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    1. 19 Nov: Dad using crutches and sleepover with friends

      by , 11-19-2019 at 08:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Meet my father at a train station. He is using crutches and we need to take elevator down. Problem is, dozens of people are taking the elevators and at some point they break. The other people could use the stairs but most just wait for the technician to fix it. Meanwhile we all stand at a balcony that is dangerously giving in to the weight of all the people waiting. My dad assures it is safe, but I try to really stay out of it.

      Meeting a group of friends. V. Palmeirim and some other famous dude join in the group. They don't seem to know me. I notice we all are wearing shirts with white and blue patterns, stripes, waves and checkers. I suggest a group photo and we make some nice poses.
      We then stay at someone's place. A couple of my friends, Zilla and some other, want to go on an urgent mission to Porto, but it is late in the evening and I warn that we will be out all night if we go now. We take a cab, but the driver stops somewhere to pick up something and delays us even further, so the girls change their mind and agree it is too late to go out on such journey. Back home they are still making contacts and checking other ways to go, but meanwhile we start watching "Across the Universe" on tv and time passes. I say "no way we are going now. It's 10 pm." Then I notice Jaime is among the friends and he also just spotted me watching the film and singing along and he looks like his heart melted. In the morning I go out to the nearby chinese supermarket to buy some stuff. The staircase and lobby of this building is from the 50s and majestic. Everything is grand and high ceiling and huge open space. I am joined by my dog Hachi who is hanging around for no reason. We hug really tight and then he joins me for a walk in the garden of some museum close by.
    2. Making it Rain, Shaving Ryan's Arm, Fireworks Turn into Strange Things

      by , 11-19-2019 at 01:38 PM
      Just real quick bc I have to get ready for work -

      I'm standing in what seems like some part of VCU (again, wth) and I'm with one of my coworkers, Maggie. I have a small, about the size of my fingertip, purple stone. I hold it in front of me and it levitates. I blow on it and it starts spinning in mid air. Nothing else happens. Maggie stands facing me and we try again. She blows and I blow, and then all these clouds start forming and it starts drizzling. We run around the corner and leave the stone there in midair spinning. We peek around the corner and see that it's thunderstorming. So somehow I lose Maggie and I run to some apartments. I think one of them is my boss, Mario's. I don't even knock, I just go right in. It's your typical college apartment, but it's real sparse. Just some chairs, and some stoned guy sitting in a recliner. I go to another room somewhere and there are people playing Dungeons and Dragons. My wife's there playing. Somewhere in this scene, my dogs, who do not play together bc the bigger one is a little aggressive, are actually getting along and playing nicely.

      We walk out the back door and Ryan asks me to shave her arm. I have electric clippers, like real small ones that you use on your pubes. So I start shaving her arm for her. She's suddenly got way more hair on her arm than usual. No wonder she wanted me to shave it. There's a crazy guy talking to himself in the alley.

      Now I'm in my mom's living room. There's some people over and they want to do fireworks in the living room. I say, no way, do it on the deck. So they take it outside and light it, nothing really happens, it's like a sparkler sticking out of what looks like a soup can. Then the sparkler is all done and the can rolls on its side and a baby's head starts coming out of the soup can. WTF. Then there's not even a whole baby that comes out, I look away, and it's a REPLICA of my dog Elle. She's trying to get in the house at a screened in part of a window. She's like scratching underneath it to come in. Real Elle is confused and looking at Replica Elle trying to figure it all out. I feel fearful. Replica Elle gets in and turns into a human person, a guy I used to work with, Ben.

      So freaking weird.
    3. Relief in chaos

      by , 11-19-2019 at 11:04 AM (Nef's dream journal)
      Me and a few other people wen't supposedly time travelling back into 1900's around the time of ww1, but somehow everything blend together, nothing really made sense, only there in the dream I somehow understood
      I started to hear clair de lune in the background
      the guide\entity told us that this is the final\first day before\after the war and its the day of Saint Valery (idk who that is if its even existing ,interesting though) , that our struggle is over , this is the day of relief
      we gathered around a campfire and celebrated ,everyone laughed or cried or was just glad ,it was like if everyone's got reliefed of their problems
      as if a period of struggle came to an end
      then suddenly I woke up at 3 am to a dog barking outside
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Mother Nature Sings

      by , 11-19-2019 at 09:50 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm Spider-man. I'm fixing something in Manhattan-like city with Flik, the ant from a Pixar movie. Wind picks up and carries with it a soft female voice. The voice sings a single word "Tornado". I quickly turn around and see a powerful tornado coming towards me. I start web slinging away, but stop between two skyscrapers to look back. I'm worried for my friend and other people on the street. I see them running, but I have no time to worry about them anymore. The buildings next to me are starting to fall apart from the top, the tornado rips one of them apart completely. The collapsing skyscraper is about to bury me, but I escape with a quick web sling.
    5. Notes on wall

      by , 11-19-2019 at 05:13 AM
      ipad, drawing

      classroom riley, me laying on their table.

      Class Trip

      Went on a class trip. It was to Japan. Festival going on and it was one of the more temple-ly cities of Japan rather than urban. The festival didn't start yet but I explore anyways. I found old tan Japanese men building props and stuff for the festival. I approached one of them and asked how could I help them get ready? He gave me a simple task of assembling black tiles together as a flooring for the event. I did what I could but they all flipped white for some reason. He didn't get mad though, gave me some stuff as souvenir. I left, knowing that I was interrupting his work and me leaving would have bene for the best.

      I head towards the right side of the plae. There was some sort of a small cliffy-hill. It went up in zig zag and there was a group of students there. I approach them and one of the girls was just begging, shouting to have her head cut off. I decided to oblige her wish and grabbed a nearby axe. I squatted a little and readied the axe. Got stopped though, as monsters began appearing. I fell down below. Had with me some kind of slime rectangular block. Used as a shield to deflect the projectiles by monsters. Upon closer look as they approached me, they were more skelton like. I tried to block them with the slime shield but it went through. Maybe died.

      Notes on wal ~6 deild, couple more bed scenes
      Found myself in bedroom. Sensations in my mouth. Loose painful teeth, this sensation was present in previous dream and I realized I was still dreaming. Needed to confirm... I found some writings carved on the wall; they might have been sort of sparkling. Like a note left for me to get lucid. So I was lucid​. I maintained view of both my hand and the environment at the same time as I believed that would help me maintain lucidity.

      I went and explored, found myself now inside some sort of lab that looked like that game portal. I had 2 guns with me as I threaded forward. Found something at top, some sort of crest or symbol. I recalled that I wanted to create a portal to another world. Tried to do so but it did not work this time. Kept going forward.

      I probably should have tried to use the guns as portal guns now that I reflect back on it.


      bedroom again. Felt my body move although I was in bed. Was half sure I was dreaming. Got up and looked, found a inspiring passage on the wall again said something like "it's easy" and that made me fully lucid.

      Thanks for the notes... much love and appreciation.


      Bed again, got up and felt very uneasy, very stuffy. I went towards the window and saw sunny awesomeness. I wanted to get out but couldn't open it after opening 3 layers of windows, still a mesh layer there. Still lucid but decided to find another way. I found a little green plant by the window sill. I felt connected with the plant and felt like it was stuffy too, being stuck here. Wanted to water it but couldn't find water nearby, so decided to share some of my moisture via saliva. Felt like I could do better so I walked behind me and found a little bit of water. Watered the plant.


      Meditated an uncomfortable amount. 3x+ few more short ones whenever

      hard to describe the 'uncomfortable.' Not in a bad way, it felt like stretching. Treat it like a challange or a game.

      Keep meditating and stuff

      Remember to FEEL

      This time it's... different. I felt different. I feel different. I felt great.

      Thanks for everything <3

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