed things up. I go back to the elevator and rip up a panel from the wall. I make up some logic hoping the dream goes along and say it's a living creature mixed with machinery. I "hack" it by jamming a screwdriver in it and twisting it and I hear my number being called on the speakers.

      I go up to a desk and explain the situation to the DC that works here, saying that my Android that I purchased there is malfunctioning. The clerk gets up to get some forms and I think about how I need a receipt. I pull out my phone and again make up some stuff and press buttons on the screen and somehow the phone prints out a receipt. When the clerk gets back they handle me a form and I think I start filling it, but this is as far as my recall goes, I think the dream ended shortly after this.

      I wake up in my grandmother's apartment in the morning. I decide to turn on the TV because I want to play something on the PS4. The TV makes a lot of noise when turning on and I hear my brother shout something from the other room, so I turn the volume down. I notice I'm actually very sleepy so I turn the TV off and go to sleep, quickly transitioning into a lucid dream.

      In this dream within a dream, I'm flying around and I think I'm seeing a scene from a movie. I see two characters fighting in the distance. I'm in some gloomy forest in the dark. I continue flying around very fast and transition to an area with a volcano. I was feeling powerful, so I extend my hands and make the volcano erupt. I then transform the volcano's lava into two ice pillars on the sides of the volcano.
      I wake up shortly after that.

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    3. 9/7/17 - Monsters and Puzzle Pieces

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:32 PM
      I'm in a cave. It's a tight fit and I'm searching for all the pieces to a puzzle. I see tons of pieces scattered all over the cave floor and I start to gather them. Suddenly I hear noises and look up towards the entrance. I see a group of dinosaur-like monsters. They are huge and they can talk. I back up further into the cave and try to hide behind a column of rock. They pass by slowly and I hear them talking about finding the puzzle pieces as well. Before they can all pass one of them sees me and immediately comes after me. I take off running. I make it to the edge of a cliff. There's a waterfall and huge river. I turn back around and the group of monsters is close to me. One by one they throw themselves at me. I'm scared but each time they come at me I reach out my hand and they are defeated. They either disappear or become an inanimate object. And each time it happens I become more and more confident by my hidden power. Once I defeat them all, I look at the river and notice a boy in a spider-man mask floating closer to me. He's about to go over the waterfall. I jump into the water and catch him. He has a giant floating device stuck to his feet that's keeping him from standing upright. So i grab his waist and take off the device. I notice it's also attached to his pants so I take those off as well which leaves him completely naked from the waist down. He stands up and I take off the mask. He smiles at me and thanks me. I smile back and place my hand on his lower back. He's taller than me. He has dark skin and wavy black hair. He's maybe 15 or sixteen. I stare at him and I know that he is mine and that I'm meant to protect him and love him. He's precious to me somehow. I wrap my arms around his waist and hold him tightly.
    4. 9/7/17 - 3 Guns and a Schedule

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:19 PM
      I'm walking around a school campus. It's palms. I'm late and walking towards a portable classroom with a group of people. I pass by a statue of scooby-doo. I stop in front of a ramp and there's a group of kids blocking the entrance. I shove my way in. When I enter I say "Excuse me" and the teacher, a male, looks up and tells me I needn't be so polite. I smile and ask him if he can help me. He starts looking for my seat but I tell him I'm not in his class. I ask him if he thinks that the office will print me a new schedule since I accidentally left my backpack as home. He smiles and says that shouldn't be a problem. I smile back and thank him. I turn to leave and notice that the door is block again by students. I walk to the door and the kids are swarmed around another student. He's popular and a group of girls are the ones blocking me so that they can stare at him. I get annoyed and shoe them out of the way. As I'm walking down the ramp and about to leave, the girls come up behind me and try to pick a fight. I turn around and a girl hands me a gun. I smile at it because I know its the good one. Shes holding two more but they aren't the best ones. Then the teacher comes out and acts surprised that the girl let me have the good one. I smile and say it's because she trusts me. I then hand the gun back to the girl and walk away.
    5. Mindfulness

      by , 09-07-2017 at 04:27 PM
      Had a lucid dream this morning via mindfulness meditation during a WBTB period. The WBTB was kind of long and..well more awake than usual. A protip to myself is that don't do meditation half-asleep hence the more active WBTB period. The transition into WILD felt weird. Sleep paralysis felt like some small gremlin jumped on my body. I started rocking like I was in a hammock to loosen my dream body. I swear these feel like what I would imagine OBE's to be. I did the same thing I did half-a-dozen times where I got out my bed and went outside.

      The dream was amazingly stable. I was able to walk down my street and get to the park nearby; mind you, I was rubbing my hands throughout the entire experience. My right wrist was hurting in the dream however which made me think I had fell asleep on it the wrong way. I continued rubbing my hands until I ran into a tree branch. WOKE ME UP!

      Had some non-lucid dreams after that.

      No Naomi, lol.

      Mindfulness Meditation during WBTB.
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    6. 2017-09-07 house, dessert, $50,000, FA, owl eats a pigeon, job

      by , 09-07-2017 at 11:14 AM
      (middle of the night)

      + I'm looking at the side of a house, and I'm talking to someone (not visible) about the dryer vent that I see there. I decide to climb up on top of the house (for privacy?) and I scramble up there. Off in the distance I see through the window of a neighbor's house that people are scrambling to get out of my view. I think they were probably naked and don't want me to see them.

      + (FA) I wake up and L lying next to me says "Let's read a little bit"

      + I'm outside, it's twilight, and there are tall trees around, it's a city scene. Then I see a large bird (I think it's an owl) swooping down slowly in front of me it's wings spread wide, it is gliding very slowly and leaisurely, the owl picks up a pigeon from a group of pigeons standing on a rail below in its talons, and flies off. I lose sight of it. I think "what a lazy owl, it just lives on the roof of that building and swoops down to eats pigeons whenever it wants". I notice all of a sudden a great flock of vultures is roosting in the trees all around and they're all staring at a spot on the ground down and to the right. I follow their gaze, expecting that I'll see the owl eating the pigeon. And I do see a bird (like a seagull) lying on the ground, it's body cavity completely open, showing it's still pulsating guts, while the owl picks away at it. I think "the poor bird, being eaten while still alive."


      + I'm walking through in a large crowd in a restaurant. It is some sort of organized event. I'm getting handed a piece of "carrot cake" that is really heavy and about 1/2 a meter long. Then as I turn and take a bite of it, I realize it's really light and fluffy like a churro, and the icing is thin and insubstantial like whipped cream. It's also about a meter long now. Instead of tables the place is made up of high counters to sit at. I'm walking amongst the counters and looking for a tasty desert. I see bowl of ice cream, and desserts that are like ice cream that have large chunks of caramel in them. I see a brown ice cream that I think if coffee flavor. The waiters start taking away all the desserts before I can eat any. I'm upset and ask them to give me some but they say they have to clean it up. All that's left are the piles of "dessert garbage" which is unappetizing.

      [Yes, I started a new diet last week in WL!]

      + In a building, like an office, and I'm naked and want to take a shower, but the cleaning staff has arrived, I'm leaning around a corner talking to them?

      Some woman comes up to me and hands me a massive pile of dollars cash and says "here is your $50,000 investment." I rifle through it a bit and stuff it into my backpack. She's investing in my company. Only, I've not yet formally joined that start-up, which my friends are running. I'm trying to think what to do with the $50,000.

      Walking around, thinking about this money and the job, there is a very successful entrepreneur (like a Tony Robbins type guy) who is spouting business advice, and I'm listening to him and walking around.
    7. Bug Concern Evolves Humorously

      by , 09-07-2017 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of September 7, 2017. Thursday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in bed in the same orientation as in reality. However, our implied bedroom is unfamiliar and mostly featureless. We are still trying to get more sleep but there is a bug present on the wall to our right (though not really a threat).

      Over time, there are more bugs seen. At one point, there is a large mosquito and a spider on the ceiling directly above us. The spider and mosquito are after each other, but I am not sure which one ends up defeating the other. A large cockroach also falls from the ceiling to the floor to our left at one point, making an audible “splat”. A large garden spider remains in a web a bit farther to my right, on the ceiling.

      After more time passes, there are vaguely humorous associations with this situation. Eventually, I look to my left, past Zsuzsanna, and see a large frog of unusual appearance. Its head seems slightly oversized. It sits on the upper shelf of some sort of small white side table, facing outwards.

      There is slight amusement growing in this scene of a frog, as it is much bigger than the bugs that had caused a concern about being able to sleep comfortably.

      Looking up and past where my head was, beyond the head of our bed, I see a dark room I did not know was there. I soon notice a baby gorilla looking back at me. To its left, I then see an adult gorilla. I am also aware of the presence of an unknown male who is in the room beyond the left side of our bed, though which I do not see as an imposer (though of whom is this dream’s personified preconscious).

      Although the gorilla is large, I am not really afraid of it. I do not even consider the situation as being very unusual. Instead, I ask the unknown male if it needs some water, and the answer is yes. I get out of bed and attach a small white hose (similar to our bathtub hose) to a pipe and direct water into a large square silver container (probably about two and a half feet square). At first, I thought the container was empty, but as I direct water into it from a distance of about four feet, it seems it was at least half full. The room seems mostly clean but featureless other than the adult and young gorilla and the water container.

      This dream is very amusing as a comedic sequential augmentation of the waking transition, similar to other dreams where the waking precursor becomes larger and more dominant over time to get my dream self’s attention to generate enough of an emotional reaction and neural energy to initiate waking (which is a primary function of dreams which, bizarrely, most people do not even realize at all). It combines aspects from a number of past dreams, most specifically my recent dream “Plumbing Troubles in a Three-Tiered Miniature Zoo” (from August 26th), where I was unable to resolve the water flow though which I did with this dream. Although water induction remains a very common form of dream state initiation (which might mean that this dream is an attempt at subliminal reinduction), I think there may be more of a biological factor in this case in needing to wake up and rehydrate. Bugs, especially cockroaches, typically relate to biological factors in removing cellular waste - though sometimes even a virus, general cleaning of which is mainly believed to be related to the glymphatic system, which increases fluids in the brain when sleeping.

      The presence of a frog is a residual factor of water induction (as it is associated as a water denizen but which also spends time on land). Its appearance and general dynamics (depending on the dream) is relative to a specific level of consciousness and also marks the waking transition (more as a circadian rhythms factor) due to a tadpole being associated with the basis (or origin) of the dream state when I was very young, thus tadpole to frog (as well as caterpillar to butterfly) is a sequential waking cycle analogy, marking the same general level of consciousness as a cash register often would (relating to “checking out” of the dream state, and in fact, my dreams have taught me this by combined symbolism many times over the years).

    8. Log 860 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 5

      by , 09-07-2017 at 01:06 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 06 September 2017

      Many items to note, including a series of DILDs during early REM. Unfortunately, they're mostly just fragments at this point.

      Scrap Group 1
      A series of early-REM dreams that I vaguely remembered being repeated instances of each other. I'd awareness at various points. In one such case, I discovered that a spy, some red-haired woman in an office dress, was leaking false, scandalous information on my character. I caught her in the act, and coerced her into both cancelling the operation and fleeing.

      False awakening in bed. I was drenched in sweat. Woke up minutes later dry as a bone.

      At home. My niece, Valentina, shows me a baby doll with an eerily lifelike face
      and movable joints.

      In the backyard of an unknown home. I was cleaning things up along with mom and my younger brother, Trent. At one point, my brother, goes off to feed the cat. I turned away for seconds, only to find the animal had not only died, but was well into the process of decomposing. Didn't concern me one bit. However, seeing Trent and mom so non-chalant of their pet's demise was so.

      At an arcade at night.

      Something of digging a rock tunnel into a brightly lit tower.

      Vague memories of being in a video game world.

      At home. I walk downstairs, only to find a large gathering of unexpected guests, each Flora's (my sister's) friends. Very embarrassing, as I was still in my underwear.

      At a beach at night. Rough waves kept me from getting too far into the water.

      At a hotel room with many family and extended family members. There was a small party ongoing, though I was too tired to participate. Indeed, I was so exhausted, I just slept on floor of the nearest open space. My uncle Sylvester didn't appreciate that, and so he tells Valentina to wake me up. My niece kisses me on the forehead, to which I instantly woke up IRL.

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    9. First Lucid in a while

      by , 09-07-2017 at 12:53 AM
      5 Sep 2017, Lucid. (2h Nap). Starting to realize that napping is where I get most of my vivid recollections, and this seems to be working.

      "Oh hey I'm dreaming". Became lucid in a (forest?), tried not to wake up by not controlling anything and letting the dream take control, began slipping from dream and woke up.

      I was at an outdoor college course room? Sitting on side and eating, feeling privileged cause; I didn't give a shit. They were doing room inspections or something I was indoors siting down, annotating that the Russian buildings were the only one that simulated with nothing but blacked out rooms with red lights, then everyone evacuated and I had to leave my gym bag. "Judges" outside and we were waiting, talking crap and I turned around and admired the painting behind us. It was very detailed. Specifics I don't remember much.

      Ended up at restaurant, challenge to eat everything.

      Race track tried to drive up vertical slope but construction van couldn't so I saved them.
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    10. Advanced Alien Civilization

      by , 09-07-2017 at 12:34 AM (Ereos)
      The following dream felt like it lasted 2 days total approx, I was also semi-lucid the whole way throught.

      It all started when I was in my home in front of my computer once again, and I was on Discord, more specifically on the Lucid Realm's Discord server.
      I was asking around for tips on how to lucid dream (missed dream sign) and I was generally talking about lucid dreaming in there, but then after possibly 10-15 minutes of conversation, I remember that I had to defeat the Hooded Man somehow.

      In order to not get distracted, I decide to leave the Discord server entirely, however I stay on the computer some more and I kinda regret what I did so in the end I join the server again and instead in the end just leave my computer.


      I am now back on this jungle island to the top left of the United States and I was just exploring around some more.
      At some point I discover a deeper area of the jungle, a much more darker and denser part of the jungle, at this point the grass and leaves of the vegetation turned a dark green-blue.
      After some exploring I discover in the distance two people that are glitching in and out the space in front of them with their hands, then they just glitch and merge together and dissapears.


      I am now back in Ereos, this time back in the very same school courtyard where the last Hooded Man encounter happened.
      At this point we're suspecting some people to be in on it, I'm just roaming around in the courtyard, keeping a close eye on pretty much everyone.
      I put my small black bag down and pull a Micro-Uzi out of it and load it, just in case.

      A bit later I discover that I brought my shotgun with me in my bag, so I take the time to reload it as well.


      I am now back in Gemeli, that huge infinite mall that sells pretty much everything you can think of.
      Once again I'm keeping a close eye on everyone for anything suspicious at all.
      I arrive along with a friend near some small gun shop in that big mall, I notice the first gun in front of me is a P228, I take it and try it out a little bit, see how it feels but then I remind myself that I already have a Glock-19, a shotgun, a Micro-UZI and an UMP45, along with more weapons at home. I just put the gun down back where it was.

      A bit later I notice that my UMP45 was unloaded so I reload it as well (Damn all my weapons are unloaded it seems)


      I am now in a big cargo plane, it seems that the invasion of the Farlands has started, and I was wayyy in the frontlines.
      I brought a friend with me, he felt like fighting alongside me, he was pretty geared up as well and ready.
      We talk for a bit about stuff, not sure what anymore.

      But then comes the time where we are well within the Farlands, right next to a very highly suspected location where the Hooded Man might reside.
      The cargo plane itself goes pretty fast, and it's cargo doors now open, revealing the outside.
      It's day-time and pretty bright actually, I see in the distance a big wasteland landmass, and we had to jump now because we were getting away from it.

      So off we jumped and right into the ocean, the impact was kinda harsh but it was okay. Turns out that the water wasn't that deep and that we could walk without swimming much.
      I hear my friend complaining as we were wading through this very turquoise colored water, and towards the big wasteland/desert landmass.

      We finally arrive on land and we walk together for possibly quite a few hours, talking about some stuff there and there.
      At some point my friend talks to me about Osama Ben Laden for some reason, how he should have been killed or something like that.
      I just say to him: "Would you prefer lucid dreaming or killing Osama? In my opinion I'd much rather lucid dream."

      After a big while we're getting kinda tired and we're looking for a place to rest up and possibly sleep a little bit.
      We eventually find some place under a big cliff and it's slowly getting night-time.
      I build a fireplace with the little we can gather, there were some tree branches scattered a bit everywhere near us.
      And then comes the part when we have to lit-up the fireplace.
      "Do you have a lighter or something?" I ask my friend.
      "Nope, don't have one" he says.

      I proceed to transform my left hand into a dragon's hand and with a little of willpower a flame comes out of my hand and I just light up the few branches and it catches on fire.

      Then we talk some more about stuff, mostly creepy stories and then we both drift off to sleep while I was sitting againist the cliff.


      I wake up, still sitting aganist the cliff, it's pretty bright outside, my friend also wakes up roughly at the same time as me.
      We get out of there and continue our journey in this desert wasteland, it seems that we are heading deeper into the Farlands, but to the west side of it, not to the eastern side with snow mountains.
      We walk for a bit more, possibly around 15 minutes, talking about some more stuff, and after a while it turns out we are arriving at one of the entrances/exits of the hollow earth, this big hole led right into the Antartic of the outerworld, back into Earth as we know it, well, what's left of it at least.

      I went into the hole, alone, venturing to see what the outerworld is like now, probably nothing good since the 90's War, the gravity changes quite drastically as I go down this curve of the hole, it's quite strange, I walk for possibly 5 or 10 minutes or so, with the occasional wind rushing through in an odd fashion.
      And then there I am, the outerworld, Earth as we once knew it, there is basically no ice left on the Antartic, everything seems flooded all around me. This sight kinda saddens me so I go back where I came from, back to the innerworld.

      When I am finally out of the hole, we continue to the east this time, where the Hooded Man was suspected to be, or at least a good chunk of his goons. Then suddenly someone just lands on me super hard, making me fall on the ground instantly.

      I stand up and notice it's the Hooded Man. I just get so furious that once again I just transform into a dragon and just charge into him, however it seems that he has created a portal.
      As I leap towards the Hooded Man and by extension, the portal, I hit him pretty hard but we both go into this portal.

      We're now in some building, the landing is pretty harsh but as I stand back up I see the Hooded Man getting away through the window.
      So I just chase him, go right through the window and into the adjacent building where he went, I kinda lost him but I took a moment to focus on my hearing and I could hear that he was already almost at the top of this building.
      So I just rushed at the top best I could despite my size in this rather narrow building.

      Then when I was finally on top of that building, I could notice I was in the city that looks like that New York/Shanghai hybrid, the city to the east of the capital. The city where the Hooded Man killed me before.
      It's night-time, but I notice that the Hooded Man just stops there and I notice in the sky a big disk shaped object.
      A beam projects down from this object, right into the Hooded Man, and as that happens he's quickly desintegrated from existence, the beam then stops projecting, and that object goes away in a rather fast fashion.

      It seems that a small black cube-ish object has dropped from that, now it all make senses, this is where the aliens enter the equation in all of this. The Hooded Man was just a middle man in all of this, he's part of something much...much bigger...and an advanced alien civilization at that. We have much bigger problems to deal with now...

      Of course after all of this, I see that many people have noticed this little chase that has happened, I revert back to my human form and decide to investigate a bit.
      I pick up that black cube-shaped object, upon picking up, it doesn't seem to do anything, I just take it with me.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am in a fairly big interrogation room, some people were arguing at me about what happened and the whole alien stuff but I just told them this in a very firm manner: "Listen, I don't want the press nor anybody else to hear about this, and don't you all go on a conspiracy trip and theorizing about how all of this works, that is my job to do. Now get out of here." They leave.
      I decide to investigate that black cube object one more, and upon fiddling with it a little more I discover a tiny button on it, I hesitate a little bit but I press it.

      I am then transported into this virtual reality, everything vanishes into a purple-ish dark background and in the distance I see some writings on a pink/white font, definitely alien writing, they were made of bars and squares, I couldn't understand what it was saying, but eventually the writings vanished and I am greeted by this OS-like welcome screen of sorts.

      All of the writings are suddenly translated into English, it is indeed some sort of virtual-reality computer device and I could interact with it as if I was the computer itself, just by thought, it was quite amazing.
      I decided to explore what was in the files but the dream ends there.

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