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    1. US Admissions

      by , 03-16-2019 at 06:23 AM

      I had this dream during my nap.

      A teacher from my school, my English teacher who also does sessions on advice for US Admissions, has a US Admissions Duolingo course for us to do for some reason. I'm doing it, and he's asking multiple questions. One of the slides asks "What items will you sell to be able to afford your university education?" There's a bunch of pictures on the slides. One of them is of someone selling their toilet which they never used (then it cuts to me being in the toilet, it's knee deep in water). The other one is of someone sending some sort of frame, I think I remember someone selling a house or something as well. The last slide asks us how much money per year we necessitate to go to college.

      There was also a drawing competition or something we had to do, for which I was drawing an apple or something. Eventually, my friend Ed wins the competition but he's not even applying to the USA.