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    1. 21 Nov: Storm, waterfall, home invasion, friends and family

      by , 11-21-2019 at 09:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      The world is on fire. But I am part of a group who has knowledge of a way out. We are preparing to leave through some sort of a secret tunnel to another world. On the day I am going to cross it, I have to go through a mob of desperate people on the streets, but despite difficulties, I make it to the designated place. There is some sort of magic involved so we need to close the "door" behind us before other people notice it and also use it. I don't feel bad for leaving them behind, I feel relieved. (don't judge me )

      At my farm. A storm is coming and my dad is with me but doesn't want to help me shut the doors and windows. A big cloud seems to be sucking air and debris and another one in an opposite direction, seems to be pouring it down. There are also many tornadoes forming. I see my dogs Maya and Tara outside and bring them to the kitchen. Don't know where the others are. Lightnings start small fires. I go outside and follow the trail of fires and put them out. I end up walking a long way, until I reach a beautiful village by the sea. I cross the village downtown and notice I am being followed by a chinese dude who seems familiar (has followed me before). I try to lose him by entering a labyrinth of streets where a market spreads out. Then I feel strangely sick with strong vertigo and feeling my consciousness fading. At this point it gets scary because I actually feel like this is happening to me in real life as I lay in bed and I fear I might be having some kind of collapse and not wake up. (but I do)

      It's been raining and a new waterfall formed in the hill in front of my house. It is beautiful and I take a photo to send to Riverstone. I go outside and as I get closer, I see people bathing in it and lounging in chairs and basically enjoying it as if they are at the beach.

      I am picking wood for my fireplace from a storage in my terrace. It is night but some village kids are passing by the road outside and they take a peak over the wall to see who's there. One of them asks to use the toilet but I feel he just wants to snoop around. I say no, but then notice voices of people inside my house and wonder if they tricked me to get through the front door as I was distracted. Someone did enter, but it is my uncles along with some distant relatives I don't even know. They somehow assumed they could come in. I explain it is my house and that I'd like that they called first asking if they could come. But they couldn't care less, they seem to have an agenda. More people start coming in and taking tables outside, rearranging everything in my house. I am told it is for a party or a wedding. Some of the family members are choosing rooms to sleep in. My house is 10 times bigger than in reality and so they all find some room to stay. I go around yelling at them, asking them to leave, but some of these people don't even know who I am and don't even care. They were told it was fine to invade my house. I then focus on keeping the doors and windows shut because of the cats, which I can't find any and I am losing it.

      Coming from walking Hachi and there is a bike race passing in front of my house. But Hachi is cool as a cucumber.

      At some place like school and I am hungry. In cafeteria there is a group of people arranging the place for an event or maybe lunch later. But there is a table full of peeled bananas anybody can have if they want. I take one but its so mushy I throw it away and go get a second. A nice guy comments about the bananas while also eating one.

      Meet my school crush Marco and a common friend and I am not sure if he recognizes me, doesn't show signs of it. We need to spend the afternoon together because of some project. I am working on the computer, they are working on something else. Later on, we sit together at a couch talking and Marco touches my hand very softly and discreetly and I realize he did recognize me. Then some people from their families comes in and I notice some angry looks in our direction. They noticed the hands touching fondly and apparently he is married now. There is a little girl about 2 years old that comes straight at me and she is adorably articulate, shows me something and then sings a song. I think she is his daughter. I feel embarrassed that she sings way better than me.

      I go to my friend's restaurant to get some free food. In exchange I offer to help him with the dishes, if he needed, so he puts me doing stupid tasks instead, like diluting the bottled ketchup with water. He says it's because they are getting dry, not to fool customers, but I am not sure. Then he makes do some other absurd tasks and I am like "I have had it! This guy always takes advantage of my kindness"

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    2. Master of Housing

      by , 11-21-2019 at 08:29 AM
      Morning of November 21, 2019. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,330-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      In coming out of slow-wave sleep into REM sleep, cortical arousal is slower (the weather getting hotter), so an Indonesian man (with a barely discernible ghostlike companion) in a small cage on wheels in a desert setting is the result, defining how the mind-body connection and the freedom of physical movement is absent during sleep. My instinctual self, no longer ghostlike, develops into a separate character on a concrete path near an unknown building. I think I might be in Africa or India. Gradually, despite not recalling much of my waking-life identity, I become vaguely aware I am in Australia. However, the presence of mines makes this a questionable factor, as the idea of a minefield in Australia seems unlikely. (This incidental association is a distortion of Zsuzsanna and I watching “China Gate” from 1957.) Another Indonesian male as a result of emerging but divided preconscious dynamics appears.

      I assume I may be in Indonesia, though this remains uncertain. Despite the neurological authority of the preconscious simulacrum, I do what I want for the most part. I free the first man from his cage, increasing my imaginary proprioception. I then mentally erase all the mines so we can go where we want.

      There are other unknown males. Most of them are without homes. I decide I should make houses for them. Cognitive arousal initiates, though it remains incidental, despite it integrating with the usual wall mediation, and I tell them they can call me on an emergency number if they need to. I write it near the left side of a doorway at chest level. In reality, it is not a telephone number, but from an American address from many years ago. This typical dream state cognitive error stems from it being similar to the real-life emergency number of 911 in America, though in Australia it is 000.

      My dream self maintains instinctual threads up until near the end of my dream, with neither lucidity nor my waking-life identity ever being a factor. I mentally cause houses to emerge from the desert. The walls rise from the ground on each side into a vertical position (an obvious analogy to waking and standing), though I do not recall how the roof and other details manifest other than by appearing out of nowhere. The men I am helping soon become miners.

      Subliminal acceptance of my status of being asleep comes to the forefront again. The men are sleeping outside near a fence. (It is wall mediation again, though with slow vestibular correlation rather than cognitive as in the earlier event where I wrote the number). The preconscious personification is still present but passive as I talk to him about the men. It seems they had been at a party the night before and drank too much alcohol. One man is especially out of it and drank more than the others. At this point, I slowly wake.

      The last scene represents melatonin mediation. It is disrupted in hot weather and is associated with a need for more.

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    3. Freeze

      by , 11-21-2019 at 03:32 AM
      I was in a bedroom in a high rise. I looked under and ther was a crab on the floor. I got pretty startled so tried to stomp it but it went under the bed. There was some water flooding going on. Was it really a bedroom? There were tiles on the floor. I see the crab again and stomp on it. Some little crabs come and pick up the big crab and walk away.


      Escaping from some evil forces. I forget the intiial parts. It was some sort of hidheout that looked like a small house. Some kind of crystal ball to foresee the enemy coming. I feel like it's the continuation of a previous dream from another day. Escape to kind of a small community housing, town house or something. There were residents there and I had to convince them to escape from here. Gathered them up in some part of foresty area and asked fora volunteer. They didn't really believe me to I used my freezing power to freeze one person then unfreeze them to show that it was serious.

      *Area is familiar.

      Have trouble recalling. Went somewhere. I teleported. Inside of a building. Engaged some people.

      pt 2

      I think it's part 2 of the previous dream. I was inside a flooded cave or something similar. Maybe not a cave. Just some kind of rocky stuff around the area, with water at my feet. So it's like an end of a river, maybe a pond or a lake but not that deep. Just maybe half the knee deep waters. I remember seeing a mage there. He was like sort of buff so he was a battle mage and I used some sort of magic as well. Illusion magic? something like that and I distracted him with that.

      Was doing like geography homework or something. There were some calculatiosn that were giving me trouble. I remember my dad coming into the room, telling me that I was doing ok.

      Library Wig girl

      I think it's connected to the last dream. Went to a library to study or something. Maybe it's because I couldn't finish the geography homework from the last dream. Went into an elevator. Went downstairs. Found friend, Hawaii and his companion there. Gave them sample of my luxury clothing line shirts that I had in this dream and gave it to them. Heard quiet comments about how shitty they were as I left XD

      Came back up, but came out on the floor right under where my stuff were. There was some sort of a girl there. She had a very interesting personality and was mad, or something. She said "Do you know who I am?."

      Didn't really. She attacked me or something. So I took out the gum in my mouth and put them into her hair. They got tangled and she took off her wig. Her hair was fake. So I left but she followed me. Went up the spirally stairs up and she threatened to hurt the baby that I had with me for some reason. I just left her alone, somehow escaping her gaze. Went into the elevator. There was a teacher or library there, and me and couple of the girls around me in the elevator told her that there was a crazy person on the floor 15, she went to deal with her.

      Kept going down the elevator. A woman to the right beside the buttons winked at me. She was trying to... I didn't do anything though. Kept going down. A sunburned girl this time winked at me in a similar manner.

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