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    1. Back to school

      by , 11-13-2019 at 06:21 PM
      This was a stressful dream. I think this a recurring dream, or perhaps nightmare.

      I am back in high school. These are the classes I remember on my schedule
      - Religion
      - Film

      But I know there was 8 other classes I can't think of. I was worried because there was a religion paper I had to hand in but I had not started or even gone to a single class.

      I was worried that even if I completed the paper the teacher wouldn't know who I was. I felt so stressed and overwhelmed by the workload.

      I went looking for my counselor and found her waiting for me in the lobby. She gave me a hug but said she couldn't remember my name. I started talking to her about wanting to withdraw from classes.

      I woke up a few moments later relieved I am not in high school anymore.

      Dreams are wonderful. It felt so real being back to school. How terrifying.
    2. Bonnaroo, Dump Truck

      by , 11-13-2019 at 01:51 PM

      I have to be at Bonnaroo. I'm walking around outside in a huge open space and there are tons of people. I'm looking for a bathroom. I think I'm with some other girl who is not my wife. I get to a bathroom and it's not like at real Bonnaroo where it's just portapotties. Well, there was a nice actual bathroom there, maybe that's where I was. So I go into a stall and there was something weird about it that I can't remember. Not like there was no toilet paper, because that was a real thing. Man I wish I could remember what was going on in that stall. Anyway, I leave the bathroom and walk out and there are people putting down like... one inch wide by maybe three inch long strips of green... construction paper looking stuff.... all over the dirt ground. Putting it down and raking it all over the ground with rakes. I think it is supposed to grow grass for next year. Feels like the festival is over at this point. I run into a couple of girls and one of them grabs my nose and shakes my face around! I am AGHAST that some stranger would do this to me. I swat her hand away and she says don't you remember me? And she says her name is not like... something... and then I say, yeah! YASMINE! (no idea how I come up with that!) Next thing I know I'm walking around like this museum like exhibition hall that has huge LED displays advertising some new movie that's coming soon. I'm with my Dad and I'm telling him, yeah, this is Bonnaroo, well the post-Bonnaroo exhibit. And I'm looking around, and it's a merch shop. There's a section selling replicas of the belts that wrestlers win. Side note - totally NOT into wrestling. So I walk out of that area and see like a concession stand, and everything's fuzzy and I wake up.

      Dump Truck

      There's a dump truck with lots of like... grainy gray material in it like sand but bigger particles and someone's stuck in it. I look around for help and see that it must be some bad guys, they're trying to stop me from saving the guy that's trapped in the truck. So I steal a car that was sitting there with the keys in it. It's hard to steer, but I finally get it going. Then I crash it somehow, get out, but before I'm out, I take anything of value that I can find including a pair of steampunk like sunglasses and a pair of like Disney Finding Nemo sunglasses. So weird. I think I catch up to some people as I flee the scene and give away both pairs of sunglasses to people.
    3. Flood, Real Life Video Game

      by , 11-13-2019 at 01:15 PM
      Started this a couple days ago and now I don't remember much about it. I feel like a flood of some sort is a dream sign for me, though, it happens pretty frequently.

      So on to the real life video game. What I remember is I was trying to open some sort of hatch in the ground. It was huge and had maybe ten locking devices all around the circular perimeter. Kind of like when you step out of the vault for the first time in Fallout 76. After I successfully get all the locks undone, no idea how I did it, I look up and there's a scoreboard showing video of me doing what I just did. Then it rewinds to where I was just prior to this, I think it was a parking garage, and it's showing all these coins like in Super Mario Brothers that I failed to pick up. Well that's great, I didn't even know I was in a video game, didn't see the coins there when I was just there, and so I run back to try to pick them up. Never made it back down there, woke up instead.
    4. 13 Nov: Grandma's, filming a commercial and superheros

      by , 11-13-2019 at 12:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My grandma's house is back in the family. I am asked to spend a few days in it and I ponder moving there for good with my animals. I comment with someone that unfortunately the gym in that village has some type of martial arts but only in a shitty schedule that I can't attend and that may influence my decision to move there.

      I am a pretty confident actress trying to make it. I walk into a studio where I am going to shoot a commercial. I cross path with a kid I know from a Star Wars movie as an extra. The commercial is about a delivery service but for some reason I have to sit on a toilet behind a guy sitting at a desk at an office. I am pretty sure nobody wanted to shoot this embarrassing commercial. I feel extremely embarrassed. Then I go to the toilet for real and I am attacked by some jealous girl with a knife. We have an ugly fight and I slash her shirt and she eventually gives up, but she tells me she was sent by a group of people determined to hurt me because somehow they are jealous of me.

      The Avengers are now old. Even Superman is a retired ill man. But there is a world threat and they are called back to action. They say to call the Incredibles instead, that they will handle it. There is also some dude called General Radical (his name) and they want to call him to, but he is a kleptomaniac. When they knock on his door he is proud to show the stuff he is been stealing. He is proud of it.
    5. Big Catfish Attacks Outside Underwater Bathroom

      by , 11-13-2019 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of November 13, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,322-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min 30 sec.

      The gradual emergence of my instinctual self from slow-wave sleep into REM sleep carries the subliminal goal to achieve consciousness to get up to use the bathroom. My real-life identity is absent. The urge is not that pressing, so my dream self remains distracted within an imaginary realm, requiring considerable preconscious effort to arouse me from sleep due to warm weather.

      I had been swimming underwater in an unknown resort hotel to find a bathroom. During this time, an unfamiliar male is also in the underwater hall, swimming several feet behind me. Soon, a big catfish (though not much bigger than me) appears and eats the other male after bumping into him several times. I manage to get into the underwater bathroom and close the door behind me. I consider it might be better to use a different bathroom as I am uncertain if the toilet works.

      My dream self passively integrates with the precursory form of wall mediation (that modulates dream sleep into the waking process). The catfish is still outside the bathroom. It tries to eat me and keeps bumping into the door when I have it halfway open as well as striking my body. After a few minutes of battling the catfish, I swim out into the hall, and the catfish simultaneously swims into the bathroom, signifying escaping illusion to achieve wakefulness. I trap it inside by closing the door.

      My emerging proprioception (and vestibular system correlation) atypically decreases in the next scene (again, due to the warm weather), similar to the dynamics of a false awakening, where I typically tell someone about my previous dreaming experience, though it is part of the same dream in this case.

      While upstairs, I see several members of the public present in the lobby that is not underwater. I tell a male tourist (who is sitting on a couch) about the incident, as I do not see a hotel employee, though one soon arrives. He is unfamiliar and about thirty. I tell him in detail about the big catfish eating the other man. However, there is some uncertainty if the body would still be whole or if he would be in pieces, as I recall the catfish was not much bigger than me.

      I become aware of the existence of my youngest son as a thread of my real identity emerges as I grow closer to wakefulness. My dreamís fictitious backstory now includes my son being at the resort with me, and we both need to find a bathroom. However, I start to lose my sense of self by falling back into passive dream meandering, which results in the preconscious pulling me back into the waking process by creating a post-Naiad simulacrum to increase proprioception again.

      I realize, as the room grows darker and with decreasing detail with my dulling senses, I had been holding onto something with my right hand and cannot go any farther (or return to slow-wave sleep). It turns out to be the yellow elastic belt of an unfamiliar girl standing at the bottom of a staircase. (Yellow is the color that correlates with emerging consciousness because of its brightness and association with sunrise.) I walk back several feet as my dream vivifies as I once again grow closer to wakefulness. I look at the coil (vestibular system autosymbolism, specifically the cochlea) that covers the palm of my hand, though this is illogical as it implies her belt had an unrealistic amount of slack near the buckle. I apologize to her, making an unlikely excuse that I thought it was the baluster of the staircase I had been holding yet while continuing to walk. She remains cheerful. The stairs are my instinctual cue to wake (though I often use stairs to vivify a dream).

    6. Leviathan

      by , 11-13-2019 at 03:27 AM
      From a couple of days ago

      Had some lucid moments. But I wasn't fully inside the dream. Right before entering a dream. It was not long after I went to bed so could be early and short/unstable rem that stopped it from being an ld.

      Electronics, cooking class

      I was inside an electronics class that kinda felt like best buy. Met acquaintances. There was some arguing going on, I forget about what. I eventually leave.

      I arrive at a cooking class and we're learning to make cold soup. I was learning it with a girl I met from the previous store. My mom was also there. Maybe the dream came up because I drank soup.

      Leviathan - belief

      It looked like the outside of an warehouse building, I think it was near a sea port. I was inside some battle. I forget how it began though. I summoned a familiar whose name was apparently Leviathan. I remember that we were infiltrating this building because it belonged to some evil organization or something. Anyways Leviathan stays outside to stop the enemy forces from approaching us. While me and this guy heads inside the warehouse.

      Inside was a gigantic thing. I guess the closest word to describe it is sort of a golem-machine thing. Yellow kind of stone or metal. It carried a hammer in its left hand I think. The hammer was made of something similair to the golem. The hitting cylindrical part of the hammer was about the size of a truck. So how big exactly was the giant? It was big enough to hold that ruck so maybe it was like 100 meters, 150?

      Anyways it was sort of an automaton; robot or something, but it had more of magical power source rather than electric or machinery. It began to attack us with the hammer and I summoned some more summoning things. I suppose familiars. There were about 7 of them but, they were regular sized and the hammer just 'poofed' them.

      I... was running out of options.

      It was just me and the guy from earlier. He had a wavy dark Mediterranean hair yes, and he was completely useless. There was still Leviathan, but she was still outside and I wasn't sure if she could get here on time. The golem began to unleash a hammer strike from above us.

      Doubts.... doubts welled up from within me. Not much we can do really; We were going to die.

      And the hammer, it's coming down at us, and it feels all slowed down; time slowing down: as if the monstrosity, time, in this moment, savored ever so sweetly- that each and every drip of our anguish and despair quenched its insatiable and endless thirst ever so briefly.

      Bam! Shock-waves from the strike echoed across the building. Facing towards us, she was squatting in the air. A maiden in white and yellow. She had a bobbed hair I think, with a white beret. Her arms raised right above her, holding up the hammer, as if she was Atlas holding up the weight of the earth, with much strain. I understood, I felt it. Her strength... Her power was fully proportional to the amount of belief I had at that moment.

      So I believed with all my heart. She said, "Pavilion strike!"


      Felt like the dream was training my belief
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