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    1. Nightmare - being a hostage

      by , 02-02-2018 at 11:43 PM

      I had a nightmare today, which is strange I think because I haven't had one in months. I had a bad day yesterday, so maybe that's why I had it, who knows.

      I am in a building and I think I am a hostage. I feel very unsafe and scared. I see an open window and jump out. If I am dead they have no use for me. The air is nice and cool, and I feel very relaxed as I speed to my death.

      I "respawn" as someone else. I am in an elevator with a few teenagers and I feel uneasy. They make one teenager go out of the elevator at one level and we hear him die as we go up. The teenagers laugh. We get to our level, and we have to tie some people up. I start tying a big guy up but then some people come in and we become the ones who get tied up.

      I am lying in a bed, tied up. I want to get out of bed and jump out of the window. There is a guard outside of my room, in the hallway, and when I try to move a pillow falls on the floor and the guard turns around. I keep still and he stops looking at me. Carefully, I get out of bed and go up to the window. I open it and feel the cool air rush in, fresh like freedom and cold like death. It is dark and I can't see what's below me but it is definitely a few stories high. I squeeze myself through the window and fall to my death… but when I hit the ground, it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would, and I am still conscious. I realise that I survived the fall, and I start running, before someone finds me and kills me. I see some police officers in the distance and I run towards them and they seem friendly, although I am not sure at first. There is one lady police officer and I try to talk to her. She seems to be busy with her own stuff but eventually agrees to help - she tells me a room number. I go into a building and try to look for it. I find my mum in a hallway, and at first she says we can stay in this building, but then she walks down the corridor, sees someone and says we should drive somewhere far away. I go get my shoes and flannel, since it is cold outside, and I try to do this quietly, but then I hear the toilet flush and I quickly hide in a room. I try to hide behind the door, but it slams closed for some reason, very loudly. I put my back against the door to stop anyone from coming in. Someone starts trying to open the door, and eventually are able to come into the room. It is a male police officer, and he has a gun. I try to take the gun or point it away from me but I am not strong enough, and I die and wake up.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. The Moon Gun

      by , 02-02-2018 at 08:02 AM
      Morning of February 2, 2018. Friday.

      I find myself in an unknown and unfamiliar location, though as my dream self, I do not think of it as such. Zsuzsanna is present in the majority of scenes, which involve my usage of a raygun in an unusual activity.

      At first, only sparks come out. I find myself in an unfamiliar room where an unknown female (of about thirty) sits near a desk. As I aim it upwards at nothing in particular, sparks fly out and one lands on the female’s knee, which apparently hurts. I apologize for this, but when the sparks land on me, they create a pleasant sensation.

      In most other scenes, I am outside, though under some sort of shelter with industrial implications of which include a convergence of many different horizontal and vertical pipes. There is a square opening through the ceiling and roof of no more than one foot by one foot. I have an unusual false memory that the moon powers the gun, but I only use it to fire upward. I stand in one area, aiming it through the opening in the ceiling. Over time, the miniature radar dish at the front of the gun starts shining when I hold it upward in a certain position that apparently reflects the moon’s light. I do not actually see the moon at any point.

      I perform this act a number of times. It seems to make my dream more vivid each time. I go to a different area that has a smaller opening, hold my gun upward, and move it about until I see the moon shine on the miniature radar dish in a circular fullness and then I pull the trigger. The beam of light that emerges is about an inch in diameter.

      There eventually seems to be a vague backstory, based on an emergent false memory, relating to a recent alien invasion, though there is no hint of any impending threat. I aim the gun at another part of the ceiling in the realization that it will destroy the structure. I wake with the perception that I had accomplished the defeat of a supposed alien threat.

      Explanatory supplement (Saturday, 3 February 2018): This dream occurs by way of liminal dream control, which means that my dream self is habitually acting out the dynamics of oneironautics (which represents the nature of the dream state, not waking life) without being actively aware that the environment and situation is of the dream state as with conscious-self-based lucidity. This is based on autosymbolic cues from subliminal threads of the conscious self identity. This should be obvious from how my dream self’s actions vivified the dream state even though my dream self’s motive from the outset was not clear. My dream self eventually focused on destroying the alien building. This was the liminal space barrier between my dream self identity and my conscious self identity, the opening in the ceiling being autosymbolism for my dream’s potential exit point back into viable consciousness. (It was somewhat small, which is moot, as the entire building was apparently gone at the waking point.) The miniature radar dish, glowing more over time and producing more energy and a wider beam of light, signified the increase in neural activity as the emergent consciousness implementation.

      This invalidates the asinine belief that the conscious self experiences something that must be “interpreted” solely in conscious self terms, incorrectly assumed as “from the subconscious” (rather than correctly understood as RAS mediation between the transient dream self identity and the conscious self identity). It is the dream self that is the subconscious, which is coalesced by way of RAS (Reticular Activating System) into consciousness through the waking transition, which is what a dream is (which most people have no understanding of).

      Additionally, Zsuzsanna’s dream showed threads of associations with my dream in the very common but inexplicable (by society’s beliefs) patterns. This is evidence that RAS mediation is transpersonal, and distance does not seem to matter (as this was occurring before I even met Zsuzsanna, and we had grown up on opposite sides of the world).

      Tags: beam, gun, moon, moonlight
    3. Dream - Double Support & Back To School

      by , 02-02-2018 at 06:38 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 2 FEB - 2018

      Dream No. 275 - Separated Sections

      Dream 275 A - Double Support
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in some random, unidentified MYER store. I was walking around when I got distressed by some young guy acting a certain way towards me around the make-up shelves. I called for Dreamy WB and she came immediately. Now the guy wasn't there anymore and so I was just remaining upset. She went over to me as a hologram and had a pitiful look on her face. I then felt a heavier, male-like presence and I soon realised that Murray came as well. So for the first time in a dream, both Dreamy WB and Murray were comforting me.

      Dreamy WB was still looking pitiful towards me as she lightly laid her hand on one of my shoulders. Murray wasn't exactly visible but I could see a large pink holographic hand rubbing my upper back. What's interesting is that each time I wanted to cry, he rubbed slightly harder and faster as Dreamy WB just kept that look of genuine concern pasted on her face the whole time. As all three of us traversed across the store, I alternated between crying and not crying for a couple of times until the dream ended.

      Dream 275 B - Back To School

      I remember I was back in the primary school classroom but forgot what was going on exactly, I was 19 years old in this scene though. I do remember the classroom teacher being Ms. Ea. which was a good thing in the dream. Another teacher had popped their head through the door and I remember it was one of my old primary school teachers. I was trying to say hi to him but he was not the least bit interested and rather walked away back into his own classroom soon after.

      Soon, Ms. Ea. asked if the class could do something about getting newsletter and I said I'd sort that out. I stepped out of the classroom but it was not a school environment... Rather, we were in a lonesome portable classroom situated in the middle of a rainforest. There were all these ledges that I had to jump across, making sure I didn't fall down the holes that would get me into the river and then I would drown. I found myself doing double jump glides exactly like Spyro, flapping my arms and then clutching my legs to surf through the air.

      I eventually ended up in another area I didn't know at all and that's when I met up with my parents. I know there were a couple of scenes to go but I have forgotten what happened in them, so I'm going to end the recap there.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

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    4. 2018-02-02

      by , 02-02-2018 at 05:38 AM
      + birthday party envelope over the wire this was the second time more involve than the first: S2?

      + warehouse tons of stuff left going out of business? bowling the bottles broken glass everywhere alcohol walking the lower flow, pick up and stare at a 3-4 inch crystal ball, browsing the mugs

      + singing the coke song older people are doing it (kiosk where guy hides?)

      + bidding against FG [WalFiPal] for a large potato omlet he bids $190 I say forget it, I see DD, CL, NI faces.

      + guy chasing another guy because he messed up his phone? car gets in way, chase on sidewalk, shooting shotguns. hide in a kiosk Big fat dude with a butthole drawing on the outside of his pants a girl mimics shoving her arm up there on the outside of his pants and he reaches down and gives her a gift, it's a play-act like she's pulling it out of his butt. He raises his shirt as I walk by and see his stomach is covered in tattoos, line art style

      + picking up kids from house, guy likes to lay his clothing out on the bed ahead of time, there is a check involved in leaving his place of business, but I don't have compensation for my tools [waking memory], he says pick up the kids at 2am and I'm incredulous, that will never work, I'll just take all the kids home now.
    5. Strangest dream

      , 02-02-2018 at 03:49 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night

      I'm standing at my childhood room's window. Looking outside, over our yard. The skies are getting darker, clouds are gathering. I briefly see my mom trying to get back home from work on her bike and I kinda know she is either gonna make it, or wait it out at work. But that thought is fleeting, it's not complete.

      There is more and more clouds, like when you watch them gather before a storm. I call my younger brother to look, and the boy sitting on my bed, eating candy we got from a friend (my WL friend got me candy from his trip that day), didn't come to look. There is only a bit of light coming from the left, everything else is very dark grey. Not pitch black, but you still can't see anything. It's complete still, not a sound, no wind.

      I sit down on the bed, thinking about turning on the lights, but I know it's not a good idea. Everything outside it quiet. Nobody else is putting their lights on, and nobody has the TV on. We don't know what is happening, we should watch the TV to learn, but I know it's too late. We don't want to attract whatever that is by our lights.

      I don't formulate the thought, but I somehow know it's an alien invasion. They are already in the house. I don't see them, but I know. I reach to my side to grab my brother's hand so we at least have each other, and even before I touch his hand, I know it's not my brother, but an alien. The hand I grab is way too small for a human hand, and much more skinnier.

      I just sit there, knowing it's too late.

      Major UPDATE:
      Watching TV just now and seeing a whiskey glass with liquid in it gave me an instant memory of how this alien dream above started.

      Three of us are sitting in my room. I'm with back to my window, 1 boy is on the bed and second one is opposite of him. A low coffee table is between us. I'm watching some clear glasses with liquid in them. The liquid starts to slowly move to one side, then the other. As if you tilted the glass. Only nobody is touching it. I realize that something near has a huge gravitational pull on the liquid, which is stronger than our Earth's pull. Something like a black hole, or a huge alien ship. That's when I get the first bad feeling of something bad coming our way. Then I looked out the window... The rest is above.

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    6. Man, That Guy Can Sing!

      by , 02-02-2018 at 02:13 AM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I had a dream last night where J's grandpa was speaking perfect English. In real life, he has watched so many movies in English that he understands the language pretty well, but he only speaks some broken English. We were at school by homeroom when I asked him, "so I heard you can understand pretty good English?" and he replied with yes. We then went to a grocery store and talked over there. I remember writing a song that he was singing, and for a sixty something year old, this guy could sing HIGH, like a little over B5! Anyways, that's all I remember.
    7. February 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-02-2018 at 01:22 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My dream this morning is a little foggy. We were in some sort of chamber or building at a university. It sort of reminded me of Hogwarts. I was walking these small tunnels in between different rooms. Eventually I was out in the main chamber and there was a tunnel that dipped into the ground. In a way the tunnel was like a portal. I know Mason was there with me. All of the sudden these alien creatures from Dead Space start pouring out of the tunnel portal. We're shooting at them with weapons. I remember I had this purple gun that slowly drooped out a purple liquid that was splitting up the aliens into tinier versions. Also, it felt like I was playing on someone else's account and was wasting their ammo. At some point there was the giant one that could regenerate and had spikey things for arms. He got up close in my face but didn't actually kill me.

      At the end of the dream I was above the chamber on this field. There was a zombie chasing this guy named Richard C. from my high school. I could faintly picture Eva studying a zombie in one of the chambers in the building. This was strange to me because I see zombies all of the time on TV and in movies but this was the first time I could actually feel a little bit threatened and also a little bit of understanding of what a zombie really was.

      I took a nap earlier and the dream was in the mountains at a cabin. I think I was in the back of the cabin at a hottub or pool. I'm not really sure what happened there.

      Eventually I was in some sort of academic building negotiating about my meal which was thai curry but we were adding and subtracting different items from it. I can only imagine this is because I had a negotiating class earlier today.

      The dream went to my hometown at this stoplight by WaWa but instead of cars driving on the roads it was a store like Macy's or something with items hanging up for sale and a cashier behind a desk. I was sort of a bystander but also playing the part of a random guy trying to get this girl. The two people were really into each other and the narrative was they were going back home or something to be with each other. In order to get there the guy was climbing up onto this structure using the cashier desk as a sort of boost. It took a couple of tries but I eventually got up there. My view zoomed out to the two who were just staring at each other madly in love. I think it was implied that these two ended up sleeping with each other and after that happened the girl was freaking out and screaming to other people on another floor of what was now a house, maybe Moo's house. The guy had his pants down and was looking confused. Not really sure how the dream ended.
    8. January 31, 2018 Frag

      by , 02-02-2018 at 01:02 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a gym watching a wrestling match. I remember thinking it was very crowded. The ring was set up in the middle of a basketball court with fans on both sides of the court cheering at the people wrestling. At some point it turned into an actual basketball game. I was on the left side of the court at the top of the bleachers. The bleachers weren't even unfolded they were stacked. I had Mason on my right and Jacob s. on my left. I kept wobbling back and forth trying not to fall as Mason was holding me up. Somewhere in the background I could hear Moo ranting about VT basketball.
    9. OBE realms list

      by , 02-02-2018 at 12:17 AM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      just writing notes on the realms I visited so far:

      VR-like game worlds
      - mostly at first you go into this 'waiting room' and customize your character - looks, clothings, weapons ect. Then when ur finished, ur consciousness shifts to the game world. Lots of players join in and the rules of the game are set. If you die you go to the spawn room. Interesting thing I saw from a zombie survival realm was the spawn room was in the Void, but it felt like a specific room just set up for that world. Most of the game worlds were zombie theme. Others were asian fantasy, simple puzzles and adventure. I assume it depends on my interest.

      Others' private inner worlds
      - they dont like me criticizing their worlds and seem to kick me out immediately lol

      Abandoned worlds
      - this happened only twice at the same place, but I visited a world where the people's 'creator' abandoned and stopped caring for them. they begged me to teach super powers and creative abilities so they can 'get out' and create things on their own. The rules of the world seem to persist, so apparently they were 'trapped'. I guess if you dont take care of your creations this is what happens?

      Crystal world
      - crystal beings taught me great lessons. learning how to create crystals of all 7 colors and making crystal-megastructures. The most important lesson was 'the meaning of mastering something is not only to learn it, but to re-create it by yourself and share it with the world'.

      The Great White Brotherhood
      - very very light world and u get powerful healings here. Great resting place for the souls.

      Home of Heaven
      - everything glows with golden light.

      Fountain of Life
      - VERY dense place. I did experience this world with my inner senses, but when I had full OBE to there it felt like my body was gonna explode. But it was only because I was still holding density that time. The forest there is beautiful and refreshing tho.

      Cherry Blossom world
      - i forgot the name of this world, but this is my friend's teacher's place. World of joy and bliss.

      The Elders
      - The elders are the protectors of the earth grid(from what I feel). They wear traditional asian looking golden cloaks/ clothing. Interesting thing was I saw them sitting on a floor in grid pattern. like they didnt sit in random spots. They taught me great lessons of love.

      Flower Realm
      - everything is surrounded by flower petals. the flower beings seem to always high on orgasm. but they taught me another good lesson.

      Bright Future City
      - I am brought to this place without my intent for several times. I dont usually like cities but this one feels positive, bright and eco-friendly. They have cool arcade place and clubs.

      Planet Sirius
      - Sirius is verrrrryyyy chill, like feeling perfect love from a father. The dolphins and whales live there. They are quite intelligent. Lots of strange sea creatures including pretty glowing jellyfish. Few humans live(lived?) on the land with eco-friendly technologies. Feels like they came from the space. Actually there's a space station.
      I saw some forests and glacires but most of the lands are very flat. The color of the ocean is highly fluorecent with aqua.
      I dont know if this is in current time, but my intuition tells me it is: humans have destroyed Sirius oceans. they used huge machines to terraform the glaciers into something... I confirmed this with another friend of mine who had an OBE.

      Planet Antares
      - visited only once on 3rd density. it's light-green planet filled with hot liquid. I almost got burned. On the lighter density, it's the world that creates light. Everything was pure light and very light in terms of mess.

      Pleiades Star
      - I only saw lighter density of it but I dont feel close to this planet so its kinda hard to feel the connection.

      The Construct
      - my friend brought me to here. Very metal, some parts with gold, big geometric structures float in the space. There's a throne with a clock above. I dont feel that much of good vibes here, personally. So when I transformed it with honey-milk consciousness, it actually turns into diamond constructs in white light space!

      Heart realm
      - very emotional and very dense... very beautiful too. I'd want to visit again but it speeds up time irl.. the world is very personal so wont write the down details.

      - the super gateway for every realms... squiggly energy dots float around. usually you dont have body, just consciousness floating. but your consciousness quite clear. make sure that you use wisdom to travel to the realms.