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    1. brunch

      by , 02-24-2019 at 06:43 PM
      23 feb
      Out with the buddies & girls at a place that looks far near a beach. In a restaurant with wood and windows, looks like dawn outside. Friends bring 6 pack they donít want, considering drinking it if they donít but need to study. We were having brunch, we move over to a larger long table that has a medium and looks like itís seating around 15 people. Bill comes up to $115 per person? Iím trying to drink al the leftover beers but realize thereís nothing. Everyoneís freaking out as we rush in like. Everyoneís dressed nice. Im in line for fuck knows why and weíre near the front as the frat kids scuttle behind us in a mob. lines veering around a small ascend. Security heavy, the lady gestures toward me and says you canít wear that black blazer; he doesnít like that. Friends tell me itís the line to meet and greet Elon musk. I take off my blazer and am wearing white collared shirt and white slacks. Apparently I donít look nice enough, I look at friends and theyíre dressed just as decent. Ag is wearing a plaid skirt thatís very contemporary. I say fuck this I donít know or care who or the hell Elon is and sit aside, watch the line from and exit on a stair/4 and vape. drunk asian man rushes outside with door open and pisses, security glaring at him as they poke their heads out. I grab my coats and cuddle with them. Ones too big and baggy and purple.

      24 feb
      The same place as yesterday, but I were sight seeing with family this time
      Trying to get away from family and sister as theyíre becoming a nuisance and theyíre looking at empty town houses, looks like weíre in a big rustic city. I wander off to go to a pub to grab a pint
      Too many people, looks like frat kids shoulder to shoulder again. I make my way towards back patio outdoors. Seems the friends are all outside in another long table seating a lot of people. See our big gay boy and try to maneuver over railing but the waiters glare and friends say they tried but to just go around. I do and sit. Go to bathroom across a 50m grass field I donít know why and see gal. We chat. I donít remember where the afternoon took us.
    2. Saturday, February 23

      by , 02-24-2019 at 12:15 AM
      I am in a restaurant with Melissa and I think some others. It seems fairly crowded and a tiny bit cramped. Melissa asks me something like Ďis that her?í, referencing a girl at the table across from us. The table is against the wood paneled wall and full with at least four people. I think Melissa is asking if itís Reilly. The table is slightly behind me, so I have to covertly turn my head to get a glance. The girl looks fairly similar to Reilly, but seems thicker, more made up, with curlier hair. The group seems to find something funny or amusing; it seems like they are quietly laughing. They also seem to be looking over here, possibly what is causing the giggling. I now get up to go use the bathroom and to get a better look on my way. In the bathroom, I start using the urinal, which is short, low to the ground, and a stainless steel trough style.
    3. Wednesday, February 20

      by , 02-24-2019 at 12:06 AM
      I am at work when I discover a huge rack of clothes that need to go back. (This place doesnít look like work, but more like a storeís vestibule for shopping carts crossed with, now that I think about it, the womenís fitting room that I brought clothes to yesterday. Their rack was very full). Upon closer inspection, the myriad pants? look new, like theyíve just gotten here and are ready to be put on the floor. So I instead enter one of the fitting rooms, instantly disappointed that I do, finding a small sea of tried-on pants left on the ground. I notice a lot of their tags - Levis? As I filter through them, I think I find evidence of shoplifting. I end up finding quite a few fake bills (20s and 50s I think). I hold them up to the light, making the ink on them appear to have been drawn on. This and the crude renditions of the faces on the bills is quite humorous.

      I am at work? (it seems to be the area above the escalators that is still near the clothes but is mostly now the area for appliances). I seem to be in a large kitchen model. I think there is an island counter surrounded by a large L of counter space and a plethora of cabinets. A middle aged couple and the mom of one of them come over now. The wife tells me she is looking for a cookie cutter. I start looking for her, genuinely trying, searching every single drawer and cabinet, left to right. I come across a total of three circular apple slicers, one of which I offer as the closest thing we have to a cookie cutter. She politely declines, but genuinely thanks me for looking, then tells me to have a nice day and leaves. I consider bringing one of the apple slicers to Dadís. I now look in a drawer very close to the ground and find a bunch of newspaper clippings. They are ads or sales. One is offering a pizza for a certain price contingent upon you reviewing some place. I see a 13 near the top, leading me to believe that it is from 2013. I also discover a few black shirts - Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails band shirts. They are marked down with turquoise clearance stickers on their tags. I think that Mom is keeping them in here so she can give them to me as (Christmas?) gifts later. I think about how I donít even really know NIN and how the prices will probably be expired by now. There is also a soft looking, navy blue Grateful Dead shirt that I think is going to be for Dad. Makayla is here now, on the phone, and she asks what we should get for Dad. I tell her I donít know.