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    1. planning

      by , 10-10-2019 at 05:03 AM
      Yesterdays dreams

      I forgot the content of the first dream, did not jot down while it was fresh.

      amazon warehouse

      I was in the states I think. I was inside a large building that looked like customs office. It was much larger though and as I explored it, I enter an elevator to the lowest level. When I left the elevator I found myself in an underground facility that was storing stuff. Stuff like products and this to me was an warehouse for storing merchandise. It gave me the impression that it was the warehouse of amazon. I do recall being with some friends here, we were here on a field trip or some sort of setting like that. I was in a room with boxes of what appeared to be opened merchandises. Basically returned items or damaged goods. A lady there sells me one of the things there for 22 dollars. I buy it but what do you know it was pretty damaged.

      I went to the bathroom at the end of the dream, or had a desire to do so within the dream.

      blinking in univ building

      This was like a continuation of the last dream but not exactly the same location. I was in a massively rectangular building that was made up of brown bricks on the outside. It gave an impression that it was built a long ago. The building was to me what seemed to be like an education related place. I think it was probably an university or a scientific research center.

      I am the warden. I think I am warden because I played warcraft the previous night. I was exploring the building and something happens. I forgot exactly what, but I eventually get to a some sort of conference room or something. It was like a meetup of the professors and the star students. I felt out of place as they were dressed in formal attire but I was suited for battle haha. I leave the place. I feel like I'm being tailed by someone from behind to I decided to teleport.

      I teleport short distances this time. By looking at somewhere in the distance I pinpoint somewhere I want to teleport to then I blink, close my eyes then I am there immediately. I repeat this process about 10-12 times.

      I keep exploring the building and end up in a narrower section of the building. It's a single narrow hall/corridor with the left side that gave sight the outdoors via the large connected windows.

      I feel like I wanted to go bathroom around here so I do. It was a massive bathroom really. I think from what I could see, ther were enough stalls for 100-200 people to poop at the same time. I looked for an empty stall in somewhere quiet but there were people everywhere. So I decided to head deeper into the bathroom and it was like a maze. There's like a hoard of kids assembled like a train going through the bathroom. I can't get past them so I head towards the direction they were going, in front of them. I see someone and a kid, I forget maybe the adult here was his mom or something. But this child is blocking the way and I'm almost about to give up going through this path when he leaves. I go past the narrow space he was blocking. At this point I gave up on pooing.

      I am outside the bathroom and keep walking down the hall. I meet some chubby girl who was a fan. I hanged out with her for a bit as I kept forward the direction I was heading. I was getting close to the other side of the building when her friends show up. They were kind of mean to her so I help her out. In a moment a buff sweaty black guy shows up. I forget why he showed up but apparently he was an enemy. I didn't feel like dealing with him because he was so sweaty but he came at me regardless. I decided to stop him before he landed his attack and I decided to do this with an ice magic. He becomes white with ice outside in, and becomes frozen solid. We leave him be.

      We finally left the building. I think the total walking distance was maybe 2km? 4km? maybe even 8? I'm not really sure, but it was pretty long regardless. Outside of the building there's a small building far into the distance. It's like a souvenir shop and I decided to go with the people- the girl and her friends from earlier. I look around and there's some pretty interesting clothes there. I'm not sure exactly what it's called but it's that thing Wim Hof wares that's like a thick sheet with a hole in the middle for your head; like that old fashioned thing that you wrap around and you wear in the old west movies or old fashioned mexican cape that goes all around you.

      But anyways this cape was dark green and dark blue. It looked very cool. 22$ they said. I decided to get it and I wear it.


      Forgotten dream, did not write

      game overheating phone

      I was playing a game on the phone. It was in 3d? But the phone was overheating and stuff like it was real. I thought maybe it would look better projected on a VR headset or something. So it was projected on a monitor/TV.


      failed/short ap

      I was awake on the bed and I had an uneasy feeling. I thought I'd deal with the uneasy feeling rather than letting the feeling take control. I just told myself that "you like this" feeling and tried to play it positively. I did so and just relax and I start to get the vibrations. It gets stronger and I wasn't really prepared but thought about rolling while I focused on the vibe.

      I rolled out and my vision was black fuzz and static, like TV static but all black/grey without the white dots. I managed to roll out but of the bed but I was pulled back.


      I helped a stranger out and they randomly decided to give me some pot today. Legal here so I thought why not. Still recalled dreams. Perhaps slightly harder to focus but that was overcome with meditation. Did help me relax and sleep I guess. Thought about goals in life.




      I was trying out WILD counting technique. I was getting hypnogogics after a bit and went up to around 330. Around 330 or so I began to enter into a dream. I saw my right arm reaching out and there was like a snake that tried to go for my arm. It startled me and I moved my arm upwards and this moved my arm and I awoke.


      I was a kind of undercover in what felt like a story about an undercover/killer movie. There were some questioning going on just like a mystery movie.

      dinner party

      I went to a dinner party or sort just to eat. Perhaps this dream is initiated by thoughts regarding it.


      perhaps continueing the previous dream, I am in that menu area of superhot VR. I see two floppy disks and I read one of them labelled "endless"

      Sleeping Inosuke

      I was inside a classroom. We were studying a sort of advanced mathematics and I recall that I didn't enjoy the class. I think perhaps this is a residual memory of geometry. I remember that I excelled in calculus and algebra but geometry was my weakness. I leave the classroom to play hooky.

      I head into the classroom to the right. Now that I visualize the scene back then it does indeed feel like it's structured like the japanese school, so maybe it's there. I think it's the second floor, near the stairs to the right side. The classroom here is empty and it's like a science room here but it's mostly empty and cleared out in the middle. I find a cartoon character Inosuke and a girl there, not sure who she was though.

      So the 3 of us decided to nap in this room since it was empty. I tell the other 2 to grab the sheets and cuddle up to we can be warmer. We do that and just sleep together on the ground all huddled up.

      -I think I was tired so I also wanted to sleep inside the dream too.

      We slept, awoke and slept a few more times. Until some students began to swarm inside the building. My 2 sleep-friends leave immediately but I had some stuff I needed to pack up into my backpack. This gives me a feeling of frustration, likely bled out from previous memory. The class is about to begin and they began chemistry class. The teacher there looked like my mom. I think she looked slightly different?


      treasure quiz

      It was a quiz show where you'd answer questions it would reveal a location to a secret treasure. Aye matey!

      I recall there being divination and fortune telling being used to locate treasures.



      Things I think are important:

      -shadow work
      -Nutrition (2eggs+olive oil)

      I did not WBTB today. I awoke but I just felt like I wanted to get some good rest. Maybe could have focused on DEILD here.

      I do think that the counting would have continued into a WILD if I didn't get startled by the snake. I felt like it was going to coil around my arm, kind of like the wheel armlet from before, a living lucid accesory - LLA!

      I wrote down some goals and actions I could take. I just wrote stuff for a bit. One of the goals, omnilucid, after exploring my thoughts, narrowed down to the 5 stuff above as what I felt as most critical I guess.