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    1. Oz&Shiom but itís a meme

      , 12-31-2019 at 06:03 PM
      Just for the hell of it I decided to write my best dream out as a dank meme for fun. Donít take this seriously. (actual entry is at v.gd/oz_shiom)

      So there I was in the ďland of OzĒ (New York City) and I got YEETed out of my wood cabin. These cars almost YEETed me down but I was all like ďthis is my swamp/dream I get to say OHMĒ which are the goals on my hand. For some stupid reason I choose the middle one first and I say ďhaha I bet you canít make me laughĒ and some LEGOs appear and they donít make me laugh. So Iím like come on be more inspired and the subconscious just makes the blocks go like WHAA? And he makes the sun pass over me which is even more like WHAAA? So whatever I ask to get YEETed to the ocean and I see some tennis racket thing made of, you guessed it LEGO. So Iím just like okay you suck YEET me 20,000 centimeters under the ocean but itís just way too fishy for me. Ugh, so finally Iím like whatever why did this random guy fake his own death and heís all like boring whatever morning (even though itís night) and he says SOOprise I am the main character of Charlotte ohohohohohohohojohphohhohhohohho. So I just YEET out of the dream like that.

      THE END
    2. dreams.

      by , 12-31-2019 at 01:07 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I don't have a lot of time to journal so here goes.

      Jamie dreams

      I was dosing off while watching The Equalizer 2. In the dream Jamie was staring at a computer screen intently thinking about me, not sure if she was reading or typing something. Somehow my mind made this dream a part of the movie I was watching. In a dream later in the week, don't remember the setting, Just that jamie was around but being quiet and not looking at me. Well, I hope we have some better dreams this week. Can never go wrong with dreams hugs!!!


      Dream about some girl from work. she was calling me a pervert or something. IWL throughout the week I made a point to avoid her or even looking her way just in case this dream has some truth.

      There are other non lucids that I can't really recall right now...
      Tags: jamie, mcdonald's
    3. Monday, December 30

      by , 12-31-2019 at 12:08 AM
      I am in some fairly empty feeling building, heading for the restrooms. I almost accidentally go into the womenís - I think the font on the doors was confusing or something. I think someone was opening the door to come out right before I mistakenly entered. While the door was open, I could see that the bathroom was large and fairly empty. On the tall wall I notice an opening like a large mail slot. In it is Brianís (the new Asian kid at work) face, staring with a blank expression. I find this slightly odd. I go into the menís room now, which is also large and empty. I use the urinal and then notice that the other side to that opening in the wall is in here. I push the flap slightly and peek into the womenís restroom. Someone is in there, so I slowly move the flap back down, hoping they wonít see the movement of it. I think it would be very easy for someone in there to notice this opening. I now see Michele. She has a stroller and a young child. I think I am now in the bathroom right by her, but it is like she canít see me.
      Tags: baby, bathroom, gender, kid