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    1. 2 for 1

      by , 12-01-2019 at 06:31 PM
      So I did my WBTB + MILD and it yielded me two lucid dreams this morning. Again, I focused more on my intention to remember to have a lucid dream. But I've noticed something interesting about my successes so far, they are more likely to happen when I intend to "just do it". Similar to act of speaking in waking life, when I make my intention I don't get caught up on the 'how' of lucid dreaming or over-think things. This was always a problem before, given that I - like most people I assume - wanted evidence that the technique was working or was going to work at a later time. We do our big technique (WBTB + Meditation + Mantra + Visualization) then fall asleep hoping a lucid dream will happen. It appears that this approach was incorrect. It could also be that my prospective memory has developed from Dr. LaBerge's exercises and my repeated attempts at MILD. Lucid Dreaming this past week has been almost seamless for me.