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    1. Closed Off Completely Open DILD

      by , 02-06-2018 at 07:46 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am running from a bull in the night and find a cabin and decided to enter inside it. Once I did, the cabin change in to a white room to where I could see soda stock up on a cart. I turn around and think about what all this means. The idea that I must be dreaming occur and I became lucid. I check my hands and rubbed them together as I can see my bendy fingers. Once I rubbed them and attempt to control my breathing. I could feel myself getting much more grounded with in the dream.

      I then decide to leave the back room by opening the door. I look behind me and through the top latch I could see the outside. It look to be either morning or late afternoon. As I am trying to leave all the soda bottles started cluttering around my body. I could feel it all sticking inside and for a bit this hurt. But I remained calm and the items all disappeared. I make it through the door to where I was greeted with a bunch of clothes.

      After that I see that I am in an apartment or house judging from the near by bathroom next to a room. I open pass the bathroom in to the room. I could see one person sleeping as I open their door. I couldn't tell who they were as the orange beige blanket's cover his or her face entirely. But I could I feel I was disturbing their sleep and that they would wake up soon. So I decided to leave and woke up soon after.
    2. February 6, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-06-2018 at 06:30 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a gas station. There was a front entrance part with a person behind a counter. There was also a ramp that went down to the back of the store that had another worker in the store. The theme had something to do with pokemon. I think one of the workers was showing me how to beat the final boss of the N64 pokemon stadium game. He cursed saying something like "if I can fucking beat this guy" as I can see a glimpse of a pokemon battle in the air of the store.

      Eventually I'm outside of what I think might be my grandfather's house. The gas station was now some sort of old house and I was outside with my mom and sisters. There wasn't anyone else around but we were mourning our grandma's death, it was sort of like a very personal funeral with only us there. We're walking around the house and towards the road. As I get onto the dirt road I look across the road and my dad is there dressed in a suit. I was super surprised and ran over to him. As I get to him, I see beyond where there's my entire family, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. gathered in these stands and around a casket maybe. This was the actual funeral for my grandmother but wasn't in the IRL location it was held. I was embarrassed and mad at my mom, it felt like I was kept away from the actual funeral.

      The dream was then at our river house. I was just generally floating over the house recalling memories of past events there. I remembered there was this guy named Tyler B. who was there and I remembered I had been away from the entire gathering, leaving those people to clean up some sort of massive white tent. This is definitely a dream I've had before. I had felt bad that I had not helped them clean up.

      Then, I landed at the river and was with Sam h. Bahar and Alec. We were planning on going to a party so we decided to leave. We drove very closely by. The environment changed as if we were in another location. We pull up to this house into this driveway made of gravel. Alec Sam and I are instantly across the street from the house far through a field and on a tennis court. We were playing doubles tennis. My team was winning on one side, eventually we switch sides and I start to play really badly, I could see I was in the sunny part of the court and everyone was in the shade.

      The game ends and we decide to go meet up with Bahar and other people back at the party. We are at the driveway and I see there's a jeep with one of my older co-workers Amanda in it. I remember we had just played tennis and I was really sweaty so I just wanted to shower before the party. She offers to drive me back to the river house real fast, so I jump in. We drive out of the driveway and take a right. I thought my house was to the left so I was disappointed, I settled with myself that I'd have to wait for whatever Amanda was doing. So we're driving now on this road in this marshland that had pockets of water and tall strands of plants coming up from the water and ground.

      To my diagonal right I see this massive structure that looks like stands for a football stadium or race track. I say something like "that's the Richmond raceway right?" and Amanda agrees. It looked a lot like JMU's football stands. I also make a comment about how there's no supporting structures for the stands and I was really nervous. We go to the back of the stands and there's a bunch of ramps going up and down. It looks like the stands are next to a huge cliff that had a body of water at the bottom, but I never had the fear that I was going to fall. We're walking on these ramps, going in between these doors. The idea is that we're in middle school, Amanda is some sort of teacher or looking for a teacher. Maybe we were trying to turn an assignment in, I can't remember.

      We go back to the party. As we're pulling up to the driveway, to the left is the house and to the right is trees which cast shade that sloped down a hill. The driveway also slopes down. Further down it turns to this deck area with the basement of the house connected. There's windows and doors on the house, it might have been white. I go down onto the deck and look further down into the party. There's 100's of people further down the slope. The trees to the right continue and end up wrapping around this massive clearing. In the clearing is a huge white tent that has openings on the outsides. All of these people are either out in the open clearing or under the tent mingling. I could see tall tables with people standing around them and some people were dancing. It was probably mid to late day at this point. I jump down onto the deck where I see my friends. Everyone is drunk to me. Out loud I say "oh man you guys are really drunk." My friends were turned towards me and could barely even stand up, sort of staggering and wiggling in a way.

      I see Bahar facing away from me on another section of the deck that was lower. She's wearing a black and white dress that had a block shaped pattern, it was more white with black rectangles. I might've tried to greet her or she might've just turned around anyways. She joins our circle and two of her friends come up and she tries to introduce them to me but someone was standing in the way of me, so the most I could get out was an awkward wave to them. I remember for some reason I had this feeling of jealousy. I wasn't jealous because of any person, I was just generally jealous. Everyone is really drunk so I decide I'd like to catch up so I turn around and walk up the driveway to a higher part of the deck which had this alcohol stand/cart.

      In the cart was a bartender person who told me that it was getting late and there wasn't a lot of beer. He starts searching beer bottles around the deck looking for full ones to give to me. He eventually is able to hand me five or six. I drink about half of one when I notice it's now nighttime. Someone says that it's midnight. I can see the massive group of people from this event start to migrate towards me, up the driveway and on their way home. I run down the driveway to the bottom of the deck when I notice a group of guys from my high school are taking group pictures with each other. There's a group of people surrounding them taking pictures with the flash on. I'm sitting at the front of the crowd surrounding them trying to get myself out of the pictures. I keep apologizing to the guys trying to get out of the pictures but my feet were in the way. I could vaguely tell I was wearing pajamas and slippers. One of the guys (nick m) makes fun of me or something and we get into some sort of scuffle. I rush at him and he either slides or gets shoved to the left of me. I look left towards him and that's when the dream ended.

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    3. 2/6/2013

      by , 02-06-2018 at 06:25 PM
      The dreams I remember from last night...

      I remember seeing some old friends from highschool that i haven't seen or talked to in about 12 years. Mark, Will, Lindsay, and Sonya. I can't really remember much, but I remember that Lindsay and Sonya were glad to see me and being nice, but Mark and Will were acting like they didn't like me and that i was just being bothersome. This made me feel awkward and I remember excusing myself from whatever the situation was. As I did I did some weird little movement or stance, like I didn't really know what to do because the situation was so awkward. Thats all I remember of this scenario.

      The next dream sequence I remember involved me walking around a neighborhood i used to live in called Rawson Circle. There is a big lime sink that i used to live in a little duplex across from. This is a place I come to a lot in my dreams, but it is quite different in my dreams than it is in real life. I saw my old house, but it didnt look anything like what it really does. it was 2 stories on a hill with a deck on the second story and a carport that the drive way looped in and out of in the front. i saw an old buddha statue i used to have that got stolen out from the front of that house on the deck. i went closer thinking "are the people living here now the ones that stole my statue?". but i decided it probably was just a coincidence. i walked up the hill on the side and saw another buddha-esque statue in a little muddy ditch. it was covered in dirt and mud and looked ancient. it looked really cool the way they had it positioned in the center of this ditch but standing taller than the ditch. and i sat and admired it for a moment. as i made my way back down the hill i noticed that there was a tiger laying asleep in the grass. (me and my wife had been watching a video about pet tigers 2 nights before and i was talking about how cool it would actually be if you could get a tiger to be a good pet and how pretty they were). i went up to the tiger to pet it and it acted very sweet like a cat. i pulled out my phone to take a picture of me and the tiger to send to my wife since we had just been talking about them, but the battery on my phone was too low. so i pulled out my laptop to try and get a picture with him on there. thats all i remember of that sequence...

      The next dream i had i was much younger. like in middle school. and i was hanging out with a friend i had when i was about 12-13 named zac. his dad was taking us somewhere, but i dont remember where exactly. it was out of state, far away. i remember at certain points wanting to go home so bad that i started trying to figure out how long it would take me to walk home. zacs dad was being really mean to us for some reason. end of vague sequence.

      I have this really vague sequence of being a teenager and i was with some friends. there was this building, it seemed like a day care because there was a fence outside with a slide in it. we were trying to hop this fence but it was trespassing and a cop had just come nearby. i hopped the fence first and saw the cop around the bushes, so i hopped back and told my friends we needed to run the other way so he wouldnt see us there. when we ran out the cop was walking away from us. end of vague sequence.

      last dream i remember before i woke up...my 7th grade teahcer had given me and other people a writing assignment. but we werent in a school. i remember being like on a street and then going under a covering with maybe a soda machin in it to sit down and write. i wrote a story, i can remember what it was about but it involved some cartoon character. maybe it was bart simpson? and a king that was a lion. i dont remember as much of the story as much as ia rmember the beautiful cover and back cover i was drawing for the story. the back cover featured the king lion on top like in a balcony of a castle and further down it had a close up of his face. on top of the lion i wrote K I N G D E A S i think it was.

      Then i woke up.
    4. 2018-02-06 just a few

      by , 02-06-2018 at 12:14 PM
      + I enter a house -- standard suburban ranch-style. The owner/occupant is a man lying on a couch in the living room. We exchange some words, he has some advice for me? In his house is a large collection of red-felt covered billiard/pool tables. They are mostly odd sized, far smaller than regulation. Some are stacked on on top of the others. I'm looking for a more or less regulation sized tabled, but don't see one. We're sitting at a counter and talking and I notice through the glass walls/windows [DREAM SIGN] that the next door neighbor's yard is completely flooded. It's a medium-sized rectangular yard and there is about a foot or more of standing water there. I point this out to the billiard table guy.

      + driving around looking for an open taco place, but it's only 9am, I'll probably have to wait until at lest noon before one opens. I'm looking in through the front from the parking lot but I don't see any lights on.

      + at F&D G's house, there's a kid playing video games on the couch. I go and sit with them and look at the controller he's using.
    5. Do I have the courage to face my fear. LD

      by , 02-06-2018 at 08:40 AM (Come on, let's go for great nightlife adventures)
      It is dark, I am sleeping on my bed in my old house when I realize that this is just a dream. I wake up and stand up. I look at the window and I tell myself: "do I explore the dark house or do I go outside". I decide to go outside. So I run through the window but the wall crush me by the two side, I say to myself: “come on it's just a lucid dream you can get out of it". I manage to get out. When I jump from the window I feel butterfly in my stomach. Now I'm in the garden and all of a second it's daytime. So I run and jump over the gate but I didn't jump high enough, so i just climb. Now I'm on the street and it's dark again, I start screaming. I notice that the wall isn't the same as in real life. I watch the house and I notice that the light in the kitchen and the living room is on. I decide to get back in, I jump and land on the gate, I try to balance then I jump in the garden. I go in the kitchen and say:” What was that hand I saw when I was little in that room"? but I'm scare to go in that room because it is too dark. So I decide to go out and start practicing my flying skill: every time I jump high I fall down with the butterfly sensation in my stomach.
    6. Fun with Unreal Flood

      by , 02-06-2018 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 6, 2018. Tuesday.

      In this dream, I sustain the water induction stage and create the concept of a world flood, but I am mainly focused on how many different ways the dream state can render it wrongly while remaining vivid and while I remain at least partly lucid.

      The setting seems to be a large city. I have a lot of fun walking and running on the surface of the ocean and riding the tidal waves toward the city, which is mostly already covered by floodwaters. I also go underwater at times (though my dream self can always breathe underwater, as it is just the dream state and the dream self’s “physical body” is just an illusion anyway).

      There are some obvious errors in rendering which I focus on with amusement.

      At one point, I am swimming, but the water’s surface seems solid, though soft. Still, I slide over it on my stomach, somewhat unrealistically. In the distance, I see the tops of skyscrapers, though barely visible, emerge from the water and then sink again. This is based partly on the slope of the water’s surface changing at times.

      At another point, I realize that the skyscrapers are miniature buildings. Some of them are not even as wide as my computer desk but imply a number of windows on each side. Still, I see them as normal buildings. Lesser waves, caused by my swimming, the water dynamics being far more realistic at this point, hit the buildings and I hear glass breaking, with the illogical impression that the small pieces of glass are going down to the bottom (inside) floors of the skyscrapers. I find interest and enjoyment in this situation for several minutes (mainly because it is the semi-lucid dream state and I can create and destroy whatever I want, the breaking glass sometimes sounding more like wind chimes).

      At another point, I find amusement in how there is a dry area between a number of miniature buildings (again, still implied to be a real and normal-sized city) with the water somehow kept back by an invisible wall in this particular area (at least one city block implied), though it is not perceived as an invisible wall by my dream self, only an erroneous dream rendering, which I actually start to make fun of in my dream. That is, I am making fun of the dream state and its inability to be consistent or render the setting realistically in this particular case, actually speaking aloud (my dream self’s voice that is) to the dream itself.

      I play around with the setting and various dynamics for a long time before waking. I mentally will new buildings to appear at times, and then bring the floodwaters to them. There is no evidence that the city is inhabited by miniature people. I am the only one present in my dream manipulation. There is not even any indication of RAS mediation, dominant or otherwise (though this is mainly because it is not the last dream of the sleeping period, where things like needing to wake and go to the bathroom are not yet dominant factors).

    7. ZZZZombies

      by , 02-06-2018 at 08:21 AM
      We decided to go for a white wooden walk and headed out along a walkway that went along the coastline over the sea. It was a clear day and the waters were calm. As we went along we noticed a zombie coming towards us, it was kind of sleepy so we managed to dodge it, and the next couple. We past into an inside corridor and Susan decided she was sleepy and told me we were up to early. So we found a little cabin and went back to bed. No sooner had we done this than the door was pushed open and in flooded about 7 or 8 zombies, all fairly sleepy but none the less scary (They were all male and just looked like bony old blokes with long hair and shabby clothes).
      I said we needed to get up "Now!" as Susan didn't seem fussed. I repeatedly thought about chucking my duvet over their heads and making for the door but as Susan didn't move I just had to wait. Then the dream jumped to us going by road instead this was easier as their was a rope cordon blocking a line of zombies but it was chocka like a mass exodus, everyone was fleeing.
      Next dream I had found a hidden entrance to an underground chamber, a square of white on a white flat surface that fell down to layers when I jumped on it. Underneath was a large chamber (Zelda style) and on the far side was a room filled with old stuff from my childhood, books and toys which I looked through with Susan.
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