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    1. 2 Dec: Scanned by drones and hostage in a museum

      by , 12-02-2018 at 11:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I woke up in my teenage bedroom at my parent's house. There is a noise of jets outside and I go check it out and see three Northrop black planes passing by. They are flying quite low. But the stranger thing is they come back and pass in front of my window a couple more times and then come even closer and start circling my building as if scanning it. Last circle they slow down and come really close to my window, like less than a meter away and I realize they are tiny, no more than a meter wide, so they are actually unmanned drones and they seem to be very interested in me. Were they looking for me or did I attract their interest for being up staring at them while everyone else sleeps?
      I then remember getting my phone to film, but it's too late, they are gone. Meanwhile my mom is awaking and I wanna tell her, she will freak out, but she is dressed up already and in a hurry to go somewhere for a few days for some conference. I feel worried, she never leaves abruptly like this.
      Later on my father opens the door to a lady and her son. I don't like the woman, she is full of herself, but her son is actually a cool kid. They seem to be trying to fix us together, but there's no way, he is just a kid. Am I also a kid? Because I don't feel like it. I show him my room, the room from my teen years. He likes the furniture but dislikes the arrangement and gives me some advices on decoration. I'm like "seriously?".

      I go to a museum with Riverstone and Nighthawk. At some point I split from them and go to the museum shop where something strange seems to be happening. There is some lady from a religious organization and a bishop and they are talking some fundamentalist shit to people. Clearly something is about to happen, and I decide to get out from there. But when I reach the door, a fat lady is locking it up with everybody inside. People seem confused and nonreactive, but I protest violently and even start crying making up that my mom is the hospital and I need to go see her. They don't care, they are doing a protest and basically taking everybody in the museum as hostages. They take us to an auditorium and force us to watch some kind of play, that I am sure is meant to brainwash us into their cause. But after offering resistance repeatedly and they reacting violently, I decide to resist by being a nuisance and making noise with some plastics I had in my bag and loud commentaries throughout their attempted play.
    2. Personal Best for Lucid Length - December 2

      , 12-02-2018 at 09:38 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Lucid #68: In a long bathroom, become lucid almost immediately. Remembered my goal to anchor myself and sat down quickly on the floor. I took a look at the individual items spread out on the counters, got up a few times and each time I started to lose focus, sat back down. My visual clarity was okay, but I was focusing on stability. I tasted some popcorn which had an accurate buttery taste, but no crunchy texture. Dream felt pretty long, somewhere around 3 minutes.

      Lucid Fragment A: Recorded it in my memory palace but lost it now.
      Lucid Fragment B: Dual-body experience; possibly an FA? I could feel both my dream body and my paralyzed waking body. I was willing my body to move, and thinking at the same time "I hope I don't move my waking body" -- this thought gave me awareness of both. During this time I also heard vivid conversations/voices which I focused on -- it felt like a pre-WILD experience.
      Lucid Fragment C: For a moment, I remember staring at a mirror and thinking "my face should be completely distorted", but it wasn't. I looked on for quite a bit at my reflection, which was 100% perfect. This took place in a dark room, and I remember reading some text that was static as well -- very strange.

      Lucid #69: Long and strongly narrative-driven dream; I knew it was a dream and that I could control anything I needed to (except dream length -- I forgot about my goal to anchor myself or any goals at all), but I didn't know my own identity -- I believed I was the dream character, a boy detective. I was in a wooden attic bedroom. Out of a tall window in front of me, there were purple wolfman monsters lounging on the lawn several stories below. Someone or something was talking to me in the room, an adult male voice. I spent what felt like several minutes inspecting items in the room and interacting with the voice, as well as reading some text which did change upon looking back. Even though the text would change, the last 2-3 letters would stay the same. Throughout I feel the presence of a sidekick, maybe a dog? Suddenly I felt a sense of urgency, I expected one of the purple monsters to have come to the window (none did, which is strange since I expected and feared it). I decided I needed a sword, so I willed for there to be a longsword in a small bag. I reached in, expected it, and pulled one out! It had a rounded tip (day residue from talking about HEMA), so I figured it wasn't sharp and placed it in a belt loop that was on my shirt. Turns out it was sharp and cut through the loop. I ran my finger along the edge and felt the sharpness, which is a rare sensation in dreams (usually it's a dull, blunt pressure). From here I believe the dream continued for a bit but I can't remember specifics. In total I remember waking up (and even during the dream) feeling like the dream was going on for a really long time, close to 5 minutes! It was a really amazing experience.

      Lucid #70: Another long, narrative-driven dream, sort of a sequel to #69. I'm older now, I look like the actor from Chuck in an odd third person moment. My sidekick is also grown (and human) and another person makes a juvenile comment. We are on a huge piece of land owned by someone who's hired us to drive out/defend against "the Russians" who have taken over. We take a brief tour of the land, and lots of the grass is dying/dead. I become lucid around here (in the same way as above -- I'm aware of my powers but not of my identity as ZAD). It turns out that the landowners are killing the grass on purpose to appease the Russians. We get to a chain link fence, behind which is a field and an old abandoned warehouse/factory. Suddenly a gunshot goes off and I see a bullet coming right for me. I will myself to turn invisible and slow down time to dodge it (I didn't know I could do that!). They aren't shooting at anyone else, just me, and I keep dodging and running. They shoot wherever they hear the grass/leaf cover crunch. I'm about to hide behind a tree and think I'm good, but suddenly a black wolf comes rushing at me. One of the guards (who aren't doing anything by the way) mentions that the only thing that can kill the black wolf is one of the bullets being shot at me, so I assume that this is a hostage fakeout takeout shot situation, where I have to get them to take the shot and then move the black wolf in the way. However as I'm thinking of this and wrestling with the wolf, a grey/blondish allied wolf (my partner?) starts to wrestle with the black wolf. I fear for the grey wolf and suddenly he looks at me directly in the eyes and has the most pained expression on his face -- I think they've taken the shot and taken him out. I feel profound sadness and wake up.

      Notes: 70 lucids! Nice!
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    3. Eclispe Planet

      by , 12-02-2018 at 07:09 PM
      so I don't know if this was a lucid dream or a non lucid dream so I jus got playing games then I start to rest my eyes I was in a vortex then a spiraling galaxy i then fall into sleep paralysis i see a bending light then the light flashes then accumulates its self in a upright position the scene was very abstract the light then becomes dense and collapse in itself then a lush planet starts rising as the planet starting floating i black out where all i can see is a Dark aura yet I'm still sleep so i try to wake myself up in the dream somehow i regain lucidity for a brief second where when the dark fade i seen the planet glimpse itself into a light formation before losing control of my wake the the the scene start to fade and go completely black again with a tiny hint of the planet visible then i woke up
    4. A vivid af lucid dream

      by , 12-02-2018 at 06:08 PM
      Notes: sooo I haven't gotten lucid for some time now, even though I thought I was coming closer and closer to a more consistent induction technique other than dild..... well tonight I got lucid using dild.... a lucid dream I said a lucid dream I guess lol

      Dream: the dream kinda started out in a climbing gym. I had been working (route setting) for the competition that was taking place in the gym. I remember a ton of my friends participating in the competition.
      Some time later, I find my self in a car. I was driving towards a town or something. (In real life i often RC while in my car , since I spend a lot of time driving. I often also think about what I would do if the RC would work some time lol). I RCed, since that what I normally do in my car. I didn't think much of the result of the RC. Ohh wait, didn't that RC just work??? I tried again and felt the air going through my nose (I did the nose plug RC). i got lucid!! (In waking life, I often thought that if I got lucid while driving, I would fly through the windshield or crash the car on purpose, just for the lolz) I though about flying, but didn't want to lol. So I parked the car. I actually just pulled the handbrake in the middle of the road hehe. I opened the car door and noticed I had my seatbelt on.i tried phasing through it. But it didn't work, so I just clicked my self out lol. I kept reminding myself that this was a dream, and rced a couple of times. I walked a minute or 2, towards this big house. (In my previous lucid dreams, the gravity has been weird, however in this one it was just as in waking life. Nice). I opened the front door of the house I was walking towards, and saw a big mirror in the entrance. I looked into the mirror to get a glimpse of my own reflection. I was wearing some kind of post apocalyptic clothes. And also I was wearing a fly mask / gas mask thing, and glasses. I couldn't feel all these head accessories on my face, so I just lolled and went into the next room. There were 2 dream characters in there. A woman with blond hair, and a girl with brown skin and hair. I said hi, and they said hi back. I went upstairs. And I woke up.......
      I rolled over on my left side, picked up my pen and dream journal and wanted to write down the lucid dream I just had. But I couldn't remember the dream I had had before the lucid dream. Wait.... the dream before my lucid dream, was SOOOOO vivid. I should be able to remember that dream lol... I woke up, rolled over on my left side, picked up my dream journal and wanted to write the lucid dream I just had... WAIT.... didn't I just do this??? Hahahha the FA got me good this time....

      Normally I tend to catch on to the FAs... but this time I didn't lol.
    5. Harrison Ford’s Lecture to Tall Palm Trees

      by , 12-02-2018 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2018. Sunday.

      Dream #: 18,976-01. Reading time: 1 min 30 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Harrison Ford (whom my infra-self perceives as a teacher rather than a celebrity in this dream) is giving a lecture, from behind a podium, at a graduation ceremony at Western Technical College, occurring late at night, but no one else is present (other than my dream self). Perhaps he is speaking to the tall palm trees that rise into the night, in the vague suggestion of an arc. They curve down slightly.

      Errors: Palm trees do not grow well outdoors in Wisconsin as it is too cold. I have not lived in La Crosse since February 1994. No discernible threads of my waking life identity are present, which often results in not recognizing celebrities.

      “Of Roof Space, Indoor Rain, and Shouting Palm Trees” followed on December 4.

      Harrison Ford appeared as Han Solo in a dream of December 22, 2016, that seemed precognitive of Carrie Fisher’s demise on December 27.

      “The Tallest Palm,” my music from a dream of July 23, 2006, is on a compilation CD with other artists as a benefit for wounded soldiers; released on July 30, 2007, by DMusic. My dream repeated on July 23, 2015.

      Preconscious (reticular activating system simulacrum) as authoritative, as a celebrity, as emerging consciousness (thinking skills), as teacher, as finalizing emergence (graduation).

      Trees typically correlate with subliminal, liminal, or concurrent consciousness factors of emerging physicality as well as implying presence of the interconsciousness. For example, in a dream of September 13, 1979, I was transformed into a tree by my “mystery girl” to correlate with the realization that my real physical body did not move as I slept. I merged with the leaves of a palm tree in a dream of November 1, 1992. In a dream of February 9, 1993, I commanded a tree to pick up a nun and rock her like a baby in its branches (a lucid awareness of being in peaceful sleep). In a dream of April 15, 2016, a rendering somewhat like a mechanized mannequin, though with a human essence, emerged from the bottom of an uprooted tree as the emerging consciousness (waking transition) factor. In early childhood dreams, trees sometimes held the essence of people, sometimes having human faces, in the realization that people do not walk around when in REM sleep.