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    1. Blue People, Bees, Grandpa

      by , 03-06-2019 at 07:13 PM
      Date: March/6/2019

      We're walking near some minority people or something, and our guide tells us that we should watch out for the color of these people, but he reminds me the blue ones are okay.

      We are walking down one path and begin to be attacked by bees, so we're all running. I stop running after I hear the bees speak, and I stop the bees and tell them why we're here, and the bees join us in our mission to continue searching for the minority people.

      I do not think we find them at any point, and I don't think the bees begin to attack us again.

      For some reason, I'm trying to do a push-thumb-through-hand reality check in this dream, and it isn't working. My thumb doesn't go through my hand, so I conclude it isn't a lucid dream. [This is ridiculous, it seems like the nose plug RC is the only one which wants to work.]

      In the next part of the dream, I'm walking by a huge glasshouse in Vietnam, the kind I saw towards the end of my Duke of Edinburgh trek. My grandpa is walking with us, and I ask him how he likes to be referred to. He states some Arab name, which makes little sense (we're not Arabs).

      NOTE: I was reading earlier today about a lucid dreamer who dreamed some stuff in Arabic (he was Arab) so it could have been because of that

      And finally, I dreamed that a bunch of kids were in my father's room in the Bangalore apartment we have. In the kitchen, something is cooking, my mom is there.

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    2. 6 Mar: undercover in California, attacked by a Chinese, parade with Madonna

      by , 03-06-2019 at 12:13 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a bridge, looking at a map on the phone. I am in California, its nighttime. I am supposed to go see a place that is still a bit far. Because it is late, I choose instead to visit an alternative coffee shop nearby. It has several floors, it is know for famous people going there. I don't see any. Go to the roof terrace, very cool for photos. From there I see a multiplex cinema on the other side of a river. There is a small island in the middle of the river. I go there and find a beautiful young feline there that I become friends with. Not sure what species it is, but looks like a jaguar. Then I see also some babies that she is nursing.

      Undercover in a bad neighborhood to expose some drug dealers. There are people of all ethnicities and nationalities living and doing business there. Most are selling clothes, but many are just covers to the real drug business. I go through an alley with a chinese shop and I am approached by two men selling shirts. I have a bunch of money, so I show them trying to expose them as drug sellers. But they just sell me shirts. One guy has good quality clothes but the other tries to sell me an old ripped coat and I reject his offer. He doesn't like my rejection and I feel something is wrong with this, don't understand his game. Later I spot him following me. When night falls he runs towards me in a deserted area but I step aside and push him to the road. He falls on the asphalt and a high speed car runs over him before he can get up.
      Then I turn to another street and there is a parade going on and I blend with it. Madonna is leading the parade in a car and part of the theme is Disneyworld and I can't resist to take some photos.
    3. Dark Souls Onslaught, Managebac Terror, Sagar Patel

      by , 03-06-2019 at 04:00 AM
      Date: 3/6/2019

      I had three dreams this night, but one of them had like three times the content so it was almost like six dreams!

      The first dream featured me playing the Dark Souls "enemy onslaught" mod. I don't even remember if that's a real thing! In any case, I started out at the Northern Undead Asylum, being ganked by dozens of hollows. I only had my broken weapon so I couldn't really fight them very well, and each one only dropped a few souls so I remember distinctly having 24 souls in the dream. The game then started to become Dark Souls 2 or something, which was weird. I ran all the way to the Pursuer fight, which is obviously impossible as you have to kill the Last Giant first, and you have to obviously be playing the second game for that. I was thinking "okay, I can just ballista cheese him for souls" but when I ran all the way to the beginning of the fight, the entrance was covered in rubble and I couldn't enter.

      The second dream was very weird. I dreamed that on the IB organization website that my school uses, Managebac, someone posted an entire page talking about me in a very malicious and objectifying way. [Note: In real life, I have been stalking this person on reddit out of curiosity.] I was wondering whether or not I should talk to someone about it, because it was damaging to me, and I was contemplating which teacher at my school I should contact.

      I then recall telling someone in my next dream that it was a hypnagogic experience. They seemed to know what I was talking about.

      In the next part of the dream, I think I was in Vietnam or something, and only I could enter the museum we were going to as we had to be from a country with an "authenticated military." The UK and the US were identified as having "authenticated militaries", but India wasn't, so my mother and father couldn't enter the museum. I asked them if I could go anyways and that I'd take plenty of pictures for them. When we entered the mausoleum, I think this was the point at which I was telling someone about my hypnagogia (it wasn't hypnagogia, obviously, it was just a dream). I was handed a map on how to navigate the inside of the mausoleum, which showed the paths as being very weird and twisty, non-Euclidean like in Lovecraft. In any case, I was trying to navigate the mausoleum, and filming everything in it. Turns out halfway through that I was actually just in a museum which showed the life progress of the rapper Eminem. The next part of the museum had a section regarding the bullying that Eminem dealt with when he grew up, which was weird. I checked my phone to find out I had been videoing for 9 hours, and that I could either turn back and go back to the beginning, or I could progress through the museum. I was scared to do either, because I didn't want to miss out but I also didn't want to be late, so that dilemma was present.

      Afterwards, I found out that there were multiple different clinics in the museum, all belonging to the plastic surgeon Sargar Patel [whom I recognize as he posts a lot on /r/plasticsurgery, which I used to frequent out of curiosity regarding the incels who posted there]. I ask my friend who's with me if he recognizes the name, and he says "yes". I locate the doctor and begin questioning him why he has so many fake clinics and excessive advertising on the internet, and he smiles at me and says "marketing" or something [I don't really remember]. Then, the dream ends.