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    1. 2 Mar: Newly rich, blasting a plane and water-haunted palace

      by , 03-02-2019 at 09:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      [B]non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A girl from the hood has some savings and goes to the bank to check how much and get some of it to help a friend in need. Finds out a small investment she did in has made her millionaire. Very calmly, she gets the money for her friend and some for herself and calls her 3 best friends who quit their shitty jobs and go work for her. They decide what they wanna do, from creating a network to buying a porsche. But first they go shopping. Once they get a "pretty woman" makeover, they go to some fancy places and cause a lot of gossiping from all the rich white people, who have no clue who these girls are. And they are enjoying a lot all of the doubts and speculation they are causing.

      Sunbathing in a balcony in California. Some small plane is flying above and the pilot sees me and gets close enough that I see him to. He makes maneuvers to impress me. I play with him a bit, making poses and he starts playing, pretending he is going to dive in my direction. I pretend I am scared, but unfortunately I react with a chi blast that knocks down the plane half way.
      The army then comes to find out what happened and they still don't know it was me but I hear them saying they need to get their hands on that weapon.

      Went to visit my aunt Ludovina and some imaginary cousin opened the door for me. He welcomed me in the ground floor before the staircase to the 1st floor, he complained about renovations taking place and led me upstairs. I saw some walls with big cracks. He says were due to landslides since some water phenomenon affected the house. I don't understand what he means, think has something to do with the renovations. He takes me inside the house but through a different area I had never seen. And then instead of my aunt's old house, he takes me through a rich palace from the 18th century, in which roam quite a few characters in the approppriate robes and gowns from that time. Supposedly my aunt was related to these nobles who survived the ages and lived their lives in a separate area of her house that I never knew about. I cross the ballroom, a ball is taking place and I head to a large window with a terrace over the river. Some men are signing papers on a table on the terrace. There is also a chapel and my fake cousin takes me there to explain this water thing. It is some kind of haunting. A bunch of priests are doing prayers, candles are burning, and water is pouring over the candles constantly, yet they keep burning. Water from the river sometimes invades and the house, but it's not a natural flooding phenomenon. He tries to explain, but I don'r really get it. I go to the riverbed, trying to find clues and on the sand I find many jewels buried. Some kids see me digging the jewel and come to see with curiosity. Then a kind of tubular wave forms in the river and enters the house dragging a whale and then everybody who was in the house gets somehow carried on the back of the whale. Not me, I just watch it unfold.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Monday, February 25

      by , 03-02-2019 at 08:40 PM
      I am at work and entering the fitting room. I am not alone either; at least four other people are also entering at the same time. I notice a fairly dirty looking guy in his 20s and his female companion. He has long and shaggy brown hair (or dreads) and baggy clothes, and she has dark hair and pants and a somewhat skimpy purple tank top. The guy, with a sort of detached fervor, starts grabbing anything in reach on the folding tables (I notice a folded dress shirt) like heís going to take them into the stall and steal them. I think he has not noticed that I work here. I say ďhey manĒ kind of casually, which startles him and causes him to look guilty and remorseful. I think he leaves now, and I start checking the stalls. Most have a floor completely obscured by tried on and tossed clothes. One contains a man passed out or sleeping on the floor and amongst the clothes. I donít even know what to do. Now I am helping ring up customers, and I notice the guy what was going to steal. He is actually buying a pair of black slacks.

      I am with Melissa in a bed. I think we are just cuddling and talking. Now out of nowhere it begins to snow. Almost immediately the roads are covered. (It looks like downtown, like the street parallel to the river and behind the movie theater). I offer to give her a ride wherever so she doesnít have to drive in it. I think itís out of the way or will create a problem with where the cars are, but I donít mind going out of my way. Now, I am driving us somewhere. I think Melissa says something about the speed, as if Iím going too slow. Right after, the car violently slides out and then corrects itself after a tense moment.

      (I think this one was part of another dream that I canít recall. It has a weird feeling to it). Iíve been watching a movie that is or is very similar to Hereditary. I have an image of Charlieís decapitated head in my mind. It looks more animated and like it has more skin on the face, around the eyelids and lip areas. I think there is some distinct, enigmatic, seminal plot to this movie that I canít stop thinking about.

      I am sitting at Melissaís kitchen table in the seat facing the sliding door. At least Carlos and one other family member is here. Theyíre talking about late puberty? (like in their early 20s). I lift my bare leg up so they can see the hair on it and say ďI havenít seen my legs since like fourth grade.Ē It elicits some chuckles. I then feel slightly self conscious about putting my bare foot on their table.
    3. villain in arena, produce guests, cutting off fingers

      by , 03-02-2019 at 06:21 PM
      2 mar, (3) dreams

      Fighting area, combatting a whole series of people. At one point I am the guy on a platform covering the area in poison, I guess Iím villain. ďIíve built and immunity to thisĒ as he sprays it all over the citizens. I look like Thranduil with a long beige robe and hair.

      Iím setting up a platter for guests or customers as Iím at produce and buying 2 cheap cartons of strawberries, cutting into some foreign looking melons, buying discount bags of assorted fruits(blueberries, starfruit, etc, in red mesh bag). I wash my hands and the new Filipino colleague is behind me to help I think? Apparently Iím in a house or MY houses bathroom now and heís looking through the pantry saying ďyou guys got a lot of ingredientsĒ and I say yeah.

      Trying to reattach area on finger
      Go to black market surgeon
      Put my finger in bag on his desk
      He comes back and tells me he needs More
      I cut off other finger and drag my friend down a series of above ground tunnels and see the doctor again, he looks like a old dentist working on someone in a seat
      I slap the bag of fingers on his desk while I bleed
      Apparently it was needed for someoneís facial reconstruction
      I can see the face, itís a male with dark complexion and deep green eyes. It fixed his eye and cheekbone l donít know how. He was a handsome looking man.
      I felt like I was in Palestine, rushing to help someone by donating fingers.
    4. Long fall boots

      by , 03-02-2019 at 06:08 PM
      Date: March/2/2019

      This would make my fifth dream today, I had the previous four in the morning and one during my nap.

      The first part of the book had my parents helping me decide how to spend some money that I had to buy a book. They advised of a German book store where I could spend some value of money to buy the books (I think it was $200) instead. I remember the fact that the bookstore was German being very important in the dream for some reason.

      I then jumped down a small height at the top of the mall of emirates, near the inclined walkways, but I landed painfully on my feet. This is despite the fact I had some sort of electronic kit with me which allowed me to jump without hurting myself, similar to the long fall boots in the Portal videogames.

      The final part of the dream entails me looking at myself in a mirror in the bathroom. My hair is shaved on the sides but long at the top, and I comb my hair back to check my hairline. There are no signs of recession at all, unlike real life, where I have a noticeably receding hairline despite only being a teenager. My hair is prickly and coarse, looking like the "after" result of a hair transplant.
    5. The Paperclip Attack

      by , 03-02-2019 at 05:36 PM
      Date: 31/May/2018

      Another dream from a while ago.

      In this dream, my parents are mad at me so for some reason they lock me in my room. I manage to escape through the window, and go downstairs. Several girls from my school are present. My dad runs over, unfolds a paper clip, and begins to violently dig it into the inside of my elbow. No blood is present but the skin is penetrated.

      I turn to the girls and state "I want you to see what is happening."
      non-lucid , nightmare
    6. What's in the fridge? Oh... that's in the fridge...

      by , 03-02-2019 at 05:27 PM
      Date: 6/Jun/2018

      This is an older dream which I am getting the specifics of through messages I sent friends regarding it when it happened.

      This is during the time I was studying for my GCSEs, slightly after rather. I think I just had additional maths remaining after this point. In any case, the first part of the dream consisted of my mother approaching me to inform that my "biology revision" was in the fridge. I went down to the fridge and opened it, and saw mutilated limbs, crushed eyeballs and skulls, brains, and I recall feeling very disturbed and scared.

      The next part of the dream... I have a garbage bag and am trying to figure out how to safely dispose of the corpse without alerting authorities, which is weird, as I have no criminal tendencies. There is also a serial killer present, and he claims that the bodies are his victims.

      Later, the serial killer escapes my house and reaches this building where I used to have my tennis classes, and after either me or my mom call the FBI (I don't remember which one of us calls them), and a car passes by to abduct the serial killer in a way similar to how the NIS agent abducts the serial killer in the Korean film "I Saw The Devil."

      After that, I apparently go to the beach with my dad.

      I think that the serial killer in my dream was probably Yoshikage Kira from JoJo part 4.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. Dream Fragment - Annoying Orange

      by , 03-02-2019 at 08:57 AM
      Date: The summer of 2014

      This is a dream fragment I have dating back to around 2014, which I wrote about in my physical dream journal which I've now lost.

      It simply consists of there being a large house structure in a field, similar to the house in the Peter Jackson movie Bad Taste. It is night, and there is a huge orange orb in the backyard which I nickname the "annoying orange." I do not eat the orb, however it is presented as a tender and soft, sweet, food. My history teacher (the female one) is present upstairs and I meet her. It shares similarities with dreams I have had about The Global Village, a local festival park.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Vietnam and Math Class

      by , 03-02-2019 at 08:20 AM
      Date: March/2/12019

      This night I had four dreams, but unfortunately none of them were lucid. I do not remember the exact order but I woke up in the middle of the night to try a finger induced lucid dream, which didn't work because I wasn't able to allow myself to fall asleep. I will try again tonight, I sleep at 10pm and must wake up at 5am so I will set the alarm for 2am.

      The first dream I had was Vietnam-related. I dreamed that I was in some hotel but I was with my parents, not my schoolmates and teachers in this dream. We are walking for a while and all of a sudden I come across a friend from school, let's nickname him Narwhal, who has a pot full of noodles (not pot noodles, just a pot of noodles). We started eating, but that's all I remember.

      I also remember trying to find the villa we were staying at in the hotel, it was villa number 20 and I remember that clearly. There was a villa 22 and 24 on either end, which of course makes no sense looking back on it - an increment of two, and it wasn't even in order?!

      This was around the time I woke up in real life to FILD, but I couldn't fall asleep so it didn't work. I'm so close to being able to do it, I'm sure I'll do it one of these nights! I thwarted my own attempt day before yesterday night which was quite unforgiveable but it shows that it's replicable.

      Then, I had a false awakening. My false awakening was quite bizarre. In western families, sharing beds with family members might be viewed as weird, however for the less economically fortunate it's more than normal. Usually I use a different blanket or so but when family members are staying over, my father and I must share a bed. I now often sleep on the couch or something instead. This has lead to me ending up sleeping in my dad's bed virtually always whenever he's in a foreign country because his AirCon is so, so, so much better than mine is. In this dream, I woke up and went to my dad's room. He had a packet of those dried Italian sausage things which are absolutely delicious, but this one was kind of three times overfilled for some reason.

      I then went to sleep in his bed (I cannot remember whether or not he was in the room, but he was not in the bed), and then woke up a few minutes later to find myself in my own bed. A false awakening.

      My penultimate dream occurred in my 7th grade teacher's math class, where I was hearing about how a student in the year higher than me was jumped several times and beaten up severely. I find that math teacher to be one of the friendliest teachers I've ever studied under, so I felt a sense of gratitude toward her in this dream, which contrasts with my current math teacher - whom I absolutely despise and view as an unaccomplished, incomplete, addictive, unsympathetic fool.

      How I wish Half-Life 3 existed... it's strange how dreams pull desires from your brain that you don't even recall having, isn't it? My dream featured me playing HL3 as Gordon Freeman, but I was shocked to find that instead of strafing, the A and D buttons caused the character's physical displacement to stay the same, while his body leaned from left to right. This issue was very annoying and I could not amend it.

      I then dreamed that I tried to switch the game mode to a target practice mode, similar to what's present in TF2. In the dream, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance were present, and I think I even remember Eli Vance - which makes no sense considering how he dies at the end of HL2 - Episode 2.

      As a final dream fragment, I distinctively remember eating Haribo gummy cherries at some point in my dream.

      Hopefully, I can have more dreams this night or during my evening nap and maybe even induce lucidity.
      non-lucid , dream fragment