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    1. Log 862 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 7

      by , 09-08-2017 at 10:54 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got two near-lucid dreams and a scrap to note. To be honest, I'm kinda embarrassed to post this up. I woulda just paraphrased it, but I think maybe it won't be so bad to open up to these things once in a while.

      Scrap Group 1

      Barely recall something of dealing with a sleazy realtor.

      WBTB for 15 minutes before a WILD attempt. No insomnia, but no awareness either.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 7 - Part 1

      REM Atonia unwittingly transitioned into a dream. I imagined my guide, E beside me in bed, and though I couldn't see (eyes closed), I did sense her presence nearby. Spent a moment just relaxing, when she suddenly began, uh, licking my face. Just her weird way of showing affection, I thought. Only, she goes on for minutes on end, and even began drooling uncontrollably. Random thoughts of rumors about large pet predators whirled in my mind, where certain instincts would drive these animals to see their owners as prey, and they'd then starve themselves before attacking... wait a minute. Was my guide trying to eat me again?!

      I reactively opened my eyes to the sight of E's salivating grin. Unnerved, I asked her to make space, only to have her hold me down tighter. I somehow slipped away from her grasp. I then tried fleeing, but couldn't get far enough. No choice. I had to fight. Using the ancient (fictional) art of Hokuto Shin Ken, I struck her belly and then temple with my finger, causing instant paralysis. Spent a good while thinking up a flashy name for the attack, though only lethal maneuvers came to mind. So, I just left things as is.

      Things get unclear. I went to the living room, where dad's watching TV, then I began floating around. Not much else until the dream ended.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 7 - Part 2

      Similar REM Atonia transition into a dream. As before, I had E show up, and again, she starts licking and drooling over my face. Suddenly, she whips herself into a frenzy. I tried escaping, only to find myself shrunken down, and I just barely avoided my (from my perspective) colossal guide's immediate onslaught. This chase was quickly exhausting me. With my last bit of strength, I rocketed off as far as possible. But, incredibly, I'd somehow pathed directly into my guide's gaping mouth! Horrible moments were spent getting violently tossed and pressed between her tongue and roof, yet despite as much, I remained unharmed. I even outright mentioned that if I were lucid, I would've likely gotten points for invulnerability (D'oh!).

      Woke up not long after.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Log 705 - April 2017 TOTM Bonus Task

      by , 09-08-2017 at 10:51 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 04 April 2017

      EDIT: Whoops. Left this in draft mode for the longest. Time to publish it fully.

      Oof. Feels like forever since I last posted here. Anyway, I've got two or three DILDs to note, and got this month's bonus task done. There's a large non-lucid portion I can't recall for the first dream, and I generally don't have much to go on for the last two dreams.

      Spoiler for kinda long:

      Dream 1 - April TOTM 2017 Bonus Task

      Scene 1 - From Cosmos to Cabañas

      The visuals were mostly clear. I was riding around in a seaside highway during late afternoon, water surrounding the path on both sides. Not certain how, but I eventually realized dream.

      This TOTM's bonus task was fresh in my mind. So, I flew out the vehicle, and warped into space. Had to take a moment to restabilize things, and then enjoyed just sailing the cosmos for a while at high speeds. Watching countless stars flowing past my view is always greatly amusing. Anyway, I erroneously looked around for a portal at first, but remembered it had to be a black hole. So, I thought (again, in error) to search in the emptiest point in space. After some more exploration, I found it, a void several hundred yards away, no larger than a hoola hoop in diameter. I stopped, and planned on how to enter safely. But it was too late; I was dragged inside in no time at all.

      I found myself flung into a twisting wormhole, its silvery, fluid walls reflecting on pure nothingness. Ah, this again. I cheerfully let this trip run its course.

      Finally, I arrive submerged in water. On surfacing, and reorienting myself, I see I'm swimming in a beach during twilight. Several family members were on the shore, including my brother Pedro. We wandered around a shopping district. Had to restabilize, and almost got distracted at someone questioning my actions.

      Later, I try recalling some more tasks, but drew a blank. I couldn't think of anything else to do, for that matter. I settled on summoning Eddie, a shapechanging shadow demon from Guilty Gear. I made dramatic commands to have it form into a buzzsaw, and had it spin around for a while. Beside's Pedro's sideway glance, no one paid any heed.

      We then arrive at a run down park. Some tour guide handed us chicken empanadas. These were pretty good, though did have a whole wing bone. Not something you'd want in a meat pie. Soon, we're seated a in a fairly large restaurant/bar resembling a cabaña. Got bored. I eventually imagining E, my dream guide, showing up as a waitress. A row of such workers did appear promptly, but none of them seemed to be her.

      The meal (or lack thereof) ended quickly. Mom stubbornly took the tab, yet she was clearly distraught with the price. Pedro felt guilty, and urged we do something. That's when I pointed out the whole thing being a dream. I imitated Rick from Rick and Morty (actually Doc from Doc and Mharti), repeating "It's not real, Morty! This isn't real, Morty. None of this is real, Morty!", in a feigned maddened tone, all while unfitting heroic music played in the background.

      The scenery collapsed instantly. Transition.

      Scene 2 - On Pain of Property Damage

      The visuals were dim. I false awakening in bed. I get up to record dream, when I overhear booming noise outside. Some punks were playing music full blast and flashing strobes on their ruined modified white luxury vehicle.

      I approach them, and asked the hooligans to keep it down. They pretended not to listen. I repeated various times, until eventually, I lost patience. Got lucid, though I still wanted revenge. So, I erupted flames from my hands to get their attention. Then, I coerced them to do what was asked or leave on pain of property damage. Through heavy accents, they stammered what I believed was compliance. But they took too long fumbling around, and the music had grated on me long enough.

      I started to count down from three. The group pleaded to me, but I didn't listen. Two. They rode backwards haphazardly, but only in circles. One. They managed to get to the corner, though still too close for my tastes. Time's up. In a panic, those punks all jumped out of the vehicle. Good on them. With a simple clench of my hand, their car ignites, and promptly explodes. I left them to wail.

      Back inside, I locked the front door, and telekinetically did the same to a fictional garage door. By now, I was exhausted. So, I lied back to "sleep", and the dream ends.

      Scrap Group 1
      At home. My old programming teacher from way back in highschool was giving a lesson right in the lounge. A similar dream occurred later, save for replacing the entire class with unknown women. In at least one of these, I realized the dream. I morphed my hand into various shapes before the dream collapsed.

      Spoiler for Media References:
    3. Crazy nightmare and one or two other dreams last night

      by , 09-08-2017 at 09:30 PM
      I listened to a YouTube guided meditation video for lucid dreams. Soon after I started listening I fell asleep and had a lucid nightmare. I don't want to give a description but I didn't like what was going on I heard like a growl as if something was talking. I stayed up after I got frightened then had another not so good dream but better than the one before.
    4. Dreams from the past

      by , 09-08-2017 at 09:29 PM
      Some I posted on a Subreddit, decided to post them all here in one go. Back at a time when I had many naps throughout the day and plenty of time to dream

      Spoiler for May 17th Dream 1/2:
      This one is pretty vague but set in a kinda fantasy like town on the outside. The place had snow so it seemed like christmas time with the lights on the houses, anyway I already had a story in my head in this dream. Someone had been doing something that affected my family, selling drugs or what I concluded when I awoke was witchcraft. So I had figured the lady doing this or the one who had access to the higher people in this group of evil, was at the town library. I walked over there and inside it looked like my old home, this struck me as slightly odd but I didn't have time to figure that out. I also had my brother with me, so inside was the lady and she knew what we were up to so she cornered us in the room and pulled out a like a mini machete. This she held infront of us as she explained that we could leave if we got around her. My brother was behind me and I guess our scared looks were a good enough answer for her cause the lights went out and bam! I took action. When the lights were back on I had grasped the machete and wrangled it from her, then killed her with it. At this point we were going to run off but then my other brother came in with a gun and I still had my kill instincts on so I killed him, beat him to death with his gun. Once again we tried to leave but of course someone else came in and it was a guard from the town. We thought we were safe but when I searched the purse of the lady I killed, I found a recording device that had been left on. The guard snatched it and took off, before we had time to worry about that something else happened. We heard a knock at the door and rushed to the masterbedroom and crawled under the bed. However the two women who came in already knew where we were and we looked a bit foolish when the younger of the ladies peeked her head around the corner and stared at us as the older one said stuff about how what we did didn't matter and it wouldn't stop anything. As if to prove her all knowingness, she pointed to the door and the brother I had killed came walking in using a crutch and a bandage over his left eye. My brother next to me and I were so shocked and scared that we scrambled out from under the bed and rushed out the door. The dream ended as we went out the door.

      Spoiler for May 19th:
      Had a dream that a killer was on the loose and I had done something bad to him so he was coming to get me. When we were aware that he was in our building, my brother and myself ran. The building seemed like one of those raised up beach houses. One of my brothers ran with me and jumped out the window after I did so, we landed on grass. I'm not sure where my second brother went but the first stuck close to me, I had a feeling that going a certain way would lose the killer but sadly when I turned around he was right there. A gun pointed at my face, when he walked closer I felt an overwhelming sense of fear that rooted me to the spot. He placed the gun barrel to my forehead and the first person view made it much worse as he pulled the trigger. I woke up in the dream screaming and my body twitching on the bed, my first brother hit me on the face to stop my screaming/wake me up. When I finally sat up I told him I had a nightmare but quickly said afterwards much more to myself than him, that no I had just had a bad dream. It was early morning, I went downstairs and heard gunshots. The fear and anxiety that followed the sounds pushed me to my knees in the living room, crying, screeching and half trying to stay silent. I violently gripped and shook my head as I saw my death from the last dream play out clear as it could be. I remembered then that he had said before he shot me that it had been me all along, perhaps I had deceived him somehow and not remembered it? Back at the house I rocked back and forth on my heels, still hearing the shots, I'd occasionally dart my eyes toward the window nearest to me as though expecting the killer to appear. It seemed as though only I could here them and as a result I must have looked terrifying crazy, I remember my second brother walking toward me and sort of looking down at me in pity as he spoke. Said something along the lines of, she must be seeing the images. Then that was all, I was still in so much fear that my body was shaking again but luckily I woke up for real soon after.

      Spoiler for April 5th Dream 3/3:
      I woke up in my current bed, in the morning and was going to open my window when I saw my notebook with a weird title on the front. Instantly I knew my mother did this and the title read, "The Vinegar Story and My Success." When I looked inside I saw my dress drawing designs were coloured in, but with a type of smudgy crayons I guess because the drawings were all blurry. This was really all I remembered so I guess I woke up after seeing the images blurry.

      Spoiler for April 3rd Dream 2/3:
      It was morning in my current home and I was on my bed petting one of my many cats, this one was named Yod and she was stretched out casually over my lap. I was sitting on my bed Indian style, or legs crossed infront of me creating a hole in the middle for my cat. I suddenly had this thought that she looked really cute and I should take a picture of her, so I grabbed my phone which was nearby and turned on the camera. Then just as I was about to take the picture one of my dead cats, that has been dead for two years in real life, walked into the shot. She didn't walk into the shot on my bed, but rather she was in the shot on my phone and it freaked me out so much that I tossed my phone far away from me. It landed near my mother who looked at me very confused, I would have told her what had happened but in the few short moments I was struck dumb, the dream took this time to end suddenly.

      Spoiler for April 1st Dream 5/5:
      This one started out with me waking up from my bed, I was in my current home and it was dark out so I assumed around 8 or 9 PM. Once I woke up I got out of bed and noticed a full glass of chocolate milk near the bed. The glass was holding a slip of paper in place that was a reminder for an appointment for my mother to see a Dr. Krusher. I called this out to her, then went downstairs to fix myself a bowl of the food which was pasta. I also looked over and saw that everyone was already starting in on a movie without me, but I didn't know what movie it was and wouldn't know because the dream ended right there.

      Spoiler for March 30th Dream 9/9:
      There doesn't seem to be a clear point of view from this dream, but it is more like the way you would describe someone's actions in third person but never being quite at the center of the action. The setting starts off with some people looking up towards the sea surface, they are under the surface far below so the light that shines down is quite dim. Then gradually a shadow appears over the water and blocks the light, our point of view or rather camera view zooms in on the shadow until we have breached the surface of the water and we are now look up at a giant Octopus the size of a house. (Not sure how big they get in real life.) The detail on this water creature is really good and you can spot some discolourations on it's skin, but it's mostly a dark grey colour. The view then zooms up and out so we can see how the Octopus is above the water and out of it, a few feet away from the water actually. Some balloons are held in it's tentacles and that is what weakly holds it's massive weight. The balloons I believe were blue and fit the light blue sky as it was morning. This poor Octopus was was trying to join the other creatures that were floating away and almost out of sight beyond the fluffy white clouds, but it seemed that whenever the Octopus was getting somewhere; gravity dragged it down again almost into the water and many times just to scrape the surface before rising again. This was how it went until the dream ended.

      Spoiler for March 28th Dream 1/1:
      The setting is my old home, it's and the clouds seem to have piled up over the moon. While this light was slightly blocked, I found myself running away from something inside and my mother ran with me. It seemed that we were either in the middle, end, or start of a zombie apocalypse and that was what we had been running from. My mother and I ran with great fear, or atleast I had my heart pounding, I'm not entirely sure of my mother's emotions but she seemed to be running with me to protect me. We ran out the gate that lead into the back of our yard, this was on the right side of the house as it would have been in real life, then for a brief moment we crouched down infront of the house but still to the left side and rested. While we were resting, another person with a hefty weight around the gullet walked out from the right side calmly until their face was slightly illuminated by the street lamps. The figure, the man, was Alfred Hitchcock and there was no mistaking it. He started speaking but either we couldn't hear him or I didn't remember his words. Only that we were in a movie and waiting fearfully for anything to pop out either near him or us. But as my eyes darted about to each shadowed area, of which there were many, I found that I wasn't seeing anymore for I had awoken.
    5. It's about friggin time

      by , 09-08-2017 at 07:41 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I took a nap from 12PM-1:44 PM. It felt like the best sleep I've gotten in a long time.
      Yet, my Fitbit tells me it took me 41 minutes to fall asleep ( ) and that I spent 60 minutes being restless. SO, I actually only got 44 minutes worth of sleep.

      I also had some of the best/most vivid dreams I've had in a long time. Too bad they were scary.
      In the dream, I was standing in the driveway, talking with my husband. The sky was lighting up with lightning. Hubby kept missing it because it was behind me (lol). Just as he finally noticed, fire and fireballs started raining down from the sky in the distance. I ran for the house. Hubby seemed unconcerned. I wanted him to come inside, but he wanted to go back to his house.

      The next thing I recall is of being in the car with Paula. I was telling her to buy as much non-perishables and water as possible because who knows how long a war would last. She scoffed and said it would be over in 2 weeks. Then I saw massive infrastructure and crop damage and I told her those no way to know how long it would take for repairs and to be prepared.

      Then I was in my yard. The outside was an apartment complex I lived in a long time ago. The inside of my house was a weird mesh of mine, my hubby's, and my grandmothers homes. In the yard were 2 snakes. I was worried about them, so I brought them inside. I found out later that the big one was a python and the small one was poisonous. There was a little girl and many animals with us and I was afraid the snakes would kill them but I couldn't find the reptiles to bring them back outside.
      We did find a cockroach though (major phobia of mine). There was another couple with us and they helped me look for and squash it.

      Then, I found the python. I had a cane of sorts and he went right on it. But went back and forth across it, toward whichever hand was holding it at the moment. When I brought him inside, he was brown and yellow colored. As I dropped him off at what looked like a decaying whale tail in the weeds, he was purple and blue.

      In another dream, I was walking the mall with my family. My (deceased) grams was there. I went down a couple water slides- the slides of which that formed with the push of a button at the start... then the dream transformed into a sort of Sonic the Hedgehog game. I was a character, racing around a board, fighting bad guys and finding secret levels which were like the Sonic loops. You'd have to time everything perfectly and jump off the heads of the bad guys to platforms above them. I kept dying and losing my weapons lol.

      I made it out of the game and was in a locker room. There were shower supplies in ziplock baggies and the toothbrush was extra long because it doubled as a loofa holder to clean your back with I was extra sweaty and my nipples ripped holes through my shirt so I was trying to discreetly cover them.

      A phone call and the heat from my bedroom woke me up. But that's for RRCC
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Pink Energy

      by , 09-08-2017 at 06:44 PM
      Pink Energy

      Hrmm...From what I can recall I was talking to someone in my family until I was told to escort someone into an elevator. While in the elevator i felt the floor collapse a bit so I quickly got off. Others who were old famous Nickelodeon actors stayed so they could get to their destination quicker though. Unfortunately the elevator ended up taking them to the woods where they got lost and were apparently not seen for hours.

      I became lucid when I was about to go help look for them and jumped off the stair railing to the floor below. As I continued moving around the place I ended up in a mall where a group of monsters had appeared. "I dont like how I ran from my fear in my last lucid. So I'm gonna take the opportunity to do something better". I made pink energy come out of my hands and flew towards a monster to grab it with the energy. Once I had the monster I shocked it than continued fighting the others. I woke up after that.

      lucid , non-lucid
    7. 9/8/17 | Tornado, Mars, Seattle

      by , 09-08-2017 at 03:33 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-At the B.h., I saw something on the radar, so I looked outside to the north and saw a wedge tornado. I got out my phone to record some of it. It was an F5.
      -2-I was on a section of road and grass, floating in space in front of Mars. Suddenly, I was falling; skydiving on Mars. Since a parachute alone wasn’t enough, I was given “compressed air pads” to soften my landing. They were made of Styrofoam. I landed safely using the pads.
      -3-I was walking around a flat area surrounded by a perimeter of trees at the edge of the small plateau. On the other side of the water was a very close Seattle, with an additional huge hill with high rises around it, like in Hong Kong.

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    8. Search for the legendary sword Sty: Gathering information

      by , 09-08-2017 at 03:05 PM
      It was very early morning as I wandered down a small street with some trees at its sides. The atmosphere was definitely typical for my dreams. Many people were heading the streets up and down minding their own business although it was so early and somehow I noticed that this was nothing but a dream. It wasn't a sudden enlightment but a slow process of understanding the nature of my surroundings. Right from the start I knew what I had planned to do: Searching for the next legendary sword, the third in my collection. Of course, I had no idea where it could be, what its specialities were or how it even looked. All I knew was that it existed. The best I could do was walking around and asking people about it.

      The first I asked was a man in his 40s-50s who seemed to be on his way to some kind of work. I took the right to disturb him for a short while and asked him about the sword. Sadly, he didn't know anything which was to be suspected as he was just a normal man having normal things on his mind. When searching for another person to interview my eye got caught on a troop of men with a wagon full of ancient stuff. Well, THAT looks promising. An elderly man could give me at least a tip, saying that an old woman further up the street might know about it.
      As I approached her she smiled as if she had expected me and had been looking forward to it for a longer time. Finally I got some really helpful answers!

      "The legendary sword Sty which is able to blow up a whole car with one strike but was never actually finished."
      That was an interesting result. I knew the swords name, its power and that it has not been finished. The creator had a recipe and the materials but for some reason he never actually started creating his greates work.

      Time to find the exotic materials needed and the actual guide on how to build this thing!
    9. Doing a Favor

      by , 09-08-2017 at 01:40 PM (My Dream World)
      The dream begins, once again, in my grandmother's apartment. Seems like its been a common theme in the past few dreams. I remember being in my grandfather's room and he's having trouble with the computer. Later in the dream (there are a few gaps in my memory of this dream) he is in my brother's room, using his computer. I observe him and he is furiously downloading different things (as he does in waking life, however it was exaggerated in the dream) and installing many dubious programs, with pop-ups showing up all over the place. I'm really annoyed while seeing this.

      The dream skips some more and I'm in the bathroom. I can hear my stepmother outside talking about how her cellphone stopped working and I shout asking something about how can they have so many problems with technology. After I get out of the bathroom,
      I get lucid.

      I begin flying towards the living room and my aunt is sitting on the couch. She asks me to get a cellphone battery that's in the other room. I decide to go fetch it because I think "Complete a DC's task" is one of the tasks in Spellbee's competition. I fly over to the room where my father is lying on a hammock while watching TV. While floating all over the room looking for the battery, I wonder what my father thinks about me flying around. I find the battery and go back to the living room.

      I give my aunt the battery and she thanks me. I think she explains to me what she was gonna use it for, but I cannot remember what she said. I fly towards the balcony and have a moment of heightened lucidity. I have practically waking-level lucidity and memory, and I stop to remind myself of my goals,
      however I think the dream ended shortly after or I lost lucidity because my memory of the dream stops there.
      Tags: floating, flying
    10. Summerish Competition - Night 7 - Finally Lucid

      by , 09-08-2017 at 01:00 PM
      Finally i manage to get lucid again. i really started to worry about the fact that i just dont get lucid at all. the break i had really seem to erase most of my skills. but tonight i finally had a proper lucid like old times where i manage to do things and remember my goals. so here we go:

      i ride a bus. i seem to notice i am dreaming because i want to change some numbers on a busstop. i wink an older woman.
      i ride a bicycle and wear sunglasses. i see a friend and drive in his way and block him. he dont recognize me. i make a fun out of it and say random things in a different voice. after some time i put away the glasses and show him who i am. he tells me he didnt recognize me and thought i am a random girl. i remember that i was dreaming and do a nosepinch and yes still a dream. i tell him i have stuff to do. first i want to finish my 3 step tasks. so i turn around and see some trees. i approach them and run straight thru them. good now some fire. i turn my hand several times until finally i see a small but steady flame in my right hand burning. i throw it on a group of people but the flame only reflects and falls to the ground instead of burn them. well who cares. i turn around and see two women. i want to make on of them disappear. i wave my hand in front of my sight as if i want to erase her. but the other one disappears. good enough i think. i want to make her appear again but i cant do it. i guess because i dont know her or her looks. i move on and see a fire alarm box in a building and make it also disappear like the woman before.
      i enter a building i want to summon someone in my field of view. i pick up a piece of newsletter or commercial or something where a woman is printed. i look at the picture and want her to materialize. a random guy is standing around and irritating me. i tell him to go but he refuses. i go to him hold his shoulders and gently but firmly push him in the direction of a wall and push him thru until i dont see him anymore. i go back and look at the picture of the woman. i focus my eyes on the picture and wave with my hand until i see the woman materialize infront of me. i feel like everything is blurry or pixelated but i guess its because she is from a magazine. i thinking about having sex with her but it feels to early i still have stuff to do and dont want to go caveman and wake up. so i try to summon myself the same way but it wont work. i turn around expecting to find a picture of me and i do. i pick it up and try again but again no success. i look at the pictures. there are some folded into each other. i seem to remember the pics of me. i think about if this is really like accessing old memory or false memory. i wear a tophat. one girl especially seem to feel familiar like if i had something with her. [it was false memory]. i want to continue and turn around. i dont think about the woman anymore and approach the first room. i make a fireball again. it is small. i see my thumb ring. it is black. with my left hand i turn him and the flame gets bigger and seem to drain energy from the ring. i put both hands together and make the fireball even bigger. i throw it on a box with wood and paper. it burns. also does the table nearby. i leave the building with the intention to make it rain outside. but its already raining. i feel very powerful. i cross a street and point on a cardriver and demand him: bring me a magic lamp. he honks and starts driving. i demand him to do fast and he honks again and disappears. i walk over the street and point on some cars driving in my direction "STOP!" and they do a full break. i see a woman standing around with an umbrella and tell her to put of her cloths and she starts undressing but i keep going and dont even look there. i point into the sky and command to stop the rain and it stops raining. some dropps here and there like from trees still fall down and i feel them i again command "stop completely" and the sky gets brighter and no rain at all is there anymore. i move by two women standing next to a car. i approach them and tell them "hey in your car traunk there is the magic lamp right? she denies but the other one seem to want to open the trunk and i open it and she points at the lamp. i pick it up and tell the first woman to not lie again to me. she explains that she understands something else. i start rubbing the lamp but no genie comes out the lamp.
      i sit at a table with friends and talk. i do a nosepinch " i am still dreaming.... excuse me i have another totm to do" i stand up and want to go to the next room and play some pinball or something but i notice there is a computer in this room so i approach it and see that there is a game active. it has some similarities with mario and another game i played once iwas small. i start playing there are a lot of options but i skip them all. i spawn in a forest. it is more or less 3D. i only can walk on given ways up and left. it seems very simple. i am inside the game but still i notice a girl stands next to me and tells me the game is boring. i run a way and even tho i only can run right the character leaves the way and falls down a cliff. i think i loose lucidity shortly.
      i find myself in a floor. i am semilucid and i still want to do the bonus task of the month but first i seem to want to go to a toilet. i sit down and think about the task and wake up shortly after?
    11. A short lucid

      by , 09-08-2017 at 12:55 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      Became lucid. Was unstable. Tried to open a portal to N but failed
      lucid , dream fragment
    12. Five shorter dreams, including a snake in a cake

      by , 09-08-2017 at 09:46 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2017. Friday.

      Instead of making a separate entry for each of these five dreams of today, I will, at least for now, include only their summaries in one entry. (These are not all of today’s dreams as I sometimes remember fifteen or more, rarely ever less than five or six, not including the hundreds of short hypnagogic sequences, though those are usually of apex lucidity and too personal to post.) There were other dreams both before and after this sequence of five.

      Dream one: “Sighting a Red-winged Blackbird Near a Bus Stop”. I am in an unknown area in an unknown city, though I do not consider it as unfamiliar or how I got here. A kindergarten teacher is trying to get all of her students to gather together in one area, possibly near the bus stop. (She reminds me a little of my own kindergarten teacher from my childhood.) They may have been on a field trip. The streets have mostly commercial buildings. There is an open area which is mostly like a park on the opposite side of the street from where I am. I see one bird walking about on the short grass. It is a red-winged blackbird. As it slowly moves away from my view, sometimes hopping or flying a very short distance, I notice that the spot on its wing seems different at times, either more red or more yellow, but I consider that this relates to how its wing is positioned. It faces to the right at times. I point at it and cheerfully say that it is a red-winged blackbird. The teacher acknowledges me briefly but seems more interested in gathering her students together. (This is a typical combination of return flight waking symbolism mixed in with coalescence waking symbolism, with the bus stop analogy of returning to wakeful consciousness. The preconscious - the teacher - is passive here as it is not my last dream of the sleeping period.)

      Dream two: “Shaving with a Guinea Pig’s Shaving Cream”. I am with an unknown male in an unfamiliar bathroom, though I seem to be him at times. The other male is in the bathroom to shave, but he uses shaving cream which belongs to the guinea pig. The “guinea pig”, who actually seems mainly like an ordinary male human, stands off to my left and warns about a human being using it as it may be toxic to them or unsuitable at best. I shave slowly and carefully while looking in the mirror as I am seemingly now the other male. The detail is very clear and vivid. After this, with mostly smooth skin, guinea pig hair seems to grow out smoothly and cleanly from where my shaving occurred, mostly around my chin. I am not that concerned as this is apparently happening to the other male and not me even though I presently seem to be him. (This is partly related to removing most of my facial hair recently. Our guinea pigs are sometimes presently kept in the bathroom because of the cold weather, though in a fully-enclosed cage with a solid bottom.)

      Dream three: “Stolen Dimensional Gateway Emerald”. I am with a few unknown males. We enter a large room that has an unusual glass structure in the center which is higher than our height but only about two-thirds the height of the room. It would be cross-shaped if viewed from above. There is a glass room in the center, with four smaller rooms of slightly lesser height coming out from each direction. Each room’s walls are transparent. Here and there are multicolored rocks of the type found near some railroad tracks. I am aware that the emerald used to control the dimensional gateway is missing. In fact, I consider that I may have taken it. There is a vague sense of amusement as another male is annoyed that he cannot use the gateway. I look over a few of the interesting railroad track rocks and mention how the gateway emerald could be replaced, not to actually be usable, but so that other people do not know the real one was taken. “They don’t have anything like that at Walmart,” says the other male angrily. (This is some sort of distorted and failed reinduction - that is, dream reinitiation attempt, my dream self coalesced with the preconscious and my subliminal will projected as from another character.)

      Dream four: “Snake in a Cake”. There is some sort of party (possibly a birthday party) in a mostly featureless room that mostly only has a very large three-tiered pink cake that is about a foot higher than me. I get the impression that it may be taking place in the house on St. Cloud Street (where my older brother Earl lived for a time years ago). A lot of people are present, most unfamiliar, some relatives. After a time, a very large snake crawls across the floor. I relay what I see to the crowd, some people trying to leave, but there are too many people pushing about. I watch the snake smoothly crawl into the base of the cake and disappear. The imagery is mostly in pinks, oranges, and yellows. I relay how the snake has gone into the cake. Someone, an unknown male, says that he is not eating any of the cake. Later, the cake starts turning like a merry-go-round, which is caused by the snake’s actions. The cake eventually falls apart but there is seemingly not that much of a threat from the snake. (This probably relates to becoming dizzy in the past presumably from too much sugar, but I have not had problems with that lately, and I no longer drink cola at all. The snake was not rendered very realistically - more of the “War of the Serpents” mood and style from my childhood, so not serving as a vivid and more dominant waking prompt in itself as in other cases. Pink of a specific hue is often related to mild indigestion in sleep, based directly on taking Pepto-Bismol a number of times when I was young.)

      Dream five: “Earl’s Puppies”. This is fairly vivid. I walk into a room that is mostly featureless. Earl (older half-brother on my mother’s side who died in November of 2007) is standing in the room. There is not much light. He seems healthy and appears mostly as he was in the 1980s. I am aware that he has at least three puppies (perhaps four) inside his abdomen. I hear them whimper a few times and there is movement on his skin’s surface. (His shirt is up.) I am not sure if he had (either deliberately or accidentally) swallowed them whole or is willingly to be some sort of surrogate mother. I ask him if he is concerned about being bitten internally or if it might hurt. He seems cheerful and resolute. (This is likely a result of mild indigestion mixed with hearing the dog next door whining in real life through the veil of sleep.)

      There were a number of other dreams, a couple of which I may post separately at a later time or date. These dreams in order of vividness and clarity were five, two, one, three, four.

    13. Log 861 - Thief-Seeking Missiles

      by , 09-08-2017 at 01:09 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got that DILD and a fragment to note.

      Dream 1 - Thief-Seeking Missiles

      The visuals were clear. I was wandering around the streets at daytime. Eventually, I stop by at a gas station, specifically the same one I used to work in. There were some major renovations since I've been there, including the registers being in the opposite side of the store. Maurice, one of my old managers, was busy with some customers. I considered talking to him, though I backed off. It's been so long, I doubt he even recognized me anymore. Later, at an unknown site, I build up enough nerve to call there for a chat.

      Time skip at night. I'm back at the gas station, this time as a worker. Three other employees were there as well. Of them, I recognized Maria. Another was an older, large African descended woman, while the last a skinny, aging, clean shaven Hispanic man. I take a look around, and find things were now arranged much more similarly to how I last remembered. There were, however, more selection of hot foods. I thought to sample some, but reconsidered when I found the pastries had long been shriveled into an overbaked husk.

      I worked the register for some time without incident, besides some guy having concerns of having been overcharged out at the pumps.Then, later on, a big, loud black woman shows up to bicker with my like-skinned fellow employee. Tension builds up to the point of violence. I overheard their being "friends", though how one could tolerate such vitriol under any circumstances is beyond me. Anyway, this scene distracted me from looking around the store. Before I could react, I found that some jerk had gone on and stole something in plain sight. The bickering had finally resolved by that point.

      After that, a mess of customers began piling up. In fact, this left me so preoccupied, that shoplifters came out of the woodworks to snatch something or two. I later had to deal with a drugged out woman, another of my coworker's supposed "friends". There was some confusion over the money she gave and what she actually owed. As I counted the funds, the woman ran off with whatever she had in hand, and I just knew I got the short end of things. Concurrently, some teen girl rushed in, swiped some DVDs and snacks, and ran off in one fell swoop. And if that wasn't enough, both previous madwomen returned to cause another commotion. What a night...

      While that happened, I caught sight of underaged punks going straight for the alcohol coolers. And sure enough, I overheard one or two muttering about a beer run. I was, by then, infuriated enough to look for trouble myself, so I went to the front door and waited. Still, I was of mind to reflect on that unreasonable theft rate. I made a reactionary hand test, but no matter the result, I gained awareness.

      Vengeance still filled my thoughts. I immediately blasted the punks with an energy blast, then followed up with an explosive beam split and directed to those two rambunctious women (of course, all with precautions to not accidentally hit anyone else). I then stepped outside the lot, hoping I'd find any other previously encountered thieves and scoundrels, though they were long gone by then. After thinking it over, I figured a homing attack would let me get even. I fired a golden ray into the sky, which I divided into a dozen or so other beams. These arced and spread out all over town, until they eventually exploded one by one at isolated, distant locations. Couldn't help but guffaw in triumph.

      With that done, I tried conjuring my guide, E, imagining she'd appear standing around the sidewalk. Unfortunately, I lost focus, and collapsed the dream entirely.

      Scrap Group 1

      WBTB for 15 minutes to write some notes and stretch for a bit.

      False awakening. Mom comes barging in the room, demanding I get those hurricane shutters installed despite not having a ladder.

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