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    1. scary?

      by , 10-07-2019 at 07:57 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      This dream was a little turn from how she's usually been lately. Just a dream at her house where I am trying to talk to her but she's painfully pretending I don't exist... What did I do now?


      After Seeing "It," in theatres and taking to the audio books I had two related dreams... first is seeing a big white wall Pennywise is there with big red balloons which I don't really find scary. Two days later it's the same dream but he's taunting me about Jamie... implying he may have captured her dream self or something, Which I don't particularly believe...

      Other non lucids

      I had some vivid ones but they are fading... First is of being in a room and cuddling some girl in bed, but she's a character from 13 reasons why... We both realize that we don't really like eachother and I leave. Which leads to a scene of her me and a bunch of other kids jumping into a lake from a high water fall.

      some dream with my brother in it. He takes me to some homosexual bathhouse... I'm disturbed and don't want to go. He tells me to buy a locker or something and i see a guy with a big beard at the desk. I'm still grossed out so I leave the place.
    2. Ninja with a Crowbar

      by , 10-07-2019 at 07:13 AM
      Morning of October 6, 2019. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,284-04. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      Induction: I am sitting in an armchair wearing headphones in an unknown residence. The room is not well-lit. I listen to various vocal sounds on a tape playing in a cassette deck to my left, some that are partial affirmations related to dreaming, though there is the usual gibberish. I do not maintain full dream state awareness (though my perception remains instinctual, as the processes are the same, lucid or not).

      I see many maidenhair ferns in small plant pots. It is a beautiful tranquil sight. I feel I am where I should be. I notice it now seems to be late morning.

      Wall mediation with a vestibular precursor: I see a shadow at the glass-paneled door. It seems to be an uninvited ninja who has a crowbar that soon emerges between the door and door frame. I suspect this may relate to the cassette I am listening to, so I pull the jack from the cassette deck and remove my headphones. As I do, the door makes a light shutting sound, and there is no ninja. (Pulling a jack from a stereo is the opposite of what I typically do in dreams to vivify and sustain cortical arousal. In addition to a typical preconscious personification, the ninja is a vestibular simulacrum, which transitions into flight autosymbolism in the next scene.)

      More wall mediation and vestibular processing: I turn about to see a winter forest setting beyond an open wall. I enjoy the beauty of the scene as the snowflakes strike my face. The time has changed again, and it now seems early evening. A jet flies overhead (unrealistically slow). I see its shadow rise on the trunk of a tree, and I lift my arms to mimic the shape. I am unsure if they are searching for the ninja or me. I decide to take to the sky and become one with the jet to gain control of the whole region. (I fly vertically straight up.)

      The tree with the rising shadow of the jet is a process whereby the tree is a representation of how my physical body does not move while I am sleeping. The flight association is the precursor to vestibular arousal. Rather than the drop, I fly up and out of my dream as I have many times since childhood. Vehicles of any kind (including aircraft) are typically a result of the imaginary physicality of the dream state, each having specific nuances and associations with different levels of muscularity and anticipation of the drop.

    3. The key

      by , 10-07-2019 at 06:39 AM
      Frusterating warcraft
      I forget the earlier part of the dream I feel like I was in an apartment , the in downtown with a pool. It was around 4-5pm and I was bored in the dream. I had some time to kill so I decided to play some warcraft 3. I was playing elf against an orc. What was special about this time was that it was more vivid and realistic than before. As the other times it was more of me watching, this time I was playing it and I felt the frustrations while playing the game. It was the old fashioned orc style with Bm. I was pretty annoyed as he sniped my wisps and stuff. I had a DH first and warden second. Sh, she died but the DH did manage to kill the BM in the end and he got level 5!. Maybe I had a chance after all as I skilled the evasion level 3.

      I think I dreamt about this because I haven't played this game in a while. I wanted to play it the night before a little but the game just wouldn't boot.

      Lucid, meditations
      I was in some sort of an open space. Like an office or something. It was more of an open concept place rather than closed off. And the environment was pretty bright. I was lucid and remembered that I wanted to meditate for the whole dream if possible. I began to sit and meditate and closed my eyes...

      I was somewhere else when I opened my eyes. But wheer? Don't know, just meditate

      I awoke again in the dream and I was in something like a party, it looked like a wedding or similar since everyone was in formal wear. I was lucid so I sat and meditated again.

      I repeated this for about 5-6 times.

      Meditated in an apartment building once. I think maybe it was the same building as the previous dream.

      FA omnilucid class, THE KEY
      I FA into a classroom after I closed my eyes from meditation from last time. I am feeling the pressure to follow the dream plot or feeling a peer pressure sort of feeling and lose my lucidity. I was going around and looking for a piece of paper. A big white piece of paper. Perhaps I wanted it for writing down DJ, or perhaps it was for the school project we were working on.

      I am wandering around the classroom and meandering among the desks where classmates sat. I was initially at the back of the room, to the left. I was in that block of desks that clumped together to form a kind of a group for a group project. I walked up towards to the front of the class to the front left. I think I find my paper here. Someone in the class had lost their wallet and I was going around the class to help him find it. I looked at my wallet and it was green, and just like my wallet. I asked for others' wallets and theirs were also the same wallet. Perhaps this could help gotten me lucid. I found a wallet somewhere and find the brown guy who lost his wallet to the front right of the class. I gave him the wallet, he thanked me and I went back to my desk, the one to the front and left from earlier.

      I notice something in my hand. It was a KEY. A golden key. It was wide and metallic and I felt the heft of it in my hands. I thought "was this the key to omnilucidity?" as I caressed the key in my hands. Maybe this was a chance to get lucid.

      Anyways the teacher for this class shows and she beings playing a youtube video on the projector for us to watch. This video was a guide on omnilucidity lol.

      In the video a guy and 3 girls in a jacuzzi or a small pool. As the man spoke things like "become short" or something, the girls became short, and whatever he said would happen/manifest accordingly.

      The other tip according to the video was to swim every other day.

      The last tip was to wear an armlet that coiled around your arms. They said it would make you lucid. They looked like elongated wheels that coiled around your arms. I change my focal point and notice that I was already wearing these wheel armlets on each arm!

      Youtube Working out

      Now the dream was about a youtube reality show. It was about a guy who was changing his ways. He was doing weight lifting and working out and stuff. It was pretty interesting and I began to get attached to his character. One scene was like the pool in the house. The video became third person when I watched them. But the channel I was watching the show on ran out of episodes and the rest of the shows were segmented throughout different channels.

      Anji - demon guide

      A demon lady stood in front of me. She said she was a guide to help me and her name was Anji.


      The key:
      I felt something important about the key. I know it was related to lucidity but there was something else that kind of pieced together as I reflected upon it.

      There was a reoccurring lucid nightmare if you will, about a large old metal door. It was very heavy and very large. It would not budge an inch when I tried to push it, and it lacked a handle. I tried to go through it many times on different days but it didn't let me pass. Each time I was there it was pitch dark and I was scared, it instilled enormous fear inside me each time.

      Perhaps the key from today is the key to this door. What could be behind the door?

      MODERATOR FTP ACCOUNT-key-dream.jpg
      Should probably find a better way to draw methinks.

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