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    1. Possible foreshadowing?

      by , 12-28-2018 at 07:39 AM
      I once had a dream of my friend crying. And not the small, soft crying— he was heaving and sobbing and bawling his eyes out. In my dream, I walked towards him and placed my hand on his shoulder, and asked, "What happened? Why are you crying?"

      He looked up at me looking devastated and replied, "Jane (another friend of mine, not her real name) has cancer."

      And then I woke up.

      I didn't think much of it then. I've had loads of weird-ass dreams. It was months later when I brought it up to Jane, laughing, thinking it was one big joke that I managed to dream up something like that.

      To my surprise, she didn't think it was funny. She then told me that a few years ago, another friend of ours (let's call him John) told her he dreamed that she had breast cancer.

      We were both shocked and scared, if you can imagine.
    2. walking tree

      by , 12-28-2018 at 12:44 AM
      when I was 4 year old I had dreams about walking trees. it started when I was 4 at phoenix Arizona in a hotel. I was in my backyard in the snow. I was walking up the stairs and then I saw its nose and it sang old macdonald. I had it again when I came home this time in my room . I could not talk save my self they were singing the same song. I had this dream a few times. I then had another dream when I was in a party with beer or some sweet drinks then I was being forced into my room and I saw the tree again I couldn't talk singing that song again and then walking to open the gate. and then I had the same dream again in my bedroom at night. I can hear a hockey game on tv that my dad is watching. i the sentences were cut out and I go to turn on my nightlight but the material for the side of it is in the way and I feel like I'm dreaming I look out the window and then the tree is here but singing a different song and I'm dreaming the next dream I'm 6 the night before easter I'm in my room and I see the tree it sang old McDonald but I wasn't that scared that time it walked and then I had a dream where I saw a stack of papers in folders tied with a string. I then see a green bissel carpet shampooer that I had when I was 7 it was green and laid on the deck floor with its handle and tank down and later that dream I go to the stairs of my deck and everything paused I. I just sat there and saw that tree I didn't sing this time. it wasn't where it usually was and then I woke up on the couch can you interpret these dreams.