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    1. February TOTM - the truth spell

      by , 02-01-2018 at 10:31 PM

      I had just woken up and I had a lucid dream. I decided to do the "truth spell" because I wanted to know what the truth is.

      My dad and I are in a car and we are going somewhere. A guy is following us. I tell dad so he tries to accelerate and stop suddenly to deter the guy from following us. It doesn't work. Then, we turn onto a street but the guy still follows us. My dad parks the car and confronts him about it. I take a water bottle and hold it in my hand like a bat, trying to intimidate the guy. The guy takes out a mountain dew bottle but with a pop top and throws it into the car, the water splashing everywhere. I think about throwing the bottle at his head but I don't want to be arrested. We talk for a bit and eventually we leave. We have a pizza in the car, which the guy left presumably. There is one slice in the little dent/place to put small things on the door and it really grosses me out. I take a slice out of the box and eat it. My brothers are in the car now too. The pizza has some weird recipe - we discuss how the guy ordered a really weird pizza. On the label its says that it is both sugar-free and double sugar. It tastes completely normal however.

      Next, we are walking in a shopping centre. We walk past some kind of sweets shop (it was supposed to be some kind of chain of shops in the dream but I don't think it's real). They have some kind of advertising that makes me angry. I can't remember what it was about exactly but I remember thinking that it doesn't make sense considering it's a sweets shop. Soon, we reach some really obnoxious advertising. It is Maccas. We are on the second level and we can (kinda) see through the glass down into the Maccas. The glass however is like a screen and has some ads flashing on it. We go down to Maccas, probably to buy some frappes.

      When we go down there we go to the toilets. I look at the signs and try to figure out which one is which. There are four doors, and whenever I look at them the signs switch.I realise that this is very dream-like and do a reality check, which makes me lucid. I start to fly up but then remember the dream goal and decide to stay in this room - it is just big and empty with the walls painted red. I try to cast the truth spell, pointing my finger like a wand and saying something like "give me the truthio abracadabra". It casts a small green orb, which kinda just hovers around and then disappears. I try again. This time, the little green orb grows into a plate shape, which turns into a green paper in shape of a circle and falls down. I come up to it, and realise that I have to peel the green part off and the truth will be revealed. I do that. There is a drawing and a big wall of handwriting. In big letters it says on the side "you are beautiful". How nice. The drawing is a picture of me, although it doesn't look much like me. I put the paper down on the ground and try to read the wall of text. I think about just taking a picture to look at later but realise that I can't take it into the real world. My little brother comes up and asks me if he could see. I want to read it before the dream fades and so I tell him that I have to read it first. He asks why - I could just read it at home. I tell him that this is a dream so I can't take it home. He smiles at that realisation and flies off.

      I continue trying to read the wall of text, but it is kinda nonsensical. I decide that the actual truth was just the one written in the large letters since the big paragraph doesn't make sense. Soon, I wake up.

      Weird how that was the truth. I wish I had that kind of self esteem in waking life lol.
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    2. February Task of the Month

      by , 02-01-2018 at 08:58 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      After some terrifying events and encounters with extra staircases, I felt safe enough to start a TOTM.
      I settled on a green lawn surrounded by a few content and blissful children.
      I had no cooking tools, but that wasn't a problem.
      Instead, after summoning some milk, butter, flour and a couple of eggs, I was all set to go.

      I made sure that the ingredients never touched the floor; I used telekinesis to mix them together. After having formed a mold I fed large concentration s of energy through my palms. The cake was complete, and I left the children to enjoy some more.
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      lucid , task of the month
    3. Bed, Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows (Dream Journal Reference)

      by , 02-01-2018 at 02:51 PM
      Afternoon of February 1, 2018. Thursday.

      It begins like this. A person gets undressed for bed. Perhaps he or she sits or lies in bed for a time, while undressed, before going to sleep. Perhaps they watch television or talk on the telephone while undressed in bed in their preparation to go to sleep. They might think about recent social encounters as they sit or lie in bed, while preparing for sleep, while undressed. Later, they might have a dream of being undressed, perhaps in public, and then after waking, wonder “what it could mean”. Still, it is neither my place nor purpose to make light of society’s unfathomable buffoonery and shortsightedness in my public dream journal.

      This entry focuses mainly on first-level dream state indicators. In this case, beds, bed sheets, and pillows are the focus as a reference entry to link (viable dream journal websites only, as on other sites it will just remain as a singular post).

      Because dream state indicators of this nature occur in over twenty percent of my dreams, which I consider as quite natural and obvious, I have created this no-brainer reference entry for people who might otherwise puzzle over what this or that means in my dream journal. Still, there are specific threads of meaning depending on when and how a dream state indicator is rendered, especially if it is separate from other elements. (For example, although I often fly with a bed sheet as a “cloak” or “cape”, a bed as a flight symbol is uncommon.)

      A bed could easily serve as either induction symbolism or waking transition symbolism. I do not consider it as pure autosymbolism since I relate autosymbolism as non-literal factors within the dream state (even though liminal space symbolism is analogically literal to real-life liminal space settings). For example, a bed in a parking lot (as I have actually dreamt a few times) would be a dream state indicator rendered into liminal space autosymbolism, even though this is a form of composite redundancy, where both factors, bed and parking lot, are indicative of being between dreaming and waking.

      When I was very young, I used to see dream state indicators as a minimal form of RAS mediation (even serving to subliminally ground me to my real environment) to remind my dream self that my physical body is unconscious. In a way, that is still true, though I tend to see it more as a biological factor that carries over into the dream state, as impressions of one’s real environment often carry over into the dream state, especially the tactile nature of pillows and bed sheets. Even so, it could also just be a residual subliminal memory of having fallen asleep (assuming a deeper state of unconsciousness where environmental factors are not as influential).

      I have often used a bed sheet or blanket to cover my body (when otherwise nude) in both lucid and non-lucid flying dreams (and certainly not because of modesty, as who cares about modesty in the dream state, but because of the realism of certain environmental factors in dreams, such as twigs and roof features). This validates that my dream self is aware of the status of my physical body, at least to a degree. Of course, in lucid dreams I do this on purpose, though in non-lucid dreams, it is a carryover factor, unrelated to waking life since the carryover is by habit of dream state awareness, not waking life focus. (One would assume this as obvious, but as I have learned, especially since 2013, empty-headedness, especially when it comes to understanding the dream state, is a dominant factor in many people.)

      Pillows are in contrast to bed sheets as a dream state indicator in some dreams due to their association with vivid hypnagogia in childhood dreams. I saw pillows, mainly only those of one pale color, as a sort of hypnagogic “television” (even before I ever watched much television in reality.) By shifting my dream self’s gaze from pillow imagery to my dream’s much larger environment, I could vivify my dream and in contrast, by pulling the dream content in my dream’s larger environment “back” into my dream’s pillow, an implied threat becoming smaller and two-dimensional, restricted to the surface of my pillowcase, it became far less of an implied threat. This may be why I have rarely ever had significant nightmares other than singular examples when biologically premonitory.

      Beds in unusual locations are as so, because a dream state indicator is typically unrelated to the rest of a dream’s content other than in the redundant example given above; bed in parking lot; though a bed in a lake is induction symbolism (as water is autosymbolism for entry into the dream state, and as a result, even a glass of water splashed in the face can vivify a dream).

      There are times when dream state indicators of this kind are prescient, for example, in foreshadowing an illness. This includes cloaked figures (though not always) as a bed sheet or blanket association. There were two recent dreams about two of our sons, both related to them being in bed and somewhat tired, and both prior to a serious (though short-term) illness. One of these dreams included a cloaked figure of our youngest son’s height. However, such dreams also have a specific mood, which I hope to learn to hone in on to a more viable extent. Additionally, actually being tired in a dream (not necessarily being in bed) is an entirely different concept than just being in bed or seeing a bed incidentally, and usually indicates actual physical tiredness (at least for me).

      side notes
    4. RAS Mediation as Dog Rendering (Dream Journal Reference)

      by , 02-01-2018 at 11:59 AM
      Afternoon of February 1, 2018. Thursday.

      Until I began to develop a greater understanding of dreams at about age twelve (though I had long since viewed “dream dictionaries”, or any books or articles on a dream’s supposed meaning, as asinine), RAS mediation, especially in apex lucidity, was more likely to render an attacking dog as a waking alert factor than a snake. There is a specific reason for this. While a snake is probably the oldest waking trigger (and of which likely serves as such for the dreams of all primates), a dog has an autosymbolic association with an attempt to control the dream state. I began to naturally both lucid dream and attempt dream state manipulation as a toddler and recognized the aggressive dog autosymbolism by around age eight, including in a later dream from 1970 where I shouted “You dogs are always ruining my dreams” when I was in an extremely clear state of apex lucidity. This caused the dog to teleport (ironically at my unintentional command) to trigger waking with the hypnopompic lower back jab event (the dog’s hard nose pressing into the small of my back). This is solely due to the “obedience” factor. It serves as a metaphor for the dream being obedient for the dreamer as would a dog for its owner. The main problem with this is that dreams are of a biological process and full biological control of one’s mind is inherently limited, not only by current biological needs (such as a need to use a toilet) and environmental factors, but by circadian rhythms. It is not the “subconscious” (as in popular myth) that has anything to do with this, but RAS.

      It was common for a dog, usually black or rust-colored, often a Labrador, to be rendered as a potential dream state terminator in early childhood. However, over time, as I mastered RAS mediation to a certain point in the 1980s with hundreds of experiments, it is rare for a dog to be an attack factor in my dreams.

      None of this has any relevance to waking life. I never held or maintained any fear of dogs and had never experienced negative encounters with dogs in my childhood. In truth, as with most of my focus on dream study for over fifty years, it is my natural connection to the dream state and awareness of its meanings that is the key factor. People do not seem to understand, since oneironautics is a main aspect of my dream experience since earliest memory in both lucid and non-lucid dreams (the latter by lifelong conditioning), that the symbolism relates to the nature of the dream state itself, not waking life, other than when prescient.

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    5. A Porch as Liminal Space (Dream Journal Reference)

      by , 02-01-2018 at 09:17 AM
      Afternoon of February 1, 2018. Thursday.

      “A Carport as Liminal Space” also links to this entry. The only potential difference relates to my personal history in mostly living in houses with large enclosed front porches in contrast to one house, in Cubitis, with a large carport by which access to both the front yard and backyard was inherent. (In contrast, the Rose Street apartment, on the second floor of a commercial building, with businesses on the first floor, only had a minimal public entry at the foot of the stairs.)

      “A Porch as Liminal Space” is one of my most common autosymbolic settings in the waking transition and has been as such since early childhood. A porch is autosymbolism for a specific level of unconsciousness, often rendered as the final setting in a dream when RAS mediation dominates the most. It is often triggered when my dream self, though often as a subliminal factor, wants to sustain the dream state (without viably remembering what a dream is), mainly as a RAS artefact from the otherwise lucid habit of “going outside” in childhood dreams due to it being a starting point for apex lucidity.

      In many cases, I have utilized my understanding of autosymbolism in semi-lucidity to vivify my dream into astounding apex lucidity by using a porch as an “entry point”, though always in going outside (which makes the term “entry point” sound ambiguous even though it is not), and augmenting my dream into incredible clarity. This is because such autosymbolism is rendered while closer to the emergent consciousness factor (the same factor of which gives a subliminal cue to my dream self to attempt to sustain my dream). Unfortunately, it also means that RAS mediation is likely to dominate by rendering the preconscious as personified, which sometimes results in “intruder” dreams.

      A porch represents liminal space regardless of which porch is rendered in my dream. Although my dream settings are always unique from dream to dream, there are cases where the porch of my present home is rendered in the last scene, though usually has a noticeable fictional aspect or different orientation (in conscious realization only, after waking). Sometimes the wrong porch is rendered with a particular previous home, or sometimes leads to a different location from where it did in real life.

      As with certain other autosymbolic settings (excluding such as a bedroom or bathroom), there is no connection to waking life or the conscious self identity other than when prescience is a factor. In other words, it is inherent to the condition of being unconscious while subliminally seeking to sustain the dream state in preference to becoming conscious. This is why RAS mediation is most likely to dominate this setting in the final stage of a dream, typically by being at the entry point of the porch or becoming an intruder on the porch, as waking is a biological necessity. However, depending on biological or environmental factors, my dream self is sometimes allowed to use this setting as a dream state augmentation factor. Again, this is only utilized by going outside, as going inside would place me closer to a dream state indicator such as a bedroom or bathroom; a bedroom to remind me that my physical body is asleep and thus cannot stay as such forever and a bathroom to remind me of the eventually inescapable biological need to use a toilet.

      A full understanding of this setting and its autosymbolic nature has brought me closer to mastering many levels of the dream state, even in non-lucidity.

    6. 2018-02-01 LUCIDD #239 LD ocean, pizza & beer; EB at the concert

      by , 02-01-2018 at 08:18 AM
      + LD LUCIDD #239
      I find myself sitting in the front passenger seat of a car looking out the left side windows. We're on a high road/bridge high above a large body of water to the left. I'm looking at it amazed at its beauty and clarity, the sun reflecting off the ripples in the water. I quickly conclude I'm dreaming because I do not recall continuity of location or how I got here. (I think I do a quick nose pinch to confirm but I'm already sure). I continue looking at the water, amazed at the detail, the vivid high definition of it all. There are some dark shapes in the water but I don't consider it further.
      Looking ahead, I realize that son S1 is driving the car and son S2 is in the back seat. I ask them "so what do you want to do? Have a Star Wars adventure? Go after some girls?" I see girls around the car and decide not to get distracted by that. I tell son S2 "hand me a piece of pizza" and reach back my hand over my shoulder and expect to feel the piece, I feel it and bring it around and take a bite (not much recollection of taste). Then I say "hand me a beer" and I reach back and feel a cold can pressed into my hand. I bring it in front of my eyes and look, it is a tall can with dark brown-orange coloring and a few large words in black. I pop the top and take a drink. At this point I'm sitting in a room with son S1 across from me and son S2 in a room behind me to my left (position like he was in in the car). S2 says "S1 is jealous of the beer!" I want to hand S2 a beer too, so I reach down around my feet and expect to feel a cold can, and after a second I do, and bring it up and hand it to S2. I tell S1 that successfully summoning items is all about expectation. Suddenly, my wife comes home and I
      lose lucidity. She immediately comments frustration on the mess all around the place after having left us alone for so long and I and the boys spring into action to tidy up. I see she is in the kitchen [unknown location/house] and has bought a bunch of food and fancy cakes which are sitting in cardboard containers on the counter.

      + I'm walking down a hallway and up ahead through some glass doors [DREAMSIGN] I see EB. We are meeting at a big concert, and I realize she got here quite early. She is nearly at the very front of a very very long line, I'm impressed she managed such a good spot. I see her car parked in the lot right behind her, I'm also amazed she managed such a good spot. I move to join her in the line and people start crowding around us taking our spots and pushing us back farther in the line.
    7. Dream - Year Twelve Shenanigans

      by , 02-01-2018 at 07:43 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 1 FEB - 2018

      Dream No. 274 - Year Twelve Shenanigans

      I don't remember much of this dream. From what I can remember, I was at my other grandparents' house. There was this random young guy there that was talking about compiling things for his end of year, year 12 celebration video. In the front yard of the house, I was doing some random, yet weird stuff. The guy told me to keep going as these actions were good for mocking the parents of the school kids. Apparently I was making fun of my mum. About three quarters of the way through, my mum steps out of the house and looks really angry towards me. She and my brother came to attack me with a lengthy lecture. My mum did all the talking but my brother stood there, not looking very pleased.

      In the next dream scene, a similar thing happened but my dad was in it as well. Every single member was going on about how I had to say sorry to my mum but I didn't feel as though I needed to and that I was helping the boy for a significant purpose. My dad and brother were only in that scene for a short while and so it was my mum who was continuing to have a jab at me. Amongst all the attacks, I shout just once “Dreamy WB!” and she comes into action straight away. She was a small figure, just about the size of my hand, in her Oktoberfest appearance.

      She came scuttling up to my mum from out of nowhere and bounced herself upwards, fixing herself onto my mum's shoulder. She gave the shoulder a small tap and that's when my mum turned her head around to notice Dreamy WB. My mum had a combination of a surprised and disgusted look on her face while Dreamy WB waved the finger at her like saying 'nah uh, don't do that'. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Leave The Poor Kid Alone (Have Dreamy WB intervene in a parent fight)

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    8. Illegal beach activities...

      by , 02-01-2018 at 04:55 AM

      So this is a dream that I had a couple of days ago. I had more that night but I thought this one was funny,
      so I am posting this one here. I might post more funny or interesting dreams in the future. Note: this dream is a little NSFW, so don't read if you're sensitive to this kind of material.

      I am at uni and I am drinking some tea. I leave it with someone and go into a shop with my brother. I look around at the things being sold there. There are some knitted hats, some of which are gold. I realise that I have no money and decide to leave. When I leave, I see some strange creatures (that I presumably left my tea with) and a big one is holding my cup. I see that the tea is gone. I get really mad, and really upset, I think about smashing the cup to pieces against the floor, but it is my favourite cup so I don't. Instead I keep walking, which leads me to a beach and I notice some public sex happening there. There are two dudes, one of them Jake Bass, fucking in the sand. Out of nowhere, a giant wave comes and I get swept up. One of my shoes gets taken away by the water. I am informed that there is a service that returns your shoes, but once I try to use it, an image of Jake Bass in a sexy pose pops up with letters informing me that this feature is only for premium members. I am disappointed, but I somehow manage to find my shoe myself.
    9. Mobile Home

      by , 02-01-2018 at 02:27 AM

      Orcs are coming. [Day residue from watching LOTR.] I pretend to fire a German WWII machine gun out the window to drill for the orc invasion. My sister and brother and I hide in the hallway [where we used to duck and cover during tornados in reality]. Suddenly I feel the house shifting underneath us. I look out the window: the house is moving south. Lucidity. I attempt stabilization but fail and wake immediately.

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    10. San Francisco Monster?

      by , 02-01-2018 at 12:26 AM (Ereos)
      I was in San Francisco in the outerworld just having a good time and hanging out with some friends.

      After a few hours though, we went to the public bathroom of some place, only to find out that for some reason their toilets are completely broken in some way. They wouldn't flush or they were overfilled and flooding the room slowly.
      At some point, the odor in this public bathroom was so bad that I throw up a little bit, no biggie ultimately but it was pretty gross overall.

      I get out of here with my friends and we go back to the main room of this building.
      We just chill out in this room for a little, but then a young woman along with another man enters the building, kinda confused and a bit scared about something. Not sure what it is though.
      That woman approaches us and start making conversation with us, she has blonde curly hair and she was quite pretty.

      She introduces herself to me: "Hey there! I'm Tina! And you are?" she asked.
      "Hey! I'm-", "Ah Adrien! What a nice name that is." she said, cutting me off.
      "I...uh...thanks, how-?", "How do I know your name? I can read minds, but that's okay, not trying to breach privacy too much..." Cutting my sentence off once again.
      "Oh...you're uhm...I forgot what they're called, people who can read minds." I said.

      Anyways we talk for some more time and that man she came with earlier, he starts freaking out, as if the fact that she can read minds was something to be hidden. He grasped her by the arm, walking away from us.
      "No no! Come on man! Wait up!" I said, the man stops and Tina looks me all like: "No don't say that!", I guess she knew what I was about to say, I didn't even know myself but I take a second to think what I am going to say and eventually I say: "Just...don't take her away like that, it's okay we're cool with it."

      The man lets her go and afterwards she shows us a few other magic tricks she can pull off like the fact that she can write on a whiteboard without a marker, just with her finger she can write on it just like that.

      *slight fuzziness*

      We get out of this building, only to find out that something big is going on in the city, we heard plenty of explosions and like very distant monster roars or something like that.
      One of my friends is running towards the Golden Gate Bridge which is pretty damn far away but then we notice that there is this big tsunami-type wave generated from the east and going to the west towards the ocean...and also towards the bridge.
      I try to catch up to my friend that is running towards it and at this point I notice that I am dreaming.

      Well shit, there I am, in San Francisco, and the brand newly constructed Golden Gate Bridge is about to take a beating again...time to save the day I guess.
      I shapeshift into my dragon form and immediately take off into the skies, going towards the bridge.
      I see that the wave is rather big and it could definitely take out the bridge, I'm not quite sure what I can do in order to maintain the entire integrity of the bridge, but at least I can try to minimize damage and save people who might be still on the bridge.

      I arrive near the bridge and the wave hits pretty hard, the bridge almost collapses but I manage to hold the middle of it a little bit so it stops swinging.
      I notice that one car starts falling into the water so I quickly fly below it and catch it just fine. Then I fly to a safe place and gently drop the car down, there was a full family inside of it.

      Overall the bridge is fine-ish... many cracks on the road now though and a few holes there and there, but it didn't collapse.
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    11. Log 1007 - Neo Civil War

      by , 02-01-2018 at 12:19 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 31 January 2018

      Gonna try keep my New Year's promise. Anyway, I don't have much to note today.

      Don't have as much to note as I'd like...

      Dream 1 - Neo Civil War

      The visuals were a bit blurred. This occurred in an alternate timeline. After the horrors of WWII, the nations of the world unilaterally adopted extreme Luddist and isolotionist policies. This results in both technological stagnation, and grave regression in civil and human rights. Half the US, for instance, had gone back to using slave labor. Cue another Civil War in the 60's. I was given the role of a New Union Army officer and spy. In my latest solo infiltration of a Neo-Confederate base, I discover their hoarding and developing rocket launchers. To sabotage their efforts, I fire one such weapon into their warehouse, destroying their stockpile. But, my escape goes sour, and I'm captured. The rebels then promptly execute me by hanging. As painful and intense a death as it was, I was... oddly unphased. I don't know why, but, even beyond the disruption I caused, I felt as if I had the last laugh.

      That cat then woke me up.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of repeated dreams. Something of warping around and focusing on something?
      non-lucid , false awakening