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    1. 22 Dec: With my guru, things coming out of my mouth

      by , 12-22-2018 at 11:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going to some Buddhist teachings and staying at some hotel in front of the teachings place. The buildings are New Orleans type. The hotel is just by the side of a gay bar.
      By chance, or not, I am put next door to my teacher's room, who is staying at the same hotel, but I don't know it until I go hang some clothes to dry at the balcony and realize it is a common balcony and I see some attendant preparing a tray with tea for him. But I don't see him. Then it gets confusing, with people circulating through my room thinking it is an extension of his suite. Although, in fact there are connecting doors between the rooms.
      I get dressed and later go join group lunch, which is in a long table where everybody eats together, some 30 people. I don't see my teacher, but there is only one vacant seat at the top and I sit, hoping it is not his place. I know the girls sitting on both sides, they tell me it is ok to sit, we chat, we have a good time. Suddenly I look up and as some people got up from their chairs or are leaning backwards and I see my teacher to the left, in the middle of the table, staring at me and I feel embarrassed. I smile but then look down, then look up at him, then look down and I repeat it a couple more times. His eyes are locked on me. Then he gets up and goes to balcony over our heads to tell some story and a couple people act the story out.
      On the balcony wall appears a giant slug, yellow or orange, leaving a mucus trail and then appears a sea cucumber, also in flashy colors. Some girls are going crazy over our teacher and like famished beings they lean against the wall and stretch their arms until they reach the base of the balcony. In their rush to kiss their guru's feet, they lick the animal's slime and apparently swallow the animals. I find it gross, but then again, I also think why I find it gross. It is just my perception. Except for the poor animals, I worry that they swallowed them out needlessly. So I also reach out to look at the floor of the balcony and I see the slug and the other animal languishing on the floor and I feel relief.
      Meanwhile I feel something coming out of my mouth, it's disturbing and I also feel embarrassed, because my guru is still looking at me. I start pulling a small white embroidery from my mouth and keep pulling a white thread behind it. But it's not over, then my mouth is full of beads and I collect them out one by one. My teacher is looking with admiration, so I assume it's not a bad thing.
    2. Be Careful Of The Baby

      by , 12-22-2018 at 06:27 AM
      I was in a business that I owned and my family of 4 members was next to me in some small city. It was night outside and the lighting was dim inside. My business was closed but it looked like a medium size warehouse with shelves and boxes. We were standing in the store front area and there was a room just off were the warehouse started.

      A man knocked on the door and I unlocked it and let him in. (This man is someone I know in real life which I will always having feelings for but he is not in my life.) He said he was looking for something(which I could not hear what it was that he was looking for) and I told him yes I have it. Then he said he didn't want to bother me. I took him in the the room which had a massive table piled up with stuff in the center. There was also shelves floor to ceiling to the right with more stuff piled on it. I grabbed the item he wanted off of the table (which blurred out in my vision) and give it to him. As we started to walk out he was behind me and stated watch out for the baby. I went to look at him when I saw out the corner of my eye I baby doll leg sticking out from the shelf and stabbed me in the neck. I grab my neck and walked back to my family. I sat down and leaned my head over a big metal bowl while the blood pouring out and filled up the bowl. I was not scared nor in pain. I didn't want to take up his time. I didn't even feel like I was dying I thought knew I was going to be fine. (It was like having a small cut on the head that was bleeding a lot but you knew it was nothing.) He asked if I was okay and I told him yes I'm fine go ahead an go.