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    1. The Old Woman and the Cat

      by , 04-30-2019 at 09:26 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream

      2019, 04-30

      I am in a small house that must be owned by a troll. No one else could stand to live in such filth. The place smells like something crawled in about a week ago and died. It makes me think I might vomit. I see movement. But surely nothing could live in this filth... I see a strange cat come out of the shadows and meow. KITTY! The cat is scruffy and has two extra legs hanging from its abdomen, but being the HUGE cat lover that I am, I see the beauty in any cat. And its little smooshed face is still cute. I get down and approach the kitty, reaching out to stroke it. The cat's fur is matted, this cat needs a groomer, but the cat purrs. I hear a voice behind me. I look and see there is a person in the room, an old woman. She looks like the old crone disguise used by the evil queen to trick Snow White into eating the poison apple. She looks puzzled and says Musty doesn't usually let anyone pet him. I say I have a way with cats, I love every cat.

      The old woman soon says, "Put your clothes on for your father's sake!" and I realize I'm naked. That seems odd, so I pinch my nose to see if I'm dreaming. I can still breathe with my nose pinched so I know it's a dream. I quickly put on my clothes. Now I'm ready to leave. I head for the door, but the old woman says there is one more thing we have to do. I ask what that is. She comes so close to me that I can smell the stink coming off of her, she smells like she's the dead thing stinking up this place.

      The woman fiddles with a gold coin as if trying to hypnotize me. She whispers something in my ear about cutting my hair off after having sex, then she laughs. I ask her if she's gone mad, why would I do that? She gets mad at that and says maybe she should send me back to the mayor blind, deaf, and dumb. The parts Mayor Thorin values would still work. I say maybe I should fus her into Oblivion. She gives me a puzzled look, "You'll what me to where?" She then says that sounded like a threat and I'd better watch my pert mouth before I really rouse her anger. She is trying to sound angry but I think she just feels confused as to why her hypnosis failed.

      I leave the house and I lose some lucidity, and the angry woman slams the door behind me. I look up at the stars, taking deep breaths of the clean air. I look back at the small house as I am about to leave and I see a weird pink light inside a window. I peek inside and see the old woman holding a glowing pink crystal ball. The light actually makes her look young, but I can sense the malevolent negative energy coming off of it. If she uses it too much it will consume her, or maybe it already has. I now want to rescue the cat. I creep back to the front door and ease the door open. The woman was looking at the crystal ball in her bedroom so she doesn't see. I lean in a little and quietly call to the kitty. The mutant cat comes over for pets. I gently scoop the cat up, making sure not to accidentally hurt him. I close the door and hurry down the path with the cat in my arms. I am trying to think of the best way to introduce the cat so that I can keep him when I wake up.
    2. Factory on a pretty nice world

      by , 04-30-2019 at 05:15 PM
      1. Just playing minecraft with my brother, we have a little house and then my brother leaves, Then I start building this giant minecraft factory that come from a variety of mods, when Im finished other people join the thing and it gets less minecrafty, the factory now looks like a real factory although I still claim the extra land I used to build it on. Now theres a lot more people and a whole scenario going on, my family is there and other people that i dont even know but they work there. I go outside and look over the edge of a cliff and see the vast cliffs like the grand canyon, I see holes deep down where other houses are and its amazing, I couple times I fall of the thing and that feels pretty good, I die a couple times there although I skip the parts I hit the ground for some reason. Then I go and show the factory to my mum and we go downstairs where the lounge is and she begins about something that I want this stuff idk lol, then she starts playing the piano and she plays it like a god.

      2. Something about a giant tower I now live in from EMT some organization for college students and we play "real life" league of legends there, I go into the battlefield and we fight, then retreat and I still sneak around a bit there.

      (I havent played those games in like a year)
    3. Spy manuscript, chew well

      by , 04-30-2019 at 03:51 AM
      Lacking rem again, likely sign of good meditation and grc.

      Lacking rem for big chunk of sleep. Listened to hemisync to relax then try to sleep once more.


      I am a student of sort in the beginning of the dream. Eventually I'm at a hospital/lab that I think is a research center.

      I'm a spy, and I'm trying to recover some secret files from this place. I'm sitting in front of a computer with a very large screen, maybe 30 inches size or something. I think it's located in France. I'm stopped by a girl and she brings me somewhere. I faint? I end up in a hospital room and the girl was there with her twin. They were controlled by bad people and were trying seduce me to foil my spying mission or something.


      I go back to sleep. I'm at the room with the computer once again. I find the girl there and I recall the details from previously. I think I'm lucid? I wanted to re-do it properly. I understood that she was forced to play this role and I just directed loving feeling towards her. Trying to send some kind of telepathic message to undo her brainwashing. I think it got through and she understood me.


      -Being like a spy thing was related to an audiobook I was listening to "Celestial Prophecy". It was about a guy who went to a foreign country to discover a manuscript containing great secrets.

      Mini AP

      I was back on bed. Just laid there a little. Felt some feeling but did not expect much. My sensation of touch was separated from the body. Didn't have vision. Just left the body and walked a few steps. Perhaps had a little bit of worry that it wasn't going to last and it



      I tried sending gratitude to the food. I chewed it very thoroughly unlike before as it was described in the book. Fully aware and immersed in the process of eating. When I chewed the piece of pork... Tears began to drop. I Felt the life force of the animal... I was just so grateful. Thank you. I chewed the beans, its texture and complex flavors that melted in my mouth that representing all the minerals within. Thank you. The vegetables bursting with juices and vitamins thank you... I ate less, yet I have never been so full. Thank you for your life. Is this awareness or mindfulness? I'm... changing... being transformed?

      Just be
      Always lucid in every dream.
    4. A dream inside a dream

      by , 04-29-2019 at 10:52 AM (Into my world)
      I'm in a school of magic, something like Hogwarts but a bit different. we live in a castle surrounded by nature and we sleep all together in huge dormitories above hammocks attached to the wall.

      We have a lot of subject to study, like spells, transformation, other things, and one of this subject is lucid dreaming. I am very bad at it and in fact I found myself talking with my teacher about it, she is a middle aged woman, thin and tall with blonde hire.
      I'm telling her that I want to drop her class because I can't do it, but she tells me not to give up and that soon I will became as good as the others and even better. after hearing these words I found a new motivation.

      Later that evening I go to sleep in my hammock.

      I dream of being seated in a field and in front of me there is a goat that makes strange cries while it loses its teeth, and I have cuts all over my body that light up with fluorescent green light.
      I'm very scared and I wake up screaming in the previous dream.

      Now I'm in class with all my class mates, we have to collect money to do something, there is a lot of confusion and it is not clear what we should do.
      when I understand how much money I have to give I invoke some little bats, I give each of them a coin and I let them fly to the girl who was collecting the money. it would have been impossible to give them personally because she was surrounded by all the other guys. Once the bat's task is over they disappear.
    5. cyclops, barbecue

      by , 04-29-2019 at 03:23 AM
      I feel like I'm lacking some rem. Perhaps due to intense grc and meditation. Probably a good thing, had this feeling when I was having pretty much daily LD. Listened to Monroe tape again, pretty cool for relaxing and things saw some visions. Almost ld I think but need a little bit of "touch" sensation.

      Hell to Heaven

      I was listening to the monroe tape and after I bit I began to see and feel freaky stuff. I saw a spiderwoman or what you'd call an arachnid in front of me just exposing its hole I think that were used to weave webs. I'm looking around and it's pretty dark and things are fleshy but dark. Is this one version of what people considers hell? I pondered for a moment and realized and remembered that heaven and hell are one and same; They were both the thought responsive environment that would grant all of your immediate thoughts and I began to direct my thoughts. I tried imagining an angel and saw a being with some feathery wings but it went back to the previous scene.

      -I believe I thought about spiders in bedrom or something that might've contribute to the initial scene.

      I am trying to visualize something more serene, and I began seeing clouds,, but the whole sky was filled with grey clouds. The clouds were intenstine shaped and not a trace of the sky could be found. I willed the sky to be clear and slowly lights began to part the clouds. Starting from the middle the clouds began to dissolve and You could see the magnificent warm yellow light leaking through and giving way to the peaceful baby-blue sky. It began to become pretty realistic but ended here.

      -heart felt very clear afterwards

      Cyclops Barbecue

      I was listening to the thing again.

      I found myself in a forest all alone. Nobody else was there. I decided to summon 6 of my strongest and most loyal warriors to the spot. I created a blueish wormhole and they emerged out of it. We immediately engage some enemy. I forget whether it was a beast or bandits but I stopped it with my index finger and flicked them out of the picture. After the engagement I told my party I wanted to find my body. We began searching for my body and I saw the vision of the side of a rocky mountain. Brown-yellowish boulder mountain, likely high in phosphorous or sulfur, I'm not a rock specialist though! We fly towards my body.

      It was covered in a large crystalline thing or ice. About 10 feet tall and a little less wide. Wasn't sure what to do but I decided to touch the crystal and I end up back into the body inside the crystal. I break free and I'm free! Feels so good and wonderful. We decided to go explore another world. I summon a portal once again and we head inside.

      It was another foresty area, a little more jurassic like with giant animals. Wasn't sure what to do, I unconsciously summoned gotenks from the DBZ universe through the portal. I tell him we're trying to hunt something so we can hold a BBQ. He agrees to help us and quickly comes back with a dino beast! We begin cooking some of the meat and I give it to the now separated gotenks. They have to go back to their world now so they take some BBQ and leave through the portal. I wanted to make a hot plate for the meat and I grow a boulder out of the ground and slice a slab out of it. We fire up the slab and put a thin slice of the meat on top.

      The dino meat had the texture of chicken, however its scent, richness and taste was more akin to that of pork. Delicious, light and tender yet wholesome. We enjoy BBQing for a bit and I wanted to summon others from my palace. Might be too dangerous to summon everyone here though. I decided to create a boulder once again.

      The color was similar to the the mountian from the previous scene, brown-yellow ish and I grew it out of the ground. It rose and grew wider until it was somewhat conical in shape and almost like a tower. Its top was rounded though and I sliced it cleanly with my magic like a laser to create a even ground for everyone to stand on, with a little wall on the outer rim of the circle so no one would fall off, now it looked even more like a tower. I morph the interior structure into a crude dungeon like rooms and stairs. Nothing too fancy. Fly to the top of the tower and I summon a portal. Now everyone was here. Gramps, my bulter begin to toot my horns about how magnificent my creation was; although it was more like a dungeon than a place where people could stay he was pretty impressed. I tell him it's not that amazing that it's not furnished or anything. He immediately calls the maids to furnish the interior of my tower. Done in just a few moments... amazing! Well it was habitable now.

      I decide to resume the BBQ party and this time we have drinks and stuff too. Everyone's enjoying themselves here. I get a little bored and decide toe explore. I fly down the tower at the north west or just top left side casually only bringing 1 of them with me, but 4 more comes along after they noticed me leaving. Let's explore this forest a little. We keep heading down the path and I feel something ominous. My senses don't betray me and a massive cyclops, size of about twice the street lights and its eye was width of a human! It roars and engages right in front of us. I take a step back but I am grabbed by a pair of massive hands the size of my body grasping clasping me. It was another cyclops! I immediately think "freeze" and the one that caught me ws frozen. Then "freeze" and frozen was the one in front. They were both now frozen in place, no ice or anything just frozen dry.

      -the cyclops had no hair. It had a single cone shaped horn that grew from the top of its head and blue skin.

      Jade was intrigued by this unique creature and wanted to conduct experiments on them. But I told her to be kind. We had a creed where we'd never cause unnecessary suffering. So she drew her katana sword out of the sheath and sliced the one behind me vertically and perfectly into half. Its insides were very frozen and each of the sliced half showed perfect details of its insides. She decided to kill it out of mercy. Asked me if she could have it... sure it's a present then... she was pretty ecstatic about it. I decide to leave the one in front to let it thaw out by itself to not influence the eco system of the surrounding too much and just left it there. We head back to the top of the tower.

      I decide to go somewhere else to set up a base since this place seemed kind of dangerous so I open up a portal and enter it. I end up being in a room and behind me was a miniature planet, likely the world I was in previously. It was like a giant child's room with toys that contained worlds within. I wanted to go somewhere else though so I created a blackhole to create a tear in space. A new universe. I head inside and and find myself in blackness in the space of a different universe. I wanted a nice beach. Closed my eyes and appears there after a bit. I summon the others through the portal and we spend some fun times on the beach.

      -was very fun!
      - I think the ice and frozen could be related to how it snowed a little in the morning

      FF 6 Mermaid

      I was in a game world I think it was final fantasy. I summon a mermaid and we just hang around for a while but I feel the dream ending. I or it wanted to stay longer but the dream ends.
      -maybe mermaid related to the beach scene from before, or maybe its related to tale of lil mermaid
      -game is just memory of the game, haven't played it in a long time though

      Vat Van

      I'm hanging out with folks from the vat19. We are going around town on a special bus and just cruising. Eventually they and my dad get into an argument that lasts for hours.
      -watched vat19 video recently
      -had an epiphany about growth as a person at the end of dream


      Reduced rem from really hard GRC, forgot to grc while typing, improve!

      Didn't feel much resistance during MILD, tried shadow work and worked on the tiny doubt

      Hemi sync tapes are pretty cool, would likely work well for AP or WILD

      Perhaps I could have engaged the sense of touch more, maybe rub hands

      Oh yeah it snowed.. NO MORE SNOW NOW! SUMMER IS COMING NOW!

      Always lucid in every dream!

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    6. Last couple days

      by , 04-28-2019 at 11:59 AM
      Just dreams of last few days. was in a slump

      First day.

      Being sucked into an environment.
      -like being involved

      Setting different hands all shaped slightly different.
      -maybe memory of hand rc from months ago

      Going uphill in the previous Japanese road after me and classmates leave the school. I recommend them to take a specific route left is the road while right is grassy. It had those carnivorous plants in super Mario and it spat rocks at us. Some people take the grassy side don't think they'll make it.

      -the road was tough. It was forestry to the right and left Das boring road. There were some wild berries we ate. Orange and red raspberry or something very delicious. Maybe that became the Mario plants. Perhaps it's from memory of getting injured by a sharp plant as a kid.

      I'm at a Walmart shopping with some girls. There's a bedroom and shower at Walmart so I stay over there. We wanted to steal some stuff. There's security though.

      -maybe memory of being accused of shoplifting at Walmart. Had to stay there for hours until they found video footage of me actually buying stuff.

      We are in a desert like place and find a tavern. There's a spoiled child giving us hard time. I reprimand him and his dad gets violent.
      -memory of some kids violent dad

      Second (maybe third just wrong date or maybe this was first just polyphased with low dream)

      Playing wc3. Playing d2 with moon.

      Third frat-cult

      I'm at a frat party at kit townhouse. There are pair of girls one looks like young Britney spears. Anyways I get close to one of them. Im looking for the bathroom. My friend wants us to go to a bar or something didn't have id so I borrow from someone there. We leave on a van.

      I'm sitting in the middle part of the van. There's a bunch of little kids at the back. One girl is pretty into occult or supernatural stuff and we talk about Ld. I tell her I wanted to be lucid in every dream. She is not interested. So I talk to the guy to my right. We talk and I try to jot down notes about Ld on my DJ.

      We arrive at the destination. It's another frat party. Just hanging out. The place turns out to be a cult and I'm apparently the leader. The police raids us and I'm sure of who was the rat. It was the blond kid from the other party. I read minds and told others. He was an android mostly machine parts. Some members try to retaliate and bomb power stations.
      -memory of borrowing id
      -incubated desire or Ld and DJ even in dream lol
      -android is likely the phone I used as a sleep tracker,
      -gna be a cult leader or something hah

      Blue orange salt

      I was with my mom and we went to pick up my dad at airport.
      -literally memory from years back

      I'm at school. We are going to on a school trip but end up at hospital. I derail from the tour and walk to the path to the left. The hospital was more Asian style. I find a case of blue and orange salt. It's pretty special or something.
      -probably related to himalayan salt

      I am at a supermarket. Apparently I'm balling so I buy a durian for everyone there to eat. Pretty delicious. When I went to pay at the counter my wallet was empty!
      -durian is awesome

      I was walking down a narrow sidewalk down north on the right side. I find a couple of dogs in a dog contest. Two jumps right at me fast. One gets a bit of my ear. I get away.
      -maybe bad memory of dogs.


      Don't remember the earlier part. Maybe connected to a desert from a dream long ago. End up in a classroom. To my right the seat is empty had things I wanted. The seat behind me is also empty I think they were all my stuff! There were fish oil pills I took them.
      -maybe dream telling me to take fish oil

      Was in electronic store. They had an event and reserved the place for only students. Had a sale on some new fancy console which was a mix of Xbox and the switch. $300. Everyone was nuts over it. I wasn't that interested though. I went towards the back and find the music section. A mom and son running the mini spot. Handmade instruments. Pretty cool. I try out this uke, bottom strings not playing well. So she had of to do other work. Her son shows me his creation. It was a ukulele guitar that swirled in shape like @. Did not play well either.
      -about Nintendo switch
      -my love of ukuleles. Wanting a good handmade solid wood

      I'm singing in class. I think i get embarrassed and fly away out the window!
      -memory of embarrassment

      I'm in a student housing. Trying very hard to get lucid dreams. I meet a doctor and a student at a library recommending me tdcs machine to zap me to lucidity for $500. Didn't want it. Leave them. End up using it though and get a heart attack at the elevator lasting a minute. I'm trying to get away from people.

      I end up at a cottage house like peace and stuff about x. Then find my friend Alison.
      -read about tdcs on forum I think

      +Tried Monroe tape,
      Saw hand and feet lucid vision but no cigar I think.

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    7. Fishing with Zsuzsanna and a Rescue

      by , 04-27-2019 at 10:27 AM
      Morning of April 27, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,122-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      Water induction and the Naiad/Oceanid factor changes into a fishing scenario. Despite the former process beginning at least one dream each sleep cycle for over 50 years, the continuity and outcome are always unique.

      Zsuzsanna and I are sitting on the shore of a lake, though it seems to stem from associations with El Jobean, which is near the ocean and the area where I fished as a boy, close to the bridge. It seems to be afternoon.

      Two unknown men are present. One of them is cheerfully fishing. The other, the preconscious simulacrum of this dream, is sitting on our right. There is a brief, vague concern that someone might throw something from the bridge high above us, but no one does. (It is subliminal anticipation of vestibular cortex activity, which is a common dream perception.) I soon attach the hook to the end of my line, and I also put the reel on the rod. At first, I snag a sunfish carcass (on its dorsal fin) floating on its left side (as analogous to my sleeping orientation) on the lake’s surface. The preconscious is holding a pair of scissors. I am wary, as I think he intends to take them while claiming someone lost them. Looking down, I see another pair of scissors that is nearly the same and belongs with the other. There are small rust marks on the handles of each. I comment on how similar they are and pick up the pair on the ground. I take the other scissors from the simulacrum (with no protest on his part, which is atypical in RAS mediation, especially as the scissors indicate potential separation from the dream state) and put both pair in the tackle box.

      I verbalize loud, sarcastic remarks about people sitting near people who are fishing. He soon leaves (thus allowing me to sustain my dream). So does the other male, though it is getting later and is almost too dark to see. I ask Zsuzsanna if fishing at night is allowed and it seems that it is. (This process, regarding nightfall with enhanced awareness, is sometimes indicative of the return to slow-wave sleep, but I maintain my dream state awareness without direct lucidity.)

      I do not have live bait and consider digging in the ground with my hands, but I find a live worm with at least two hooks through it in a small paper bag that someone left behind. I think it is artificial before it starts moving. I attach the rig to my line.

      When I cast, I accidentally snag a cluster of plants halfway across the lake’s distance from our side. I see an unknown woman off to the left near her car on our side. She had also cast. I find the situation somewhat amusing but not that frustrating, especially when it seems I had also hooked a big fish. However, it turns out that she is reeling the line from her end, causing the little island to move toward her.

      I hook onto something big. Upon reeling it in, I see that I have snagged a seal, with the hook in its bottom lip. “It’s a seal,” I loudly say. The woman and I agree that I should take the hook out and release it, which I do.

      When I cast again, the hook ends up near the woman’s car. She decides to leave but ends up falling in the lake almost up to her neck. She swims out, gets into her car, and it accidentally backs up into the lake, sinking completely.

      I dive into the lake. I swim to the end of the lake to the right of my original location, underwater (being able to breathe underwater as in all my dreams since early childhood). The woman is sleeping in a small dry cave underwater, as the water remains as an impossible “wall” at its entrance. I maneuver into the cave through the “wall,” without disrupting the impossible vertical water barrier. I ask the woman if she needs me to rescue her. She shakes her head and shivers slightly, with her eyes moving as if in REM sleep. I ask her again, and she nods.

      My feet push against the water “wall,” and water starts to flood the cave, but I wake around this time. I see that Zsuzsanna is sleeping in the same position as the woman had been.

      This dream renders the same processes as usual, but also unique as always and very vivid and enjoyable.

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    8. Jesus is around a lot lately.

      by , 04-27-2019 at 04:06 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Random dreams

      Lots of dreams of just wandering abandoned places. Thought I could recall more may post more of these later.

      Jamie Dreams

      Despite there seemingly being a lot. the periods between them are getting longer.

      In one dream I see a single HH image of Jamie with something around her neck. A crucifix chain? or a charm? she kisses it.

      In another dream we are watching Jesus get persecuted in Jerusalem and get hung on the cross. Jamie is crying about it as are some others in the crowd.

      In one dream We are in her car at night. I'm living in some apartment building. We start kissing. IT's nice, but after a while she stops me. "That first part was REALLY good," she says. She then tells me that she wasn't feeling the later part. I ask her to elaborate. She wasn't clear on the instructions. and I was getting frustrated. We get into an argument about it and she leaves. I go into my apartment and look at the spot where we were just parked. I replay the scene over in my mind something like a hundred times. Trying to pinpoint where I went wrong. If I did anything wrong.

      Dream I am on the hill with Jamie again. Jesus has his hands in our backs. We are closer to the top of the hill now. He is trying to make us face one another. We are both connected through him it feels. He earnestly tells us both. "Now I want you two to come together." Not later or soon. He wants us to do something NOW. But I'm not sure because I don't like messaging her or reaching out to her and she doesn't respond. She made it clear in other dreams that there wasn't anything I could do. That she might try and reach out when she is right with herself or something. I have to try and respect that.

      The same day: Checkers again.. This time she says to me, "I love you." I believe it this time. It's not like when she told me this before floating in the dybbuk and seemed drunk on something. This seems more sincere.

      another dream I had of Jamie. There was a long week or so where i didn't recall her at all. I was getting a little frustrated so she showed up in a dream where we were just exploring an abandoned building. Don't recall what we did. but it's like she sensed my frustration and showed up to show me she is still around.
    9. over world pinch dull universe

      by , 04-26-2019 at 04:08 AM
      I close my eyes I'm in a infamy chain trying to jolt to the left in my dreams where I subside into subconscious reasoning where I install word that I don't say on a daily basis
      when awoken and subconscious I start falling turning into a chemical reaction of dull liquids I then start to morph and form into a dull orb floating as the orb starts to float I become very hypertension the stretch out into a web of white clouds as my formless falling body I can still feel myself in the dream and laying down at the same time I concentrate for a brief second to say what I had to say subconsciously I wonder when I'm talking in dreams so I try to talk yet it was jus gasping silent voice from me trying to become more lucid as this is done I see a sphere world
    10. The White Peacock

      by , 04-25-2019 at 11:04 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream

      2019, 04-25

      I am in the living room of my own house. I am there with my ex boyfriend, James. I've been broken up with him for years so I briefly wonder why he's here, but I dismiss it. He is doing something on my phone and I am annoyed that he has it. Then a magnificent bird flies in through the window. It is a peacock, as white as snow, just beautiful. It lands on the couch beside me. James doesn't seem to notice the bird. I touch the white feathers and they are as soft as a cat's fur. The bird seems friendly. I pull the bird closer and it makes only small struggles but then settles down again. I ask James to take a pic of me with the bird so I can prove what I saw. James starts fiddling with my phone. I am stroking the bird gently, but it seems to be getting tired of being held. James can't seem to figure out how to take a photo. The bird decides it has had enough of being held and makes more of a struggle to get free. I hang on, I really want the photo... but I don't want to hurt the bird to get it. I speak impatiently to James, telling him to hurry up with the photo. He gets annoyed and throws the phone at me, hitting the bird in the head. I get mad at James and look at the poor bird. It doesn't seem hurt, it just wants to leave. I take the phone and I am trying to take a selfie with the now uncooperative bird. I finally give up and the bird goes out the window, diving into a swimming pool in the back yard as if it was a fish instead of a bird.
    11. 25 Apr: Party in an old city and doing oral sex to myself while lucid (graphic)

      by , 04-25-2019 at 09:18 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going through a beautiful old city. I find it similar to some place I've been before (not actually, but that was the feeling in the dream). I find a little shrine on the wall of an ancient building, I notice it is damaged compared to when I last saw it. Seems to have had some water infiltration and erosion. Then I notice some strange objects semi-buried in the wall. I check and find a kind of stone with different semi-precious gemstones in it. Old ladies pass by and look at me with disapproval, but I don't feel that I am doing anything wrong.
      Then I go down a street where these old ladies live in and one of their neighbors is throwing away a few decorative items from her house, that are actually antiques with some value and I ask if I can keep them. She's ok with that. I wonder if I can fit all that in my luggage when I travel back home, but I take a chance.
      On my way to the place I am staying, I come across a big parade party of young people, some of which I know, all heading towards same place I am going. I join the party, I drink a bit, but draw the line when they start dancing a silly choreography from some current hit song I never heard of and hope never to.
      We pass by a truck where a dude is sleeping on top of the truck, sunbathing practically naked. It is Avelar. I pretend I don't see him, although I am happy to see him. I have the strange feeling he is there because of me. When the party is coming to an end, at early dawn, I pretend to be falling asleep sitting against a wall, where others are also taking a rest. Then some friends come pick me up to take me to wherever we are staying. Avelar has surely seen me by now but neither him nor I acknowledge each others presence.
      On our way, we stop by a grocery store, but it is in such a bad neighborhood that they have the most unwelcoming entrance. We have to crawl under a slight opening of a sliding door, then climb a balcony and land in the middle of the workstation of 3 ladies that work there. Then they open a door with a grid, that allows us in to buy groceries. I comment how old people from the neighborhood can't possibly buy food there.

      Some walks up and down the city, semi-lucid, enjoying the architectural details and enjoying a slide down a hill to a coastal area, while listening and singing a Portishead music. Then arrive home, which has some similarities to my childhood's house but totally different place and disposition. My dad is there. He is being unpleasant about something, trying to control my life as usual. So I go to my room. I can still hear him and know that he is coming in, so I decide to go out the window. But we are on a precipice kilometers high above the ocean.
      I recall that I am dreaming and I can just jump and fly, so I do that, but all my father sees is me jumping and he runs to the window in distress thinking I killed myself. I feel compassion for my dream dad and I go back to tell him "look, I know you think very little of me, but I am fine. You see, we're dreaming and I have all sorts of powers that I use at will. I am fine, I don't need your help." He has no reply and slowly fades away.
      I fly away, enjoy it for a while, then land back home, but now alone and think what to do next. I sink my hands on a wall to reinforce lucidity and decide for the first time to also eat the wall and taste it. Zero taste.
      Then decide to try something I have been wanting to try for some time. Oral sex on myself. I contort myself in impossible ways and yes I do it. It is very weird because I am still watching from my head in its normal position as another head with my face comes up from between my legs and does it. I feel simultaneously the me doing the oral sex and the me receiving the oral sex. More than the physical sensation, it's the feeling of being two and being one at the same time that I feel more interesting in this experiment. Not something I can explain, you really need to experience yourself.

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    12. Red & Black

      by , 04-25-2019 at 08:50 PM
      22 Apr 2019

      I appear in a dream scene which is just building around me. My awareness is high and as if I am really ready for this. (I have been thinking about having an ld but not much other induction that night, although I did check the task of month in order to have a purpose in case a lucid happens).

      As I look around the shaky environment, I recall the Red & Black clothes task for this month. There is a female DC with whatever original clothes she was wearing. I change them to red, then to black. One's a T-shirt with something in white written on it, the other more like a robe. I realize I can't recall whether we had to change from red to black or vise versa, so I change the color of her clothes multiple times just to be on the safe side. I make a note that this color change wasn't as difficult as I had for some reason expected.

      End of memory
    13. 24 Apr: Kidnapped by aliens(?) and stopping a robbery at a shop

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Kidnapped with a bunch of other people by some unknown entity we never see. We wake up in a kind of well or shaft, hanging dangerously from the wall. It seems that at the slightest movement this well might start to break and fall apart, so we are all very still, except one guy who seems determined to break it. The entity assumes human forms and we are removed one by one in an elimination process that seems like a contest looking for the winner. And the winner is me and another person, who apparently have something they look for or want. They examine us, I see now I have needles still in my arm that they remove and big bruises.

      I am with a friend (maybe Riverstone) and we go to a shopping mall. Although I feel heat and I think it's summer, the decorations are all about winter, snow and Xmas.

      At the mall with some friends, some weird situation with someone stealing my jacket and then leaving it hanged in a place I pass by and it has something in a pocket, that sends a video message to a screen nearby when we walk past it. In the video, there is a warning, a bit cryptic, about some girls robbing something and we conclude it is the Mango store. We go there to warn but actually the robbery is happening right as we enter. First we pretend we didn't notice, then they threaten us, but I signal to my friends to attack. I take down the one with the gun and they help take down the rest, but I am the one that knocks them unconscious. We then look for materials we can use to tie their hands and feet and wait for the cops. The cops bring us bread.
    14. Anger DILD

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:24 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Had 1 Lucid dream
      Tags: cupcake, fight, snow
    15. Flesh king!

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:49 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday April 23rd 2019

      Spiral world, here I come!

      I am walking on a grass field and become lucid. Once I am lucid start to wonder where the birds from last night are at and try to look out for them but before I can find them, remember I have goals!

      Now, I know that there are goals to be accomplished but… just… can’t remember them for my life! Try to think hard about them and only come up with a shitty goal of eating. Which is always my goal anyway, if I don’t eat normal food will eat my enemies so… end up waking up without accomplishing anything.

      Back to sleep.

      I am on top of a mountain. Or am I? RC while going down and remember the size of the place, but then again I am human so it is as big as a mountain to me.

      While going down see another bird, this time it is normal sized for the planet. So much in fact that I can feel its gravitational pull and it seems me as food also. I just kill it with a giant meteor and look at it fall to the ground, become in a corpse much bigger than any of the mountains that where there before.

      I try not to think too much about it when I feel something hit me from behind! Yes, the damn goal! I have to use the vortex and see where it takes me to, but then I also want to see what happens with the body because there seems to be creatures living on its feathers, so just observe for a while until I wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am walking around a fluffy black space. Become lucid while walking around and realize that I am actually where the bird was at before… well, was alive.

      I jump down but only get to another body part, so teleport away and remember about my goal! Oh right, so quickly fly to the sky and then make the giant vortex in the sky, go through it and end up falling… backwards? It seems like it did nothing but I am at a different location and the vortex is bringing up things from the waking world? I can see a subway that ends up above ground, I can see a kiosk, a mountain range, a canyon like the Grand Canyon and pebbles from this world still eclipse it.

      How fun.

      I go down the sky and see some of the birds from before but… different? There is an army of the black ones!

      I quickly teleport down and start fighting them, get the upper hand until I realize there is more coming and find it difficult to just fight them physically… fine. Raise my hand and bring down a meteor big enough to darken the sky, but that isn’t big enough for this place? I make it bigger, at least as big as our sun.

      Before I know it, something has jumped from the ground up to it and breaks it apart, another bird, this one is bigger than human but smaller than other creatures, maybe two or three times the size of a human.

      I teleport instantly to it, while the black birds are looking. The sun meteor was not only shattered, but turned to dust! I enhance myself and prepare for battle.

      The bird looks to have feathers made out of leather… no, skin, much like that of humans.

      It prepares to punch me so fight seriously, considering how strong it seems.

      The thing pushes me back and there is an explosion where our fist met. Some part of the ground below us is blown apart and before I know it the thing is throwing me towards the ground.

      Teleport myself above it before crashing to avoid damaging further the ground and then punch it on the back of the head. The thing uses the momentum to turn around and flap its flesh wings then attack me with some kind of black bomb.

      I stop it midair and then absorb it, then make it do an explosion contained within a barrier, we both get some damage and the flesh bird seems to be angry about it.

      It launches at me, we start fighting within the barrier.

      I try to avoid punches and kicks because each time we hit each other the damage could potentially break my barrier and damage the ground. Who is this, and why is it so strong?

      Start to scan around to learn more about this creature. For humans, this is akin to what in our world would be called the demon king or whatever, at least in manga. It seems to be the highest level the birds I had fought the other day can get at, and this one isn’t as strong as others, as it is really old, but seems to be the current boss.

      I make a supernova and the thing absorbs it with that black bomb from before. Try to absorb it but now it makes it blast point blank when I get close enough to absorb it.

      Open my mouth and scream with some magic to dissipate the effect of the bomb, then the thing throws a flesh feather at me that, like the black birds feathers blocks my magic properties.

      So while the scream does cancel out some of the damage it is not what I desired and finally the barrier breaks.

      I start getting mad and excited. Scream again from the ground where I fell at and attack the bird with it, it somehow flies past the sound and down to the ground where I am. But use the soundwaves to draw an invisible magic circle to encage it, then start to attack in quick succession and encage it.

      Its flesh peels itself and feathers start to fly around.

      The spin around its body and become an attack force, I avoid most of them and start eating them. The fallen king has no intention to lose, but I can feel through scan the terror in the hearts of other creatures!

      What are they, where are they? Who are they? The minions, no, the family, the followers of this powerful but old king. He is trying to protect his precious boy who will be the next king.

      I do not dislike him, nor their way of life so I do not mean to kill him, but he is difficult to deal with.

      Eat all of the flesh feathers then when I am about to punch him and deliver a good blow something explodes inside of me… what the hell! The flesh feathers.

      The king jumps at me and starts hitting me, there is an earthquake and I have to dissolve first the flesh feathers then push it out of the way and encage it with a black hole. Quickly try to make a sealing spell but the damn thing is resistant even to the black hole. Stop it and look at the destruction… we have gone too far.

      Teleport in front of it and head-butt it then uses dance and start hitting it while making a new barrier, I am about to win when something enters my barrier, his son and daughter, both flesh birds already! They stop me and prepare to fight.

      From what I saw of the father, I am still not ready to fight them both, not after fighting the father so just teleport away and wake myself up after finding a good place to rest.

      Back to sleep.

      I am resting… feel tired as hell. Become lucid while trying to stand up. Feel too tired to stand up right now so just eat around what I have. Transform a few things into cakes and eat to my hearts content before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Talking to someone, become lucid while talking and realize I am in… the subway I summoned with the giant vortex. It is quite different to the ones I am accustomed to, as this one seems more modern and is painted in blue and white.

      Well, realize the main issue, the army of birds are coming to this thing I summoned and will kill all humans, so I get into the first station and leave at the last one. Do see humans are trying to hide in the subway hardest part but I know it will do nothing and just escape because I am still feeling a bit weak.

      While travelling, see the son of the king and decide I want to speak with him… not in human form, scan? I just hide myself and wake up before I get a chance to speak to him.

      Back to sleep.

      I am back into the dream. Somehow am lucid from the beginning and see the son of the king, use Scan and follow his life.

      Apparently the daughter wants to be queen and is stronger all in all, the son is not bad but he is not strong enough yet, it seems his wings been made of flesh are still not working.

      I pretty much help him out to work it out, fix his wings, make them usable and other things while he is travelling.

      He does realize what is happening and that someone is inside of his body but does not mind as I am helping out.

      Though I am sure he does not know that I am actually the one who nearly killed his father who after talking with him, seems to be super upset that he lost a fight, he thinks himself no longer able to be king and not fit either, he wants either son or daughter to take over his role and rule his race.

      Humans who are their primary prey are not as numerous as before and they need to hunt bigger things now that are harder to cook. It seems them are toxic to most and need to be prepared and they like their food raw.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in a puddle of water… or not? Become lucid when standing up and see the son afar. Make myself into scan and finish my work.

      After that the son flies over to the vortex and admires the things I brought fort. All the humans seem to have been captured now.

      He likes the… the kiosk. It has some figures like angels, a lot of metal works in gold and silver and seems to be made out of marble. Really beautiful. The mountain range he explores, a lot of unknown animals to them.

      They don’t touch them, could be poisonous and they are weak, so not a treat.

      He then goes to the canyon where his sister is destroying it. They end up fighting and they finish the father calls for them and tells them to fight during the festival to know who will become king or queen. I wake up after.
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